2 Malachi

The streets

Hello again.

Despite the past two years having been very difficult for me, there were some brighter periods in the midst of the tests and battles, notably I spent many days out and about in West Devon and East Cornwall warning my neighbours about what lies ahead, speaking truth about the evils of today, and of course encouraging them to seek God through the scriptures and baptism into the Lord Yehoshua (Jesus).

My first day out was on June 2nd, the first day of a four day bank holiday here in England to mark the platinum jubilee of the former queen, Elizabeth II. I have already written at length about this woman here in a blog post, noting that she was instrumental in signing away most of God’s laws from our statute books, laws that had been in force since Alfred the Great formed Britain back in the 800s. As a result Britain is now accursed, it has fallen away, much like Israel did in times past. So, it was a good opportunity to take the messages of that blog post out onto the streets, streets that would be full of people that were fooled by the queen, who thought she was a nice old lady and a good queen and that she was a defender of the faith. She was none of these, she was a typical establishment deceiver, serving Satan.

So, with the help of a friend locally I made up a placard using thin plywood and some A4 sheets were taped to it. It was a rush job, but it looked OK, and the text was clear enough for passers-by to see easily. Here are the two sides of the placard, which stood around 2m high:

My friend kindly painted the placard after he had made it, and I just stuck on the A4 sheets. One side was about the laws that had been removed by the queen, when, as head of state, she signed all of the Satanic laws into effect. Any true defender of the faith, who supported righteousness, would have refused to sign them, even if it triggered a constitutional crisis, possibly the loss of one’s throne. But she signed them all. The other side of the placard had more general messages, with some biting rhetoric, and overall I was pleased with the messages, and anticipated they would provoke some discussions on the streets.

So I headed out at around midday on 2nd June and went to a market town across the moor called Tavistock. It was a warm and sunny day and there were lots of people around, eating drinking, watching bands play music, taking part in games for children, the sort of activities one would expect. I wasn’t really nervous when I walked to the end of town where people were, but I did feel self-conscious, and I didn’t really feel like I knew what I was doing. I was wondering if the police would be out and about, and whether they would bother me. I stood in different spots in a small park near the church initially, and people mostly pretended to ignore me, but I could see they were reading the messages. I didn’t do any shouting or speaking at all, unless someone spoke to me. I saw two police constables, but they never saw me, I had the feeling that God kept them away from me on my first outing, but it may have just been the way it worked out. I moved over near the town square where there were more people, and had a few conversations. Most of them surprised me, as they were with people who I would term ‘red-pilled’, people who knew the pandemic was entirely faked and so had not been fooled into taking toxic jabs. So it was nice to talk to them and share some of the revelations that my Father has given me about what’s coming in the run up to 7th September 2032, particularly the specifics of the mark of the beast, which will be a tattoo of a fine gold bar, with its fineness shown as .999, which will be inverted when the back of the hand is presented to a card reader to show as 666.

I had some mild verbal abuse from a few people about the messages, and notably a few churchy Christians were aghast at the placard, being big fans of the queen. Of course these are people who don’t bother to keep much of my Father’s laws, so they hated the idea that righteousness was a part of one’s life if one remains in Christ. But they fell away, seeds that fell on stony ground, or choked by lying wolf pastors in churches. Also, sadly, many of them never actually got baptised or had the Holy Spirit, because they were deceived into thinking that a water sprinkling as a baby in a christening was a baptism. So I do have a lot of sympathy for them, as they’ve never had a chance to know the full truth, or be taught and protected by the Holy Spirit. I also had a particularly aggressive interaction with a very angry man who accused me of hating homosexuals, and of displaying hate speech. I told him that my placards just mentioned some facts about laws that had changed, and that God considers a man having sex with another man to be an abomination, but this didn’t placate the man (who I think was probably homosexual). Nevertheless, I didn’t suffer any kind of physical assault, and overall I was pleased with the first afternoon out on the streets. My response to arguments sometimes wasn’t calm enough, my own emotions took over a bit sometimes, and I used unprofessional language (not foul language I will note), but as time has passed and I’ve become more experienced I think I handle it all much better these days, nearly always remaining calm and meek. Because I have realised that people aren’t to blame for the situation we are in, the demons and evil angels are to blame, mankind is the victim. I trust God’s plan to transition earth and mankind to self-rule and peace, when all will know the truth.

I went out on the streets on all four days of the long bank holiday, one afternoon I was on the Hoe seafront in Plymouth, another afternoon I was at two towns and villages near me, and I also attended my own village’s event. On the Saturday afternoon as I was stood in a place called Ivybridge, I overheard a man say to his young son as he walked past ‘they should be in the stocks’, and I was surprised and asked him why, he just replied ‘You’re all vermin’. He kept walking so I couldn’t explain to him that I was baptised into the Lord, and therefore obeyed God’s laws, as I assume he had seen my tassels and had a negative view about Jews in general. I knew by then that I was descended from King David, so I am a Jew myself, but I doubt any of that would have persuaded him of anything. I used to be anti-Jew some years ago, but these days I recognise that there is good and bad in all ethnicities, and also that the judaists are comprised of many Ashkenazi, who are not descended from Jacob, Isaac, or any of the twelve tribes, but they pretend to be ‘jewish’ (whatever that is). Sadly, many who dislike or hate Jews have perhaps forgotten that the Lord is a Jew, and that salvation is of the Jews. So love us or hate us, God has used the line of Jacob, Judah, and David to save the world.

On that same afternoon I went to a small village event after Ivybridge, a place called Ermington, which was taking place on some playing fields. I just stood quietly where I could be seen, and spoke to just a few people. But eventually the event organiser asked me to leave, saying he didn’t like the sign, and they had rented the fields from the local authority. So I left, but as I walked back to my car I saw a young woman heading to the event, and so gave her the chance to read my sign, and explained what was coming. To my surprise, she said ‘oh, 7th September, that’s my birthday’. At the time I was excited to have experienced this, as I was sure it had been arranged by God. But I had another similar experience in the months ahead with another man whose birthday was also 7th September (and that meeting was incredibly contrived), as well as other experiences with friends and family where I can clearly see that is is God who is causing them to speak or act, rather than their own free will, and so I started to realise that our free will is really not as free as we like to think it is. I know for certain that many experiences in my past, and my liking of the number 7, as well as certain dreams that reoccurred frequently, all mean that my free will hasn’t really been that at all. Frankly, this realisation has depressed me quite a lot in the past six months, because who wants to live a life as a mannequin, or a character in a production? Not me, not unless I am the only person controlling my thoughts and actions. I am also living with the Word inside me, and I know that God frequently injects thoughts into my mind, wanting me to think they are my own, wanting me to have a view on certain matters that I don’t have. This is not pleasant for me, it’s been a battle to keep control of my own self, to still have a mind of my own, to still be me. I hope to lose the Word on 8th September 2032 ideally, and I certainly don’t want it in me forever, I want my mind to myself. I have recently had an offer to become one with my Father, as the Lord was, but I have declined the offer, preferring to retain as much free will as possible. I fear I would become utterly lost with the Word and becoming one with God. I’m not sure what God thinks of my refusal, I expect He saw it coming though. I also suspect that I am being used by my Father to prove to others in heaven that man has changed, and is capable of faith and obedience, as well as our species displaying salience. I hope so anyway.

Eventually my street work took me into parts of Plymouth, including the city centre. I had a mixed afternoon in a suburb of Plymouth one day. I was there as some schools finished for the day, and the children walked past me on the way home, or as they visited some shops in the precinct where I was stood. It was nice to have a few words with some younger children, they were perhaps 8-10 years old. They were still innocent enough to be pleasant, and most of them responded to my question that they did believe in Jesus and God, so I advised them to read the bible, to pray regularly, and to get baptised as soon as possible. I often ended conversations saying ‘God bless you’, and most of them replied ‘and you too’. So that was nice. But sadly the older children in this location were typical of many city children, with no manners, and keen to mock me. I endured some time with three boys who were probably 14-15 years old. They were not really interested in having a mature discussion or debate. Eventually one of them tried to steal my rucksack, then one tried to take my placard, one blew smoke from a cigarette in my face, another bared his backside to a friend whilst stood next to me for a photo. It was awful, so I left, and they even tried to block my car as I reversed out of the car park. I confess I was fuming with anger as I drove away, not with the boys, but with God. I’m not proud, and I expect to receive some verbal abuse, but I was not happy to be humiliated like this. (I should note that people and children in the big city are much less pleasant and much more aggressive and rude than those I have met out in the country towns and villages. Flee the cities now I suggest). Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Yehoshua, I can’t recall any of them being treated like this, with the exception of the Lord on the day that he was crucified. It was a shock to me, and I felt unprotected, and that I was wasting my time, powerless in the face of mockers. I has been prepared to be arrested, imprisoned, to die for my faith, but I was not expecting to be a laughing-stock. Was it Elisha I recall who was mocked for being bald by youths and he was able to call up a bear to kill them? How times had changed. One of the features of the whole of the past two years has been my realisation that as the human scapegoat sacrifice (not killed, but cast into some kind of hellish wilderness) I have got what I would call ‘the shit-end of the stick’ in pretty much every aspect of my life.  As I write I am more sanguine about this fact now, it’s happened, I suffered vile physical and sexual supernatural assaults for months on end, as well as being defrauded and offered as a figure of ridicule on so many occasions, but I think it’s ended now, nearly (although I was sexually assaulted in bed again this morning again). It is what it is, I am degraded because of it, for now, but that won’t last.

On another afternoon in the city centre of Plymouth, a man in his early twenties walked past me, and said something derogatory about my messages. Then he spat on the sign, and walked away. I had a tissue and was wiping off his spittle, when he returned and said ‘who do you think you are with this sort of stuff?’. I answered ‘I’m God’s messenger for these times’. He looked odd, I would guess he was maybe on drugs, and he then said calmly ‘I’m going to take your sign and destroy it’. There was a brief struggle as I tried to hold on to it, and in doing so it banged against my forehead, drawing blood. But he got it from me, and smashed up the plywood section with the messages in front of me. Dejected and dismayed, I just walked away back to my car, thinking ‘Thanks a lot Father, now I don’t have a sign to use’. I was less angry, but just dismayed that this sort of thing was happening. I felt I was on my own really, that God wasn’t actually with me. I think that was pretty much the case, as it was in the whole of the ‘scapegoat’ period, you can imagine how depressing it became, especially as I had no idea at the time why it was all going wrong (and I still don’t have an explanation for why I had to be a scapegoat). However, luckily we had bought enough plywood to make another sign up within a week or so, plus I had an A-frame advertising board in reserve, and somehow I kept myself motivated to go out most days. Here’s a photo of my superficial head wound taken just after the placard had hit me and been destroyed:

I notice I look very tired in this photo, a symptom of the months of disturbed sleep I have suffered. I’m not sure how I’m still here writing on this website at all frankly, it’s been such a shit couple of years. But I will bounce back, the past is the past, I won’t let the evil ones change my character at all, I will overcome their evildoing. I eventually decided to get some placards professionally made, but I did the design work myself using a nifty website. Here is the placard I used from around August to date:

I used the same colour scheme as the website, and I really like the image I found of the lion and the lamb of Judah together in the clouds. We all know who the lamb is, let’s see who the lion is. I changed tack to attack the lying evil politicians and also alluded to the poisonous mrna injections. I also used an A-frame to display my messages for a brief while, when the first sign had been destroyed. It was better than nothing, but was too low really, as well as being quite heavy and awkward to carry around. I used it when I attended Armed Forces day on Plymouth Hoe in the summer, a huge event glorifying wars and murders. There were hundreds of serving and former military personnel around, with a helicopter and other military hardware on display, as well as scores of police constables, as they were indoctrinating the public that war and the police state are good things. Plymouth is a naval city, so the brainwashed people here lap it all up. So I enjoyed stirring things up a bit on that afternoon, and was able to share my family’s personal history with war, as my paternal grandfather was killed in world war two, in fact he met my grandmother because he was stationed here for a while and had two children with her before he died in the early 1940s. It was at this event that a police constable came up to ask some questions. I responded exactly as I would have done to any other person, warning him what was coming. I am sure he was feigning curiosity simply to check me out, as I saw him ‘reporting back’ to another police constable afterwards. But other than that, the police have seen me, but ignored me. I am not breaking any laws anyway. Here are the messages I used to a while around that time with the A-frame:


(I just remembered and I should note that somehow this website got picked up by the police, who visited my prior address, where they were directed to my parents (because they lived locally). My parents answered some questions by the police, rather than telling them to go away. I found out about all of this when the local authority’s mental health department turned up at my house one day, but I was out, so they left a note, saying that ‘another professional had referred me to them, as they were concerned about my mental health blah blah blah’. They visited a few times, I didn’t answer the door, and eventually I was able to ferret out their email address, and I wrote to them telling them to never visit me again, and to date they haven’t. But I reckon the evil state has a file on me now, so that’s good to know.)

I kept doing the street work from June through til around the end of September, when things got so bad during the night times that I was unable to do anything of use. I was perpetually sleep-deprived, very depressed, and suffering abuse nearly every night. I couldn’t understand any of it either, why I was out on the streets doing useful work for a few months, then given to the demons from September through until today. I stopped praying to God, thinking ‘What’s the point, I only ever used to pray for good sleep and wisdom, and now I get attacked every night, I’m not being delivered from evil, and I was unwise enough to believe a prayer to help the needy had been answered, when in fact it resulted in my being defrauded of around £70,000. My faith was knocked badly (if I am honest, I became hopeless and faithless for intermittent periods), nothing made sense, neither God nor the Lord were helping me. And it went on for six months in a row, only easing up in the past week or so. And the prior year had been terrible too. And all the while I could see millions of people getting seriously ill or dying from the toxic mRNA jabs, and I wondered why God was allowing all of this to happen. I still wonder that frankly.

Anyway, to end this post on a more positive note, I have been made aware recently that following my visit to heaven causing the battle with Satan and his angels, and Satan’s removal from heaven, that Satan has been given free reign to try to wreck my faith and love of God in the past year. God told me it was a two-part battle, the first was in heaven, the second here on earth. (It’s really a three-parter as I had a 40 day and night period with Satan back in late 2020 too). So I don’t know why Satan was given that opportunity, given that he had just rebelled against God in heaven and lost. But there we go, I still don’t know why I had to suffer as a scapegoat for over a year either. No one really tells me much of anything, which just affirms my view that I get the shit-end of the stick in every aspect of this role. I just get on with it, I just survive these days, I don’t really have a life I enjoy at all, with no local friends. To complete a really awful year, one of my beloved pet cats (I had two brothers from the same litter), Ollie, died suddenly at the end of November 2022 following an accident one night. He was a lovely cat, very affectionate indeed, and I was so upset after he had to be put to sleep. Then his grave was disturbed by something a few weeks after his death too, I assume by a wild animal such as a fox, but I don’t rule out Satan’s involvement. So horrible, but they didn’t get to his body thankfully, as it was tightly wrapped in an old bed sheet. I feel especially bitter about Ollie’s death, because he was plagued by demons for years (without me realising it until 2020), was possessed once by Satan himself, and suffered injuries as a result of a Job-like bet between God and Satan in 2021, and yet no one in heaven bothered to look after him to prevent an injury, or even after he had an operation to prevent the injury from recurring. And now he’s dead. Here is a photo of Ollie and Seve cuddled up together on my legs, and I give thanks for having them both, we all love each other so much, and Seve and I miss Ollie so much (Ollie is on the left):

So, the positive note I alluded to is simply that I haven’t lost my faith, and I am still here, although I haven’t ventured back out with a placard yet, because my sleep is still being disturbed. The night before last was the first time for months I prayed to God, although I have spoken with the Lord in prayer a few times. I prayed the Lord’s prayer and confirmed I was still prepared to serve my Father, and that although it had been a horrendous period for me, I was honoured to have been the cause of Satan’s defeat in heaven and his ejection. It is fair to say that the vast majority of the love I used to have for God has evaporated now, broadly because I hate the suffering mankind has been subjected to for 6,000 years, partly because of my own treatment, partly because I know that souls that didn’t make it into heaven are literally being continually tormented in the pits of the earth (so cruel), and partly because of other private matters between God and me. But there is still a small spark of something within me, a desire to overcome all of this, and I still have hope that eventually I will be free to live a life without any supernatural interference at all, and my fellow humans will be able to do the same too. Eternal life doesn’t really appeal to me, it never has done. But if we’re not totally free to live our lives without interference, it’s not going to be much better than that beast system that we see developing around us. I long for freedom for mankind more than anything, and that’s my hope and what keeps me going.

I will share a video that God shared with me that caused me to …….oh, as I write a song is played on the ‘Gary’s station’ of random songs I have playing on Apple music, and it’s from my Father, describing my journey to date:

Why Look For The Key
Howard Jones
And they made the secret pact
His knowledge would be tapped
The link was based on a respect
On their lives they would reflect
A perfect state of non-attachment
Was striven for and claimed as fact
The younger grew and learnt his lesson well
All his ideals were intact Why look for the key in another
The answer lay in his own heart
Won’t find yourself in some other
It always was there right at the start
But power it corrupted
That’s where attachment starts
The power had erupted
The spell will crack
As each mental bond was broken
Strength grew in the young man’s heart
What began as love not passion
Had left a seed in his heart Why look for the key in another …
I don’t know anything about a secret pact, but I can confirm that I have given a very frank view to God on what I think life is all about, and what life needs to be for mankind to be worthwhile. And I know that God created me to have views on these matters, and not to be afraid to forcefully voice them to Him. But back to the video that caused me to bounce out of my depression and confusion. In the video God is portrayed as a blond female, initially depressed, then happier in the sunlight (of righteousness), then rushing to a wedding as a bride, and I’m portrayed as a young boy, and Satan is portrayed as a dark-haired woman, cast out, in the cold, then watched over by God, with me, and slowly being destroyed by what is happening, realising he has lost the war and lost the earth, just as a new earth appears. It’s nice for me that a golf course also features in the video, as I am a golfer, it’s nice for me to know that I have to date done what was required to write the book of the law, to restore God’s faith that a man (and soon many more) can have faith and love and obey His laws, and of course it’s nice to know that I have defeated Satan a few times, as I detest his actions against mankind, and have found him to be somewhat pathetic in my dealings with him, despite falling for a few of his deceptions. It’s also a great tune, an anthem, and as you would imagine, the lyrics are a great fit with the story of a man who one day will be king of kings, God’s king forever. The song is by a band called M83, and it’s called ‘Outro’:


I’m the king of my own land
Facing tempests of dust, I’ll fight until the end
Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!
Now and forever, I’m your king!
I hope you enjoyed the song and the video.
I have omitted very large portions of my story over the past year or two, most of which God didn’t want to be made public, and I understand why this is so. All that I will say is that the following prophesy has been fulfilled, events led me to the state of mind where I really wish I had never been born, and my relationship with God will never be the same again due to things that transpired, and He knows that:

14Cursed be the day I was born!

May the day my mother bore me never be blessed.

15Cursed be the man who brought my father the news,

saying, “A son is born to you,”

bringing him great joy.

16May that man be like the cities

that Yehovah overthrew without compassion.

May he hear an outcry in the morning

and a battle cry at noon,

17because he did not kill me in the womb

so that my mother might have been my grave,

and her womb forever enlarged.

18Why did I come out of the womb

to see only trouble and sorrow,

and to end my days in shame?

But I’ll do my job as best as I can, and I trust He will start to fully support me in that from now on, and I will do my job with great love for my fellow humans (except those who knowingly collude with Satan and his angels and demons), for the saints and martyrs, the elect, and with hope that one day mankind will be free of supernatural interference to live in peace and with loving justice on earth, whether the current earth, or some new earth. I don’t personally desire eternal life, I never have, but I doubt I will get a choice either way, so let’s hope it will be full of peace and joy and love and fun and music and more besides. My best friend wants to live forever he tells me, and I wouldn’t be here today were it not for his steadfast support and belief in me, he’s been a rock, listening to my stories and woes, always remaining positive it’s a battle being waged, and I have to win, and to keep going. I won’t mention his name, he’s in Morocco, but I am so grateful he’s my best pal, and I really hope to be able to visit him and his dear family soon as I begin my worldwide ministry travels.
I hope your faith is strong, and I hope that very soon I will be whizzing all around the world, working miracles, giving hope and love and truth to people in these dark and terrible times, and bringing billions into God’s Kingdom at this late hour, via belief and baptism into the Lord Yehoshua (Jesus), and for the Glory and happiness of our God, without whom we would not even exist. Amen.

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