2 Malachi

The first warning

It’s time to get started.

Whilst I wait for my new whizzo laptop to be set up and the website to launch, I have put my first video out onto Youtube. I have just a few subscribers, but my Father will promote it, so the message is heard.

Here is the video for the few loyal readers I have here. I do prefer the written word, but for a first effort, I was happy to nail it in one take, and I see it already has one thumbs up out of 5 views, and no thumbs down, so that’s good. Feel free to share the video on social media, yes, I am looking at you, weak-tea in Vancouver.

Father, here we go, you are ready, I am ready, but the world isn’t ready (is it ever?). May my ministry bless you greatly, and I am humbled and honoured to serve you, and I love you.

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