2 Malachi

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The Dark Side of Creation

Hello again.

As my experiences continue, I have realised of late that the Word is the Father God, that mysterious entity referred to by John in Chapter 1 as being with God in the beginning, and also as being God. He is the director and planner of all activity on earth, including the terrible things that have happened to mankind generally, and notably to the saints and prophets.

He assisted our Creator God, one of the Elohim referred to as the Most High, who is true and pure love, and who has worked tirelessly to help mankind, and to show we are a species that is more than just a created thing, that we have as much right to life and that we are salient, as any other beings. Part of that salience is me writing this blog post by the way.

But the Father, who is a higher-level God, or maybe the original Creator of everything, (but more likely He’s just providing the darker side of things, to balance out and allow the light and love we all need to be displayed), He loves to play games and test us, and can be cruel, and His love is not so discernable to mankind, because He allows the wars, and other evil things that afflict us all. I am so glad I am not like Him, and that the Most High is the opposite, and the Lord too. The Father God is not only testing mankind, but also all of the Elohim are being tested too, including the Most High, and of course Satan and the other rebellious angels who were cast out of heaven on 31st December 2021.

So, have faith and love for the Elohim God who I believe created us, as well as faith and love for the Father God who was there at Creation, and whose grand plan we all rely upon for life, even though life so far on earth for mankind has not been what we might like to see. I hope that the Most High who dearly loves mankind and wants to be here on earth with us, and the Lord and (believe it or not) me, can persuade or convince the Father God to eventually leave us alone, which is actually His plan I believe, as evidenced by prophecy in Revelation. Faith and love are what He wants to see first from His family on earth.

For the record, I serve and love my Heavenly Father, Yehovah God and the Lord, and my fellow humans (except those who knowingly collaborate with Satan), and all of my offerings and speech and all of the work I expect to do in the years ahead, and my praise are only for Yehovah and His glory. I struggle greatly with the tests and suffering I currently endure at the hands of the planner Father God, but I hope He sees something of use in me, and that eventually we are left alone to live in love, peace and with freedom.


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