2 Malachi

Two Years Old

It’s been a while since I wrote a post, as I’ve been busy and didn’t feel any specific issue was driving me to write a post in recent weeks, but I’ve been busy speaking for God and Jesus on Twitter nearly every day, and you’re welcome to follow me there. 

I wanted to write today though as it’s the two year anniversary of the day I was baptised in the Welsh sea near Pembroke in South West Wales, the land of my fathers. I could easily write a whole post reminiscing about that day, but I won’t, I’ll just say that it was really good, perfect in every way in fact. Here is the bay, Freshwater East, so beautiful.

I want to give thanks to the man who baptised me, an American man I’d met back in December 2016 when he was visiting the UK, and I believe that a very powerful prayer he said for me back then was clearly heard by Jehovah, and has resulted in the Lord giving me a passion for His laws, commands and statutes, and an open heart to learn His ways. So, thanks to LBJ, that was the first time someone had prayed for me, and he asked God to open my heart and to use me, and that’s what’s happened.

Oddly, I always had a feeling as I grew up that I was going to die at a young age, and that’s how it turned out, as I died two years ago as the old me, and was born again in Christ, so I’m now a toddler!

I wanted to use this post to update readers on the dreams and visions and signs I had back in February regarding a stock market crash. I wasn’t given any clarity on the dates back then (or so I thought), and so my trades all perished worthless and I lost a very large sum of money, the whole of the sale proceeds of my home and more besides, over £320,000. Whilst this was briefly painful, I realised it was all a test of faith, so back in July I started to take some more ‘crash’ trading positions, as I don’t believe that God intends me to lose money in this test, He wants me to make money, as I had committed a significant proportion of it to a theonomy project, and also for a project to call my nation to repentance before it’s too late.

I wrote a post about the strange night I had when I was able to derive two dates using my grandfather’s service number and various squares and cubes of the number 7. The first date I derived was September 7th, so I assumed that related to my baptism of course. That date didn’t contain a year, whereas the second date (5th April 2021) did.

However, it now seems likely that today marks the weekend before the stock market crash wave begins. Time will show us, but if the date is pertinent to the crash, we should see 11-12 trading days ahead, from Monday 9th September until 23rd-24th September, when the stock market will drop by around 40%, with the final two days seeing around half of that loss take place. Now, I could be wrong again about the timing, but I am following the stock market chart pattern over the past 6 weeks, and it is currently looking very similar to the charts just before the crashes in 1929 and 1987 (yes, they both had a very similar pattern). So I do think it will happen now. Millions of pounds to spend on promoting the laws, commands and statutes of Jehovah, as well as the saving grace of the Lord Jesus for the occasions when we slip up, as we all do sometimes.

It’s interesting (but not surprising to me) that just this past week I have discovered that there are many others like me who speak for Jehovah and Jesus on Twitter and who seek to obey His laws and commands, including the Sabbath. Apart from a brother and friend in Canada, I knew no one else that shared my views, which mirror the teaching of Jesus Himself, but it’s very uplifting to discover lots of brothers and sisters who stick to the law, whilst recognising that we are freed from its death penalty (for our souls) when we sometimes transgress.

I would like to share a few of these accounts should you wish to follow them or read their thoughts:


(the link above is a great thread on the issue of the law, as opposed to lawlessness).


(the link above explains that St Paul didn’t ever teach that we are free to ignore or disobey the laws of God).

https://twitter.com/Jay_Carper  Great observations on the law itself



All of the above are worth reading on a daily basis, all are obedient brothers and sisters, helping to fight against those who preach lawlessness on Twitter.

Also, for those of you who (like me) are unable to attend an obedient truthful and faithful church, brother Mick shared a ministry with me that posts live-streams of their sermons, and has an archive of previous sermons. I have only listened to part of one so far, they are a Messianic Jewish synagogue, but the sermon and the preacher were excellent, so I look forward to watching many more in the years ahead:


I want to finish by saying thank you to my God Jehovah, and to His Son Jesus Christ. Having ignored Them for the best part of 50 years, I am humbled that They answered my call to get to know Them so quickly. I am humbled that They have shown me so much in these past three years, and changed my life completely, from one with virtually no real meaning and purpose, to one filled with passion and zeal for Their Kingdom, and bringing to life the Lord’s prayer, so that His will is done, here on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Tribulations await us all, of that I am sure, but I am eager to face them and to stand and speak for Jehovah and Jesus, and against Satan and his lies. Every person on earth will have the opportunity to repent of their sins and their disbelief before Jesus returns, no one will have any excuses, and the best way to love they neighbour is to help him/her to turn away from sin and disbelief, and to turn toward God and Jesus and their laws and salvation. Time is short however, I have a very strong feeling that the current situation here on earth will not be tolerated for too long before Jesus returns.

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