2 Malachi

The law of tassels (plus more)

Hello again.

I will post here at the blog every time I put up a video or a new page on the website.

There are two new pages that have been added recently, one is the ‘proclamation’ page, which is me completing the proclamation of the Lord Yahshua of Isaiah 61 and announcing the date of the day of the great and terrible wrath of my Heavenly Father, Yehovah God.

The other new page is an ‘About me’ page, with a brief summary of my story and how it ties in with scriptural prophesies.

I have also just put a new video up at Youtube (subsequently deleted by me), which covers the Law of Tassels, as well as other areas of faith and the law, such as NOT wearing face masks.

So, here is the video (which somehow ended up being 27:22 in length, quite amazing how my Father does this):


If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section here, as I will mostly have comments closed on youtube to keep the trolls away. All comments here are moderated.

Be blessed in your faith and righteousness, and bless my Father in heaven with your love and obedience. Father, I bless you with my life.

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