2 Malachi

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The scapegoat

Hello again.

It’s been over ten months since I last wrote a post, and I will explain why there has been such a long hiatus in this post.

If you have been following my story, you would have noticed that in the year leading up to October 2021 I was becoming increasingly frustrated with events and the lack of progress. I had written to my Heavenly Father publicly in this post in September 2021, asking Him to choose between using me as His servant and messenger for these end times, or sticking with Satan and his kind, as I couldn’t work with Him if He was sat on the fence still.

The day of Atonement last year was on 16th October 2021, and around that time I was shown a video by my Father with a message which filled me dread. This is the video, featuring an obscure Scottish comedian called Limmy:



I will explain what he’s saying, in case his Scottish accent is a bit tricky. Someone has had the worst year of their life, and Limmy tells them that next year will be better. Then he mentions that if the year ahead is even worse, then congratulations are in order, as the year that’s just past hasn’t been the worst year of your life. Dark humour indeed. But I remember thinking to myself when I’d seen the video ‘surely the next year can’t be worse than the terrible year I’ve just had’.

But it was, much much worse.

I titled the post ‘the scapegoat’, a reference to the second of two goats used on the day of atonement by the high priest. Here’s the procedure and details of what happened to the first goat:

3This is how Aaron is to enter the Holy Place: with a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. 4He is to wear the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments. He must tie a linen sash around him and put on the linen turban. These are holy garments, and he must bathe himself with water before he wears them. 5And he shall take from the congregation of Israel two male goats for a sin offering and one ram for a burnt offering.

6Aaron is to present the bull for his sin offering and make atonement for himself and his household. 7Then he shall take the two goats and present them before Yehovah at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.

8After Aaron casts lots for the two goats, one for Yehovah and the other for the scapegoat (goat to Azazel), 9he shall present the goat chosen by lot for Yehovah and sacrifice it as a sin offering. 10But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before Yehovah to make atonement by sending it into the wilderness as the scapegoat.

11When Aaron presents the bull for his sin offering and makes atonement for himself and his household, he is to slaughter the bull for his own sin offering. 12Then he must take a censer full of burning coals from the altar before Yehovah, and two handfuls of finely ground fragrant incense, and take them inside the veil. 13He is to put the incense on the fire before Yehovah, and the cloud of incense will cover the mercy seat above the Testimony, so that he will not die. 14And he is to take some of the bull’s blood and sprinkle it with his finger on the east side of the mercy seat; then he shall sprinkle some of it with his finger seven times before the mercy seat.

15Aaron shall then slaughter the goat for the sin offering for the people and bring its blood behind the veil, and with its blood he must do as he did with the bull’s blood: He is to sprinkle it against the mercy seat and in front of it.

16So he shall make atonement for the Most Holy Place because of the impurities and rebellious acts of the Israelites in regard to all their sins. He is to do the same for the Tent of Meeting which abides among them, because it is surrounded by their impurities. 17No one may be in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement in the Most Holy Place until he leaves, after he has made atonement for himself, his household, and the whole assembly of Israel.

18Then he shall go out to the altar that is before Yehovah and make atonement for it. He is to take some of the bull’s blood and some of the goat’s blood and put it on all the horns of the altar. 19He is to sprinkle some of the blood on it with his finger seven times to cleanse it and consecrate it from the uncleanness of the Israelites.

I think most people realise that the sacrifice of Yehoshua (Jesus) was foreshadowed by this first goat’s sacrifice, but here’s some scripture which references that in Hebrews 9:

23So it was necessary for the copies of the heavenly things to be purified with these sacrifices, but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these. 24For christ/messiah did not enter a man-made copy of the true sanctuary, but he entered heaven itself, now to appear on our behalf in the presence of God.

25Nor did he enter heaven to offer himself again and again, as the high priest enters the Most Holy Place every year with blood that is not his own. 26Otherwise, messiah would have had to suffer repeatedly since the foundation of the world. But now he has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself.

27Just as man is appointed to die once, and after that to face judgment, 28so also messiah was offered once to bear the sins of many; and He will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who eagerly await Him.

So, we no longer need to make sin offerings, as Yehoshua’s sacrifice was sufficient to pay for all of mankind’s sins, offering salvation to those who have faith in God and belief in Yehoshua as the resurrected son of God. But then there’s the second goat, commonly known as the scapegoat. The Hebrew meaning is somewhat unclear, most agree it means ‘entire removal’ (of the sins of Israel), but it could also reference Azazel, who was one of the early evil angels, prime mover in teaching early mankind all manner of terrible sins. Here’s an explanation an etymology site provides:

Azazel is an active participle or participial noun, derived ultimately from azal (connected with the Arabic word azala, and meaning removed), but immediately from the reduplicate form of that verb, azazal. The reduplication of the consonants of the root in Hebrew and Arabic gives the force of repetition, so that while azal means removed, azalzal means removed by a repetition of acts. Azalzel or azazel, therefore, means one who removes by a series of acts. … The interpretation is founded on sound etymological grounds, it suits the context wherever the word occurs, it is consistent with the remaining ceremonial of the Day of Atonement, and it accords with the otherwise known religious beliefs and symbolical practices of the Israelites. [Rev. F. Meyrick, “Leviticus,” London, 1882]

Scape is also an abbreviation of escape in old English. The meaning is therefore a goat who has all of the sins of Israel confessed over its head, and then carries those sins away into the wilderness, with some hint at the removal of sins by repetitive acts. Of course, it’s common use meaning today is simply ‘someone who is unfairly blamed for the sins or errors of others’.

I had known for some time that I would eventuallybe in the wilderness living, as the governments of the world tried to kill me or take me captive for speaking truth and being a light to people in the run up to the day of my Father’s wrath on 7th September 2032. I wasn’t sure whether that was related to the scapegoat foreshadowing. Here is what was done to the actual scapegoat on the day of atonement:

20When Aaron has finished purifying the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting, and the altar, he is to bring forward the live goat. 21Then he is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the iniquities and rebellious acts of the Israelites in regard to all their sins. He is to put them on the goat’s head and send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a man appointed for the task. 22The goat will carry on itself all their iniquities into a solitary place, and the man will release it into the wilderness.

23Then Aaron is to enter the Tent of Meeting, take off the linen garments he put on before entering the Most Holy Place, and leave them there. 24He is to bathe himself with water in a holy place and put on his own clothes. Then he must go out and sacrifice his burnt offering and the people’s burnt offering to make atonement for himself and for the people. 25He is also to burn the fat of the sin offering on the altar.

26The man who released the goat as the scapegoat must wash his clothes and bathe himself with water; afterward he may reenter the camp.

I am not going to provide much detail on what I suffered in the year that ended on 16th October 2022. There was frequent supernatural involvement though, mostly at night, so you can use your imagination to deduce the sort of torments I suffered, and I had no way to fight back for many months, until I was finally taught by God how to defend myself. There was also deception, fraud, and physical pain. The other torment, throughout the whole year, was that I didn’t know why it was happening to me. Overall, I have been literally degraded as a man. I surmised as the year dragged on that perhaps it was related to the scapegoat atonement, but my Father didn’t tell me. Very frequently I was desperately miserable, hating life, and the prospect of eternal life too. I felt forsaken by God on many occasions too, that was the hardest thing of all I think, and we know that Yehoshua was distraught when he felt forsaken on the cross. God cut his suffering short very quickly when Yehoshua cried out, but despite my cries, I suffered throughout the whole year. It wasn’t constant though, there were breaks, which were a relief, but when the torments started again, I was always confused as to why they came and went, and when they returned they always prevented me from doing work for my Father (I have been out on the streets preaching). I am still confused to this day by that. Probably because no man could have survived a year of that without some respite at intervals. I should also mention that I sinned throughout the year, mostly during the winter, when I stopped making offerings, and I didn’t celebrate a few festivals, and sometimes stopped wearing my tassels, and I frequently spoke to my Father in the most abusive hateful language you can imagine. I am sure He was expecting all of that, and I have apologised. I didn’t sin against any neighbours or friends or family though, my anger was directed at God alone. I have repented of course.

The torments haven’t stopped in the past week, but I am now getting my Father’s protection overnight. They come out at night, mostly. I expect they will be after me until they are removed from the earth in 2032. (They are demons I think, supernatural angel-human hybrids, who hate God and mankind and enjoy evil-doing). I was told just two days ago (via a song) that the past year was indeed me being used as a human scapegoat. Here is the song and this link contains the lyrics:


As I have been pondering writing this post I have wondered why I had to suffer this year of misery, I still don’t have an answer really. I know that Yehoshua subsequently became a light to the nations, through the work of his disciples and then of other saints who believed and baptised. We know he went to heaven to intercede for us with my Father, and that he sends out the Holy Spirit to those who have been baptised. I suspect that matters in heaven are far more complex than we can imagine, and I know (through revelation) that my Father created His first son Yehoshua to have a specific role, and He created me, His second son, to have another specific role in these end times. Part of that is a second measure of atonement it appears, and I write that not wishing in any way to diminish Yehoshua’s death, but I know I got the short-straw as far as the kind of atonement we had to endure. Our Father’s plan was to deliver His grace through Yehoshua, and His vengeance and redemption through me. As you will read in the next post, I have also redeemed God Himself. It’s all been very messy, and horrible, for all concerned. But there we go, and here we are, I am back, but not yet at full physical, mental or spiritual strength.

I have been in recent communication via the Word with my Heavenly Father, and despite many ups and downs in our personal relationship, we are strongly united at this time, our love for one another has survived this past couple of years, and I anticipate better days ahead for me, and a commencement of my worldwide role as a light to the nations in these dark times. I am not sure when my travels will begin, but I have no doubt they will happen, and everyone will come to know me as God’s anointed son, with many millions being redeemed into salvation via Yehoshua’s blood thanks to my ministry, and to the love and grace of our Creator God. Those who reject this final offer from my Father will face His wrath of course, with the meek inheriting the earth on 7th September 2032, less than ten years from now.

Although I often felt forsaken by my Father during the past year, I know that He was actually always with me, as the Word gave me signs most days, mostly causing me to glance at number 7 signs. Although I often moved away from Him, I never lost my longer-term faith that all would be well eventually. Only God and the Lord and two friends (who live in other countries) will know the details of what I suffered at the hands of the demons and how it has affected me. I hope one day I will be able to be the same man as I was before, I trust God will help me to recover in the weeks and months ahead too. I trust that the light of truth and love will shine like a beacon all over the world soon.

Heavenly Father, you know how much I love you, and I know how much you love me. I look forward to delivering the world to our people and helping the meek through the bad years ahead. I thank the Lord for hearing my prayers and his love and support in these past few years, I love him dearly and look forward to meeting You and him in due course. Saddle up that white horse and feed him well. I send my love and blessings to all who love God and Yehoshua and righteousness, I will meet many of you in the years ahead. May my Heavenly Father be glorified by my work and may evil be defeated once and for all, forever, I pray, in Yehoshua’s name, amen.


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