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Watching the Beast (system)

Hello again.

Like many truth-seekers I read widely, watching out for clues as to fulfillment of prophesies, but also closely watching the activity of our enemy and its growing Beast system, the techno-slavery world they seek to impose upon mankind. So I thought I would write briefly about some recent developments, and also look at what might be coming in the next few years, as they seek to fool as many humans into signing up to their system, complete with false gods and false religion.

To start, I see the enemy beginning to restrict people’s freedom of movement, albeit in a small way initially. They provide the usual fake reasons for these restrictions, normally it’s to protect the environment, or to reduce emissions of that gas that is vital to life on earth, CO2, or to conserve supplies of the limitless energy sources available to us all. Smart cities is one item they are now pushing, here is a link to the WEF’s narrative on the idea of tech-controlled cities, where people are forced to stay at home, avoiding working with others, restrictions on amount of travel, and technocrats deciding what you are allowed to do. A brief excerpt from that webpage shows that they make little attempt to hide what they are doing:

Alice Charles, Head of Cities and Real Estate at the World Economic Forum, noted the changing role of the private sector in smart cities from “selling widgets and gadgets to the cities” to “promoting an outcome-driven model.” Companies are focusing on technologies that help urban leaders achieve their goals. This model requires stronger partnerships among cities, the private sector, civil society, and academia. Examples include the Smart Cities Challenge by Infrastructure Canada; City Possible, by Mastercard; and the Helsinki Energy Challenge.

Note that it’s ‘urban leaders’ (all signed up to the Beast’s goal of course) who will ‘achieve their goals’, rather than ordinary people. They are driving us toward the outcome they desire, which is to see the vast majority of mankind penned within smart cities, never moving further than they can walk in 15 minutes. Surreptitiously they pretend this is for the good of the planet, to be more sustainable, more clean, but those with eyes to see know that it’s just about creating large city prisons, and denying us access to the countryside and seaside and forests, all part of this wonderful world, the world that mankind was given dominion over by God in Eden. Our enemy inverts this relationship by pretending that the planet has dominion over us, that we are a threat to it.  Here is a link to a BBC propaganda piece about their planned fifteen minute neighbourhoods within cities. Here in England they are already making subtle moves to restrict travel within large cities, and people are thankfully waking up to what is happening and the loss of their freedoms. Oxford is just one example, with details at this link. Ultimately they don’t want anyone to own a car at all, so that your travel is entirely subject to their control via public transport.

Another creeping change I see happening is the added security measures and restrictions at public events, such as sports matches or music concerts. Just a few years ago everyone could bring in a rucksack with some food and drink in it, but these days more and more venues are banning that, supposedly in the name of security. But again, it’s large corporations removing freedoms, and the state/capitalist nexus march together in this regard, as airports too have become huge security operations. They not only seek to remove out freedoms, they seek for us to be fearful and distrustful of our neighbours, for no good reason at all.

Slowly but surely retail companies are moving to checkouts without any human employees, instead you follow the instructions of a machine and you do the scanning of your purchases, effectively working for free for the company. Fewer people are employed as result, and shopping becomes an experience without human interaction (potentially). I never use the self-checkout machines myself. Also, more and companies are moving away from accepting cash payments, using only digital payments, something that foreshadows the removal of cash and the introduction of programmable central bank digital currency (CBDCs) in the 2027-2029 period, with their digital money giving them total control of your spending, if you allow it. My Heavenly Father revealed to me in 2020 that the mark of the beast will come at that time, as the tattoo/mark required with the CBDCs will be of a fine gold bar, its finesse shown as .999 on the bar on the right hand, but inverted as the hand is presented to the card readers to show 666. The Beast is the system of digital slavery, it is not the devil. Please don’t take the mark of the beast, instead ask God and the Lord into your life, get baptised, live a holy and righteous life through your faith, and prepare to be imprisoned or to die as a martyr, then you will inherit eternal life on earth on 7th September 2032, when the Beast and all evil is removed from earth by God.

I also noticed that the UN passed a resolution about the entirely fake emergency in biodiversity late in 2022. Like all of their emergencies, it’s a lie, created to bring about your slavery. Billions around the world know now that the pandemic too was entirely faked, and the mRna jabs were highly toxic, leading to catastrophic loss of life since 2021, as well as millions of serious illnesses amongst those who were duped. Of course they used the covid (covert ID) period to test our willingness to be locked in our homes, and to comply with digital ID measures. Here is a link to the UN’s biodiversity lies. This measure is simply aimed at restricting our access into the wilder areas of our planet, the countryside, the moors, the beaches, the forests, lakes and mountains, all of these will eventually become off-limits to ordinary people, who will be confined to cities. I am sure the planners of the Beast system will still enjoy the non-city parts of the earth themselves, laughing at the thought that they have successfully stolen these areas from the masses for their own enjoyment. They won’t have the last laugh though, as they will be removed from the earth by 7th September 2032 at the latest, and the meek will inherit everything.

Another agenda that is constantly being pushed is to connect one’s body and home to the internet, so that you can be monitored by corporations and governments. Obviously this should be resisted. They are also using virtual reality more and more, even in teaching children, to accustom mankind to living in a virtual fake world of their design, rather than in the beautiful real physical world designed by God.

I used to follow a truth-speaker on Twitter who has conducted extensive research into most of these developments, and more besides, and you may find her blog a useful resource: https://wrenchinthegears.com/ Whilst she can see what is coming, like so many, she doesn’t see the way to get through this period and out the other side, she thinks that it can be stopped if enough people know about it. Hopefully she will find God, through belief in the life and resurrection of the Lord Yehoshua (Jesus) in due course, and that’s the primary purpose of my work on my Father’s behalf, currently online and locally on the streets, but eventually travelling the world spreading the gospel and working some miracles, to help people believe in the risen Lord, and through him, to connect with and eventually literally live with our God on earth forever.

Finally, you may have noticed a sudden increase in UFO sightings around the world, with government leaders openly speaking about them as being ‘unidentified’. More and more propagandists (such as celebrities) are referring to the phenomenon too. Slowly but surely they are brainwashing the people into believing that UFOs are from outer-space, and that aliens are here. Eventually they will likely use this fakery to attempt to push mankind into the Beast system, and will call those who comply enlightened. The narrative will be of mankind finally coming together in peace, using new technology, and doing away with centuries old freedoms, replacing them with a managed slavery system. The UFO and alien fakery is known as Project Bluebeam, and it’s not really a secret, but it will fool nearly everyone, as it will be very convincing indeed. But it won’t be aliens you see, it will be CGI, and demons and Satan’s angels, pretending to be aliens. Just like all of the mainstream controlled religions, the new religion will totally distort the true gospel of the scriptures, leading people into unrepentant sin and worship of false gods.

That’s all for this post, I have shared one of my favourite hymns below, I hope it gives you some peace and strength in these horrible times:



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