2 Malachi

You know My Name (look up the number)

Hello again.

The past month or so has been very tough for me. I am really not sure whether it’s been enemy attacks on my state of mind, or my own character and weakness that has been the problem, but whatever it’s been, it’s been miserable and has resulted in several periods where I have been very depressed, and my faith in what the future holds for me personally has been weak, at best.

I have mentioned before that I am naturally inclined to procrastination, to a quiet and simple life, with as little work and troubles as possible. I have never sought much responsibility, mostly disliking my time in management at the bank, but mostly enjoying working for myself from home. So, the prospect of being king of the whole earth has been filling me with dread, as it seems like a huge amount of work, with meetings and public appearances and becoming globally famous too. Honestly, it’s literally the most awful prospect I can imagine (when I am in a negative frame of mind). So, that, and the other issues I wrote about in the post about Satan’s kingdom have knocked me down really badly this past month. The past few days I haven’t prayed at all, and the previous time that I prayed I asked once again for God to annihilate me and my soul from existence, as I was filled with dread at the prospect of living forever. Given my role, this frame of mind is really terrible, and the bad thoughts keep coming back at me. So, as I write, I have had a long prayer to my Father this afternoon, with humble apologies for my behaviour during recent times, and asking for His help, because I can’t go on like this and fulfill the role He needs me to. It is not like me to be depressive, and I know that I should be optimistic about the longer-term future, and should be in a happy and positive frame of mind, as my Father is holding my hand, and I know He won’t let me fail, and I know how much He loves me too (although I am undeserving of His great love, especially in recent times). I will plough on though, and on my better days I realise that my future is very exciting, the role of king will probably be really nice, and eternal life with friends and with my Father will be fantastic.

Sadly, during my darkest moments recently I deleted my old Dumnonia Watchman blog, so that it can never be recovered. I also deleted all the content on this website too, and nearly all of the faith videos on my youtube channel. Thankfully, my web hosting company keep a backup of the site, so as you can see it’s been restored, but some video links may be dead, which I will replace if possible in due course.

During the latter part of June, as I was in this mood, I was putting up the laminated sheets of the Word of God translation of the Laws of God outside, on my doorposts and my fence, and elsewhere. It’s all up now, and it looks good, but one evening I was trying to hammer some nails into a baton, and then into the fence (same nail), but the nails just wouldn’t take at all, even though I had previously had no problems. It got me very angry, I felt like smashing something up with the hammer. I realised a couple of days later when I was trying again, but in a better frame of mind, that the nails went through the baton and the fence like going through butter. I know that my Father was frustrating my earlier efforts when my heart wasn’t with Him, as He doesn’t want empty righteousness, whilst our hearts are not full of love for Him, so he made the batons and the fence like rock. I am grateful He is so patient with me, otherwise I would be lost, I must frustrate Him so much these days. Anyway, here are some photos of the 169 pages of the law displayed outside my property:

The last two photos are the view from my kitchen window, whilst the first two are the front of the house. I have zoomed in on part of Deuteronomy 30, the last chapter of the Book of the Law, which I will copy below:

1“When all these things come upon you—the blessings and curses I have set before you—and you call them to mind in all the nations to which Yehovah your God has banished you, 2and when you and your children return to Yehovah your God and obey His voice with all your heart and all your soul according to everything I am giving you today, 3then He will restore you from captivitya and have compassion on you and gather you from all the nations to which Yehovah your God has scattered you. 4Even if you have been banished to the farthest horizon,b He will gather you and return you from there.c

5And Yehovah your God will bring you into the land your fathers possessed, and you will take possession of it. He will cause you to prosper and multiply more than your fathers. 6Yehovah your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, and you will love Him with all your heart and with all your soul, so that you may live.

7Then Yehovah your God will put all these curses upon your enemies who hate you and persecute you. 8And you will again obey the voice of Yehovah and follow all His commandments I am giving you today. 9So Yehovah your God will make you abound in all the work of your hands and in the fruit of your womb, the offspring of your livestock, and the produce of your land. Indeed, Yehovah will again delight in your goodness, as He delighted in that of your fathers, 10if you obey Yehovah your God by keeping His commandments and statutes that are written in this Book of the Law, and if you turn to Him with all your heart and with all your soul.

The promises above are happening before our eyes, in these times. Slowly but surely, those that hate God, our enemies, are starting to suffer the curses, and in due course we will suffer the blessings mentioned. We will not be affected by the plagues, the famine, the earthquakes, or the wars. So it was nice to put that chapter up last and reflect on the arc of history, the stories of our forefathers, and how we will be brought together in less than 8 years’ time, in the mountains of Israel (144,000 of you, probably your families too, and me of course).

A Hebrew man who puts up videos on youtube via his channel, called Torah Light, published a video of a dream he had, about the messiah being surrounded by little brown birds. He and I have clashed before, as he doesn’t currently believe Yahshua is also a messiah and the risen son of God, but he thinks is the foremost expert of my Father’s laws and the prophets (but he’s not). But his heart is still seeking truth, and I am hopeful he will be saved. Here is a link to his video, and you will see that I left a comment about my recent videos and experiences with birds. I am sure his dream was from my Father. In the past few days he put up a video stating and showing that judaism is a false man-made religion (as are christianity and islam too), so I left an encouraging comment, and asked him which Sabbath day he remembered, mentioning that the judaists have the wrong day, and indeed the wrong calendar. He asked me to show him, so I linked to a recent post on the subject. He might take a while to come around to the true lunar Sabbath day, but it was a good interaction, it is good for me to see people open to learning the truth, as I work at restoring all things.

**Edit, the interaction quickly went sour again, as he decided to do his own video on the Sabbath day, where he seemed to acknowledge the lunar calendar, whilst saying it was ‘difficult to follow in these times’, and he dug his heels in on the old tradition the Jews have of a day beginning at evening, and being twenty four hours, which is such nonsense, and easily disproved in Genesis 1 with God’s definition of day and night as being entirely separate, and of course the Sabbath command only relating to a day. So, he insulted me yet again, I called him ‘stiff-necked’, which he didn’t like, and there we are.**

I’m still awaiting some new sections to be added to the website, for the law teachings, as well as a section specifically for ‘proclamations and revelations’, as I have had many new revelations in the past 15 months, which are all within the blog posts over that period, so I want to try to collate them all together for readers. I had an unexpected revelation a couple of weeks ago, it came on 7th July, or 7/7, and you will see why it came on that date. I was listening to music as I was doing something on the laptop, and most of the time it’s iTunes playing, and I play various ‘stations’, which are based on a track I choose, or I play ‘Gary’s station’ which iTunes puts together, changing over time, based on my listening history and my own music library. But many many times, the music can be playing in the background, and I don’t pay any attention to it whatsoever, songs pass by without me noticing them, more often than not. On other occasions, a song will be playing and I suddenly am given a though injection from the Word, along the lines of ‘look at this song and the lyrics, it’s for you’. (Because I perceive the thought as my own, I just have the thought in the first person, or rather, it just feels like my own thought).

The song that was playing was very obscure, and I’d never heard it before, and I have used the song title as the title to the blog post: You know My Name (look up the number), which is a very old Beatles b-side (the b-side to Let It Be). The song was first recorded by the Beatles in May 1967, just a few weeks after I was born. Here are the lyrics, which are somewhat repetitive, and a bit nonsensical, as is the song itself:

You know my name
Look up the number
You know my name
Look up the number
You you know you know my name
You you know you know my name

Good evening and welcome to Slaggers
Featuring Denis O’Bell
Come on Ringo, let’s hear it for Denis

Good evening
You know my name
Look look look up the number
You know my name
That’s right, look up the number
You you know you know my name
You you know you know my name
You know my name
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Look up the number
You know my name
That’s right, look up the number
Oh you know you know you know my name
You know you know you know my name
Huh huh huh huh
You know my name
Ba ba ba pum
Look up the number.
You know my name
Look up the number
You-a you know you know my name
Baby you-a you know you know my name
You know you know my name
You know you know my name

Go on Denis, let’s hear it for Denis O’Bell

You know my name
You know you know my name
You know you know my name
Prrr you know my name and the number
You know my name and the number you know you know my name
Look up me number
You know my number three you know my number two
you know my number three you know my number four
Oh you know my name you know number too
You know my name you know my number
What’s up with you?
You know my name
That’s right?

Regular readers might be able to guess what was being revealed to me, but I INSTANTLY knew what my Father’s actual personal name was, at least in English, and I looked up the…number…to see what it was in the original Hebrew. Yes, I was amazed to discover that my favourite number since I was a young boy was not just a number that is very significant in the scriptures, but it is actually God’s name, that number of course being Seven.

I was amazed at this being shown to me, and surprised too, that this is actually my Father’s Name, I had no idea, although I had pondered why the number seven is the most important number in the scriptures. Now I knew, now you know too. Here is the Hebrew for seven:


I had a look on a Hebrew pronunciation website (they do other languages too), and found the way it should be pronounced. In written phonetics it is ‘Sheh-va’, or close to that, but here is the link to the website for the word, and you need the sixth audio clip down in the list (on a mobile device), but I took a screenshot and put an arrow to the clip based on a laptop view (see below), which has the same Hebrew letters, with the dots under the first letter, to hear it yourself:


Was this information ever revealed to ancient Israel, or to any other man? I have no idea, but I am happy to share it with you. I always refer to my Father as ‘my Father’, or sometimes as simply ‘God’, and I don’t expect to be using His personal name much at all, but it was really nice of Him to let me know what it is, especially as it came just a few days after my meltdown website and blog deletion. The more I get to know Him, the more I realise I really had no idea at all what He was really like, and that’s me, a baptised man of nearly four years now. He is love, plain and simple. He is managing the transition from a world that was just Him and the heavenly host, to a world with humans in it, made in His image, and onward to a world where every single human that ever existed will know the truth, where any of the heavenly host that hate and deceive and persecute humans are (somehow) dealt with, and to a world where He lives forever with the relatively few people who retained faith and righteousness through thick and thin, whilst the rest of humanity is also blessed with eternal life, but unable to be in the New Jerusalem due to their lack of faith (this assumes that we have a successful and peaceful reign in the millennium period, and that my Father then repents of the lake of fire burnings). Despite the many tribulations I have endured in the past 15 months, and the prior few years, I am really enjoying the chance to get to know my Father so well, and it’s still very early days in the grand scheme of things. I look forward very much to meeting Him again, here or at His Place, without having my face covered this time, I will be the first man to see His Glory and not die as a result (I know Yahshua has seen His Glory, but only post-resurrection).

For reasons that weren’t known to me at all, I was moved to get back in touch via whatsapp with a former female friend in early July 2021, so I sent her the link to the ‘Satan, your kingdom must come down’ blog post. Our last contact had been maybe six months ago, when she emailed me, and I responded curtly with warnings that she was still ignoring my Father’s laws and believing in feminism and other such nonsense. So, we exchanged a few messages and eventually had a couple of voice calls too. Long story short, she had been awaiting news on a job application, to work in the hotel sector on her home island of St Lucia, and she found out that she didn’t get the job. So, I knew then why I was put back in touch with her at this time, and I gave her the message that not getting or taking a 9-5 job with a hotel gave her the opportunity to conform her life to God’s ways fully, and I talked about the Sabbath day and the holy festivals, as well as wearing only skirts and dresses, not men’s clothing. She was given the message, and I have left it at that. My Father has given her another chance, because she is a woman of faith, but is currently lost in christian traditions, and some other deceptions of Satan. So, we will see what she will do in due course. The feeling I have (sadly) is that once again she will not revert to the narrow path, but it’s nice to see my Father offering her the chance, again.

On 15th July 2021, late at night, I was one again blessed with a light show in the sky. I get a feeling when something is going to happen, no doubt the Word nudges me. So I was looking up at the stars on a clear night, and I saw a star, a small one, start to move, from West to East, twinkling as it went, before it moved out of view. Then another star, a bigger one, moved too, I forget the direction, but it stayed in my view for about ten seconds, then was out of view. It was nice to see it again, a nice little gift from my kind Father in heaven. Also, proof that the stars are not distant suns at all, just little lights placed above the firmament at creation by God.

Also on 15th July, I prayed for guidance from my Father on whether I needed to provide some teaching and thoughts on every single law in the book of the law, as I had already done a few of them, and I had missed out a couple, for example I missed out the early part of Exodus 21, which are laws about slaves. I wasn’t going to comment on them as I didn’t envisage any brothers or sisters owning slaves this side of the day of wrath, and I thought that it could be covered as part of the global roll-out to the nations living under God’s laws during the millennium reign. But I was also partly being my usual lazy self, trying to get away with doing as little as possible. The next morning, as I listened to the scriptures as usual on ‘random shuffle play’, guess what chapter played? Yes, Exodus 21 itself. So, that was me told to provide some guidance on every law, a somewhat daunting task, but I expect it will be completed by early next year. I know there are some laws that are self-explanatory, and others that require a lot of explanation. Laws that specifically mention Levitical priests and the tabernacle will be taught so that we can obey the law today, even without a tabernacle or priests, although there will be some laws that won’t be in force until there are priests up and running, and a tabernacle or temple ( I am thinking of the law for a jealous husband, where the wife drinks bitter waters as an example).

As I was writing this post yesterday, my Father played me a nice song, called ‘In The End’ by Vanessa Carlton, here are the lyrics:

And in the end
You begin again
It’s the way of all things

Your body’s like a wishing well of a million diamonds
Her bones to dust bursting into a million diamonds

And you’ll carry on
Cause in the end
It’s the way of all things

It will be beautiful

It was to let me know that despite my trials and tribulations and my frequent doubts about so many things, and my anguish at the loss of my old normal life, in the end, everything will be fine, in fact everything will be wonderful and beautiful, and all of the former friends who have deserted me will become friends again, forever more, with no pain in their lives, physical or mental, just peace and joy and love, for everyone. I am finding I feel that more and more these days, since the realisation that Satan and his demons are still at large, I don’t hate the lawless any more, they are just sadly deceived. I still hate those that knowingly work with Satan and the demons, traitors to humanity, but I think even they may be forgiven eventually, and Satan himself too. I noticed the reference to a wishing well in the lyrics too, wells crop up quite a lot in lyrics of songs I am played, and I live in a village called Sparkwell too. Water, it’s my Father’s original habitat after all.

To close with some good news, I have just this week sold some investments, and the funds are going to be sent to my friend Shafiq in Uganda so that he can build a nice orphanage for him and his kids, and some more kids will be given a home too, and a baptism pool outside the property too. He and the children are very excited, they will be happy in their own place, as they get a fair bit of grief (for nothing) from their current Muslim landlord, who appears to be neither God-fearing, nor generous to the poor and needy. Soon he will have to find a new tenant. I know from the Word that I am being tested by giving away some of my savings and investments, but I know I can trust my Father to ensure that I have what I need here, and that’s the test of my faith, to deplete my own reserves, and in the process lay up some treasure in heaven.

We are suffering a heatwave in this part of England currently (so please excuse any typos), it’s been 27-30 degrees for 4-5 days now, it’s been awful, far too hot, very difficult to sleep. Around the world we see droughts and floods, and deaths as a result. We see supply chain issues and some shortages of foods and other items, and we see sabre-rattling from the Chinese and others, and we see warships entering the South China Seas, and we’ve also seen warning shots fired by the commie Russians at a British ship in the Crimea. Earthquakes are increasing in frequency and magnitude, and there are plagues of mice in Australia, and other problems, all over the world. We are not in the dark about these matters, we can and should prepare accordingly, living in faith and righteousness, feeling secure and protected by my Father in heaven, as the world burns around us. May God bless His children with strength and faith in these times, and may we bless Him with our love and our desire to please Him, in tithes to the poor and widows and orphans, and in offerings, and in living a righteous and holy life. I pray in the name of Yahshua, amen.

**I just realised this post was published on 21/7/21. That’s 21+7+21 = 49 = 7×7. Cool eh.**

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