2 Malachi

Winter 2022/23 – March 2024

Hello again.

I’ve been asked to write a summary of my life for the period since I last wrote any sort of update. The reason I haven’t written much at all during the past couple of years is because the whole period has been awful for me, primarily because of regular supernatural attacks which occur at night, as well as other truly evil supernatural happenings designed to scare or demoralise me. The attacks are mostly sexual assaults, which I fight off spiritually as best I can, but my physical health and strength has also been terrible during this period. They’ve also placed rodents in my house, including a rat in my bedroom and a toad in my lounge. Anything to deny me peace (and peace of mind) in my own home.

Two examples of the level of evil with which I have been doing battle, they attempted to kill my second cat Seve during 2023, by luring him under a sofa that I was holding on its edge, with both Seve and I deceived into thinking there was a rodent under the sofa, and then they somehow weakened my grip on the sofa, so that I couldn’t hold it up, and as much as I struggled it slowly slipped from my fingers and as it fell I cried out (fearing Seve was going to be crushed to death) ‘no, no, not like this’. Thankfully, in the nick of time, Seve had walked back out away from the sofa, probably moved away by God, but I was in a real state after this, shock, shaking, so upset, so bewildered and disgusted really at the events I was being forced to live through. Seve’s brother Ollie had died back in late 2022, supposedly an accident one night (but I have suspicions about that). I buried him in the garden, wrapped in an old bed sheet, down a few feet into the ground, and covered with rocks. I noticed four weeks after the burial that the rocks had moved, and when I went to look, I could see something or someone has dug down into the ground. I was appalled, but I couldn’t bring myself to check to see if his body was still there, so I covered up the hole again with earth, and placed some heavier rocks over it, and tried to forget about it. When I returned home from a holiday in Morocco in June 2023, and I went out into my backyard, I found poor Ollie’s decomposed carcass had been left there by the evil ones, somewhat hidden, but in a place it wouldn’t have been possible for a wild animal to leave it, because my back yard is totally enclosed by a 2 metre high fence. So it was an act of intimidation, and here’s what I found:


At first I wasn’t sure it was his body, but there was sufficient fur to show me it was, their fur was very distinctive, the reddy coloured hairs has three blocks of colour in each hair. Plus, it was obviously a cat-sized and shaped carcass. When i found it, I felt so numb, beyond shock really, just unable to comprehend the level of evil that would lead someone to do this, and wondering also how God could just sit and watch as it happened. I didn’t rebury Ollie sadly, but I had to scrape off his body, which was a grim task. But I remain of the belief (through faith) that eventually we will all have our beloved pets here on earth with us for eternity.

I had one further strange sign arrive in the summer of 2023, a dragon embedded in the roof of a plastic storage shed in my backyard. The shed roof is thick solid plastic, and the dragon was a child’s toy, very soft plastic on its mouth. But it was embedded in the shed, probably another attempt to demoralise me. Here is the dragon concerned:

The dragon is a child’s toy, it was the property of a child who lives next door to me, but I am sure it was supernaturally embedded into my shed’s roof, because the mouth is very soft. Obviously the dragon is mentioned in Revelation 12 as being a key figure at this time, so maybe the dragon was thrown out of heaven then, or was set to attack me, I don’t know ( no one EVER actually tells me anything straight, it’s always signs and cryptic messages).

The winter period of 2022/23 (in the Roman calendar) was grim for me, as I have just one friend locally who I see infrequently, and the my long-term best friend in the world, who lives in Morocco, someone I had known for around 16 years. I had virtually no social life therefore, and was frequently sleeping until the early afternoon because I was having such terrible sleep during the night-time, because of the supernatural attacks. Early in 2023 my parents stopped communicating with me again, as I reacted to their criticisms of my faith. We had no contact until my mother sent me a message (along with a photo of their new kitten) on my birthday in the middle of April. We remained in contact and things were OK until another breakdown happened in August 2023. Contact was re-established remotely in late 2023, as I was overseas, but things have been fine between us since I got back home in early February.

On 24th February 2023 I destroyed my number 7 signet ring in anger and frustration at my continued suffering at the hands (I assume) of evil supernatural entities. I wrote a separate blog post about what happened just after I destroyed the ring.

I was informed much later on in 2023 that my suffering and supernatural attacks was because in these times I am the protagonist in living a life that aligns with the way that the Lord lived, as well as the other apostles and prophets. I do so by allowing the Holy Spirit to keep me holy, and thus I obey God’s laws, the ones He gave to Moses on Horeb (see Malachi 4). Whilst I have slipped up a few times, in recent years it’s been a very consistent level of righteousness. Plus I continued to speak for faith and righteousness and to give the warnings as God’s messenger throughout the entire period, mostly online, but also out on the streets again during the spring and summer of 2023, and in discussions with people I met as I lived my life too.

The literal meaning of the word ‘protagonist’ is ‘first combatant/struggler’ in a battle, but we also use the word these days to mean the main character in a movie or play, a force for good. I was told I was both of these. So, I was the first to start the battle against Satan and his supporters, which I did way back in September 2021, when I drew a line in the sand for God, asking Him to choose me and mankind, and to ditch Satan. And I am also going to end up apparently as the main character of God’s interactions with mankind since Creation began, I am referred to in the scriptures as the elect/chosen one. I was also told that real power is never given to anyone, it has to be taken or earned. So, whilst I don’t even desire power personally, I do desire the removal of Satan, and the meek inheriting the earth, and eventually peace and a lovely life for all of mankind on a renewed earth. Someone will always have authority here on earth, and the plan is for me to have ownership and authority on earth, hard as that is to believe (it was nigh on impossible for me to believe this for a year or so, but these days, I know it’s pre-destined by God, so I am reconciled with the lifestyle changes that lie ahead, and try to view it all positively, but frequently fail at that).  Sadly for me, getting from here to taking power has required a long period (roughly 42 months so far) of me battling Satan and his minions, with them trying to destroy my faith and my hope and my desire to be alive. It’s been unbelievably difficult, but as I write I am still standing, and I have high hopes that judgement is going to be given in my favour quite soon, and I will then be freed from the supernatural attacks at last (or I will have much better protection to keep the attackers at bay is more likely). Apart from the supernatural attacks on me, I am 100% certain that they influence those without the Holy Spirit who are in my life, such as my parents, and also friends, and even some other matters, all of it simply to cause me to become depressed and to lose my faith and hope and love for life. But I am pleased to report that I still have my faith, and hope for a change in my circumstances to happen soon, and although my love for life has been weakened, I am hopeful that will change in due course.

(An aside, I have been wondering an awful lot recently, why precisely IS faith one of the key required features of our relationship with God? Faith is the same as trust isn’t it. I expect people to trust me and believe me, and they mostly do, but for me, it’s no big deal if they don’t, I wonder why it’s such a big deal for God, any thoughts?).

Throughout this entire period I have always been aware that God and the Lord are with me, giving me their love and lending me their strength when mine has faltered. Although they have only sporadically spared me from the attacks, they have provided me with spiritual tools to use in literal fights that I have with my attackers, all of the fighting take place in the spiritual realm though, not physically. They have also frequently provided me with signs that they are with me. Sometimes the sign is a bird appearing at key moments, close to me, as I am making an offering. Sometimes the signs are more obvious, such as this stone left for me inside my house last year, and which had been inscribed with the number 7 ( in heaven I believe):

Sadly, as with the ring destruction, I only kept this stone for a couple of weeks, before I threw it out of the house under a bush in my frustration and anger. I have tried to find it a few times, but with with no success. Perhaps God collected it and has it with Him for safekeeping and I will have it again in the future. As you can gather, I haven’t really coped very well at all with my suffering, because ordinarily I am very calm, hardly ever experiencing any anger or rage, but in this period there have been dozens of losses of control.

One other aspect of my life was ruined during the Spring and summer of 2023 too. I used to go to a couple of pubs not far from where I lived to play some Texas hold’em poker in an organised league. It was a league, with tournaments played for points not money, although some of us would wager £5 on the tournaments we would play, with the top three finishers taking a share of the prize money. I was a decent enough player, average really, I played a tight but aggressive style of poker, meaning I played mostly good cards, but would bet large amounts of chips when I hit a hand. Sometimes I won, or got a place, and it got me out of the house at least and interacting with other people, and I witnessed to fellow players sometimes when the opportunity arose. But eventually I just went to one location which was about 25 miles from where I lived, but I liked the people there, they were mostly my sort of age, a polite and friendly bunch who all got on well, and it was a nice relaxed fun evening. Sadly for me however, as time went on, I realised that the poker games and the cards were being rigged against me. I know that might be hard to believe, but it happened. It got to the stage that when I was involved in a big hand, I knew what cards would fall, because they would always be against me. On most occasions (90% plus) I was ahead in the hand, because of my style of play I had already made my hand, for example I might have two pairs. But someone would call my bet with maybe one pair, and then the final two cards down on the table would be the same suit to give them a lucky flush. The odds of those things happening is very low, and to see them happening week after week after week eventually forced me to stop playing. Not only that, but one of the players at this venue had been making a living playing poker online for over ten years, and he told me the site he used, where the players were not really poker players, but bingo players, so they didn’t know the correct way to play. So I signed up and I was only playing £1 stake tournaments, but I turned £20 into £95 in a couple of months, small sums, but it filled the time when I was stuck at home ( I had no one to spend time with in the evenings and night times remember, and no physical strength to play golf or badminton). Eventually Satan also affected the run of cards on the website too, so the same thing happened, and again I was forced to close my account and stop playing, and I was really in a huge raging anger that night. The next day, my enemy sent me an email via a third party human, a pop band I follow, they didn’t know they were being used, but the email announced the release of a new single, and it’s title was ‘Best Mindfuck Yet‘. Hopefully you can see why I felt that I really had to get out of England for the winter of 2023/24, it’s hard to describe the pain I felt psychologically at this time, it was terrible, my life had been ruined, every aspect of it destroyed (except, fortunately, for my faith, and my love for the Lord especially).

I had a holiday in June 2023, back to Agadir again to see my friend Jamal and his family, after a three year absence caused by the fake pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions for those of us who declined the mRna bio-weapon jabs. I was mostly left alone whilst there, apart from a very vicious and prolonged attack on the night before I flew back, great for my mood as I returned to England. Whilst I was there, and for the first time ever in that apartment, I was constantly being plagued with cockroaches in my apartment. Not every day, and mostly in the kitchen or bathroom, but never in my bedroom. I hate cockroaches, having first encountered them in Saint Lucia, where they have some huge roaches. Back then I even called another guest to my room to remove one that was a foot long (I kid you not). I think my fear stemmed from their weird appearance, and the speed with which they can move, as well as the fact that the very first one I ever saw in Saint Lucia, a dead one, when I asked the cleaning lady how it got into my room, because I had the windows and doors closed all the time to keep the mosquitos out, and she replied ‘They come through the walls’. So, me being a tad dull, assumed they had some method of getting through solid walls, increasing my fear of them. I realised as the June holiday progressed that the cockroaches were actually arranged by God, to force me to overcome my fear of them, as I had to deal with them myself in Agadir. I killed the ones I found, but I did have some stress dealing with one that was hiding behind the bath towels hung up in the bathroom, but I got it eventually. On the final day of that holiday, God put a dead cockroach on the floor of the kitchen, so I could pick it up and inspect it up close. I could see that it was just a weird beetle-type thing, but I had been cured of my fear during that holiday. ( A few appeared in my winter trip to Agadir too, but they were the enemies attempts to frighten me. One appeared on the sofa near me in the lounge one night, and I didn’t even jump, just rolled my eyes and watched it disappear under the sofa, never to be seen again. One was also put into my bedroom, I heard it on the floor as I was in bed, but then the noise stopped. The next morning it was dead on the floor, killed by someone who is my friend, an angel perhaps, I was thankful).

If you have read my blog from back in 2020 when God was with me for 40 days and nights, you may recall I mentioned I was blessed with many images (mostly animals) when I was diluting mineral-enhanced salt crystals into water as I fasted for three days. I couldn’t take any photos at that time, as God had removed the power to all of the wall sockets, so my phone was dead. But I had some images given to me as a blessing in Agadir in June, on the surface of milky coffee I was making with coffee powder, rather than granules. They should be a blessing to you too I hope. There are a couple of doves, birds I fed back home, as well as a bull, and a fox, another animal I hand-fed back home. So, here are the original photos, as well as the zoomed in version, where I have drawn a line around the creatures for you:



(There is a very clear image of a horse too, in the same cup as the one with the dove and the bear, maybe you see it too).

They were very nice to see for me, and for Jamal’s kids. None of these little blessings helped in my efforts to convince Jamal to accept the truth of Yehoshua and God and get baptised though, sadly. I only realised recently why the bull is significant, through revelation, and I just remembered a Golden Ox sign was given to me way back in April 2020, detailed some way down the post linked here. Bulls are mentioned throughout the scriptures, and are a sacrificial animal. I was shown that God’s law, the word for that law, when written in English is Torah. Does that sound at all like any constellation of stars to you? Yes, it is very close to Taurus, the bull. I was also shown that the place where I was conceived, a place called Bovisand, simple means ‘Sand of the bovines’, I guess because cows and bulls were kept nearby in fields. I have also lived for most of life very near to Dartmoor, which contains over 923 tors. When I had a very brief glance at the wikipedia entry for Taurus, guess what I found? It’s area, which is expressed as a number of square degrees (don’t ask me why) is…wait for it…..797 square degrees. So, the date of the day of wrath of God is 7th September 2032 (7/9), also the date of my baptism back in 2017. The extra seven, I might as well tell you this now, but Shehbah in the Hebrew, seven in English, is God’s family name. So, Taurus’s area literally tells us the date of the day of wrath of Shehbah, 7-9-7. Feel free to now do your own research on the Queen Shehbah who visited Solomon, as well as Bath-Shehbah (which means daughter of Shehbah), and you will start to realise why the line of David is very important here on earth. It’s literally the family line of the Shehbah family. I won’t speculate further on the constellations, other than to say I believe that their creation is more important to symbolically tie in with God’s story here on earth, and as a wonderful visual blessing for us, rather than for any other purpose. Finally on this matter, if you read Genesis 1 and 2 in the Hebrew, you’ll find the word ‘Eth’, which is comprised of an Aleph and a Tav, the Hebrew version of the Alpha and Omega, so that IS The Word of God doing the creating. Now, the Aleph is known as the Father of the alphabet, and in pictograph form it is represented by….a bull/ox. You can read all about the Hebrew letter and more at this interesting wesbite, this page I am linking here is about Aleph.

Back to the other signs I often receive to let me know I am not alone, and I frequently hear a crack in some item of wooden furniture, or the timbers of the house, and it often serves as a warning that an attack is about to start. I also feel a tickling on the end of my nose sometimes, and this is a greeting from the Most High, I think Eskimos do the same nose rubbing as a greeting, or a sign of affection. I have also had two small shiny hearts left overnight in my kitchen sink (one blue, one golden), the kind people use for confetti. Those hearts represent the love that the Lord and God Himself have for me in their hearts, so it was a special sign. Here is a photo of those, this was during the time I was in Morocco, but I was also left a trail of blue moons outside of the apartment where I was staying during the winter of 2023-24 in Morocco, so they are shown in a brief video:

To understand the significance of the blue moons, you’ll need to go and search for the lyrics to a song by Echo and the Bunnymen called ‘The Killing Moon’ and then read this article about ‘super blue moons‘, with the next one we will see taking place in late August 2032, shortly before the date of the day of wrath of God on 7th September 2032. Here are some images of other signs I was given:

Whilst I was in Morocco for the winter of 2023/24 my socks were thrown onto the floor each night as I climbed into bed, but one morning when I got up, I saw that the socks had been moved in the night, one placed on top of my shoe, and both of them looking a bit like walking feet I think. Then, as I was watching a football highlights video on youtube of my local team, I noticed the scoreboard was shown, and the time was precisely 49 minutes and 49 seconds, so a double 7 x7 sign. I played some friendly poker card games in Morocco, just for fun, and one day the pack had been shuffled my me and my friend’s son, and I felt drawn to check the top two cards, and they were a 7 and a 9, which of course relates to the 7th September 2032, the day of wrath of God. Next, I had ordered some ascorbic acid powder online whilst in Morocco, and was sent two packs of bath salts as well, which weren’t ordered. I imagine the salt was a sign related to being salty. Sometimes the signs are given via social media posts on Twitter, and there was one about a goat getting out of a maze. I am the goat (the scapegoat), and I hope I am about to escape from the trap I have been in for over three years.

There some more signs, but I will quickly mention that on 19th September 2023, after yet another false signal that I was going to be whisked away by angels in mid-August (probably yet another deception, maybe a test of faith, I don’t really know), I decided that there was no way I could survive another winter in my home in England, with poor health and no strength, with only one friend locally who I didn’t see very frequently, and still under constant night-time supernatural attack, and with the added misery of the English weather during the winter. So, I booked flights to go to visit my best friend in Agadir, Morocco, but I took two suitcases with me, and I had pretty much decided before I left that I would never come back to this house, or to England, for the rest of my days. This is not hyperbole, I know I would not have been able to cope with six months of all of that, and maybe worse too (which transpired whilst I was in Morocco), plus I felt as though I had been getting nowhere at all with my efforts on the streets of England anyway.

So, I eventually stayed in Morocco from mid-September 2023 until 7th February 2024, when I did indeed return home again, an act that was perhaps my greatest act of faith to date. I will share some details now of things that happened whilst I was in Morocco, and as usual I will fail in any attempt at brevity, because a lot happened, most of it (as usual) supernatural. I also need to mention that I literally deserted my poor cat Seve when I left England last year. He was fed by my next door neighbour as arranged for the initial three week holiday period, but during that time I was frantically contacting people I knew back home (clients mostly) to see if any of them would take Seve in for me, on a permanent basis. I really love my cats, they were like my kids, and they were literally the best cats in the world, so loving and funny (Abyssinian breed). So I was so sad to just leave Seve behind, in fact I hated the situation I had been placed in that had forced me into abandoning him. But I was fortunate that a local UK contact that I trusted knew someone who lived in a quiet village not far from my own village, and he came and met Seve and liked him, and so Seve was moved to his new home in mid-October 2023, and he’s still there now, because I don’t feel the time is right for me to attempt to get him back currently, I think he is safer where he is (plus when he was re-homed, it was agreed it was a permanent move). I hope he is well and happy anyway, I do miss his company, and I hate everything that has afflicted my poor cats during this period, lots of injuries to them back in 2020, as well as frequently being possessed by demons, and even by Satan one night, poor things.

The night time attacks in Agadir abated somewhat initially, but my health was still poor, with no strength in my body, so I was unable to play any golf, only nine holes on a course soon after I arrived, plus a few visits to the driving range, and that was all. I did at least have a friend there, my best friend Jamal, who I have known for 16 years, having met him when he was my caddy on my first ever game of golf on a holiday to Agadir. I also knew a few other people, and had the opportunity to visit Jamal’s family a couple of times a week, which was great as I really love his three young children, as I loved his two older children from his first marriage. So we had some nice times together, including beach visits and games, and I suggested to Jamal we take his two boys (aged eight and ten) to the driving range to try to teach them some golf, and they enjoyed that very much, although Jamal was generally more interested in his own golf swing, leaving me and a golf pro friend to help his boys.

Although my life was still quite boring over there, due to being unable to play sports, at least I saw the sun every day, and could rest on the beach for a few hours, and swim in the sea, and get some nice low-price massages to ease the aching muscles I had due to the night-time attacks. I also met some new people in the time there, and witnessed to dozens and dozens in one to one situations, never making any headway with Muslims though. I also visited a baptist church for a service one Sunday morning, even though I knew in advance it would likely be a waste of time. It really was, as the service was in French, and then afterwards a trainee pastor I had spoken to about the autumn festivals asked me to leave (after he had consulted his pastor), because he didn’t agree with my law-keeping doctrine (which isn’t actually my own doctrine, it’s what God has taught me directly Himself). I felt sad for them, because they all have the 2 Thessalonians 2 powerful delusion, and so they think lawlessness and sin is fine. But I am confident that the powerful delusions will be lifted by God soon, thanks to the representations I made in another blog post. I have decided that if they are not lifted, I won’t serve as a light to the nations, because the delusion simply isn’t fair. So I am once again placing a condition on my service to God, as I did when I told Him Satan needed to be removed for me to serve Him. (I am still not really sure that Satan has been defeated in heaven, I have no firm evidence whatsoever, but we shall see, for now I still serve God, but it will be an interesting issue of faith/trust if have been deceived about that won’t it? Perhaps I will tell ALL of the supernaturals where to go if I was deceived regarding Satan’s expulsion from heaven, but let’s hope that’s not the case). In the spirit of openness and honesty, I did sin in Morocco on one occasion, when I succumbed to my sexual desires and had ….how to phrase this…I’ll use the phrase someone else uses: a massage with extra ‘happiness’. Just the once, God gave me a queasy stomach for 4-5 days afterwards, because it does offend the Holy Spirit. Despite ongoing constant temptation to repeat the offence, I managed to resist. I think I need a concubine, someone to do my housework and take care of my other physical needs. I’ll never get married though, nor will I ever have children, not now that I know what this life contains, I would not EVER afflict a child with this futility. I also realised only when I got back home that I hadn’t had the laws  of God displayed in Morocco, although there was no fence or gateposts anyway that I could have affixed them to. I suppose I could have taped them to the walls of the apartment. But I just plain forgot about that, however I didn’t forget to obey God’s laws, including all of the festivals, the day of atonement (when I fasted for 24 hours), and the day of blowing the rams horns. I have asked for forgiveness of course, through praying the Lord’s prayer.

I had to leave Morocco briefly in late December, as they have a 90-day limit on stays in Morocco. So I found the cheapest flight I could, which was to Lyon in France, and I stayed in a small town near the airport for four nights. The attacks continued there, the bastards just follow me about it seems. But I did enjoy the stay as the AirBnB couple that rented me their apartment lived next door, and they were really lovely and friendly and took me out two evenings to see their sports centre and meet friends, and also to a nearby Medieval town for the Chrismas light-turning-on evening, which was a pleasant experience for me, despite everything, it can brighten me up seeing my fellow humans socialising and enjoying life (actually, I recall that night it didn’t brighten me up at all, and I spent the entire evening acting as if I was enjoying the evening). My host was known by so many people in his home town and the other nearby town, and he kindly dropped me back to the airport for my flight back to Morocco. Of course I witnessed to him and one of his friends too about what lies ahead for the world over the coming years leading up to 2032.

Upon my return to Morocco I set about obtaining a permit card to enable me to stay for a full year, rather than just 90 days. I had also noticed as my stay progressed that Jamal was behaving in a strange was towards me, becoming less friendly, and sometimes becoming very hostile, for example if he lost a game of snooker, or when we played some games of Texas Hold’em poker (never for money, just to fill the time). He would absolutely hate losing to me, become really angry and accuse me of luck. He even threw his cue once in the snooker hall. I was dumbfounded, it wasn’t like him at all to react like this. I knew he was having very bad sleeping problems so I put it down to that. Also in November he told me his wife had accidentally become pregnant again. Matters would deteriorate in 2024, but I will cover that a bit later in this post.

I had the opportunity to visit nine families that I had been helping for a few years by sending money to Jamal to buy food for them. They were all lovely people, very humble and grateful, but I always told them to give thanks to God, not to me, because God has blessed me with an income and some savings, to enable me to bless them with some help. So it all flows from God’s plan of course. I always used to feel quite emotional at these times, partly because I do feel honoured to be serving God in any capacity, but to be able to help the poor and the widows and orphans was nice for me (in hindsight, it was God that became emotional and I felt the tears through the Word, yes, that’s all part of the fun of no longer having one’s body or mind to oneself). At the same time, I also pondered how long the poor on earth have generally not been helped by God or anyone really, just left to suffer, especially in Africa and other poor nations, despite so many scriptures referring to how much God loves the poor. Evil people in power in every nation for thousands of years have no doubt made God’s ability to help somewhat difficult, but I expect God did get involved somewhat, although it’s fair to say that generally God is fairly non-interventionist isn’t He? When the meek get the earth, I am sure we will see much better conditions for the poorer nations, and we should have loving and just kings for every nation for eternity too, so longer-term I trust everyone will be loved and receive support. God has had to contend with so many enemies in these 6,000 years since He created Adam and Eve, but soon those enemies will be removed forever, we hope.

I also helped plenty of people that sought help on the streets in Agadir, things are tough for many there as food costs are much higher, and jobs are harder to come by since 2020. Just outside my apartment one day there appeared a group of three young men who were clearly on some sort of drugs (turned out they were glue sniffing). One of them was in a really bad state, in a wheelchair, often with minor injuries, but I bought him food most days and tried to encourage him to stop sniffing glue. He was so nice, he didn’t speak English, but he always shouted ‘thank you’ or ‘merci’ to me. I suspect he had some mental issues, as well as the drugs. When I consider his life, so young, only in his early 20s, sleeping rough, in terrible health, and addicted to glue sniffing, it did give me cause to weigh my own current sufferings against his, and against others in the world, who suffer physical and sexual abuse at human hands, as I have suffered it by supernatural hands. And you know, I think it is actually part of God’s plan to allow me to suffer as I have done, partly to test my faith and strength to defeat evil, but also to show me how much others suffer and have suffered at the hands of evil-doers through the ages. My level of empathy for my fellow humans has shot through the roof actually, and I find I just love everyone really, especially those in difficult lives. I realise that God has shown me how He views mankind, even though people (including me) have all manner of personal character flaws and issues to deal with, we are all God’s children, and He loves us all despite our strange ways, and despite our frequent dismissal of Him, mocking of Him, ignoring Him, hating Him even. He still loves us, and I have found I am getting close to His ways now, recognising no one is perfect.

Obviously I built an altar in Agadir so that I could make offerings. It was just outside of the city in a national park, which was mostly sandy with quite a lot of trees. I built the altar about 500m into the park, trying to be away from the crowds that visited at weekends. But a couple of times the altar was disturbed, and on one occasion I arrived with Jamal to find a family actually cooking on the stones. I had already decided before that to move the altar deeper within the park, but on this occasion one of the family members was a policeman, and he initially refused to move and told Jamal that what I was wanting to do was illegal. I was open and honest with him about what I was doing, told him who I was (God’s messenger) and eventually I became somewhat angry and asked him to either move away, or I would just go somewhere else and build another altar, and I warned him that God was watching us (in fact, it was likely that God arranged the family to be there, as yet another test for me). He then acquiesced and the family moved away about 30 meters and I was able to make my offering. All of the conversations were through Jamal, who had to translate. He didn’t like doing it, at the time I wasn’t sure why, but he told me later that one of the other family members, a younger man, had asked Jamal if he was my dog? Jamal said he didn’t answer. If it were me, I would have just said ‘no, I’m his best friend, and he’s been helping my family and ten other Moroccan families for four years to survive, so shut your lip’. But that’s me! I later discovered that the snooker rage, the dying of our friendship and Jamal’s unhappiness with this incident (and more besides that I will not detail) were all as a result of other matters affecting him, and I was only made aware of those by God in January 2024, details later in this post.

I have often felt in the past few years that I didn’t really know what was happening to me, or why. I still don’t fully grasp all of it. I know I was made the scapegoat as the protagonist at this time, and I wrote a separate blog post about that. (Please note, the Lord Yehoshua was not a scapegoat when he was killed on the cross, he paid a sacrificial price with his life). There are two goats used on the day of atonement, one is sacrificed and it foreshadows Yehoshua dying, but the scapegoat sent into a wilderness with all of Israel’s sins confessed over it foreshadows my suffering these past few years, which is ongoing. My own suffering in these years has been far greater than the short period of time that Yehoshua suffered on the day of his death (this has been acknowledged to me by both the Lord and God too), but do you ever consider how much Yehoshua has suffered being up in heaven watching the events unfolding here on earth over the past 2,000 years? All the while Satan still roaming around on earth AND in heaven, showing God that mankind can’t be trusted through his lies and deceptions. The Lord has seen all of the wars and suffering for 2,000 years, and hasn’t been able to do anything about events, other than look for people to wake up and hope they will get baptised and follow the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Imagine how hard that must be to endure, seeing such misery for so long?

Of course there have been good things he has seen happen as well, notably the spread of the gospel to England, the work of Alfred the Great in setting up England under God’s laws and faith, and then seeing the gospel of the Kingdom of God spreading all around the world, despite Satan’s efforts through Rome and other agents to persecute the saints always. But I was given a word by the Lord at the end of 2023, when I had prayed to him in a miserable state of mind myself. The word he gave me was ‘yearn’. We both yearn, perhaps you do too, for God’s kings to rule the earth in love and faith and righteousness, with no more Satan and his people to spoil our lives. I also learn for self-rule as humans, and I believe that is what we are promised when the earth is ours, because I was told that God recognises that 90%+ of mankind’s problems are caused by the interference of supernatural beings.

So, God revealed that the process I was going through was part of the process of my birth. Yes, I am referred to in Revelation 12 as the son and male child being born to a woman in heaven:

1And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed in the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. 2She was pregnant and crying out in the pain and agony of giving birth.

3Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads. 4His tail swept a third of the stars from the sky, tossing them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, ready to devour her child as soon as she gave birth.

5And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who will rule all the nations with an iron scepter. And her child was caught up to God and to His throne. 6And the woman fled into the wilderness, where God had prepared a place for her to be nourished for 1,260 days.

The first sign appeared in the stars just after my baptism back in 2017, here’s a link to a video on that sign. I am not aware of the second sign having appeared yet, but it may have happened back in September 2023 when the earthquake hit Morocco. I will provide more details on things that happened that night in a moment, but a sign did appear in the heavens back in September 2023 relating to the ‘child’ and the woman giving birth, and this video does a good job noting some salient facts, even though the presenter doesn’t quite grasp who is being born. (Please ignore EVERYTHING he says about doctrine, he has some very strange views, just watch the video for the celestial activity he describes please, the names are very interesting indeed, including an asteroid literally called Child entering Virgo, surely a sign from God).

So, I was made aware of the long period of labour for this birth, various difficulties for both the woman and the child, and interference and attacks from the enemies of God trying to cause a miscarriage (via my loss of faith primarily). I was pointed toward the scriptures by two signs on the same day, and the first of those was a message within a Twitter feed, here it is below:


Hopefully you can read the banner sign in the air, but if not it says ‘We’re pregnant, due —>’. Please note the number 76 is within the Tweet, it’s part of the username of the tiktok user who posted the photo. Seven is God’s number, followed by a six, which is the number of man, so it fits with God symbolically giving birth to a man. Please excuse the colourful language above in reaction to the banner sign, but that’s possibly the enemy expressing his displeasure at my impending ‘birth’. The next sign I was given was personal and physical and quite unusual. I had bought some peppers to use with my lunches, and on 20th January, just before I wad due to fly back home to England on 7th February, I cut open one of the peppers as I was preparing lunch, and this is what I saw inside:

I did chuckle when I saw the inside of the pepper, because (let’s be honest) it’s incredibly anatomically accurate, especially the clitoris, with the red object behind that representing the baby, and obviously it’s dropped down from the womb and is pretty much ready to be born. I will note now that I have been given the numbers 5-4 on so many occasions in recent months, as well as being told that the year 2024 (which begins on 9th April in the Roman calendar, in God’s calendar it is the first new moon day after the Spring equinox) will not be like previous years, and I am expecting to no longer be alone in my ministry or my life, I will have a companion here on earth, a friend and a colleague, who currently resides in heaven. By chance (or not) I just happened upon another verse that relates to this birth and the troubles during delivery, within the Songs of Solomon chapter 8:

The Friends

5Who is this coming up from the wilderness,

leaning on her beloved?

The Bride

I roused you under the apple tree;

there your mother conceived you;

there she travailed and brought you forth.

Would you be surprised to know that my home in England since late 2019 is within what was a large orchard of apple trees, and there are still apple trees all around me, and indeed my address is 1, The Orchard. So, this four year birthing process all took place under apple trees. You have to be impressed with God’s attention to detail, but I wonder what came first, the prophesy or the apple trees?

I can’t really share this with you all without providing a measure of a revelation now (because you must be thinking about who the mother and the bride are in the verses above), but I’ll still be circumspect, to reduce potential shock to you. I will simply mention that there are plenty of long-lived human females in heaven with highly advanced powers, and it is evident to me that God our Father has both a wife (at least one) and together They created one special daughter, in the same manner that Adam was created. You will possibly know that wisdom is described as being female in Proverbs 4, well that’s not symbolism. Mother Earth is a real person (in fact, I believe the territory earth belongs to her), and she has a daughter too. Phew, I am glad to get that off my chest. Mother and daughter are both nice, as far as I can tell, but I am keen to see our side use its powers very soon, lest I reach the conclusion it’s all a sick game on a prison planet, with humans as the toys of more advanced beings.

Separately, I  am aware that scriptures reveal frequent visits to earth of what I shall call the long-lived humans, who are now in heaven as far as I know, or dead. If one reads Genesis 14, someone called ‘Tidal, King of the Nations’ is mentioned. Who could that be I wonder? Who are the other kings? And Melchizedek, a priest on earth to God at the same time. Also, today I re-read the book of Ruth, which is a very nice book. I am certain that the word translated as ‘kinsman-redeemer’ is actually a name, and that we are reading of the family affairs of these long-lived humans with supernatural powers, who (for reasons unknown) have carefully nurtured a family line, bred from the union of Ruth and Boaz, through to Jesse and David and Yehoshua and down to me, and perhaps this breeding plan was behind the creation of Adam and Eve too, more advanced than the earlier hominids created in Genesis 1. I do wonder WHY though?

In early January 2024, my night time supernatural attacks changed in nature. To that point the night-time attacks had been sexual assaults, physical torments such as pins and needles, skin vibrations, muscle cramps and touching of my head and face. I am sure most of this done with highly advanced technology, and such weaponry is being developed by governments now too, so the evil side is doling it out no doubt to further inflict pain and suffering on we humans. Do your own research online, it’s coming. But the change was to attacks that were clearly more aggressive in nature, and although I don’t know who was the perpetrator, I definitely felt a much deeper level of evil was involved, something way more powerful than the demons and evil angels who usually plagued me. If I had to guess, I would say it was either the dragon or the beast itself (or just more invasive use of their technology more likely). The attacks were attempts on my life at this time. There were multiple strangulation attempts, multiple attempts to damage internal organs, multiple attempts to stop my heart beating and to stab my heart, multiple attempts to crush my head and body, and multiple attempts to garotte me, and multiple attempts to poison me. In all of the instances I could feel the attacks happening, such as liquid being forceably poured down my throat. I could feel my internal organs being cut with something. Mostly I felt no pain at all, and I have no doubt God somehow numbed the pain for me. Occasionally I felt a brief mild pain (the sharpest actually was when I was walking one night in Agadir, and it made me wince). As this dark powerful force was trying to kill me I found I was powerless to fight it off, I just had to lay there and let it happen. But, me being me, I did ‘speak’ with it in my mind on every occasion, and I told it to do its worst, but that I knew that I was God’s messenger for these times, and so I told it that I believed it would be unable to kill me. I told it that if it succeeded my soul would rest in heaven with God anyway, so I was relaxed about death. I even told it that if my faith proved to be misplaced, and there was nothing after death, then I would also welcome death as the very best option for me, as an escape from what I had been suffering for the past few years and this futile boring life. (NB, this is not akin to suicidal thoughts, I haven’t had those for a few years). But I was always ended that thought to it with the faithful thought that I know who I am, God’s messenger, and therefore God wouldn’t allow me to die at this time. I didn’t die from the attempts to kill me sadly, thanks to my faith in the protection of Yehovah, and thanks of course to that protection being provided.

Just to spice things up a bit, once this dark powerful entity had finished trying to kill me, I had a rare communication directly from God in my mind via the Word, which told me ‘OK Gary, we are going to bring you to heaven now, but it’s your soul that will visit, so you have to die first, but we will resurrect you later’. I was just reading about mind control technology that is being developed today, so I strongly suspect that the Word is just this technology already being used by the long-lived humans in heaven. I had a momentary feeling of shock, because I wasn’t expecting this, but it did make some sense with the Revelation 12 prophesy noted above, it was feasible that I could visit heaven only via my soul being taken there, not my body (and that may be the case eventually, but I think not, I think I will physically be taken to heaven to meet the Lord and the Most High and to stand before the throne of God, and watch the first seal on the scroll being broken, because there are visions Enoch was given about this event, as well as multiple prophesies).

So, I didn’t panic at all, and I just said ‘OK then, I’m ready’ and lay quietly on my back as my heartbeat was slowed to a near standstill by God over the course of a couple of minutes. But then it started to speed up again, and I asked God (in my mind) ‘why did You do that then?’, and He replied ‘We find it’s a good test of faith’. I may have sighed slightly because I was still alive and being messed about again, but I know I thought ‘will the time ever come when God realises my faith is as solid as a rock, and continued testing really isn’t necessary?’. Then there was a third attempt to stop my heart, it was the initial dark entity back again, and once again my heartbeat was allowed to slow to near standstill, but I didn’t die. It felt very strange indeed, but I was pleased that I didn’t have any fear at all, and in honesty, I have never feared death anyway, but I used to have a fear of a painful drawn out death. I don’t fear that kind of death any more, it isn’t in the plan. I no longer fear pain, but that hasn’t been tested yet, so perhaps it will be before the 9th April? I don’t really fear anything, and all of my passions have died too in these four years too, sports, music, I think the only thing I truly still enjoy is time with cats.

After these deadly attacks, I could also feel my internal organs being repaired by surgery. I have to admit that it all felt very strange and unpleasant, and I know that as the days passed I would go to bed rolling my eyes, thinking what else was in store for me each night, things seemed to be always bad for me. I think it’s quite possible that I needed an organ transplant too, and that someone in heaven donated an organ to me (liver or kidney), but I can’t confirm that currently. Apart from the night time attacks, Satan also arranged for renovation work to take place at an apartment below mine, so I was woken up at around 10 am on many mornings, thereby being unable to catch up on the sleep I missed during the nights. It was a tough time, but I knew God was with me, so I tried to remain calm and tried to keep a positive frame of mind, and during the afternoons and evenings I tried to have a pleasant social life, engaging with a number of Moroccan people as I visited cafes and bistros and shops.

I was living in an apartment with the number 7 in Agadir, the same one I had used for my holiday trips in previous years, it was owned by a very pleasant French man who I never met and who sadly died in December 2023. I did meet his wife in October though, as she was visiting Agadir to see her mother, and like her husband, she was a very lovely lady, and I am sad that she has lost her husband, but I have tried to provide her with comfort by reassuring her that eventually they will both be reunited on a renewed earth. I was shown by God at this time that He had even arranged for the apartment complex I stayed in to be named for one of my roles, that as a light to the nations. Here’s a screenshot of a map of the area:


You can hopefully see two ‘residences’, which are developments of apartments, the first one built was called Tamanart 1, and (surprise, surprise) the second residence is called Tamanart 2. Now I have been staying in apartment 7, building 5, within Tamanart 2 for roughly 6 years, and I never had considered what the name Tamanart meant. But as I was walking back down to my residence one evening, I noticed an image alongside the signage for Tamanart 1, and I realised immediately what the name meant, and I subsequently confirmed this with a local who spoke Berber. Here’s a photo of both residences, and a video of the entrance to Tamanart 2, showing a nice water feature that was installed in January 2024:



You may have to zoom in to the Tamanart 1 image, but hopefully you can see a lighthouse drawing on the sign (it’s on the right-hand side of the sign). So, I was living in a residence called ‘Lighthouse 2’ in the local Berber language. I was not suprised really at the detail God puts into my life, I am not sure how He does it, when I look back through my life, it’s there in everything, places I have lived and worked, people I knew, songs I liked, it all makes me feel like my life is just one big storybook for someone else, adding to my depression mostly. However, I expect to be a light to the nations quite soon, so to live in a house of light was very apt. And it was number two, not number one, because Yehoshua is the first light to the nations, with his ministry and death and resurrection and the spreading of the gospel to the world all taking place over the past 2,000 years. Isaiah 42 prophesies about the Lord of course, whereas Isaiah 49 prophesies about me, with verse 6 noting my intended role.

As 2024 started, there was an incident with Jamal, one Sunday evening, after we had taken his boys to the golf practice range, we were having our usual coffee and snacks afterwards in a cafe. I had just returned from France, so I was telling his boys about the trip, which meant that Jamal was translating for me, because his boys don’t know much English. As I was mid-sentence, Jamal’s phone rang (he never bothered to put it on silent, even when we were out on the golf course sadly), and he straightaway answered it and had a chat for a minute or so with someone, leaving me and the boys hanging in our conversation. Frankly, as usual, this annoyed me, it was evidence he values his phone more than me or his boys, so when he had finished his call I asked if it was an important call, and he replied that it wasn’t, not even a family member or a friend, just an ex-colleague. I then said ‘well, your phone is still your boss obviously’. He then immediately stood up and threw his phone at the floor (a hard tile surface) as hard as he possibly could, smashing it to pieces, and shouted at me ‘Is that better, if I do that?’. Although I was shocked, I calmly replied ‘Yes, that’s much better now’. He then stood up, paid for the coffees and took his boys and left in a rage.

I realised that he was not the man I thought he was, not stable, not friendly, and even though he returned to collect me thirty minutes later, I decided to build another altar near my apartment, on a rubbish disposal site actually, as a back-up in case he refused to drive me to the park altar site. Here’s me in the process of making my first offering on that altar:


The location was a huge waste area, and it had lots of rubbish laying around. Nevertheless, my offerings were always accompanied by a flyover of some birds as I was there, whether gulls, or sparrows, or even starlings on one occasion. I knew the birds were a blessing to me from God, we are both lovers of our feathered friends you see (God even included a law about leaving a bird’s nest undisturbed in His laws given to Moses on Mount Horeb). On the day of my final Sabbath offering in Morocco before I left early in February, as I left my apartment I just knew something would disrupt my offering that day, I had a feeling, or God somehow gave me the foresight using mind-control. And sure enough, as I arrived at the site of the altar, I just couldn’t see it at all. I knew I was in the exact same spot, as I had some wood I had collected nearby. So, the enemy had arranged somehow for a digger or a truck of some kind to visit the site and earth had been tipped all over the altar, it was buried and gone. I was mildly irritated (because so many of the things I have to endure are so petty really), but obviously it didn’t stop me from making an offering, as there were plenty of natural stones laying around, so I simply built another altar, and enjoyed making the final offering for this stay in Morocco. I was especially blessed on this occasion, as one solitary dove flew right over my head at a very low level, doves are a special bird for God too, acceptable even as offerings.

This would be an apt point, having mentioned all of my tortures and the petty nature of some of the tests, as well as the mind control used on me, to share an image of my experiences to date with these beings who remain hidden somewhere:


We’ve perhaps all heard of the ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine to break the will of those being tortured or interrogated. Please be assured, whoever is reading this, that I am not completely stupid, I can tick off all of the above on this list. Except for number 6 actually. And that’s why I am interested to see what transpires in the next week or so, and also in hearing the ‘sacred truths’ referred to by Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4. I also wonder, Paul himself was tortured in a similar way to my night-time attacks, and he refers to it in that chapter, in verses 5-9 as a ‘thorn in his flesh’, and I get the painful sharp stabbings just like that too. Paul’s suffering was apparently inflicted by the Lord himself, although the Greek word could mean ‘master, as in God. Whoever was doing it, you have to wonder at the ‘goodness’ and ‘love’ (or lack of it) in torturing an old man, working his socks off, spreading the gospel around Asia and Europe, just to prevent him from becoming conceited. I see evidence of conceit there for sure, and my heart pities poor Paul, to be so tortured BY HIS OWN SIDE. Let’s hope I don’t find it it’s been my own side torturing me, because if I do, it’ll be the end of my service. Who needs enemies eh, when you have friends like that. Paul, I love you, I am sorry, so sorry that they tortured you.

Jamal was always pleading poverty, despite me knowing that he was receiving a decent sum of money from me every month. I often used to see him in nice new clothes, but he would claim they were gifts from his family, some of his stories about the clothes he received were simply unbelievable. Almost immediately he bought himself a new phone, despite the fact he shouldn’t have had enough spare money to spend £300 immediately. I became more suspicious, so I told him I would rather spend the money in his bank account (all of it money I had sent to him to help his family and nine more families) to buy some more food for the families, so I asked him to take the phone back to the shop,  and mentioned he could use his wife’s phone. He replied that he would. But then he avoided any meetings with me for five days, clearly valuing the money and the phone more than time with his supposed friend. He only returned to me on a Sabbath day, and he told me that he was only there because he knew that the offerings I make are important to me, and he told me he was not happy with me because I had told him not to use money to buy a new phone rather than for food for the families we help. So, for me, our friendship ended at this time, and we quickly became more and more distant.

I also did some research on how much money I had been sending to Jamal, and it was on average over £3,500 each month for the past two years, and I had assumed we were helping 30-40 families, as we did during the lockdown period in 2020. He told me that it was only ten families in September 2023, and eventually I realised the figures didn’t add up, as he was only spending about £100 on each family, meaning his own funds amounted to around £2,500 each month, which explained all of the new clothes. Once again I had been deceived in regards to money sent overseas to help people, and my best human friend on earth had proven to be a liar and a thief too. By this stage I was so miserable about life that I didn’t really care much anyway, as the song title says, I was ‘Comfortably Numb’ about everything.

But then things were made a lot clearer to me as regards Jamal, with God revealing some shocking information to me. Jamal had been experiencing a racing heartbeat sporadically for months, as well as terrible insomnia. Also, eventually, his wife lost the baby she was carrying, and as usual the family didn’t trust God in that matter at all, just the doctors and their pharma poison. Do you recall that there was a terrible earthquake in Morocco back on 8th September 2023? The night before, the 7th, I had asked to have a video call with Jamal as it was the anniversary of my baptism, and the date of the day of wrath too, but he refused, and we called the following day. Just after we finished the call, the earthquake struck, and Jamal called me again from the street, as they had all run outside in fear of buildings collapsing.

He told me in January 2024 that his heart problems started that very night, after the earthquake hit. I didn’t think anything of that, not until God showed me this piece of news a couple of weeks later:


Scientists have no idea what causes these blue lights that move around quickly, in seemingly random movements. However, I know that these lights are spirit beings, beings we might call angels and demons, without bodily form (or they could be simply highly advanced technology of course). If that sounds strange to you, recall that many examples are given in scriptures where men and women are possessed by these beings. One of those beings we know as Satan, but his name is Mastema, and he’s been God’s enemy and our enemy ever since Creation began. And once I was made aware of this fact, everything related to Jamal made perfect sense. He had been using me for years, cultivating a convincing but fake friendship with me, always with the aim of gaining financially. Because his heart was bad, and he refused to change his heart and get baptised despite witnessing many dozens of signs with me in Agadir, he was an obvious target for Satan, who has shown he would do literally anything to further wreck my life. So the raging anger from Jamal when he lost a game of snooker was actually him feeling Satan’s anger at the loss, because one of Satan’s demons had possessed him on the night of the earthquake. It was the same when we played Texas Hold’em poker, as that was quickly fixed against me, as it was in England, and so I knew I would lose, and with the same unlikely low-odds coming out to save Jamal when I was ahead, every single time. He knew it was fixed, but he said ‘I don’t care, I just enjoy beating you’. You can see how Satan was controlling him. Eventually I stopped playing cards, except with Jamal’s boys, who I had taught to play. Even then it was fixed against me, but I didn’t mind then, because at least they got the fun of winning, and they are lovely kids. I do feel sorry for Jamal too, because it’s likely part of the story that my best friend would end up being a bad man, so I doubt very much his free will turned him bad, more likely that God affected his actions to fit the narrative (as He did with Pharaoh of course, and surely many others).

You know, it was my love for those children that really helped to keep me committed to serving God, so I will share a photo of them. The eldest in Adam, he’s 10, then Youseff, he’s 8, and finally sweet Assia, who is 3, gosh she is so lovely, and we had so much fun together, especially on every visit we would dance to a song that she had randomly chosen on my Apple music library of songs downloaded to my phone, a song called Happy Talk by Captain Sensible. So, here’s a few photos and a dance video too:


Ah, they were fun times, but even then I realised that the love and the fun was always with the kids, Jamal wasn’t interested much in doing anything with his kids, I had to beg him to take them to the beach occasionally because he just couldn’t be bothered. Everything I do is for God, but also for my fellow humans, and innocent children like this, in poor countries, I really want to help them to enjoy nice lives eventually on earth. I can tell you that when I returned to Agadir in June 2023 for my first visit in three years, I was surprised and moved to tears when Adam and Youseff hugged me when I arrived at their apartment. They just didn’t want to let go, and in those moments I realised how much they loved me, and how much I loved them, and I wept, tears of joy and love, it was wonderful. And of course I still do love them, and I am hopeful I will see them later this year (despite their bad dad, I will find a way to get them baptised if I can). Little Assia had never met me before I arrived in 2023, we had seen each other on video calls though, but she very quickly recognised me as someone who loves to have fun, who actually enjoys chatting to kids, because they are so innocent and funny, full of happiness generally, unsullied by the evils and pressures of adult life. I am sure that the song Happy Talk was chosen for us by God, because it is such a hopeful song about love for people who maybe have struggled to find love in their lives so far. As the lyrics say ‘You’ve got to have a dream’. I also feel that if we can approach life with the same attitude as most children have (at least if they are spared slavery to a mobile phone), we would all be happier, just finding pleasure in messing around on the beach, or in playing games, or in chatting and enjoying music and dancing together. But we don’t do so much of that sadly, so life becomes dull and miserable. Thankfully, these children and the climate and a few other contacts kept me going in the winter of 2023-24, so I am thankful that I was able to escape.

In October my right arm was attacked by some kind of nasty insect, and it resulted in a parasitical infection of the arm which took around two months to fully heal. I am sure it was an attack by the enemy again, as I read online that the parasites from these insects often gets inside the body and attacks the organs, and can be potentially fatal. However, I simply trusted that God would keep me from any harm and I allowed the wound to heal itself over time, with just an occasional dab of apple cider vinegar applied in the final weeks when it was a bit drier. Here are some photos of the wound and the nasty-looking insect that bit me during the night:

As well as this attack, my right arm was always being affected by smaller bites, even though I never saw the insects doing the biting. They weren’t mosquito bites. I realised that the right arm is important, because it is in fact the right arm of God they are attacking, given that the Word is in my flesh. There are very many scriptures that refer to the Right Hand of Yehovah God too, which I have linked here for you.

(An aside, I just spotted a very poor translation of Isaiah 52:13-15, so I will quickly place the correct translation here, as it refers to me at these times, as the son of man:

13Behold, My Servant will prosper;

He will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.

14Just as he was astonished at how many of you are truly corrupt men,

so the sight and the appearance of the son of man

15 will therefore will startle many nations.

Kings will have their mouths shut up because of him.

For they will see what they have not been told,

and they will understand what they have not heard.

Just a part of my job description mentioned above, these evil rulers all over the world today will dread my arrival at their door. I can hardly wait.

Just a few more items to cover from my stay in Agadir. I will start with something that was very difficult for me, but it also shows the strange methods God uses to communicate with me in these times. Most communications are via social media posts, or song lyrics, or youtube videos. Sometimes they are coded, sometimes not, and often I am the only person on the planet who ‘gets’ the intended message, as it’s directly related to something that has just happened in my life, or to something approaching in my life, or to the past few years generally, or to my relationship with God and the Lord. In this instance it was a youtube video, and it came at a time when I had been bombarded with communications that were obviously requesting that I return back to England. I haven’t even mentioned yet, but God gave me specific instructions to stay in the UK back in our earliest communications in April 2020, actually on the day when I first met Him on the same night. So I knew I was disobeying God, but it was a matter of survival, and I had already been reassured that God knew I would need to escape after the horrors I suffered during 2021 and 2022 and 2023.

But, I was in Agadir, it was early January 2024, and I had just arranged to extend the rental contract on the apartment I was using for another three months. This was before Jamal and I ceased being friends though. I wasn’t praying much at all in those days, and it was my intention to just stay in Agadir and wait to see when I would be ‘upgraded’ with miracle powers to begin my work as a light to the nations. I was still witnessing to people I met in Agadir, telling them I was God’s messenger. But God put a video into my youtube feed AND as He does sometimes, He placed it there with the playback starting mid-way through the video, so it was very plain what the message was, and also the actor in the video was called Gary too. So, here’s the clip, set-up to begin at the same point that it did when God put it in my feed, it’s a clip from the West Wing TV series:

As you can see, the first full sentence spoken is ‘We don’t know what his intention is’.

If I am honest, at that time, in my heart, I was acting as if I was God’s messenger, and believing that I would be, but my heart certainly wasn’t in it, and I had zero desire to return to the UK. But I knew that for some reason God wanted me back in England. So this video and that sentence was God asking me to make my decision and to tell Him what my intentions were.

I then had a very emotional and difficult thirty minutes, sat alone, thinking, listening to songs, considering the misery I probably faced when I got back home, considering the loss of my heretofore private life as an unknown man forever, considering the amount of work and effort that would be required in the following eight years, as well as the eternal responsibility as the man who will be given the earth, becoming king of all the other kings, considering the knowledge that my job is going to entail other aspects about which I can’t speak, but which will make me a hunted man, with governments all over the world wanting me dead or captured, all of these factors weighed so heavily on my mind and my heart that night. But also weighing on my heart especially was how much I loved others, and I knew that my role was critically important to the whole of mankind, as well as to God of course. I was in tears as I sat and thought, it was literally painful, my head was throbbing. Perhaps the Lord felt something similar as he asked God to spare him from his crucifixion?

Ultimately, it was my love for the Lord, my love for God, and my love for the children and the poor people I had met in Agadir that led me to reach my decision to return to England and to get on with whatever is required of me, and I will serve God in whatever capacity I am required for as long as I am needed, even for eternity. There were no selfish reasons for wanting to take the role as I definitely don’t desire power or fame or great wealth, and I am quite lazy at heart too. (God prompted me to include here that I look forward to enjoying life on His earth once evil-doers have been removed, but it’s not a motivating factor for me and I don’t, in honesty, 70-80 years of life in total, followed by a quick death and an end to every part of me (soul death, gone forever, program deleted) would be my preference, even today I would choose that option if it were available to me. As Solomon wrote ‘Everything is futile’ anyway, and life gets boring even now, and always has done.

However,  I know that when I am king of kings, I will fiercely defend people’s freedoms from interference in their lives, and I will do plenty with the tithes I receive to help as many poor people as I can to have better lives, and I suspect I would enjoy that second part of the job very much (for a while anyway, it’s bound to get boring after a few decades), as I’ve always enjoyed giving to people (especially in recent years). I know that the Lord AND God have both suffered somewhat in their work to get us to the point where we could finally defeat Satan and prepare for the meek to take the earth, and I knew how much they both love me, and I know that I love them both very much too, and I felt I couldn’t possibly walk away at that point, no matter what my own personal sacrifices might need to be in the near-term or longer-term future. So, I prayed to the Lord, spoke to him really, and told him what I have written above, and then I think the next day I booked a flight to return home on 7th February 2024. I should also mention that the other factor I considered was the desire to beat Satan, who has been the cause of so much misery for mankind as a whole, as well as me personally. I didn’t want to admit defeat to the snake, and that’s when I wrote this post, to just highlight what was in my heart. As it’s a really brief post, I will copy the text below for you, but there is a really nice song under the post itself, which is titled ‘How to win (GOAT edition):

Refuse to lose.

Trust in God, lean on the Lord, take comfort in the love of the Most High.

Remain in the Lord, don’t let sin in, remain righteous, obey God’s laws (see the law section of this website for teachings).

Have faith, love life, love your neighbours. Be strong, not weak.

Satan will be crushed, soon, justice and vengeance will be had.

Then we get the world as our possession.

Hang in there, the light is coming to the whole world in 2024.

The final few weeks in Agadir were a bit strange, as I wasn’t seeing Jamal or his family. I did arrange a meeting with his wife to try to dig into the financial side of things, and I was able to confirm that they had accrued savings in the past two years from the money I had sent, savings that should have been spent helping the other nine families I was helping. There was also one final incident in January where I sold some gold that was held in Agadir by Jamal, and I know he didn’t give me the full price, he kept a few hundred pounds and lied about the sale price. But was he acting on his own free will?

I did have a new friend to spend some time with in those final weeks, the owner of a very nice spa I visited regularly for massages and sometimes a hammam scrub. He had some coffees with me, we became friends, and he even bought my Agadir golf clubs, so I helped him with some golf lessons at the range before I left, and we are still in touch.

On my final day I was in a very reflective mood, knowing what sort of things lay ahead of me. So I had a few hours at the beach, had a swim in the Atlantic, and the seawater was crystal clear that day, the clearest I had ever seen it perhaps, it was lovely swimming in it. The sun was warm, there were gulls galore, Moroccan families enjoying time together too. I felt some peace of mind being there, recognising the glory of God’s creation, and it helped to put me at ease with going back to a cold wet England and no social life and continued attacks, as well as all of the other matters that lie ahead.

My flight home was very smooth, for the first time ever an Easyjet flight I was on arrived back at Gatwick early, so I was able to get an earlier train back down to Plymouth. But at Gatwick, as I waited for my suitcase at the baggage reclaim place, another little sign appeared, as the conveyor belt started to move around, something odd was the first thing to appear, before any of the cases came off. It was just a contact lens case on the belt, most odd. I commented to the lady stood next to me ‘You would have thought they’d have taken that into the cabin wouldn’t you?’. She smiled. But I knew that it meant that I was required to update my contact lenses and get some new sets, because I haven’t worn the old ones for three years now. I always wear shaded prescription glasses when I go out, day or night, but I realise that God wants me to have no glasses on as I travel around the world, yet another of those trivial demands listed in the graphic above.

Thankfully I re-established contact with my parents whilst I was in Morocco, and we had a few video calls, so they kindly collected me from the railway station when I got home as 9pm. My house was smelling musty when I arrived home, and it all felt very cold and strange. A litre bottle of frankincense that had been in my fridge had been poured down the sink just before I arrived, but not by my friend who had been keeping an eye on my home. The smell of it was still in the sink. I use that to add to the cakes I make for offerings on Sabbath and new moon days. So, clearly a petty act of spite against God from someone, no prizes for guessing who.

Things very quickly became difficult back at home, as my car had battery problems, and a further electrical fault developed too, which meant that I was literally stuck at home for ten whole days on my own, with just one visitor during the entire period. It was awful, so boring, and the attacks started up again too. I realised just as I was about to get the car back that I had been fore-warned in Agadir about a ten day period of isolation. I am accustomed to being on my own, so I coped. This period started on 23rd February and ended on 3rd March 2024. During this period my dad became seriously ill, and as well as that illness, his bladder cancer has re-appeared, and he’s going in for treatment on 4th April.

I was made aware that God, the Most High, had allowed Himself in the past to literally be possessed by Satan’s demons. This was done to attempt to cure Satan of his ways, and also to weaken him. It inevitably had a detrimental effect on God too, as you might imagine. I was also made aware that I might need to do the same at some point. I get all the fun jobs, me. I had just laid down to bed on the night of 27th February 2024 and closed my eyes. Immediately I saw a bright blue flash of light through the lids of my closed eyes. I immediately guessed what it was, knowing Jamal’s experience. I was immediately attacked, it was trying to crush my head initially, then my body too. After just a few minutes I communicated with Satan’s demon via God (using the Word), and I said ‘Listen, I want to get some sleep, so why don’t you just enter into my body’? I had no fear, and I realised that it was just part of the ongoing war we have been waging for over four years. If you read my entire blog, you will find many encounters I have had with Satan, he’s known who I am long before I knew myself, so he’s been trying to sabotage and demoralise me all through this period (oh, poor thing, as I write his demon has just stabbed my stomach from inside). He even left a string of insulting comments under some blog posts a few years back, mocking me for thinking I was God’s messenger. And he possessed one of my cats in April 2020 and we had a fun eyeball to eyeball moment, and he also messaged me on twitter years ago, because he was upset by my aggressive witnessing against him and his phony religions. The fact that he was back in my room gives me pause for thought, because the Lord banned him at my request a couple of years ago. So maybe the war in heaven has already happened, and he’s in open rebellion here on earth, Or more likely he’s pushing his luck now, because he knows a decision is about be made in the very near future, things will come to a head in heaven I think by 9th April 2024, which is the start of 2024 in God’s calendar, the first new moon day after the Spring equinox, as well as the date of a solar eclipse across America (and maybe the whole world too).

So, he has been attacking me every night through his demon, always a sexual attack first, which I simply turn away from and tell him to stop, and he stops. He also in recent days has been attacking my stomach and heart most nights, but I know he can’t kill me, so it’s just allowed by God as a final test for me. He also works within my mind most days, and especially on the Sabbath days, to cause me to feel somewhat desperate and depressed and resentful of God (perhaps he’s been affecting my mood this evening, as I have altered several sections of this post a I proof-read it, all of the alterations are negative, but they are truthful, as far as I know, given that my mind is possessed by multiple entities right now. It’s amazing I still have my sanity, don’t you think?). Coupled with external factors he arranged (early morning tree felling for three days near my house) that seriously affected my sleep, I did fail last Sabbath day, which was 24th March, and I was so depressed at everything, that I decided to call the company that hosts my website and ask for it all to be deleted. So, God took my internet connection down, so I couldn’t get into the email folder to find their phone number. Frustrated I had a snooze for an hour instead, and when I woke up I felt OK again, and made my offering in wet conditions. But that’s an admittance from me that momentarily, Satan wore me down and I was ready to walk away, so when someone says ‘Oh God will only give you sufferings that you can bear’, I testify here and now, that’s not always the case. I am glad that God saved me from doing that, but in honesty I was also peeved with God for allowing things to get that bad for me, again. Scriptures indicate that God should protect us from powerful enemies, but there a lot of prophetic psalms about me and the past six months especially, which are me pleading for Yehovah’s help. This past week or so I have adopted a different approach to Satan at night. Rather than fight with him, I just let him do his worst, then when he has tired himself out I sleep. I have been extra loving in my day to day interactions with family and people generally, as well as doing lots of online witnessing too. I feel I am wearing him down now. On one occasion I turned the tables on him and viciously beat him up while he was sleeping (that took place in the spiritual realm of course), but I was advised that I can’t defeat hatred with hatred, it has to be defeated with love.

I have also recognised that because of my suffering, I lost my love for God for a while, and we all know what is written about faith without love in 1 Corinthians 13 don’t we:

1If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and exult in the surrender of my body,a but have not love, I gain nothing.

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs. 6Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. 7It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be restrained; where there is knowledge, it will be dismissed. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when the perfect comes, the partial passes away.

11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I set aside childish ways. 12Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.

Remember that God IS LOVE, and despite my heart turning cold, He has stuck with me, and slowly but surely, as I have seen signs of His support and love for me, I have regained my own love for Him. There is also the fact that when I arrived, it took a long time for the hierarchy in heaven to actually truly trust me and my faith, hence all of the wasted night-time treks out into the Devon countryside, and more besides. It’s fair to say it’s been a difficult relationship, and I have been asked to literally challenge God on several occasions, something I do not suggest you do, it’s something Moses did too, when God was going to ditch Israel altogether and start over with a line from Moses, but Moses was able to persuade God not to do that. But my heart has definitely re-warmed to God in recent months, and I now believe I can define exactly what love is, as I have been shown by God, but also because I have shown God some things too, including some hard truths in this post:

Love is the continued desire to help and please bless others, even though you may not like them or have any respect for them whatsoever, or any joy in your own life whatsoever. It is selfless and caring and it is active, and it never dies.

There are some things I can’t disclose about my relationship with the Most High, but it would be fair to say that for both of us, iron has sharpened iron, and I know that may sound preposterous for a man to say, but remember I was created to be faithful AND true, and the Most High was similarly created by The Word and Wisdom. The costs to us both are staggeringly high sadly, I hope we both somehow recover from all of this.

I hadn’t been tracking how long the demon has been inside me at all, but I had a check yesterday, and I was surprised that last night (31st March) was already the 34th night, and today is the 34th day. Then I suddenly realised that it was likely to be my second 40 days and nights with him, and that it was going to end with the 40th night on 5th April and the 40th day on 6th April. I may have mentioned before (or not, I forget, this is such a long post), but the numbers 54 have been shown to me dozens and dozens of times in the past few months. So I am expecting something to happen on the 5th April, without knowing what. So now I expect it to involve some sort of interaction with Satan in his physical form perhaps, similar to the final day of the Lord’s forty days and nights with Satan, where I will be tempted with something, there will be trickery no doubt, so I will be on my guard.Today (2nd April 2024) I’ve had some further information on 5th April. Firstly this email shows it’s going to take place at night:

I was also unusually shown a weather forecast for this week on youtube today, something I never see. If forecasts a low and very high winds on the night of 5th April, then brightening into the weekend. (Edit 18th April 2024, nothing happened overnight on 5th April, but that was when the demon departed, and there was a final attack on me (verbal) on the afternoon of 5th from a family member, no doubt also under the influence of a demon, they are in so many people sadly).

Then we have just two days, 7th and 8th April until the start of 2024 on new moon day, which is 9th April in the Roman calendar. I am hoping the time will have come for me to be taken to heaven (which is below the seas remember, we on earth are upside down on a flat disc earth, that’s why we need some gravity from God, to stop us from falling down to the firmament). In heaven I am not sure what to expect, other than Revelation 12 says I will stand before God and His throne. Maybe the war in heaven will break out then, or shortly after I return to earth, and I think it is likely I will make a speech to all of the hosts of heaven, as prophesied in Psalm 82. I also think the first seal will be broken and the white horse rider (that’s me) will be sent out to conquer and win victory. We shall see. I have told God that if nothing changes for me at this time, I will leave England again and probably go back to Morocco, and that’ll be it for me as far as any future major role is concerned. But actually, having Satan within me as I write only increases my expectation that big changes are about to take place, for me, for God, for everyone on earth and in heaven too. So, watch out for strange events around this period, especially on 9th April 2024. I do not fear what lies before me, but I do dread it all, meaning it’s all going to be matters I do not want or desire and that I expect will be very difficult for me. I dread it so much, that I would prefer to live the rest of my days in my current situation. Oddly, I am even dreading the second Exodus to the mountains of Israel with the chosen people (144,000), because I have to be some kind of inspirational leader and supervise all manner of ceremonial stuff too, despite being a broken man myself. Also, I am a loner, always have been, I have worked on my own for the past 16 years as I realised that managing people as a job is truly terrible, if I am on the golf course alone in the evening, I am perfectly happy. So, it’s all going to be tough for me I suspect and I hate pretending to people, faking it, but perhaps the dread will disappear as I get into it, and either way, I will just do it anyway, and if I am perceived as a misery-guts, this post hopefully explains why.

Finally, I wrote one super-seething-angry post in 2023, and posted it, but when I checked the post, most of it had been deleted. It described some experiences that I’d had where my thoughts translated into my desired result at a major sports fixture. This and other matters convinced me that we are actually living within a giant and very powerful simulation of some kind, with the simulation programmer obviously not desiring the characters in the programme to have pleasant times (at least not yet). I wondered if it was deleted as it was too close to the truth. Even if it was true, there’s literally nothing anyone can do about it I suppose, unless we all just sat down in the street in protest at the programme itself. Rest assured, if I ever find out that is the case, I will seek assurances that we never have to live through times like these past 6,000 years again. Or maybe I will just get deleted, or permanently tortured for my impudence? I wonder if this section will make it through when I publish the post?

Right, I think that’s it for this post, it’s more than long enough already, my fault for leaving it so long to post a diary update. Let’s see what the next week brings, and if all goes to plan, perhaps I will meet you in person wherever you live during the next eight years.

May God bless you with the same faith and love as the Lord Yehoshua has, and his patience and willingness to suffer for others. May you be a light to your neighbours throughout these dark times, and may our efforts bring glory back to our God, who has been largely forgotten in recent decades. I think I will close with some scriptures now:

3“Blessed are the poor in spirit,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4Blessed are those who mourn,

for they will be comforted.

5Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.

6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they will be filled.

7Blessed are the merciful,

for they will be shown mercy.

8Blessed are the pure in heart,

for they will see God.

9Blessed are the peacemakers,

for they will be called sons of God.

10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.

13You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its savor, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

14You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.