2 Malachi

Three Prophesies

Hello again.

During my recent experiences I have been blessed with revelation of three prophesies from our Father. Yes, I am a prophet now! I find it as hard to believe as you do, be assured, but if you’d experienced what I have recently, you would know why I trust all of these prophecies will come true in the near future.

I will reveal all that I have experienced very soon, but I need to share these first, then write about adult baptism, before sharing the rest. I was making 20 pages of notes each day around the Passover and Easter period, it was a busy period to say the least, so much to share.

I forget the precise dates I was given these prophesies, except for one, which was on 8th April.

As evidence of these prophesies being made public around this time I have copied below an email I sent to my clients explaining them:


The email excerpts above cover all that I want to say about me sharing these prophesies with my clients, except that I had typed ‘100% honest’, and I always double-check my emails to clients for errors, so I have no doubt it was changed to 10% in transit by our Father, and I know why, because I have only ever witnessed to c. 10% of my clients previously, out of fear of annoying them. I lost one client as a result of the email above, not a big deal when compared with the potential to save c. 80 people before it’s too late.

So, we will see if these prophesies come true in due course. They were delivered to me in different ways, with the lockdown end date revealed gradually through nocturnal thought injection regarding the meaning and the origin of the word ‘quarantine’ (please look it up), and how it related to my 40 days up a mountain (hillside) with Yah. The prophesy about the Pope was a direct message on Twitter using someone’s account, and to be accurate it said that the Pope has already resigned. The stock market crash period was shown to me by lines on a chart being moved from where I’d placed them to the dates noted above.

I have no doubt they will all come to pass, praise God for trusting me with them and giving me the faith to share them.

Thanks for reading, if you are able to share this post, or the prophesies themselves, within your networks, I think it will make my job (and the jobs of others I need to set-up around the world) a lot easier. I have emailed a well-known and popular alt-right blogger, so perhaps he will write about it when they come to pass.

May God bless you all, as we bless Him and His glorious son, our Lord Yoshua (Jesus).

*****Edited 18th April 2020************

The prophecy regarding the Pope was based on a twitter comment, and it’s difficult sometimes to tell if God is speaking (using the person whose account it is), or whether it is just the person. On this occasion I think it was the person, not God, as a link was supplied which speculated that the Pope had already resigned the vicarship of Rome:


So, in honesty, I am unsure. The other comment made via the twitter account was ‘Antichrist here?’. Was that prophetic? We will see in due course.

I also wanted to include here a prophetic dream that I had back in February 2019, which I wrote about in an earlier post. The dream was in part about another twitter person, about whom I knew nothing regarding his personal life. I dreamed he was at a tennis club (although I don’t even know what he looks like), and he confirmed when I asked him that he has played tennis for many years.

The other dream I had at that time was of this person and me in a casino/trading room watching the Hang Seng index fall by at least 10% in a single day. That hasn’t happened yet, but i expect that part of the prophetic dream to be fulfilled during the crash period ahead now.

I also want to mention another experience I had that produced two dates, and I wrote about the experience earlier. The first date is 5th April 2021, and I ‘feel’ that will coincide with the collapse of the current ‘paper/bank credit gold markets’ and the introduction of a market based purely on physical gold. The gold price will go up by 10x I expect, so if you are able to buy some physical gold this year, it should produce a windfall gain next April.

The second date had no year, and it is the date of my baptism, the 7th September.

It has recently been revealed to me that the Lord Jesus (Yoshua) will return on a 7th September, and I know the year too, but I will write about that in a subsequent post. I realise that the Lord Yoshua (Jesus) himself said that no one knows the date:

‘But as for that day or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Be on your guard and stay alert! For you do not know when the appointed time will come’.

 I’m sure I’ve been shown the date, and I will explain in a post to follow how I had an experience where I was ‘one’ with God and His son for c. 20 minutes, and also I will note that Jesus doesn’t say that ‘no one WILL know’, just that no one knows as at the time he was speaking. Please keep reading here, so much to be revealed that God has revealed to me, one of the luckiest most blessed men to have walked the earth.

That’s all for this edit, I praise and bless our Father in heaven, and His glorious son, and I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him.

**Edit 14th May 2020***

Please read my follow-up to this post, here, thank you.


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