2 Malachi

What better time than now?

Hello again.

After the roughest two month period of the past two years, I have finally been provided with explanations about why it happened, and so I am back to full strength, full faith, and full of love for my Father in heaven again.

I won’t repeat the story again, as it’s been written (more or less) in prior blog posts. After the 7th September 2021 deception, I went through two months of misery, feeling I had been deserted by God, and not understanding why I had been deceived again, and why I was struggling to sleep, or why certain other matters transpired. Nothing made any sense. I stopped praying and making offerings. On occasions I deleted large chunks of this website, but reinstated them after a few days from backups. I intermittently stopped wearing tassels and my number 7 signet ring. I didn’t burn sweet incense candles much at all. And I didn’t sleep well for the whole period.

Very recently I have been shown that my Father was showing me what He can be like sometimes, just forsaking those He loves for no particularly good reason. He can be cold and very harsh sometimes, with one scriptural example being the punishment meted to out to Moses, one of His most loyal and faithful and hard-working servants. When Moses made a mistake, a human error, at Meribah, by banging the rock with his staff, rather than speaking to it to produce water as God had told him to, my Father told Moses he wouldn’t be able to cross over into the promised land. This was a very harsh punishment for a human error. The story is within Numbers 20. I’m not judging my Father here, just revealing what He has revealed to me. Another example in the scriptures was the death of Ezekiel’s wife, purely to teach Israel a lesson. Ezekiel was told not to mourn for his wife. That must have been a horrible experience for Ezekiel, explained in Ezekiel 24.

So, I was given one of those experiences recently, but at this time, it was because my Father wanted to show me He is not perfect, as far as His interaction and treatment of those who love Him is concerned. He is of course perfect as regards sin, He never sins, and never has done or will do. He sets the rules for those of us who seek to live sin-free lives. But, like us (and we are made in His image remember), He has in the past struggled with relationships with humans, who were still relatively new to Him back then. Over time he has learned what we are like, and has changed Himself and is much more caring these days, as I can personally attest. Of course, the best example of how He changed over time was the sacrifice He was prepared to make of His first-begotten son on the cross for the sins of mankind, at great personal cost to Him, as He had to watch Yahshua suffer on the cross and feel the pain.

The other reason my Father let me experience this side of Him, is because it is also a side to me. Just like my Father, I have treated those that I love coldly, often for no reason whatsoever, or often over-reacting to minor issues with actions verging on emotional cruelty. I won’t go into the details, but even during the past two months I treated some loved ones badly, for no good reason, other than that I was in a foul mood myself, or for very petty reasons, and over-reacting.

Something else that causes these over-reactions is that both my Father and I expect perfection from our loved ones, as we expect it from ourselves. I refer to behavioural perfection, rather than adherence to God’s laws here (Moses broke no laws of God at Meribah remember). We also set impossibly high standards for ourselves, my Father and I. So we get down and moody and upset when minor things go wrong, or when our loved ones make silly mistakes. As a reminder, I will eventually be given an official name of Michael, meaning ‘he who is like God’. So, in my defence, I am the way that I am because that is how my Father created me in the womb. I am not complaining about how I am, it does enable my Father to reveal things about Himself by showing me examples from my life, as well as from His.

The good news is that He has learned over time to deal with people in a softer way, as evidenced by the grace given through Yahshua to the world, and Yahshua’s tender and compassionate ways, thanks to the way he was created in the womb, and the Word of God influencing him. Likewise, I am being taught in real time over the past few years how to be less hard, although I retain a necessary level of hardness to deal with the evil ones in the years ahead, as well as helping me develop more compassion and love to help the world by being a light to the nations too, and just be being more generous and loving.

On that subject, I will quickly quote the relevant scriptures which contain prophesy about my role, this is Isaiah 49:5-6:

5And now says Yehovah,

who formed me from the womb to be His Servant,

to bring Jacob back to Him,

that Israel might be gathered to Him—

for I am honoured in the sight of Yehovah,

and My God is My strength—

6He says: “It is not enough for you to be My Servant,

to raise up the tribes of Jacob,

and to restore the protected ones of Israel.

I will also make you a light for the nations,

to bring My salvation to the ends of the earth.”

This ‘light for the nations’ role was also given to Yahshua two thousand years ago, as mentioned in Isaiah 42:6. Yahshua’s light spread to the nations after he had ascended to heaven, and with his blood he created a new covenant for peoples of all nations to be part of God’s family (Isaiah 42:6 refers to this covenant too).

So, the time has now come for me to begin this part of my role, or my mission if you want to call it that. After a very tough nineteen months since the Word was put in my flesh, with so much testing, and teaching, as well as numerous deceptions and temptations, all causing misery and often despair, and coupled with loneliness, it is now time to step out into the big wide world and shine the light of truth and love in these dark times. Here are screenshots of emails that all hit my inbox on the same day:

I just noticed that the first one, regarding us being on a mission, arrived at 14:55. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll know why both those numbers mean something to me and my Father (2x7s, and 55 verses in the book of Malachi).

As you may notice, the title to this blog post is taken from the second email ‘What better time than now’? As the liars introduce yet another fake variety of a fake virus in order to increase the misery of mankind, and so many people are in dire straits, and truth is nowhere to be seen, there is indeed no better time than now, and I am ready and raring to get going (at long last). Just last week however, I wasn’t ready. I was presented with an opportunity to heal a man having an epileptic seizure, at a social event, and I didn’t do anything, to my shame. I was still lacking understanding of why I had been so badly treated at the time, and frankly, although I was given a very clear thought by the Word ‘I can go and heal this man’, I just didn’t have the desire to do so. It wasn’t a lack of faith, just my bad mood. Ok, in honesty, there was also a small amount of fear that it was another deception that would leave me looking stupid again. I don’t feel that way any more though, and my Father knows exactly how I feel, as we are one of course.

So, tomorrow I begin my travels, and I have a day-trip planned, overseas, and I am relying upon my Father taking me there on the clouds of heaven. I have great faith it will finally happen, after so many false starts and deceptions. What is interesting, and somewhat daunting, about the years ahead and the trips I make, and the miracles I perform, and the preaching and teaching that I do, is that it will all be driven by me. I will decide where I go and what I do, how often I travel, everything will be planned by me, and my Father will just be there with me to support me, help me with expressing myself clearly, and giving me the powers to heal people, and to feed people. Everything I will be doing will be an act of faith, because I have had no spoken instructions at all, I just know that I will have the powers of Yahshua, and Elijah, and Moses, and all of the other prophets too. I will raise the dead, heal the blind and the lame, feed thousands, baptise plenty too. And I will be (literally and figuratively) bullet-proof when the evil powers attempt to kill me or imprison me. They won’t be able to stop me at all.

I also have been shown that the prophesy from the following scriptures is about to be fulfilled around the world, from the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32:

35Vengeance is Mine; I will repay.

In due time their foot will slip;

for their day of disaster is near,

and their doom is coming quickly.”

Yes, Yehovah God, the only living God, our Creator, my Father in heaven, is about to repay the evil ones around the world with His just and righteous vengeance. You will start to hear news of very well-known and powerful people mysteriously dying, as well as some who are less well-known, but who are up to their necks in evil-doing or professional lying, such as the abortionists and sorcerers pushing poisonous pharma junk to make people poorly, or to kill them. For decades now they have increased their power and wealth at the expense of the poor, the widows, the orphans and the sojourners, and they have led people away from God and Yahshua and faith and righteousness, toward Satan and misery and their eternal doom. But God has been watching it all, and now He is ready to dish out His vengeance, and it will be served the best way, very cold, unexpected, and swift. I wonder when mankind will realise what is happening? Soon I hope, as the evil ones start to realise they cannot escape their just rewards, and they see their cohorts-in-Satan dying off. It may not seem to be as I write, but soon many will realise this is a great time to be alive, as my Father will show the world once again His power, His love, His justice and of course His grace, which many will grasp. The wheat will be separated from the chaff, both amongst mankind and then amongst the hosts of heaven. Don’t be chaff, be wheat.

In other news, the orphanage in Uganda is progressing very well, but more funds are required, and some have been provided yesterday by me. Within a month or two it should be finished, and Shafiq and the orphans will have moved in, and taken in some more orphans. There are around 60 people ready to be baptised there too, and a baptism pool will be part of the construction. I hope to visit them all soon. Also, my friend in Saint Lucia has just started covering her head when she attends church, setting an example for other women. She is also investigating a food growing venture that I would help her with, to feed the poor and the elderly. I was also delighted to read a message from my best friend Jamal where he referred to Muslims’ beliefs as ‘they believe’, rather than ‘we believe’. He laughed it off, but he has always believed what I have told him about my experiences and he knows I wouldn’t lie to him about God and Yahshua and the deceptions inherent in Islam. So, I cannot wait to get him and his family baptised soon too.

That’s all for this post, I have had a nice Sabbath day, making an offering in a brisk and cool autumnal breeze, with no rain, but plenty of birds around. Now I will pop to the gym for 45 minutes to get some weight-lifting done, then an early night ready for my trip tomorrow.

I close by affirming my great and wondrous love for my Father in heaven, and I thank Him for creating me and for giving me this life and these experiences, which although often extremely difficult for me, are also opportunities to get to know Him so well, and myself too, and I delight in serving Him and in standing as a light for mankind against the evil ones, and of course in restoring all things contained within His perfect laws. I look forward to the years ahead now, as we travel the world together, and I get the chance to be His Right Arm, His messenger, His redeemer, and a light to the whole of mankind, and eventually His King. Praise and glory and love to God, and blessings and love to the Lord Yahshua, I love them both so much. Amen.

Edit: immediately after I finished this post, my Father played me a song for the moment, a really beautiful song, here it is:

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