The Law, Love Thyself

Exodus 20

8‘Remember the Word of God, His Sabbath day, to consecrate it; 9six days thou dost labour, and shalt do all thy work, 10and the seventh day is the Sabbath of Yehovah thy God; thou dost not do any work, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, thy male slave and thy female slave, and thy cattle, and thy sojourner who is within thy gates, 11for in six days hath Yehovah by the Word of God made the heavens, according to the Word of God, the earth, by the Word of God, the sea, and according to the Word of God, all that is in them, and He rested on the seventh day; therefore hath blessed Yehovah by the Word of God the Sabbath day, and consecrated it.

Our Father kindly gave us a consecrated day of rest, after six days of work. This command needs a fair bit of teaching though, in order to restore the correct remembrance of the correct Sabbath day.

Let’s start with the definition of a day shall we? As Yahshua told us in John 11:

9Yahshua answered, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? If anyone walks in the daytime, he will not stumble, because he sees by the light of this world. 10But if anyone walks at night, he will stumble, because he has no light.”

This is a day, according to God, and to His only-begotten son, twelve hours of daylight. Yahshua also contrasts the day-time with the night, the other twelve hours of darkness. The command is to remember the Sabbath DAY, so we know that it consists of twelve hours of daylight. This immediately and clearly shows that the judaists have it wrong, with a twenty-four hour sabbath, beginning as it gets dark. Common sense should also tell us that in ancient times, people were asleep during the night, as they mostly are these days. So, a rest command during sleeping hours makes no sense at all. The rest command was for the daylight hours, twelve of them, when people would ordinarily be working. (As an aside, the length of the hours changes throughout the year, as the seasons pass, with longer hours in the summer, and shorter hours in the winter. Those at the equator tend not to have much difference throughout the year though I believe.

If we now look at Genesis 1, we find confirmation of the difference between days and nights, as well as guidance on what the sun and moon do for us, as well as providing light:

14And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to distinguish between the day and the night, and let them be signs to mark the seasons and days and years. 15And let them serve as lights in the expanse of the sky to shine upon the earth.” And it was so. 

16God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. And He made the stars as well. 

17God set these lights in the expanse of the sky to shine upon the earth, 18to preside over the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good.  

19And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day. 

Verse 14 is as plain as can be, the lights in the sky are so that we can distinguish between day and night, and verse 16 tells us that the sun rules the day and the moon rules the night, and verses 18 and 19 reinforce the purpose of the two lights, the sun and the moon. 

Also, in verse 14, we are told that these two lights serve as ‘signs to mark the seasons and days and years’. When reading the scriptures, you will never find any of the following mentioned: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. These days are all pagan inventions, named after fake pagan gods (Thursday named after Thor, for example, Saturday, named after Saturn, Sunday named after the sun, Wednesday named after Woden). So, the old arguments about whether the Sabbath day of God is Saturday or Sunday is a pointless and irrelevant distraction from the truth, which is that the only days mentioned in the scriptures, according to God’s method of calculating days, are the days of the month. Any mention of a ‘week’ is just a bad translation for a period of seven days, seven days which do not line up with Monday-Sunday, not in the old scriptures, and not in the new scriptures either.

Every command in the scriptures that relates to one of God’s commanded holy festivals defines the days of the festivals by where they fall in the lunar cycle, which we can call a month, one new moon day, to the next new moon day, that is a month, or a moon cycle, the same Hebrew word is used, same thing (Hebrew word ‘chodesh’, Strong’s 2320).

So, it should be of no surprise to anyone that the Sabbath day is also counted on the lunar cycle, and please also note, there are no rolling seven-day weeks in God’s calendar, they were a later pagan invention (you can do your own research on the history of rolling seven/eight day pagan weeks online if you so desire).

Here is a link to my explanation of the correct way to calculate new moon day in your part of the world.

It’s very simple, as the sign we are given is the ‘lunar conjunction’, when the moon is totally dark, and that’s the same point of time for the whole world, so we are all aligned and on the exact same count of days for each month (it may sometimes look as though we are on different days, but that’s just because we are currently stuck with Gregory’s pagan calendar and the arbitrary pagan international date line, but they have no bearing on God’s times and days at all). I like to think of the lunar conjunction/dark moon as the original and true international date line. New moon day in your part of the world is simply when dawn arrives next, after the lunar conjunction has happened. It’s that simple, but more details are provided at the link.

So, that’s new moon day, day one of the month, a special day in its own right, with offerings required too (Numbers 28:11). New moon day is therefore not part of the Sabbath seven day count. After new moon day we have days two, three, four, five, six and seven of the month, and these are six normal working days. Then day eight of the month (but also the seventh day in the count after six days of work) is the Sabbath day, as is day fifteen, day twenty-two, and day twenty-nine, each and every month, the same days are always the Sabbath days.

Here are two links that provide all the scriptural evidence you should need, showing that the Sabbath day is always these same days during each lunar cycle:

The WLC Sabbath Challenge

Biblical Proof for the Lunar Sabbath

There are so many examples, anyone truly seeking God’s truth on this matter will need no convincing, so I trust that the elect and the saints in these latter times will see the truth. You may find this post an interesting read, as it touches on the calendar issue quite a lot, as I lay out the true crucifixion timeline, whilst proving that there was no ‘week’ mentioned in the scriptures:

I had noticed that the seven day march around Jericho does not include a Sabbath day, and God does not cause His people to make war on Sabbath days when they should be resting. I knew that a new moon day had to be one of the seven days, and recently had this confirmed with a verse from the book of Jasher, chapter 88:

13 And Jericho was entirely closed against the children of Israel, no one came out or went in.

14 And it was in the second month, on the first day of the month, that the Lord said to Joshua, Rise up, behold I have given Jericho into thy hand with all the people thereof; and all your fighting men shall go round the city, once each day, thus shall you do for six days.

15 And the priests shall blow upon trumpets, and when you shall hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall give a great shouting, that the walls of the city shall fall down; all the people shall go up every man against his opponent.

16 And Joshua did so according to all that the Lord had commanded him.

17 And on the seventh day they went round the city seven times, and the priests blew upon trumpets.

18 And at the seventh round, Joshua said to the people, Shout, for the Lord has delivered the whole city into our hands.’

The Sabbath day is always referred to as such, yet in the Jericho story, the seventh day is just the seventh day, and that’s because it was day seven of the lunar month, and day eight was the Sabbath day. 

Also, in the Book of 2 Maccabees, chapter 8, we are told that war was not waged on the Sabbath day:

‘Then Judas divided his army into four, 

22placing his brothers, Simon, Joseph,* and Jonathan, each over a division, assigning them fifteen hundred men apiece.h 

23There was also Eleazar.* After reading to them from the holy book and giving them the watchword, “The help of God,” Judas himself took charge of the first division and joined in battle with Nicanor.i 

24With the Almighty as their ally, they killed more than nine thousand of the enemy, wounded and disabled the greater part of Nicanor’s army, and put all of them to flight. 

25They also seized the money of those who had come to buy them as slaves. When they had pursued the enemy for some time, they were obliged to return by reason of the late hour. 

26It was the day before the sabbath, and for that reason they could not continue the pursuit. 

27They collected the enemy’s weapons and stripped them of their spoils, and then observed the sabbath with fervent praise and thanks to the Lord who kept them safe for that day on which he allotted them the beginning of his mercy. 

28After the sabbath, they gave a share of the spoils to those who were tortured and to widows and orphans; the rest they divided among themselves and their children.’

Now that we know when the Sabbath day should take place, let’s consider how we should remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

It’s very simple: don’t do any work. If your job is as a taxi driver, don’t do any work on that day. If your job is as a plumber, do no plumbing work that day. If you are self-employed, don’t do anything at all related to your business on the Sabbath day. If you don’t normally work, because you are retired, then you don’t need to worry about not working, but you should rest from household chores. If you are a home-maker wife, you should rest from your normal household duties on the Sabbath day too. Also, we are guided  with an example, not to be carrying loads into or out of our houses on the Sabbath day too (Jeremiah 17:27). 

We are also told to keep the day holy (or to consecrate it), and this means that you treat the day as special, and don’t just go off and follow your own heart on the day, but you are to rest at home and enjoy the blessing of the Sabbath day, which God consecrated because He Himself rested on the seventh day after He had finished creating everything. Some teaching on this matter is given in Isaiah 58:

13If you turn your foot from breaking the Sabbath, from doing as you please on My holy day, if you call the Sabbath a delight, and Yehovah’s holy day honourable if you honour it by not going your own way or seeking your own pleasure or speaking idle words, 

14then you will delight yourself in Yehovah, and I will make you ride on the heights of the land and feed you with the heritage of your father Jacob.” For the mouth of Yehovah has spoken.’

You will find your own way of enjoying the Sabbath day in a way which honours God, whilst you are resting. I am not going to prescribe anything at all, no additions to my Father’s laws from me.

Another matter that is currently in error is a belief that we are not allowed to kindle or light a fire on the Sabbath day. This misunderstanding is caused by a poor translation, one which I have long suspected was wrong, and which was confirmed to me by my Father earlier this year, and which I wrote about in this blog post:

The full explanation is there at that post, but what I was shown by my Father is the correct translation of Exodus 35:1-3, which is not in fact related to lighting a fire on the Sabbath day, but to the burning fire of God’s anger, kindled if Sabbath-breakers are not stoned to death. Here is the correct translation:

1Then Moses assembled by the Word of God the whole congregation of the children Israel and said to them, “This I speak is that which has commanded Yehovah for thee to do, according to the Word of God:

2Six days is work done, and on the seventh day there is to you a holy day, a sabbath of rest to Yehovah; any who doth work on it is put to death; 3and not ye shalt be consumed by fire completely in thy dwellings on the sabbath-day.’

There was no way my Father was bothered at His people lighting a fire, because I knew they had to light fires in order to make daily and Sabbath offerings. Also, He does not want His people shivering in a cold home during the winter months. But as we know from Numbers 15:32-36, God does not want us to go out gathering sticks for the fire on the Sabbath day, so that should guide you as to what you cannot do.

The other part of the Sabbath day which has sadly been forgotten at some point during the past two thousand years is the requirement to make an offering on the Sabbath day. Here is the command from Numbers 28:9-10:

9On the Sabbath day, present two unblemished year-old male lambs, accompanied by a grain offering of two-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with oil, as well as a drink offering. 

10This is the burnt offering for every Sabbath, in addition to the regular burnt offering and its drink offering.’

I started to get the urge and desire to build an altar and make offerings at some point back in 2019, but I didn’t start until early last year. I wrote a blog post with some guidance for how we make offerings, given that we are all scattered around the world in a global Babylon.

We do our best, our heart wanting to do it is far more important to my Father than the letter of the law, and I guarantee that you will enjoy making your offerings to God as much as I do, they are always a time when I feel especially close to my Father and to the Lord too, knowing they are enjoying the soothing aroma up in heaven. 

If you find yourself thinking ‘we don’t need to make offerings, because Yashua was the final offering required’, you are perhaps forgetting that he was a sin offering, and he was indeed the final sin offering. But he wasn’t a Sabbath day offering, a new moon offering, or any of the other offerings required on my Father’s holy festival days. Here is the relevant scripture:

23Now there have been many other priests, since death prevented them from continuing in office. 24But because Yahshua lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood. 25Therefore he is able to save completely those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to intercede for them. 

26Such a high priest truly befits us—one who is holy, innocent, undefiled, set apart from sinners, and exalted above the heavens. 27Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer daily sacrifices, first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people; he sacrificed for sin once for all when He offered up Himself. 28For the law appoints as high priests men who are weak; but the oath, which came after the law, appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever.’

None of the other offerings I will teach you are for sin, they are for other purposes, and so they are all still required. This is just part of us restoring all things. Here are some pertinent verses from Malachi 3:

6“Because I, Yehovah, do not change, you descendants of Jacob have not been destroyed. 7Yet from the days of your fathers, you have turned away from My statutes and have not kept them. Return to Me, and I will return to you,” says Yehovah of Hosts. 

“But you ask, ‘How can we return?’ 

8Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! 

But you ask, ‘How do we rob You?’ 

In tithes and offerings. 9You are cursed with a curse, yet you—the whole nation—are still robbing Me. 10Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house. Test Me in this,” says Yehovah of Hosts. “See if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out for you blessing without measure. 11I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it will not destroy the fruits of your land, and the vine in your field will not fail to produce fruit,” says Yehovah of Hosts. 

12“Then all the nations will call you blessed, for you will be a land of delight,” says Yehovah of Hosts.’

Says it all doesn’t it? For centuries, my Father has been robbed of tithes and offerings, but in these latter times, the robbery will cease, and we will receive His blessings as a result, thanks to His grace. So, do not delay, my Father wants you to test Him in this regard.

To close this teaching, we must also always remember the teachings of Yahshua, which are contained in the following scriptures, starting with Luke 6:6-11:

6On another Sabbath Yahshua entered the synagogue and was teaching, and a man was there whose right hand was withered. 7Looking for a reason to accuse Yahshua, the scribes and Pharisees were watching him closely to see if he would heal on the Sabbath. 

8But Yahshua knew their thoughts and said to the man with the withered hand, “Get up and stand among us.” So he got up and stood there. 

9Then Yahshua said to them, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?” 10And after looking around at all of them, He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He did so, and it was restored. ‘

Also we read the same message in Luke 13: 10-17:

10One Sabbath Yahshua was teaching in one of the synagogues, 11and a woman there had been disabled by a spirit for eighteen years. She was hunched over and could not stand up straight. 12When Yahshua saw her, he called her over and said, “Woman, you are set free from your disability.” 13Then he placed his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and began to glorify God. 

14But the synagogue leader was indignant that Yahshua had healed on the Sabbath. “There are six days for work,” he told the crowd. “So come and be healed on those days and not on the Sabbath.” 

15“You hypocrites!” the Lord replied. “Does not each of you on the Sabbath untie his ox or donkey from the stall and lead it to water? 16Then should not this daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen long years, be released from her bondage on the Sabbath day?” 

17When Yahshua said this, all his adversaries were humiliated. And the whole crowd rejoiced at all the glorious things he was doing.’

So, if you have a need, or the desire, to do some good on the Sabbath day, do not hesitate, it is always lawful to do good, for the glory of God, and to love our neighbours, on any day, including the Sabbath day. 

12‘Honour by the Word of God, thy father and by the Word of God, thy mother, so that thy days are prolonged in the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee.

I have placed this law in the ‘love thyself’ section because of the promise given by God for obedience ‘so that thy days are prolonged in the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee’.

This is a simple enough command, treating one’s parents with honour and respect. That’s mandatory, irrespective of how your parents treat you. 

Even if your parents are not believers, you should not dishonour them, and should never curse them either, as that is forbidden in Leviticus 20:9, on penalty of death. However, the command does not force you to stay yoked to your parents if they are unbelievers, one can honour them from a distance, if need be. 

Exodus 22

18‘A witch thou dost not allow to live.

Witches use the power of God’s enemies, the demons and Satan himself, for nefarious purposes. There is no such thing as a ‘white/good witch’, and so all witches must be put to death, for the good of the nation.

19‘Whoever doth lie with a beast shalt die, ye shalt put them to

Hard to imagine how someone could do such a thing (probably demonic influence), but it’s evil, and for the good of the nation, such a person is to be put to death, and the poor animal too.

31‘And ye are a holy people to Me, and flesh torn in the field ye doth not eat, to the dogs ye doth cast it, according to the Word of God.

Animals that have been killed out in the field (by wild animals) are deemed to be unclean, so do not cause yourself to become unclean or unwell by eating the flesh of animals that have been killed in such a way. We are holy to my Father and so we need to remain clean, we must avoid uncleanness wherever possible, although it can happen by accident too.

Exodus 31

12And spoke Yehovah unto Moses, saying, 13‘And thou, command unto the children of Israel, saying, ‘surely by the Word of God, My sabbaths ye dost keep, for it is a sign between Me and thee, to thy generations, to know that I, Yehovah, do sanctify thee’; 14and ye shalt give heed to the Word of God, and My sabbath, for it is holy to thee, he who doth profane it is certainly put to death, for any who do work in it, that person hath even been cut off from the midst of his people. 15‘Six days is work done, and the seventh day is a sabbath of holy rest to Yehovah; any who do work on the sabbath day is certainly put to death. 16So give heed, ye children of Israel, to the Word of God and My sabbath; to do the Word of God, and keep My sabbath, throughout thy generations, a covenant forever, 17between Me and the sons of Israel it is a sign forever; for in six days made Yehovah by the Word of God the heavens and according to the Word of God, the earth, and on the seventh day He hath rested, and was refreshed.’

Here we have confirmation of the punishment for anyone breaking the Sabbath day command to rest. That person is to be put to be death (being ‘cut off from the midst of his people’ means ‘put to death’, in case you were wondering).

My Father rested on the Sabbath, after all of His creation was finished, with the Word of God doing the creating. So, we as His holy people are commanded to rest too, to honour His rest, as well as to enjoy the rest ourselves. This is a sign between God and His people, for all of their generations, which includes those alive today, and those grafted into His nation of Israel by the blood of Yahshua (Romans 11). The Sabbath day won’t change until a new heaven and earth appear, and even then, I suspect there will still be a day of rest for us.

Exodus 34

10And Yehovah said, ‘Behold, I am making a covenant: before all thy people I shalt do wonders, which hath not been done in all the earth, or in any nation, and all the people in whose midst thou art shalt see the Word of God, the work of Yehovah, for it is an awesome thing that which I shalt do with thee.
11‘Give heed to thyself, the Word of God, that which I am commanding thee today. Behold, I shalt cast out from before thee by the Word of God the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite; 12Give heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land into which thou art going, and so lest it becomes a snare in thy midst.

Verse 12 commands Israel not to make any covenant with foreign nations, in case it leads them into trouble. This should be a law we all give heed to, even as we are all currently trapped in a global Babylon. We should not ever compromise on obedience to my Father’s laws in order to ease our lives within pagan lands. We can still mix with the heathen, spreading the gospel, loving our neighbours, but once a line is drawn, or conditions are imposed upon us that conflict with living a holy and righteous life, we should walk away. Those nations that were faithful will certainly regret the international trade deals they signed (although most were signed by leaders beholden to Satan, who hate their fellow humans, and covet the whole world). 

13For, by the Word of God their altars ye shalt destroy, and according to the Word of God, their sacred pillars ye doth shatter, and according to the Word of God, their shrines ye doth cut down; 14for ye doth not worship another god, for Yehovah is jealous of His Name, He is a jealous God. 15‘Beware lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and thou dost go a-whoring after their gods, and they doth sacrifice to their gods, and they hath called to thee, and thou hast eaten of his sacrifice, 16and thou hast taken of their daughters to thy sons, and their daughters hath gone a-whoring after their gods, and hath caused thy sons to go a-whoring from the Word of God, following after their gods; 17a molten god thou dost not make to thyself.

As we are now in a global Babylon, we should not waste our time cutting down heathen altars, shrines, or idols. It is God’s will that we are in this situation, but He is about to redeem us. Sit tight, and concentrate on faith and obedience, all will be well eventually, and remember that the meek inherit the earth on 7th September 2032. Those who were faithful even unto death as a martyr will be resurrected back to eternal life on that date, and with no evil ones around ever again.

My Father is jealous, in the original sense of the word. It used to mean ‘cared deeply for, wanting to have someone all for one’s self’. So, of course there is no way God will tolerate any of us worshipping another god, He loves us so much, and desires all of our love.

It is a law not to marry one of the heathen, because of the risk of the heathen spouse leading us away from God, and toward following heathen ways, heathen gods. If you are born again whilst married to an unbeliever, you should stay married, and see what happens. Hopefully, your heathen spouse will come to love God, and believe in Yahshua, and be baptised. This issue is mentioned by Paul in 1 Corinthians 7: 12-16.

21‘Six days thou dost work, and on the seventh day thou dost rest; at ploughing-time and at harvest thou dost rest. 22‘And the feast of sevens thou dost observe for thyself: the first-fruits of wheat-harvest; and the feast of in-gathering, at the turn of the year. 23‘Three times in a year dost all thy males appear by the Word of God before the Lord Yehovah, God of Israel; 24for I shalt dispossess nations from before thee, and shalt enlarge by the Word of God thy borders, and no man doth covet by the Word of God thy land, when thou dost go up to appear by the Word of God before Yehovah thy God, three, times in a year.

The Sabbath day command is repeated here, with some specific examples given for those who work in the fields.

We also then see a promise from God to Israel that when they are away from their homes, travelling to appear before Him three times a year, He will ensure that no man covets their land. The original meaning of the ‘covet’ verb, in the original Hebrew, was likely to have involved some action, rather than simply looking at a neighbour’s land and desiring it for yourself. Evil intentions would lead to evil actions, such as coveting your neighbour’s wife, and then committing adultery. So, my Father promises that other men will neither desire nor take action to possess Israel’s lands when their men are away from home to appear before Him. 

Exodus 35

1Then Moses assembled by the Word of God the whole congregation of the children Israel and said to them, “This I speak is that which has commanded Yehovah for thee to do, according to the Word of God: 2Six days is work done, and on the seventh day there is to thee a holy day, a sabbath of rest to Yehovah; any who doth work on it is put to death; 3and not ye shalt be consumed by fire completely in thy dwellings on the sabbath-day.’

More details on the Sabbath day command, and the accurate translation of verse 3, which I explained in this blog post:

The fire to avoid is the burning anger, the literal fire in the nostrils of my Father in heaven, whereas lighting a fire to cook food, or to make an offering, or to stay warm, these are absolutely fine.

Leviticus 11

1And spoke Yehovah unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying unto them, 2‘Speak unto the sons of Israel, saying, ‘these are the beasts which ye may eat out of all the beasts which are on the earth: 3any with a divided hoof, of those having split hoofs, and bringing up the cud, among the beasts, according to the Word of God, these ye doth eat.

4‘Only, by the Word of God, these ye doth not eat of those bringing up the cud, and of those dividing the hoof, by the Word of God the camel, though it brings up the cud, yet the hoof is not divided, it is unclean to thee.

5And by the Word of God, the coney, though it brings up the cud, yet the hoof it does not divide, unclean it is to thee; 6and by the Word of God, the hare, though it brings up the cud, yet the hoof it does not divide, unclean it is to thee; 7and by the Word of God, the swine, though it divides the hoof, and hast splitting of the hoof, yet the cud it doth not bring up, unclean it is to thee. 8‘Of their flesh ye shalt not eat, and against their carcasses ye shalt not come, unclean they are to thee.

We are given details above on which animals we are allowed to eat. Animals that have split hoofs and that also chew the cud are permitted, but those that have only one of these characteristics, such as the camel, the coney, the hare, and swine are excluded from our diet. I noticed that giraffes have split hoofs and also chew the cud.

There will be other animals around the world that don’t have both characteristics, I suspect these were animals that were native to the lands of Israel in ancient times. If you are curious, do some web searching on the various diseases that have been caused by eating pig flesh. These laws are not arbitrary, my Father knows which animals are harmful to our health, and so tells us not to eat them.

We are told that such animals are deemed as ‘unclean’, and that we are not allowed to touch their carcasses. I was personally recently given a message by my Father to wear gloves when I handle rodents or birds that have been killed by my cats, as I was only using kitchen towel. By using gloves I do not become unclean when I throw away the carcasses, so please bear that in mind if you have predator cats like mine.

9‘By the Word of God, this ye doth eat, from all that which is in the waters; all those that hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, these ye may eat; 10and all that hath not fins and scales in the seas, and in the brooks, of any teeming creature of the waters, and of any creature which lives, which is in the waters, an abomination they are to thee;n 11detestable they are to thee; of their flesh ye doth not eat according to the Word of God, and their carcasses shalt be counted as abominable. 12‘Anything that hath not fins and scales in the waters, an abomination it is to thee.

We also have instructions for clean and unclean water-dwelling creatures. Anything that has both fins and scales is permitted, and everything else is unclean, and is counted as abominable, whether dead or alive.

13‘And by the Word of God these ye doth count as abominable, of the fowl; they are not eaten, an abomination they are: by the Word of God, the eagle, according to the Word of God, the vulture, and according to the Word of God, the buzzard.

14And according to the Word of God, the kite, and according to the Word of God, the hawk, anything of this kind. 15By the Word of God, every raven, anything of this kind,16and according to the Word of God, the ostrich, and according to the Word of God, the great owl, and according to the Word of God, the gull, and according to the Word of God, the hawk, anything of this kind.

17And according to the Word of God, the little owl, according to the Word of God, the cormorant, and according to the Word of God, the owl, 18and according to the Word of God, the water hen, and according to the Word of God, the pelican, and according to the Word of God, the carrion vulture, 19and according to the Word of God, the stork and the heron, anything of their kind, and according to the Word of God, the lapwing, and according to the Word of God, the bat.

We are also given instructions on which birds we are not allowed to eat, which includes birds of prey, carrion birds, fish-eating birds, as well as bats. 

We all should know that chickens, ducks, turkeys and other birds of that kind are clean, and it is likely that the food the creatures eat determines whether they are clean for us. Pigs eat anything, and prawns eat waste, and carrion birds eat carcasses, so it is obvious why we are told to avoid them.

20‘Every creeping creature which is flying, which is going on four legs, an abomination it is to thee. 21‘Surely, by the Word of God, thou shalt not eat any teeming thing which is flying, except those which are going on four legs, which hath legs above its feet, to leap with them on the earth; 22by the Word of God, these ye may eat: by the Word of God, the locust, anything of its kind, and according to the Word of God, the bald locust, anything of its kind, and according to the Word of God, the cricket, anything of its kind, and according to the Word of God, the grasshopper, anything of its kind; 23but all other teeming things which fly, which hath four feet, an abomination it is to thee.

Next we are instructed on flying insects, and the only species which we may eat are those that have legs above their feet for jumping around on the earth, so that means locusts, crickets and grasshoppers. All other flying insects are unclean.


24‘And by these ye are made unclean, anyone who is coming against their carcass is unclean until the evening; 25and anyone who carries their carcass doth wash his garments, and is unclean till the evening, 26even every beast which is dividing the hoof, those which are cloven-footed, but are not bringing up the cud, unclean they are to thee; anyone who touches (their carcass) is unclean. 27‘And anything going on its paws, among all the beasts which are going on four, unclean they are to thee; anyone who touches their carcase is unclean until the evening. 28And he who carries, by the Word of God, their carcass, doth wash his garments, and shalt be unclean until the evening, unclean they are to thee.

We are given instructions on how we become unclean by touching the carcasses of unclean creatures, and we are told that this includes animals going on their paws. So, don’t eat cats or dogs or monkeys, or touch their dead bodies. Please note, this does not mean we can’t have cats or dogs as pets, one of God’s greatest blessings to mankind is our domesticated friends.

If we do become unclean by touching a carcass of an unclean creature, we are instructed to wash our clothing, and we would be unclean until the evening, and so too would be the clothing (so offering would not be allowed until the evening arrives). In the verses above we are not instructed to wash ourselves, but later verses mention washing skin (and other items) if they are touched by an unclean animal’s carcass, so if you somehow carry an unclean carcass bare-chested, then it would be wise to wash your body too. 

29‘And this is to thee the unclean among the teeming things which are teeming on the earth: the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise, anything of its kind, 30and the gecko, and the chameleon, and the lizard, and the snail, and the mole; 31these are unclean to thee among all which are teeming; anyone whom touches them when they are dead is unclean til the evening.

I tried to think of any small animals which might be deemed as clean, but I couldn’t, and in fact verses 41-43 rule them all out, so I will stick with the creatures that I am certain are clean.

2‘And anything on which any one of them doth fall, in their death, is unclean, of any vessel of wood or garment or skin or sack, any vessel in which work is done is washed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening, then it shalt be clean; 33and any earthen vessel, into the midst of which any one of them doth fall, all that is in its midst is unclean, according to the Word of God, ye doth break it.

34‘Of all the food which is being eaten, that which is in, or upon such unclean water, is unclean, and all drink which is being drunk, in any such vessel is unclean; 35and anything on which any of their carcass falls is unclean, oven or stove, it is broken down, unclean they are, impure they are to thee. 36‘However, a spring or well, a reservoir of water, remains clean, but that which is coming against their carcass is unclean; 37and when any of their carcasses fall on any sown seed which is to be sown, it is clean; 38but if water has been put on the seed, and any of its carcass hath fallen on it, unclean it is to thee.

39‘And when any of the beasts which are to ye for food dies, he who touches its carcass is unclean until the evening; 40and he who destroys its carcass doth wash his garments, and shalt be unclean until the evening; and he who by the Word of God carries its carcass doth wash his garments, and hath been unclean till the evening.

Some instructions above on what to do if an unclean animal dies and falls into or against something that you use in the home. Some vessels just need to be washed, such as normal household crockery. Other vessels, such as earthen clay vessels, need to be broken.

We are also given instructions for water that has become unclean through a carcass, and it is only natural water, such as a spring or well or reservoir (and rivers and streams too), that remains clean. Other water, within drinking and cooking vessels, becomes unclean, and we are also instructed to break down ovens and stoves too if an unclean animals’ carcass falls on them, so be careful swatting flies in the kitchen.

There is an interesting distinction noted for sown seeds that have been touched by an unclean carcass, depending on whether or not they have been watered. 

Finally, there are instructions for the death of any clean animals and how that affects those that touch its carcass. This only applies to animals that have die of natural causes, or that have been attacked by wild animals, but not to the animals we slaughter to eat ourselves, or to offer to God.

41‘And every creeping and swarming thing which is on the earth is an abomination, it is not eaten; 42any thing crawling on its belly, and any going on four or more legs of every creeping thing which is creeping on the earth, ye doth not eat them, for they are an abomination; 43ye doth not make abominable by the Word of God thyselves with any swarming or creeping thing which is creeping, nor do ye make thyselves unclean with them, so that ye hath a vile reputation thereby.

44‘For I Yehovah, thy God, hath consecrated thee, and ye shalt be holy, for I am holy; and ye shalt not become unclean by the Word of God, in thy lives, not with any teeming thing which is creeping on the earth; 45for I am Yehovah who brought thee according to the Word of God up out of the land of Egypt to become thy God; and so ye shalt be holy, for I am holy.

46‘This is the law of the beasts, and of the fowl, and of every living creature which is moving in the waters, and of every creature which is teeming on the earth, 47to make separation between the unclean and the clean, and between the animals that may be eaten, and the animals that may not be eaten.’

Verse 41-43 confirm that everything that creeps on the earth, as well as anything crawling on its belly, is also unclean. The Chinese eat all sorts of unclean animals, and they do indeed have a vile reputation amongst Western nations for the terrible things that they eat.

We are told that my Father, who brought our ancestors up from Egypt, is holy, and so we, His people, are also to be holy, and to keep ourselves from eating unclean things, which are commonly eaten now, as then, by the pagan nations.

That’s all of the laws telling us which foods we can eat, and which foods we cannot eat. We are blessed to have a very large and tasty selection amongst the clean creatures.

Leviticus 15

1And spoke Yehovah unto Moses, and unto Aaron, saying, 2‘Speak unto the sons of Israel, and say unto the men, ‘when there is a discharge out of the body of any man, his discharge (makes him) unclean; 3and when this happens he shalt be unclean due to his discharge: his body flows with a discharge, or his body hath blocked his discharge; it is his uncleanness.

Although I have translated these verses as ‘sons of Israel’ and ‘any man’, it applies to women too, and to children, anyone who has a bodily discharge, even if the discharge is temporarily blocked. Any discharge makes us unclean.

4‘Any bed upon which doth lie he who hath the discharge is unclean, and anything upon which he sits is unclean; 5and anyone who touches his bed doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening. 6‘And he who doth sit upon anything upon which he hath sat who
hath the discharge, doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean till the evening. 7‘And he who touches the body of him who hath the discharge, doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and hath been unclean til the evening. 8‘And if the discharge doth spit on him who is clean, then he hath washed his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

9‘And any saddle on which he doth ride who hath the discharge is unclean; 10and anyone who touches anything which was under him is unclean til the evening, and he who is bearing these things doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening. 11‘And anyone whom he touches, he who hath the discharge (and his hands hath not been rinsed with water), hath then washed his garments, and bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

12‘And the earthen vessel which he who hath the discharge touches shalt be broken; and every wooden vessel shalt be rinsed with water.

Quite a few examples of anyone or anything touching the unclean person, or anything on which the unclean person has sat or laid, or if the discharge itself touches someone or something. In all cases, bathing or washing is required, and that person themself becomes unclean until that evening. As usual, earthen vessels have to be broken.

13‘And when he who hath the discharge is clean from his discharge, then he hath numbered to himself seven days for his cleansing, and hath washed his garments, and hath bathed his flesh with running water, and is then clean.

14‘And on the eighth day he doth take for himself two doves, or two young pigeons, and hath come in before Yehovah unto the opening of the sacred tabernacle, at the appointed place, and hath given them unto the priest; 15and offered them for the Word of God hath the priest, one as a purification offering, and the other as a burnt-offering; and the priest hath made atonement for him before Yehovah, because of his discharge.

We should make some kind of offering, as best we can in these times, to atone for our uncleanness. 

16‘And when a man’s seed of copulation doth go out from him, then he hath bathed with water by the Word of God all his body, and shalt be unclean til the evening. 17‘And any garment, or any animal skin on which there is seed of copulation, hath also been washed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

This law covers emissions of semen by a man, and you will note that it is not deemed a sin, but it does make a man unclean. So, whether the emission is from sex with his wife, or from masturbation, the remedy is the same, to wash himself, and any clothing which has been affected. I will cover the laws on sex when we reach them, as well as Yahshua’s and Paul’s teachings on sinful kinds of lust, but nothing in the entirety of scriptures forbids masturbation itself. The evil churches lied, in order to make millions of men think they were sinning when they weren’t.

Men should avoid masturbation on days when they are making offerings, and adolescent men should be taught the same, and taught the truth regarding what is and is not sin.

18‘And when a woman doth lie with a man who emits the seed of copulation, she also hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

Any woman who has sex with a man who emits semen is also made unclean and must bathe, and will remain unclean until the evening.

19‘And when a woman hath a discharge, her blood is her discharge of her body, for seven days she is impure, and anyone who touches her is unclean til the evening. 20‘And anything on which she doth lie in her impurity is unclean, and anything on which she doth sit is unclean; 21and anyone who touches her bed doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

22‘And anyone who touches any item on which she doth sit doth wash his garments, and hath washed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening. 23‘And anything upon which she lies, or anything upon which she sits, whatever she touches is unclean til the evening.

The same rules for a woman’s discharge as we saw for a man’s discharge, with these verses referring to a woman’s monthly discharge of blood.

24‘And if any man doth lie down with her, and her impurity comes upon him, then he hath been unclean seven days, and any beds on which he doth lie shalt be unclean.

Verse 24 doesn’t refer to having sex with a menstruating woman, only to lying in the same bed as her and then some of her discharge coming upon him. Leviticus 20:18 explains the consequences of having sex with a menstruating woman.

25‘And if a woman’s discharge of blood doth flow for many days other than the usual time of her impurity, or when it flows past her impurity, then all the days of the discharge of her uncleanness are as the days of her usual impurity; she is unclean. 26‘Any bed on which she doth lie all the days of her discharge is as the bed of her usual impurity to her, and anything upon which she doth sit is unclean, as the usual uncleanness of her impurity; 27and anyone who touches them is unclean, and hath washed his garments, and hath bathed with water, and shalt be unclean til the evening.

28‘And if she hath been clean from her issue, then she hath numbered to herself seven days, and afterwards she is clean; 29and on the eighth day she doth take for herself two doves, or two young pigeons, and hath brought them before the Word of God, in unto the priest, unto the opening of the sacred tabernacle, at the appointed place; 30and the priest shalt offer the Word of God the one as a purification offering, and according to the Word of God the other for a burnt-offering, and the priest hath made atonement for her before Yehovah, because of the issue of her uncleanness.

A woman should make some kind of offering, as best we can in these times, as a purification offering and to atone for her uncleanness.

31‘And ye shalt keep separate by the Word of God the children of Israel in their uncleanness, so that they die not in their uncleanness, in their defiling of the Word of God in His sacred tabernacle which is in their midst.

Whilst we don’t have God physically in our midst, or His tabernacle, we are temples of the Holy Spirit, and we should be making offerings, so we should apply the same principles as regards cleanness in our homes, and be careful not to make offerings whilst unclean.

32‘This is the law of him who hath a discharge, and of him whose seed of copulation doth go out from him, for uncleanness thereby, 33and of her who is unwell in her usual impurity and discharge by the Word of God, and of anyone who hath a discharge, the discharge of a male or of a female, and of anyone who doth lie with one who is unclean.

Leviticus 17

10‘And any person of the house of Israel, or of the sojourners,who sojourn in thy midst, who doth eat any blood, I shalt set My face against the person who eats by the Word Of God, the  blood, and I shalt cut him off according to the Word of God from the midst of his people.

To be ‘cut off from the midst of his people’ means to be killed, in the manner of stoning to death.

11For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I hath given it to thee, to go upon the altar, to make atonement for thine souls; for it is the blood which doth make atonement for thine souls. 12‘Therefore I hast said to the sons of Israel, ‘no person among thee doth eat blood, and the sojourner who sojourns in thy midst doth not eat blood; 13and any person of the children of Israel, or of the sojourners, who sojourn in thy midst, who doth hunt wild beast or fowl to be eaten, he shalt pour out by the Word of God its blood, and hath covered it with dust; 14for it is the life of all flesh, its blood is for its life; and so I say to the children of Israel, ‘the blood of any flesh ye do not eat, for the life of all flesh is its blood; any one eating shalt be cut off.’

These verses explain the reasons why we aren’t allowed to eat blood. Blood gives our flesh life, and also blood atoned for our sins, initially the blood of animals, and then the blood and the life of God’s son Yahshua.

15‘And any person who eats of a carcass or something torn by beasts, whether a native or a sojourner, he doth wash his garments, and hath bathed with water, and hath been unclean until the evening, then he hath been clean; 16and if he wash not, and his flesh bathe not, then he shalt bear his iniquity.’

Back in Exodus 22:31, we are told not to eat ‘flesh torn in the field’. In the verse above we are told that if that law is broken and a carcass or something torn by beasts is eaten, by anyone, then uncleanness comes upon that person, and the usual washing procedure needs to be followed. 

If the washing isn’t done, then further punishment for the sin will be forthcoming, which isn’t specified, but would be decided by the judges of the day.

Leviticus 19

26‘Ye doth not eat anything with the blood; ye doth not practice soothsaying nor divination of signs 27‘Ye doth not take away (the hair on) the sides of thy head, nor destroy by the  Word of God the edges of thy beard. 28‘And ye doth not cut thy flesh for any person; and do not put on thee any incision; I am Yehovah.

Once again we are told not to eat the blood of animals. We are also told not to practice soothsaying or divination. These practices were taught to humans by the demons long ago, to give men thoughts of being like God. We aren’t to have any other gods, nor are we to try to be like gods ourselves. So, no using the sun, moon or stars to predict future events, and no consulting with any kind of demon or spirit to gain knowledge of what lies ahead.

The command not to remove the hair on the sides of our head nor to destroy the edges of our beards is to avoid pagan practices, as both of these matters were commonplace in Egypt, and elsewhere in pagan lands in ancient times. Sadly, shaved heads are now favoured by men, as well as shaped beards, or no beards at all. Whilst there is no command to grow a beard, it is my Father’s view that a beard is a man’s glory, as a woman’s glory is her hair. So, I grow a beard these days, and I keep it looking tidy, but it grows to its natural shape on my face (and it saves a lot of time shaving too).

31‘Ye doth not turn unto those who evoke the dead; and unto those with unseen spirits, to be defiled by them; I am Yehovah, thy God.

Further instructions to avoid those who communicate with the dead, and those who are in league with demons and spirits, as these people are very dangerous and will defile us, leading us away from God.

Leviticus 20

6‘And the person who doth turn unto those having unseen spirits, and unto those who evoke the dead, to go a-whoring after them, I shalt set the Word of God, My face, against that person, and shalt cut him off according to the Word of God from the midst of his people.

7‘And ye doth consecrate thyselves, and ye shalt be holy, for I am Yehovah, thy God; 8and ye doth keep the Word of God, and My statutes and ye shalt do them for the Word of God; I am Yehovah, sanctifying thee.

We are instructed to avoid those who have spirits and demons, and those who communicate with the dead, with death as the punishment.

We are instructed to be a holy people, to keep God’s statutes, as He wants us to be set apart, as we are His people.

25‘And ye shalt make separation between the clean beasts and the unclean, and between the unclean fowl and the clean, and ye doth not make thyselves abominable to the Word of God by beast or by fowl, or by anything which creeps on the ground which I have separated from thee as unclean.

Give heed to the laws on clean and unclean beasts, so that we do not become an abomination by eating unclean food. 

27‘And a man or woman, when there is in them an unseen spirit, or they are evoking the dead, they shalt die, they shalt be put to death; with stones ye doth stone them according to the Word of God; their blood is upon them.’

This is a repeat of the instructions in verse 6, and it does prove conclusively that ‘to be cut off’ means to be put to death.

Leviticus 25

1And spoke Yehovah unto Moses, on mount Sinai, saying, 2‘Speak unto the sons of Israel, and thou hast said unto them, ‘When ye come in unto the land which I am giving to thee, then doth the land rest, in a sabbath to Yehovah. 3‘Six years thou dost sow thy field, and six years thou dost prune thy vineyard, and hast gathered by the Word of God its produce, 4and in the seventh year a sabbath of rest is to the land, a sabbath to Yehovah; thy field thou dost not sow, and thy vineyard thou dost not prune.

5By the Word of God, that which doth grow of its own accord in thy harvest thou dost not reap according to the Word of God, and the grapes of thy untended vine thou dost not gather, a year of rest it is to the land. 6‘And it shalt be a sabbath year of the land for thee, from eating of it for thee, and for thy slaves, male and female, and thy workers, and the sojourner, who is sojourning with thee; 7For thy livestock and the beasts living in thy land, shalt be all the produce of the land for food.

20‘And when thou dost say, ‘what doth we eat in the seventh year, lo, we doth not sow, nor gather by the Word of God our crops?’

21Then I shalt command by the Word of God My blessing on thee in the sixth year, and it doth provide by the Word of God a yield of crops for three years; 22and thou shalt sow by the Word of God in the eighth year, and thou dost eat of the old increase; until the ninth year, until the coming in of its increase, thou dost eat that which is stored.

We are just over eleven years away from the day of wrath of God, following which the meek will inherit the earth, and at that point the rules above come into force in the lands (the earth) which my Father will be giving to us. In the meantime, if you have lands on which you grow food, you should count back to when you began producing crops or other food on the land, and then calculate your seven year cycle, and give the land its rest for the appropriate year, and trust that my Father will increase your yields to see you well fed until the eighth year sowing is reaped in the ninth year.

When the land has its year of Sabbath rest no one should go and harvest anything, it should just be left for the wild animals, and also your own livestock can eat what grows of its own accord.

Numbers 10

1And spoke Yehovah unto Moses, saying, 2‘Make to thee two trumpets of silver; of beaten work thou dost make them according to the Word of God, and they hast been to thee for  the assembly of the congregation, and for the breaking up by the Word of God of the camp; 3and when they hath blown with both of them, then all the congregation doth assemble together unto thee, unto the door of the sacred tabernacle, at the appointed place. 4But if with (only) one they blow, then shalt gather unto thee the captains, heads of the thousands of Israel.

5‘And ye shalt sound the blast of war, and the camps which are encamped eastward hath journeyed. 6‘And ye shalt sound the blast of war a second time, and the camps which are encamped southward hath journeyed; a blast of war shalt be sounded to break camp. 7‘To gather to the Word of God the assembly, thou dost blow, but not the blasts of war, 8and the sons of Aaron, the priests, doth blow with the trumpets; and this shalt be to thee for a statute forever to thy generations.

9‘And when thou dost go into battle in thy land against the adversary who is distressing thee, according to the Word of God then thou dost sound the trumpet blasts and thou hast been remembered before Yehovah, thy God, and thou hast been saved from thine enemies.

10‘And on the days of thy gladness, and in thy appointed festivals, and in the beginnings of thy months, thou dost blow also with the trumpets over thy burnt-offerings, and over the sacrifices of thy peace-offerings, and they hath been to thee for a memorial before thy God; I am Yehovah, thy God.’

Most of this law doesn’t apply to us currently, as we are not encamped, not with God in His tabernacle amongst us, not going into a physical battle. 

I don’t have a trumpet, but I did find a small sheep’s horn, which was of no use due to its size, so I then bought a shofar, a ram’s horn, online, but I can’t make a good sound with it, so I very rarely use it. I do however always have some music from a portable speaker outside when I am making offerings, even in the depths of winter, the speaker sits in the porch if it is raining, and I know that my Father loves music, as do most humans, and the music makes the offerings more enjoyable for me, and I am sure also for Him.

Numbers 15

37And Yehovah spoke unto Moses, saying, 38‘Command unto the sons of Israel, and thou hast said unto them, and they hath made for themselves tassels on the edges of their garments, for all their generations, and they hath put on the tassels of their garments a thread of blue, 39and ye hast the tassels, and when ye see them, ye shalt remember the Word of God, all the commands of Yehovah, and ye hath done them according to the Word of God, and ye follow not after thy heart, and after thine eyes, through which ye play the harlot; 40so that ye remember and do all that the Word of God hast commanded, and ye hath been holy to thy God. 41I am Yehovah, thy God, who hath brought thee out according to the Word of God fromm the land of Egypt to be thy God; I am Yehovah, thy God.’

The law of tassels, which is also mentioned in Deuteronomy 22:12, where we are told to have the tassels on the corners of cloaks. I wear four tassels, normally attached to my belt loops on jeans or trousers, or I use safety pins to attach them to the bottom of t-shirts when I am in the house (where I don’t trousers with belt loops).

I wear them all of the time when I am clothed, including when playing sports or at the gym, and the first time I wore them in public was in front of 40+ of my clients at an annual seminar I organise. I wore them with pride, not in myself, but in being part of God’s nations, and was happy to show I love His laws. I had some questions about them, and a few people were somewhat derogatory, a few thought it was nice. Who cares what people think, when we are obeying the laws of my Father, we do it from love.

Four is the number I chose because of the mention of corners of cloaks, but if you choose to wear just two, or seven, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you can see them and they remind you of the laws. One of the threads does need to be blue though, and that one represents my Father. They are a useful conversation starter too, as people can be curious about them.


Numbers 27

1And came near the daughters of Zelophehad son of Hepher, son of Gilead, son of Machir, son of Manasseh, of the families of Manasseh, son of Joseph, and these are the names of his daughters, Mahlah, Noah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Tirzah.

2They stood before Moses, and before Eleazar the priest, and before the leaders, and all the congregation, at the entrance ofthe sacred tabernacle, at the appointed place, saying: 3‘Our father died in the wilderness, and he was not in the midst of the gathering of those who were assembled against Yehovah in the congregation of Korah, but for his own sin he died, and he had no sons. 4Why is removed the name of our father from the midst of his tribe, because he hath no son? Give to us an inheritance in the midst of the kinsmen of our father.’

5And Moses approached the Word of God for judgement, in the presence of Yehovah. 6And spoke Yehovah unto Moses, saying, 7‘Rightly doth the daughters of Zelophehad speak; thou dost certainly give to them property as an inheritance in the midst of their father’s kinsmen, and hast caused to pass by the Word of God the inheritance of their father to them.

8‘And unto the sons of Israel thou dost command, saying, ‘when a man dies, and he hast no son to him, then ye shalt cause to pass by the Word of God his inheritance to his daughter; 9and if he hath no daughters, then ye shalt give by the Word of God his inheritance to his brethren; 10and if he hath no brethren, then ye shalt give by the Word of God his inheritance to his father’s brethren; 11and if he has no brethren of his father, then ye shalt give by the Word of God his inheritance to his relation who is nearest unto him of his family, and he hath possessed it,’ According to the Word of God it shalt be to the sons of Israel for a statute of judgment, which, hath commanded Yehovah by the Word of God to Moses.

Property laws that ensure tribal or family cohesion are very important to my Father, as we can see above. He added a law when the daughters of Zelophehad raised the point that their inheritance would disappear, because their father had no sons.

So, this law ensures that daughters retain their property through inheritance, but it also ensures the property remains within the same tribe, by restricting….oh, I am ahead of myself with this point I see, but never mind. Numbers 36 tells us that the daughters of Zelophehad do in fact marry, but another rule is added at this time, whereby the daughters are allowed to marry anyone whom they choose, but the man must be of the same tribe as their fathers, so that the property remains within the tribe according to the original allocation by God when Israel crossed over into Canaan. Inheritances were not allowed to pass from tribe to tribe, which would ensure stability and security for all of the tribes.

Modern-day property laws are awful, with high taxes upon death for many estates, and with nothing whatsoever to provide family or tribal security or stability, but that’s what you get with men’s laws (inspired as always by Satan, hater of man).

Numbers 30

1And Moses spoke unto the heads of the tribes of the children of Israel, saying, ‘This is the thing which Yehovah hath commanded: 2‘When a man vows a vow to Yehovah, or hath sworn an oath to make a binding obligation on his soul, he doth not dishonour his word; according to all that is going out from his mouth he shalt do.

3‘And when a woman vows a vow to Yehovah, and hath bound herself with an obligation in the house of her father in her youth, 4and her father hath heard by the Word of God her vow, and the obligation which she hath bound on her soul, and her father hath kept silent with her, then hath all her vows been established, and every obligation which she hath bound on her soul shalt stand.

5‘But if her father hath forbidden her according to the Word of God on the day of his hearing, all of her vows and her obligations which she hath bound on her soul shalt not stand, and Yehovah will forgive her, for her father hath forbidden her, according to the Word of God.

6‘And if it comes to pass that she hath a husband, and her vows are on her, or a hasty vow she doth speak, which she hath bound on her soul, 7and her husband hath heard, and on the day of his hearing, he hath kept silent with her, then doth her vows stand, and her obligations which she hath bound on her soul shalt stand. 8‘But if in the day of her husband’s hearing he doth forbid her according to God’s Word, then he hath made void by the Word of God her vow which is on her, which (was made) to the Word of God, the rash vow of her lips, by which she bound her soul, so Yehovah shalt release her.

9‘As to the vow of a widow or divorced woman, all that she hath bound on her soul shalt stand on her.

10‘And if in the house of her husband (a wife) hath vowed, or hath bound an obligation on her soul with an oath, 11and her husband hath heard, and hath kept silent with her, he hath not forbidden her, according to the Word of God, then all her vows shalt stand, and every bond which she hath bound on her soul shalt stand.

12‘And if they are made void, so they are made void according to the Word of God, by her husband on the day of his hearing, that coming out of her lips concerning her vows, or concerning the obligation of her soul, shalt not stand, her husband hath made them void, and so Yehovah doth forgive her.

13‘Every vow and every oath sworn, to afflict her soul, her husband may establish it, or her husband may make it void. 14And if silence is kept to her by her husband, from the start of the day unto the close of the day, then are established by the Word of God all her vows, or if by the Word of God all of the bonds which are upon her shalt be established according to the Word of God, for he hath kept silent to her in the day of his hearing. 15And if they are made void, if he makes them void according to the Word of God after his hearing of them, then she shalt be released, by the Word of God, of her guilt.

16These are the statutes which hath commanded Yehovah by the Word of God to Moses, between a man and his wife, between a father and his daughter, in her youth, in the house of her father.

This law reflects the nature of relationships between a woman and her father, and then her husband. Women are designed by my Father to be under the authority of a man at all times, for their own protection. If Adam had exercised tighter authority over Eve, she may never have eaten the forbidden fruit, nor would he have allowed her to persuade him to do the same. 

The law starts by telling us that if a man makes a vow by God’s name, that he must honour it, as he would bring dishonour on himself and on my Father’s name if he didn’t.

For women, if they make a vow or promise rashly or foolishly, and the matter becomes known by her father (if she still lives at home with her parents), or her husband (if she is married), then her father or husband has the option to nullify the vow or promise, but only if he does so on the day on which he learns of the matter. God forgives her for not fulfilling the vow, because God recognises the nature of the women he designed, and their capacity for error in these sorts of matters.

If her husband or father remain silent about the matter though, then the vow or promise stands, she would then have to fulfil it or be in dishonour herself, and bringing dishonour to my Father’s name.

Interestingly, my knowledge of this law enabled me to nullify a promise a woman had made to God about naming her first child. I had the right to nullify her promise at the time as she had offered herself to me as a wife, and I had accepted, subject to the usual pre-marriage getting-to-know one another period. I nullified her promise because I had a different view regarding my child’s first name, if it is a boy. The woman subsequently dishonoured her word by changing her mind about becoming my wife, which all just goes to show why women need a law like this one. 

Deuteronomy 4

1‘And now, Israel, listen unto the statutes, and unto the judgments which I am teaching thee to do through the Word of God, so that ye doth live, and doth go in and possess by the Word of God, the land which Yehovah, God of thy fathers, is giving to thee. 2Ye doth not add to the word which I am commanding thee through the Word of God, nor take from it, ye shalt keep the Word of God, the commands of Yehovah thyn God which I am commanding thee, through the Word of God.

These two verses above are very important, and are ignored by all religions of men. The laws of God are those given to Moses at Horeb, which are within the Book of the Law I have produced with my Father teaching me. There are no other laws, and we should not subtract from His laws either. The only laws that were amended were the requirement for sin offerings throughout the year and on the day of atonement, as the sacrifice by God of His own first-born human son was sufficient to cover Israel’s sins and those of the whole world too.

Sadly, all religions of men have removed laws and added them, as we would expect given that religions of men are directed by Satan and the demons.

Christians no longer remember the Sabbath day or celebrate any of the commanded holy festivals of God, and they eat unclean meats, and allow divorce, and most churches have graven images within them, and these are just a few examples, as most Christians are lawless pagan fakers. They also celebrate pagan festivals such as Christmas and Easter. They need to repent.

Muslims stick to the law as regards clean meats, but they too ignore the Sabbath day and new moon days and the holy festivals of God. They also celebrate festivals that are inventions of men, such as Ramadan. They do not wear tassels either. These are just a few examples, but also, of course, they reject the fact that Yahshua is the risen son of God.

Judaists have the wrong Sabbath day, using a pagan weekly calendar. They think they need a temple to make offerings, but what they actually need is the Holy Spirit and the truth. They have added many additional laws, called fence laws, as well as numerous pointless traditions, dreamed up by rabbis who were directed by Satan. They think they are holier than God, yet in secret they carry out all manner of sins, thinking God does not see them. 

So, all religions are leading their followers astray, to hell.

All governments of the world now ignore some or all of my Father’s laws, deliberately, as the politicians have sold their souls to Satan to gain power.

Here, where the truth is taught, only God’s laws are taught, with no additions or subtractions, and paying attention to the spirit of the law more than the letter of the law. As Yahshua taught us, it is always lawful to do good on the Sabbath, for example, and that’s the ethos we should all adapt, especially as we are now living in a global Babylon, without our own lands or nation. 

3‘Thine eyes hath seen the Word of God, that which Yehovah hath done in Baal-Peor, for every man who hath gone after Baal-Peor, Yehovah thy God hath destroyed him from thy midst; 4and ye who doth hold on to Yehovah thy God, are alive, all of ye, today.

5‘Behold, I hath taught thee through the Word of God statutes and judgments, as Yehovah thy God hath commanded thee, so that ye shalt live accordingly, in the midst of the land to which ye are going in to possess it; 6So give heed to them, and do them, for that is wisdom and understanding, in the eyes of the nations, that ye doth obey the Word of God, all these statutes, and surely they shalt say ‘a people wise and with understanding is this great nation’. 7‘For which is the great nation that hath God near unto it, as Yehovah our God is to us, in anything we hath called unto him? 8and which is the great nation which hath such righteous and just statutes and judgments as in all this law which I am setting before thee to-day?

9‘Surely, give heed to thyselves, and protect thy souls exceedingly, lest thou dost forget the Word of God, the things which thine eyes hast seen, and lest they depart from thy heart, all the days of thy life; and thou dost make them known to thy  sons, and to thy sons’ sons.

Moses tells Israel to watch out for themselves, to ensure their souls and lives are protected, and not to forget my Father’s Word, all that they had seen, and of course all the laws on which he instructed them.

He also told them to let their children and grandchildren know the laws, so that future generations would not forget them and fall away from God’s ways and His protection. Sadly, in many nations, just such a falling away has happened in the past couple of hundred years, and here we are with authoritarianism rife in every nation, as the evil ones grow bolder every day.

10‘The day when thou hast stood before Yehovah thy God in Horeb, when Yehovah said unto me, summon an assembly to Me, to the Word of God. The people shalt hear the Word of God speaking, so that they learn to be afraid of the Word of God all their days that they are alive on the earth, and according to the Word of God, their sons they shalt teach.

11And ye drew near and stood under the mountain, and the mountain burned with fire in its midst, and the skies filled with darkness, cloud, yea, thick darkness: 12‘And Yehovah spoke unto thee out of the midst of the fire; His voice speaking ye heard, but His form ye did not see, only His voice. 13And He made known to thee the Word of God, His covenant, which He hath commanded according to the Word of God, for ye to do. And ten matters He wrote upon two tables of stone. 14‘Through the Word of God commanded Yehovah at that time. He taught by the Word of God His statutes and judgments, for ye to observe, according to the Word of God, in the land to which ye are passing over to possess it.

Israel literally heard the Word of God spoken from the fire on the mountain, yet still they sinned whilst He was in their midst.

15And be exceedingly careful of thyselves, for ye did not see any form in the day of Yehovah’s speaking unto thee in Horeb out of the midst of the fire, 16in case ye doth corruptly, and doth make to thee an idol, a form of any kind of figure: the form of male or female; 17or the form of any beast which is in the earth; or the form of any winged bird which doth fly in the  skies; 18or the form of any creeping thing on the ground; or the form of any fish which is in the waters under the earth. 19‘Beware lest when thou lift up thine eyes towards the heavens, thou see the Word of God in the sun, or the Word of God in the moon, or the Word of God in the stars, and all the host of the heavens, and they seduce thee, and thou hast worshiped them, and served them, that which hath apportioned Yehovah thy God, according to the Word of God, to all the peoples under the whole heavens. 20‘According to the Word of God hath Yehovah taken (thee), by the Word of God, out from the iron furnace of Egypt, to be to Him for a people, an inheritance, as ye are this day.

Israel didn’t see God at Horeb, they only heard Him, so Moses warns them not to use their imaginations and then make a graven image of anything in the skies, or on the earth, or in the waters, and to worship it as an idol, as to do either would be a sin.

21‘And Yehovah was angry with me because of the thing I did, and He swore that I would not cross over, by the Word of God, the Jordan, and that I shalt not go in unto the good land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee for an inheritance; 22for I must die in this land; I shalt not cross over, by the Word of God, the Jordan, but ye shalt cross over, and shalt possess by the Word of God, this good land.

23‘Take heed to thyselves, lest ye forget the Word of God, and the covenant of Yehovah thy God, which He hath made with thee, and make to thyselves an idol, in the form of anything about which hath charged Yehovah thy God, 24for Yehovah thy God is a consuming fire. He is a jealous God. 

25‘When thou dost beget children and grandchildren, and ye hast become old in the land, and hast done corruptly, and hast made an idol, in the form of anything, and do the evil things in the eyes of Yehovah, to provoke Him to anger, 26 I call to bear witness against thee this day the Word of God in the heavens, that according to the Word of God, from the land ye shalt perish utterly. Quickly therefore, from off the land to which ye doth cross over, by the Word of God, the Jordan to possess it; ye shalt not prolong thy days upon it, but shalt be utterly destroyed.

27And ye shalt be scattered by Yehovah, according to the Word of God, among the peoples, and ye shalt be left few in number among the nations, and thou shalt be driven by Yehovah, according to the Word of God, there.

28And ye shalt serve there gods, work of man’s hands, wood and stone, which do not see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell. 29But ye shalt seek from there the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, and ye shalt find Him, if thou dost seek Him with all thy heart, and with all thy soul. 30When ye are in distress, and all these things hath come upon thee, in the end days, thou shalt turn back unto Yehovah thy God, and shalt obey His voice. 31For a compassionate God is Yehovah thy God; He shalt not forsake thee, nor destroy thee, nor forget the Word of God, the covenant with thy fathers, which He hath sworn to them.

These verses talk about the present time, as more and more of the descendants of the scattered tribes are seeking God again, with most of them (like me) not even realising they are descended from the scattered tribes of Israel. We are very fortunate that God will remember the covenant He made with our fathers and that He will not forsake us in these end days. I look forward to serving you all in the years ahead, and forever.

32‘For, ask, I pray thee, of the former days which hath been before thee, from the day that God created man on the earth, and from the one end of the heavens even unto the other end of the heavens, whether there hath been such as this great thing, or hath been heard such like it? 33Hath a people heard the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as thou hast heard, and did live? 34Or hath God been tested to go in to take to Himself a nation from the midst of another nation, by trials, by signs, and by wonders, and by war, and by His mighty hand, and by His stretched-out arm, and by great terrors, according to all that Yehovah thy God hath done for thee, in Egypt, before thine eyes?

35Thou hast seen it, that ye may know that Yehovah, He is God, there is none other besides Him. 36‘From heaven He hath caused thee to hear the Word of God. His voice instructed thee, upon the earth, and ye saw the Word of God, His great fire, and His speaking thou hast heard out of the midst of the fire. 37‘And because they loved the Word of God, thy fathers, so He chose their seed after them, and brought thee out, in His presence, by His great power, from Egypt, 38to dispossess nations greater and stronger than thee, from thy presence, to bring thee in to give to thee by the Word of God their land, as an inheritance, as at this time. 39‘Therefore ye know this day, and dost hold it in thy heart, that Yehovah He is thy God, in the heavens above, and on the earth beneath, there is none other.

40Therefore thou shalt give heed to the Word of God and His statutes, and according to the Word of God His commands which I am commanding thee to-day, so that it shalt be well with thee, and with thy children after thee, and so that thou dost prolong thy days on the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee, all thy days.’

Moses reminds Israel how God’s involvement in their lives has been unique and miraculous, in Egypt and thereafter, and urges them to appreciate how lucky they are to have witnessed my Father at work, the work of the only living creator God.

He also urges them therefore to pay attention to the statutes and commands of the Word of God, so that all goes well in their lives and they are blessed with long lives. 

41Then Moses set aside three cities across the Jordan to the rising of the sun, 42to which a man-slayer could flee, who kills by the Word of God his neighbour unintentionally, without hating him in time past. He could flee to one of these cities, so that he may live: 43by the Word of God, Bezer in the wilderness on the plateau belonging to the tribe of Reuben according to the Word of God, Ramoth in Gilead belonging to the tribe of Gad according to the Word of God, or Golan in Bashan belonging to the tribe of Manasseh.

44This is the law that Moses set before the children of Israel. 45These are the testimonies, statutes, and ordinances that Moses proclaimed to the children of Israel after they had come out of Egypt, 46on this side of the Jordan facing unto Bethpeor in the land of Sihon king of the Amorites, who dwells in Heshbon and was defeated by Moses and the Israelites after they had come out of Egypt.

47They took possession by the Word of God of his land, and with the Word of God the land of Og king of Bashan, the two Amorite kings across the Jordan toward the rising sun, 48from Aroer on the edge of the Arnon Valley as far as Mount Sion (that is, Hermon), 49and all the desert plain on the east side of the Jordan and as far as the Sea of the desert plain below the slopes of Pisgah.

Deuteronomy 5

1And Moses called out unto all Israel, and said unto them, ‘Hear, Israel, the Word of God, the statutes according to the Word of God, and the judgments which I speak in thine ears today, and ye shalt learn from the Word of God, and give heed to do them. 2Yehovah our God made with us a covenant in Horeb; 3not with our fathers hath made Yehovah by the Word of God this covenant, but with us; we here today, all of us alive. 4Face to face hath spoken Yehovah with thee, on the mount, out of the midst of the fire.

5’I stood between Yehovah and thee, at that time, to declare to thee the Word of God, the speech of Yehovah, for ye were afraid from the presence of the fire, and ye did not go up onto the mount. He spoke:

6‘I Yehovah am thy God, who hath brought thee out from the land of Egypt, from a house of slavery.

7‘Thou dost hath no other gods besides Me. 8‘Thou dost not make to thee a graven image, any likeness of that which is in the skies above, and which is in the earth beneath, and which is in the waters under the earth. 9Thou dost not bow thyself to them nor serve them, for I, Yehovah thy God am a jealous God, charging the iniquity of fathers on children, and on the third generation, and on the fourth, to those hating Me; 10and doing kindness to thousands, to those loving Me, and to those keeping My statutes and commands.

11‘Thou dost not take the Word of God or the Name of Yehovah thy God for a vain thing, for shalt not be acquitted by Yehovah, by the Word of God, he who takes the Word of God and His name as a vain thing.

12‘Give heed to the Word of God, the day of My sabbath keep it holy, as ye hath been commanded by Yehovah thy God; 13six days thou may labour, and do all thy occupations, 14but the seventh day is the sabbath day of Yehovah thy God; thou dost not do any of thine occupations, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, and thy male slave, and thy female slave, and thine ox, and thine ass, and all thy cattle, and the sojourner who is within thy gates; so that thy male slave, and thy female slave doth rest like thyself. 15And thou dost remember that slaves thou were in the land of Egypt, and brought thee out, Yehovah thy God from there, by His mighty hand, and by His stretched out arm; therefore hath commanded thee Yehovah thy God to observe the Word of God, and the day of His sabbath.

As we read the Sabbath command above, we are told why we should allow everyone and everything to rest on the Sabbath day, including male and female slaves, because Israel were all slaves in Egypt and were ill-treated, without the blessing of rest on the Sabbath day. Therefore my Father insists that Israel does not behave like its oppressors, but that it treats well its slaves, and children, and sojourners in its land, and animals too, all of which need a day’s rest from their toils. 

16‘Honour the Word of God regarding thy fathers and according to the Word of God regarding thy mothers, as hath commanded thee Yehovah thy God, so that thy days are prolonged, and so that it goes well with thee, in the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee.

A little bit more of a blessing is promised for honouring our parents, so that things go well for us in our lands, as well as enjoying a long life too.

17‘Thou dost not murder. 18‘Thou dost not commit adultery. 19‘Thou dost not steal. 20‘Thou dost not speak against another any false testimony. 21‘Thou dost not covet thy neighbour’s wife; nor dost thou desire thy neighbour’s house, his field, or his male slave, or his female slave, his ox, or his ass, or anything which is thy neighbour’s.

22‘The Word of God spoke these commands of Yehovah unto the whole congregation, on the mountain, out of the midst of the fire, of the cloud, and of the thick darkness, with a great voice; and He hath not added more, and He wrote them on two tables of stone, and gave them unto me. 23‘And it came to pass as ye heard the Word of God, His voice out of the midst of the darkness, as the mountain burned with fire, that ye came near unto me, all the heads of thy tribes, and thy elders, 24and said, ‘Behold, we hath seen Yehovah our God, the Word of God, His glory through the Word of God, and His greatness through the Word of God. His voice hath we heard out of the midst of the fire; this day we hath seen that God doth speak with men, and we hath lived. 25‘And, now, why doth we die? for consume us doth this great fire, if we again were to hear the Word Of God, the voice of Yehovah our God, any more then we shalt die. 26For who of all flesh is he who hath heard the voice of the living God speaking out of the midst of the fire like us, and doth live?

27Draw near thou, and hear the Word of God, all that which doth say Yehovah our God through the Word of God, and thou dost speak unto us the Word of God, all that which commands Yehovah our God to us, and we doth obey it, and shalt do it’.

The people of Israel were truly terrified to have heard God’s voice on the mountain, and to have seen the fire and smoke, and they were relieved that they survived the experience. However, they were not keen to experience this terror again, and so they suggested that Moses act as their intermediary.

28‘And was heard by Yehovah, the Word of God, thy voice, that which thou spoke in thy speaking unto me, and Yehovah hath said unto me, ‘The Word of God hath heard the voice and the words of this people, that which they hath spoken unto thee; they hath done well in all that they hath spoken’. 29Whosoever hath this established in their heart, for them to hath fear of the Word of God, to give heed to the Word of God, and all of my commands, all of their days, that it may be well with them, and with their children, forever.

My Father was pleased with that suggestion, as it showed that Israel truly had great fear of God, and His Word. God confirmed that fear of God and giving heed to His commands throughout their life would ensure a good life for them and their children. This conclusion is reiterated at the end of the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 12, verse 13: ‘Fear God and keep His commands, for this is the whole duty of mankind’. Too many believers today have virtually no fear of God at all, and so they do not obey His commands, and they lack wisdom (Psalm 111:10). I remember when I read about my Father’s terrible powers for the first time, and straightaway I developed a very healthy fear of Him, which I retain to this day, but my love for Him has overwhelmed the level of fear too.

30‘Go, say to them, return to thy tents; 31and thou, stand here with Me, and thou dost speak unto them the Word of God, all the commands, and the statutes, and the judgments which thou dost teach them, and they shalt do in the land which I am giving to them to possess. 32‘And they shalt be careful to do as commands Yehovah thy God, according to the Word of God, ye doth turn not aside, to the right or to the left 33 from all the ways which hath commanded Yehovah thy God. According to the Word of God ye shalt walk, so that ye may live, and it is well with thee, and ye may prolong thine days in the land which ye shalt possess.

Once again, Israel are told not to deviate from my Father’s laws, either to the right or to the left, but to stay on the narrow path of faithful and fearful and loving obedience. Sadly they didn’t, but we today can do so, as all things are restored.

Deuteronomy 6

1‘And these are the commandments, the statutes and the judgments which hath commanded Yehovah thy God thou are to be taught, according to the Word of God, to keep them in the land which ye are passing over there to possess, 2so that thou dost fear the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, and keep the Word of God, all His statutes and His commands, which I am commanding thee, thou, and thy son, and thy son’s son, all the days of thy life, and so that thy days are prolonged.

3‘And so hear, O Israel, and be careful to do them, that it may be well with thee, and that thou may increase greatly, as has promised thee Yehovah, God of thy fathers, in a land flowing with milk and honey.

Some more promises from my Father in the these few verses, including prolonged lives and plenty of children. All we have to so is to fear God and obey all of His laws and commands.

4‘Hear, O Israel, Yehovah our God, Yehovah is One; 5and thou shalt love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, 6and establish these words which I hath commanded thee to-day in thine hearts. 

The greatest commandment given by Moses to Israel. Love God completely and establish these laws in your heart, and of course by doing so you will be loving yourself and your neighbour too. 

7And thou dost sharpen thy children with them, and speak of them, sitting in thine houses, and in thy walking in the way, and in thy lying down, and in thy rising up, 8and thou shalt make them for a sign, upon the sides of the boards of My tabernacle, and they shalt be always in thy mind. 9And thou dost write them on the door-posts of thy house, and on thy gates.

We are instructed to sharpen (or improve) our children with these laws, speaking about them frequently. Israel was commanded to write them as a reminder on the boards of the tabernacle, and to write them on the door-posts of their houses and their gates, something I did a short while ago using laminated sheets.

10‘And it shalt be, when Yehovah thy God doth bring thee in unto the land which He hath sworn to thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to thee, cities great and good, which thou hast not built, 11and houses full of all good things which thou hast not filled, and wells digged which thou hast not digged, vineyards and olive groves which thou hast not planted, and thou hast eaten, and been filled, 12‘take heed to thyself lest thou forget the Word of God, Yehovah, who hath brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

Israel are warned not to take my Father for granted when they are blessed with plenty, not to forget His Word, their God, who rescued them from Egypt.

13The Word of God, Yehovah thy God, thou dost fear, and the Word of God thou dost serve, and by His name thou dost swear; 14ye doth not go after other gods, of the gods of the  peoples who are round about thee; 15for a jealous God is  Yehovah thy God in thy midst, beware lest the anger of Yehovah thy God burn against thee, and He doth destroy thee from off the face of the earth.

We are reminded to fear God once again, and not to go whoring after any other gods, because our God is jealous of His people, and His anger is kindled when other gods are followed, and the risk then is that He will wipe you off the face of the earth, something billions will realise in the years ahead.

16‘Ye doth not test the Word of Yehovah thy God as ye tested Him at Massah. 17Ye doth give heed to and keep the Word of God, the commands of Yehovah thy God, and His testimonies, and His statutes which He hath commanded thee, 18and thou shalt do that which is right and good in the eyes of Yehovah, so that it is well with thee, and thou dost go in and possess, by the Word of God, the good land which Yehovah hath sworn to thy fathers, 19and shalt be driven away, by the Word of God, all thine enemies from before thee, as Yehovah hath promised.

20‘When thy children ask thee hereafter, saying, ‘What is the reason for the testimonies, and the statutes, and the judgments, which Yehovah our God hath commanded through the Word of God?’

21Then thou dost say to thy children, ‘Slaves we hath been to Pharaoh in Egypt, and Yehovah brought us out of Egypt by His mighty hand; 22and Yehovah showed signs and wonders, great and terrible, on Egypt, on Pharaoh, and on all his house, before our eyes; 23and only by the Word of God were we brought out from there, so that it may come to pass according to the Word of God, that He doth give to us by the Word of God the land which He hath sworn to our fathers.

24And Yehovah commanded that we doth keep the Word of God, all of His statutes, and that we fear the Word of God, Yehovah our God, for good to ourselves all of our days, to keep us alive, as in these days.

25And righteousness it is for us, when we give heed to keep the Word of God, all that He hath commanded in our presence, Yehovah our God, as He hath commanded us.

There is a responsibility on parents to tell their children about my Father and His mighty works, but sadly this is often missed, as it was by my parents. Unless children know the truth, the truth will quickly be forgotten, and faith and obedience will vanish. Obedience leads to blessings, including our enemies being driven out of our lands. 

Deuteronomy 7

1When Yehovah thy God brings thee into the land that thou art entering to possess, and He drives out before thee many nations, the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than thee, 2and when hath delivered Yehovah thy God them over to thee to smite and utterly destroy, and when they are completely destroyed according to the Word of God, then ye doth make no covenant with them and show them no pity. 3Do not intermarry with them. Do not give thy daughters to their sons or take their daughters for thy sons, 4because they will turn thee away from the Word and God, and thy children from following Me, to serve other gods. Then the anger of Yehovah will burn against thee, and He will swiftly destroy thee.

Those born again in Yahshua in modern times can be of any nationality, but we are advised by Paul in 1 Corinthian 7:12-16 regarding marriage with spouses who are heathen, as it is likely to lead to trouble. Instead marry a God-fearing spouse who has been baptised and is seeking the same. The same would apply to your children, teach them well, baptise them as soon as they understand about God and Yahshua and confirm their belief, then guide them toward a suitable spouse at a young age.

5Instead, this is what ye are to do to them: tear down their altars, smash to pieces their sacred pillars, cut down their sacred poles, and burn their idols in the fire. 6For ye are a people holy to Yehovah thy God. Thou hast Yehovah thy God chosen for Himself, to be a people, a special treasure out of all peoples on the face of the earth.

7Not because ye were more numerous than the other peoples did Yehovah set His love on thee and choose thee, for ye were the fewest of all peoples. 8But the love of Yehovah is according to the Word of God, so He doth keep the Word of God, the oath He swore to thy fathers, so ye were brought out by Yehovah according to the Word of God, with His mighty hand and He redeemed thee from the house of slavery, from the hand of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

The tribes of Israel themselves were not numerous, not was their anything special about them, and it was oaths my Father swore with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob that led to Him rescuing them from Egypt and placing them in the promised lands. God loved Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for the same reason, they all loved God and were faithful to Him, it’s that simple.

9Know therefore that Yehovah thy God is a mighty God, the faithful God who keeps His covenants, and shows goodness to those who love Him and keep His statutes and commandments for a thousand generations. 10But He repays those who hate Him to their faces with destruction; He will not hesitate to repay to his face the one who hates Him.

11Therefore, give heed to the Word of God, to the commandments according to the Word of God, and the statutes according to the Word of God, and the ordinances that I am commanding thee this day, and do them.

12‘And it shalt be, that if ye obey the Word of God, these judgments, and give heed to them, and do them for the Word of God, that shalt keep Yehovah thy God with thee the Word of God, the covenant according to the Word of God and the goodness which He hath sworn to thy fathers.

13And He shalt love thee, and bless thee, and multiply thee, and bless the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy land, thy corn, and thy new wine, and thine oil, the offspring of thine oxen, and the young of thy flock, in the land which He hath sworn to thy fathers to give to thee.

14‘Blessed art thou above all the peoples, there is not amongst thee a barren woman, nor among thine cattle. 15And Yehovah shalt take away from thee every sickness, and none of the evil diseases of Egypt (which thou hast known) doth He put on thee, and He hath put them on all those hating thee.

16‘And thou shalt destroy, by the Word of God, all the peoples whom Yehovah thy God is giving to thee; thine eye hath no pity on them, and if thou dost not serve the Word of God, their gods shalt be for a snare to thee.

The verses above are worth teaching to children and new believers, to demonstrate how faithful my Father is to His people, how much He blesses them who love Him and keep the Word of God and His laws, and how God deals with those who hate Him, the enemies of His people.

17‘If thou dost say in thine heart, ‘these nations are more numerous than I, how am I able to dispossess them?’, 18thou art not to be afraid of them, remember this. But rather, remember the Word of God, that which Yehovah thy God hath done to Pharaoh, and to all Egypt, 19the great trials which thine eyes hath seen, and the signs, and the wonders, and His mighty hand, and His stretched-out arm, with which Yehovah thy God hath brought thee out; so doth Yehovah thy God to all the peoples in whose presence thou art afraid.

As I am now just ten days away from beginning my own worlwide ministry on 7th September 2021 as I write (**edit 20th July 2022: my worldwide ministry didn’t begin in September 2021, I had a long miserable year of other horrible stuff instead, ongoing I assume until autumn 2022, hopefully no longer than that**), these verses above are why I have no fear of the men who will hate me and seek my life. I know that my Father will protect me from any harm. We should all have this level of faith, and even if we are called to give our life as a martyr, we must trust God to receive our souls into heaven for a short while ahead of our resurrection to life again on 7th September 2032. Fear only He who can kill you and send you into the pits of the earth afterwards, fear only God, not men, not Satan.

20‘Moreover, by the Word of God, hornets shalt be sent by Yehovah thy God among them, till the destruction of those who remain, and they doth hide from thy presence. 21Thou art not to fear their presence, for Yehovah thy God is in thy midst, our God, great and terrible. 22‘And Yehovah thy God shalt cast out, by the Word of God, these nations from thy presence little by little, as thou art not able to consume and destroy them hastily, lest the beasts of the field multiply against thee, 23but deliver them shalt Yehovah thy God before thee, and shalt crush them with a great destruction, until their utter destruction. 24And He shalt deliver their kings into thy hand, and thou shalt destroy by the Word of God their name from under the heavens; no man shalt stand before thee til thou hast destroyed them, according to the Word of God.

25‘The idols of their gods ye doth burn with fire; thou dost not desire the silver and gold on them, nor hast thou taken it to thyselves, lest thou be snared by it, for the abomination of Yehovah thy God it is.

26And thou dost not bring in any abomination unto thy house lest thou art utterly destroyed. These things thou dost utterly detest, and thou dost utterly abhor it; for it is to be utterly destroyed.

A reminder that no graven images are allowed in our homes or on our lands, nothing that has been made to resemble anything in the skies, on the earth, or in the seas.

Deuteronomy 8

1‘All the commands which I hath commanded thee today ye shalt give heed to do, so that ye doth live, and shalt be multiplied, and shalt go in and possess by the Word of God the land which Yehovah hath sworn to thy fathers.

2And thou dost remember the Word of God, all the ways which Yehovah thy God hath led thee these forty years in the wilderness, in order to humble thee and to test thee, to know that the Word of God is in thine heart, and that thou dost give heed to His commands and statutes, or not.

3‘And He hath humbled thee, and caused thee to hunger and thou hast eaten by the Word of God the manna (which thou hast not known, nor hast thy fathers known), so that thou shalt know that not by bread alone doth man live, but by everything uttered of the mouth of Yehovah man doth live.

4‘Thy raiment hast not worn out from off thee, and thy foot hath not blistered these forty years, 5and thou hast known in thine heart, that as a man chastens by the Word of God his son, Yehovah thy God hast chastened thee. 6So give heed to the Word of God, the commands of Yehovahthy God, to walk in His ways, and to be afraid of the Word of God.

7‘For Yehovah thy God is bringing thee in unto a good land, a land of valleys, of waters, of fountains, and of springs that flow out of valleys and mountains. 8A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and figs, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey; 9a land in which without scarcity thou dost eat, in food thou dost not lack anything in it; a land with material of iron, and out of its mountains thou dost dig brass.

10And thou hast eaten, and hast been satisfied, and thou shalt bless the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, for the good land which he hath given to thee. 11‘Take heed thou dost not forget the Word of God, Yehovahm thy God, causing thee not to keep His commands, and His judgments, and His statutes which I am commanding thee today. 12Beware, lest thou dost eat, and hast been satisfied, and good houses thou dost build, and dost dwell in them; 13and thy herd and thy flock be greatly increased, and silver and gold be increased greatly to thee; and all that is thine be greatly increased, 14‘and thy heart hath become high, and thou hast forgotten the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of a house of slavery.

15He who led thee through the great and the terrible wilderness, of fiery serpents, and scorpions, and parched land, where there is no water; He who brought thee waters from the flint rock; 16He who fed thee manna in the wilderness, which thy fathers hath not known, in order to humble thee, and in order to test thee, to do thee good in thy latter times. 17Thou dost hold in thy heart, ‘His strength and His power and His hand hath made by the Word of God for me this wealth’.

18‘And thou dost remember the Word of God from Yehovah thy God, for He it is who gives to thee power to make wealth, so that shalt stand the Word of God by His covenant, which He hath sworn to thy fathers, as at this day.

19‘And it shalt be, if thou ever shalt forget these things, and thou dost forget the Word of God from Yehovah thy God, and thou dost go after other gods, and serve them, and bow thyself to them, I testify against thee today thy destruction, ye shalt be utterly destroyed. 20Just as the nations whom Yehovah is destroying from before thee, so thou shalt perish; because ye doth not obey the voice of Yehovah thy God.

We are reminded that sometimes my Father seeks to humble us, and to test our faith too. If we are humbled and pass the tests, then He blesses us greatly. The humbling process is often difficult, mine certainly was, but we humans can be very proud and stubborn, before we get to know God especially. 

We are also reminded that nothing we own or earn is acquired without the blessing of God, it is another part of the covenant He made with our forefathers. Many wealthy Western nations and people are going to realise this fact in the decade ahead, as their imagined paper wealth suddenly vanishes. They ought to consider my Father’s power to give and to take away in these times, and repent from their lack of faith and their sins.


Deuteronomy 10

12And now, O Israel, what does Yehovah thy God ask of thee but to fear the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, by walking in all His ways, to love the Word of God, to serve the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, with all thine heart and with all thine soul. 13Give heed to the Word of God, the commandments of Yehovah according to the Word of God, His statutes that I am commanding thee this day for thine own good.

14Behold, through Yehovah thy God came the heavens, the skies and heaven, and the earth and everything in it. 15Yet thy fathers delighted Yehovah, and He loved them, and according to the Word of God He has chosen thee, their descendants after them, above all the peoples, as it is this day. 

16Be circumcised by the Word of God in thine uncircumcised hearts therefore, and stiffen thine necks no more. 17For Yehovah thy God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, mighty, and terrible God, who regards no persons, and accepts no bribe. 18He executes justice for the fatherless and widow, and He loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing. 19So thou also must love, as the Word of God, the sojourner, since sojourners were thee, in the land of Egypt.

20The Word of God, Yehovah thy God, thou art to fear, according to the Word of God ye shalt serve. To Him ye shalt hold fast, and take thine oaths in His name.

21He is thy praise and He is thy God, who hast gathered thee to the Word of God. The Word of God hast done great things, through the Word of God these great and terrible wonders that thine eyes hast seen.

22Just seventy persons, thy fathers went down to Egypt, and now Yehovah thy God hast made thee as numerous as the stars in the sky.

These verses above are a fine summary of the gospel, the gospel Yahshua taught. Fear God, serve Him and love Him, He has made all things, and we receive His blessings for our faith, love and obedience.

As we are commanded to assist the widows and orphans, the poor and the sojourner, we should know it’s because my Father Himself has love and compassion towards these people.

Deuteronomy 11

13And it shalt be that if thou shalt listen to and carefully obey the commandments which I command according to the Word  of God today, to love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, and to serve Him with all thy heart and with all thy soul, 14then He will provide rain for thy land in the due season, the early rains and the latter rains, that ye may gather thy grain, thy new wine, and thy fresh oil. 15And He will provide grass in the fields for thine livestock, and they shalt eat and be satisfied.

My Father controls the weather of course, nothing happens because of carbon emissions, that’s just one more Satanic lie. Those who love God and obey His Word and His commands and serve Him with humility, they will be blessed with good weather for their crops.

16But take heed to thyselves that thy minds are not open, and ye turn aside to worship other gods, and bow down to them, 17or the burning anger of Yehovah will be kindled against thee.m He will shut up by the Word of God the heavens, so that there shalt be no rain, nor shalt the land yield by the Word of God its produce, and thou shalt quickly perish from the good land that Yehovah is giving thee.

Conversely, if nations turn away from my Father to other gods, they will kindle God’s burning anger. As a result, the rains won’t fall, and your lands will not yield grass or crops and that nation will quickly perish. This is now affecting many nations around the world, drought is commonplace, and crop yields are falling. Unless nations repent with urgency, famine lies ahead, within a few years.

18Place the Word of God, all that I speak, into thy hearts and minds; be bound to the Word of God, hath them as signs on the tenons of the sacred tabernacle, so that they are always in thy remembrance, in thy minds. 19Thou shalt teach them, according to the Word of God. By the Word of God, thou dost declare them to thy children, speak about them when ye sit in thine home and when ye walk along the road, when ye lie down and when ye get up.

20Write them on the doorposts of thine houses and on thy gates, 21so that thy days and those of thy children may be multiplied in the land that did swear Yehovah to give to thy fathers, like the days of the heavens above the earth,22if ye give heed to them. So, ye shalt give heed to the Word of God, all these commandments I command according to the Word of God. To do them, and to love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, to walk in all His ways, and to hold fast to Him.

23Then shalt dispossess Yehovah by the Word of God all nations in thy presence, and ye shalt dispossess nations great and strong, on account of Him.

There have been several nations in the world who have lived according to my Father’s ways and have loved Him, and believed in His first-begotten son Yahshua, and they have been blessed as described above. The best example of course is Britain, and when England became a nation, Alfred set up its lawbook based on the laws my Father gave to Moses. The eventual result was the British Empire, which took faith and God’s laws all around the world, truly the greatest Empire to have ever existed on the planet, sadly it is no more, as faith has evaporated, and God’s laws have been removed from the lawbook.

24Every place where the sole of thy foot treads will be thine, from the wilderness to Lebanon, and from the great river, the Euphrates River to the Western Sea, shalt be thy borders. 25No man shalt be able to stand against thee; the fear of thee and the dread of thee, shalt put Yehovah thy God, in thy presence, in all the land wherein ye doth tread, as He hath promised thee.

Our promise is to have the earth as our inheritance, and then to dwell forever in the house of God.

Deuteronomy 13

1‘When there doth arise in thy midst a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and he hath given unto thee a sign or wonder, 2and the sign and the wonder hath come which he hath spoken of unto thee, and he says, ‘let us go after other gods which thou hast not known, and serve them’, 3thou dost not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or unto that dreamer of the dream, for Yehovah thy God is testing thee, by the Word of God, to know whether ye love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, with all thine heart, and with all thine soul.

The prophet Muhammad would fit the description above. He led many people away from God, to serve something called Allah, with laws that are not the same as those given to Moses, and denying that Yahshua died and was resurrected after three days and now sits beside God in heaven. 

4After Yehovah thy God ye dost walk, according to the Word of God, hath fear of the Word of God, and His commands ye shalt keep, and His voice ye doth obey, and according to the Wordof God ye shalt serve, and to Him ye shalt stay close.

5‘And that prophet, or that dreamer of the dream, shalt be put to death, for he hath spoken to turn thee away from Yehovah thy God, (who brought thee out according to the Word of God from the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of a house of slavery), to entice thee away from the way in which Yehovah thy God hath commanded thee to walk, and thou must put away the evil thing from thy midst.

6‘If incites thee thy brother, or thy son, or thy mother, or thy grandson, or thy granddaughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend who is as thine own soul, in secret, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods, (which thou hast not known, neither thou nor thy fathers, 7of the gods of the peoples who are round about thee, who are near unto thee, or who are far off from thee, from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the  earth), 8thou dost not consent to him, nor listen unto him, nor doth thine eye hath pity on him, nor dost thou spare him, nor dost thou conceal him.

All of the man-made religions have led billions away from the truth, away from loving and fearing my Father, and away from obedience to His laws, through faith and belief in His risen son, Yahshua. The vast majority of humans alive today are deceived in one way or another. But the tide is about to turn, starting 7th September 2021, gradually at first, but eventually the whole world will know the truth, and will have to choose between good and evil.

9‘But thou dost surely kill him; thy hand is on him, in the first place, to put him to death, and the hand of all the nation afterwards; 10and thou hast stoned him with stones, until he hath died, for he hath sought to drive thee away from Yehovah thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of a house of slavery; 11and all Israel shalt hear and fear, and not again do like this evil thing amongst thee.

12‘If thou dost hear, in one of thy cities which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee to dwell there, the speech13coming from the worthless sons of men amongst thee, and they try to draw thee away from the Word of God, saying to those dwelling in their cities, ‘Let us go and serve other gods, which ye hath not known’, 14and thou dost enquire, and search out, and ask mdiligently, and behold, if it is truth; the thing is established; this abomination hath been done in thy midst, 15‘then dost surely smite the Word of God the inhabitants of that city by the edge of the sword; utterly destroying it according to the Word of God. By the Word of God, all that is in it, and by the Word of God, its cattle, by the edge of the sword.

16According to the Word of God, all its spoil thou dost gather unto the midst of its city square, and dost burn it with fire by the Word of God. The city, according to the Word of God, and the whole of its spoil, for Yehovah thy God, it shalt be a heap of ruins forever, it shalt not be built again.

Cities and peoples that turn away from my Father should have been levelled by those who knew God and the truth about His risen son. But the enemy was within all nations, undermining human knowledge of truth and love of God, and so the world is now rotten. As a result, sadly, the whole world will be levelled by the wrath of my Father on 7th September 2032, after billions have perished in their sins. But Satan and his demons and angels will also be removed, so that a renewed earth, a better earth, can be built out of the ruins, with every nation and every person finally free from deception and lies, and knowing truth and love, knowing my Father, knowing the Lord Yahshua, and knowing me too. 

17There doth not remain in thy hand any of the accursed things, so that Yehovah doth turn back from the fierceness of His anger, and hath shown to thee compassion, and loved thee, and multiplied thee, as He hath sworn to thy fathers, 18when thou dost hearken to the voice of Yehovah thy God, to give heed to the Word of God, all His commands which I am commanding thee today, to do that which is right in the eyes of Yehovah thy God.

Accursed things are graven images and idols, whether we bow down to them or not, remove them from your properties, so that my Father does not become angry with you, and instead He will show you love and compassion beyond anything you have ever known. Once again, this flows from giving attention to the Word of God, and to the commands Moses gave to Israel, to God’s people, to all of us with ears to hear.

Deuteronomy 14

1‘Sons ye are to Yehovah thy God; ye do not cut thyselves, nor make baldness between thine eyes for the dead; 2for a holy people thou art to Yehovah thy God, and thee hast Yehovah chosen to be to Him for a people, a special treasure, out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

This command was necessary as pagans following other gods in ancient times did cut themselves to honour their fictitious gods (1 Kings 18:28). So we must not do the same, including tattoos of any kind, all of which disfigure the bodies that are the creation of my Father. Many tattoos these days do honour other gods too, imaginary gods, and of course people love to idolise themselves, a very foolish practice. 

Baldness between the eyes was also a pagan practice, much like cutting beards into a certain shape, so we should not do this.

3‘Thou dost not eat any abominable thing; 4‘these are the beasts which ye may eat: cattle, lamb and sheep, or kid and goats, 5deer, and gazelle, and fallow deer, and wild goat, and antelope, and wild ox, and mountain sheep; 6and every beast dividing the hoof, and splitting the hoof into two parts, chewing the cud, among the beasts, according to the Word of God, these ye may eat. 7‘Only, by the Word of God, these ye doth not eat, of those chewing the cud, and of those dividing the cloven hoof: by the Word of God, the camel, and the hare, and according to the Word of God the rock-rabbit, for they are chewing the cud but the hoof is not divided; unclean they are to thee; 8and according to the Word of God the swine, for it is dividing the hoof, but not chewing the cud, unclean it is to thee; of their flesh ye doth not eat, and ye doth not touch their carcass.

9‘By the Word of God, this ye doth eat of all that are in the waters; all that hath fins and scales ye doth eat; 10and anything which hath not fins and scales ye doth not eat; unclean it is to thee.

11‘Any clean bird ye may eat; 12and these are they of which ye doth not eat: the eagle, and the buzzard, and the vulture, 13and the hawk, according to the Word of God, and the kite, and the falcon after their kind, 14and according to the Word of God all of the ravens after its kind; 15and according to the Word of God, the ostrich, and according to the Word of God, the owl, and according to the Word of God, the gul, andn according to the Word of God, the hawk, and all of these kinds;  16by the Word of God, the little owl, and according to the Word of God, the great owl, and the water-hen, 17and the pelican, and according to the Word of God, the vulture, and according to the Word of God, the cormorant, 18and the stork, and the heron after its kind, and the hoopoe, and the bat.

19Every creeping thing and winged insect, unclean it is to thee; they are not eaten; 20any clean fowl ye may eat.

21‘Ye doth not eat of any corpse; to the sojourner who is within thy gates thou dost give it, and he may eat it; or ye may sell it to a stranger; for a holy people thou are to Yehovah thy God;  thou dost not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.

These food laws are a repeat of Leviticus 11, and Exodus 23 mentioned that we are not allowed to boil a kid goat in its mother’s milk, as it’s obviously cruel and abominable to do so. Muslims do not eat swine flesh, as commanded, but on my visits to Morocco I noticed that they happily eat prawns and squid. Just one example of how billions who seek to be righteous have been led astray by a false prophet. It is so important to stick to the scriptures, and the laws given by God to Moses, and to walk away from all other false teachings of men, whether they are rabbis, pastors, popes or imams, or false prophets. Do not be led astray from the Word of God.

Deuteronomy 17

14‘When thou dost enter in unto the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee, and thou hast possessed it, and thou hast dwelled in it, and thou hast said, ‘Let us set over us a king like all the nations which are round about us 15hath appointed’, ye shalt appoint a king whom Yehovah thy God doth choose; from among thy brethren thou dost set over thee a king; thou art not able to set over thee a foreigner, who is not thy brother.

16‘Only, he doth not make numerous to himself horses, nor return the Word of God and the nation to Egypt, in order to multiply horses, for Yehovah hath said to thee, ‘ye doth not turn back that way anymore’.

17And he doth not make numerous for himself wives, so that his heart doth not turn aside, and silver and gold he doth not multiply to himself greatly.

18‘And it shalt be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shalt write for himself the Word of God, a copy of these laws, in a book, in the presence of the priests, the Levites,19and it shalt be with him, and he shalt read it all the days of his life, so that he doth learn to fear the Word of God, Yehovah his God, to give heed to the Word of God, all the words ofn these laws according to the Word of God, and these statutes, to do them; 20so that his heart is not lifted above his brethren, and so as not to turn aside from the commandments, to the right or the left, so that he doth prolong the days of his kingdom, he and his children, in the midst of Israel.

My Father confirms that He alone chooses kings, and that kings should be of the same nationality, part of the same tribes of people, brothers, and not a foreigner. The House of Windsor came to England from Germany, and should have been sent straight back by God-fearing English men, as they were foreigners. Look at the state of England now, under their reigns, zero faith and obedience to God, and utter desolation as its future. 

Some instructions are provided for the benefit of the king whom God appoints, restricting him from having too many wives, something King Solomon ignored to his peril, but King David obeyed. Indeed, 2 Samuel 12:8 is a very explicit statement from God that He gave David ‘wives’, another confirmation that polygamy is part of God’s ways.

Verse 18 is a nice one for me, as the Book of the Law has already been written by me, with much assistance from my Father Himself, and so I will have it near me to read each day when I become His King, and it will bring back happy memories of the past year and how the Word of God taught me the whole of the law.

Finally, the king is instructed not to turn aside from the laws, to make his own laws, so that he doesn’t magnify himself above his brothers and sisters. 

Deuteronomy 18

1‘There is not to the priests the Levites and all the tribe of Levi a portion and inheritance with Israel; burnt offerings to Yehovah, as they are His inheritance, they shalt eat, 2and they hath no inheritance in the midst of their brethren; Yehovah Himself is their inheritance, as He hath promised to them.

3‘And this is the priest’s right as belonging to the Word of God, from the people, of that belonging to the Word of God, from those offering a sacrifice, whether ox or sheep, they shalt give to the priest the shoulder, and the two cheeks, and the stomach; 4the first fruits of thy corn, of thy new wine, and of thine oil, and the first of the fleece of thy flock, thou dost give to him; 5for him hath Yehovah thy God chosen, out of all thy tribes, to stand to serve in the name of Yehovah, he and his sons forever.

6‘And when the Levite doth come from one of thy cities out of all Israel, where he doth dwell, and doth come with all the desire of his soul unto the place which Yehovah doth choose, 7then he shalt minister in the name of Yehovah his God, like all his brethren, the Levites, who are standing there before Yehovah, 8their portions out of thy portions they doth eat themselves, besides that which he doth sell, from the heads of thine houses.

We don’t currently have any Levites trained and ministering to my Father and to the nation, so we are unable to give them foodstuffs and other goods as commanded. We should not give anything to churches who all teach lawlessness, the daughters of Babylon, with wolves in the pulpits. This applies to rabbis and imams too, do not give them money.

Instead, give your tenths to the poor, to the fatherless and the widows, and to the sojourner, as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:28-29. Please note that the poor are not mentioned in these verses, but Deuteronomy 15:11 does mention being generous to the poor and needy, and you can’t go wrong if you are giving to help those genuinely poor who need help to survive.

9‘When thou art come in unto the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee, thou dost not learn to do according to the abominations of those nations.

10There is not found in thee one causing his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, a user of divinations or witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or a sorcerer, 11or a charmer or worker of spells, or one asking of a medium, or a wizard, or one seeking unto the dead. 12‘For these are abominations to Yehovah, every one doing these, and because of these abominations dost Yehovah thy God dispossess them, according to the Word of God, from before thee.

13Without blemish thou shalt be before Yehovah thy God, 14for these nations whom thou art possessing according to the Word of God, unto sorcerers, and unto diviners, doth hearken they; but for thee, not so hath permitted Yehovah thy God.

Throughout history, sadly, godless peoples have made human sacrifices to their false gods. The Mayans did it, it happened in Canaan, and it happens today as the feminists sacrifice the babies in their wombs to their own narcissism and self-worship, following the Satanic teachings of ‘do what thou will’. We are commanded not to carry out such abominations. 

We are also commanded not to consult with witches and soothsayers, or sorcerers. In modern times, these would include astrologers, mediums who seek to communicate with the dead, hypnotists, and also those who peddle the sorcerers pharmaceutical poisons, who are currently peddling poisonous vaccines that literally deconstruct the DNA you were given by your Creator, my Father in heaven. Watch as millions perish, duped by the evil ones.

15‘A prophet out of thy midst, out of thy brethren, like me, shalt Yehovah thy God raise up for thee, unto him ye shalt hearken.

16According to all that thou did ask from Yehovah thy God, in Horeb, in the day of the assembly, saying, ‘let us not again hear the Word of God, the voice of Yehovah our God, and from the Word of God, this great fire let us not see any more, so that we die not’.

17And Yehovah said unto me, ‘they hath done well in that they hath spoken, 18a prophet I shalt raise up for them, out of the midst of their brethren, like to thee; and I shalt put my words inhis mouth, and he shalt speak unto them the Word of God, all that which I command him; 19and it shalt be that any man who doth not listen unto My words which he doth speak in My name, I shalt enquire against.

20‘Only, the prophet who presumes to speak a word in My, Name, of the Word of God, that which I hast not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, then that prophet shalt die. 21‘And when thou dost say in thy heart, ‘How do we know that the Word of God hath been spoken, rather than that which not hath Yehovah spoken’?

22That which the prophet speaks in the name of Yehovah, and the thing is not, and comes not to pass, it is the speaking which Yehovah hath not spoken; in arrogance hath the prophet spoken it, thou dost not abide with him.

Yahshua was such a prophet, with the Word of God dwelling within him. I am also such a prophet, with the Word of God dwelling within me.

Very shortly, with effect from 7th September 2032, my global ministry begins, as the first seal is being broken that day in heaven, and I am being sent out to conquer and overcome. I know that I will have the same powers of healing as were given to Yahshua, and I will be speaking in tongues, as well as travelling supersonically around the world on the clouds of heaven. I am confident all of the above, and my pure doctrine taught me directly by my Father in heaven, will leave the whole world in no doubt about who I am. Many will heed my warnings and find faith, whilst many will not. The wheat will be separated from the tares.


Deuteronomy 22

5‘A woman shalt not use anything that pertains to a man, nor doth a man put on the garment of a woman, for the abomination of Yehovah thy God is anyone doing this.

An accurate translation reveals that women are not just forbidden from wearing men’s clothing, but also from using anything that would normally and naturally pertain to a man, such as weapons of war. Also, men should not dress as a woman, for obvious reasons, it’s ridiculous and abominable to my Father in heaven, who made men as men, and women as women, with a wide variety of differences in skills and behaviour.

6‘When a bird’s nest dost come before thee in the way, in any tree, or on the earth, chicks or eggs, and the mother is sitting on the chick or on the eggs, thou dost not take the mother, for the sake of the young ones. 7Thou dost certainly let go by the Word of God, the mother, and according to the Word of God, the young ones. Take thyself away, so that it is well with thee, and thou hast prolonged thy days.

An accurate translation reveals that if we find a mother sitting on a brood of chicks or eggs we are commanded to leave them all alone. The incorrect translation, which allowed the chicks or eggs to be taken as long as the mother remained, would be an awful way to treat a lovely mother bird. So we leave them all alone, and walk away, and we are blessed as a result. If the birds are edible, there will be more edible birds later in the year, and if they are simply beautiful songbirds, then we are blessed by seeing them grow up, and hearing their songs.

8‘When thou dost build a new house, then thou dost make a parapet to thy roof, and thou dost not put blood on thine house if someone doth fall from it.

A common sense law here, to help avoid the risk of someone falling off your roof to their death. If you ignore this law and someone does fall off later, manslaughter laws would apply, rather than murder.

9‘Thou dost not sow thy vineyard with two different kinds of seed, lest are dedicated (to God) the fulness of the seed which thou dost sow, and the increase of the vineyard. 10‘Thou dost not plough with an ox and with an ass together.

If wine is going to be dedicated to God, it must be of a pure seed, rather than mixed. 

An ox and an ass together would be unequally yoked, the ox would take more of the strain and would suffer as a result, so stick to animals of the same kind working together. It’s nice to see that my Father is an animal lover.

11‘Thou dost not wear clothing of mixed wool and linen, they are not to be mixed.

These are the only two materials mentioned, other mixed material clothing is fine. Linen was used for priests’ garments, and my Father’s head is described in scriptures as being like wool, but there is no clear reason for this prohibition, nevertheless we trust God and obey His command.

12‘Tassels thou dost make to thee on the four edges of thy clothing with which thou dost cover thyself.

A reference to the command in Numbers 15:37-41 to wear tassels to remind ourselves of my Father’s laws. The number is specified here, although Numbers 15 mentions wearing them on the corners of clothing, so we could have guessed four.

We don’t wear four-cornered cloaks these days, so I suggest attaching them to your clothing in a way that all four are visible to you and to others. I attach mine to belt loops, or use safety pins to attach them to the front of t-shirts.

Deuteronomy 23

9‘When thou dost leave thy camp to go out against thine enemies, then thou shalt keep thyself from every evil thing.

We are surrounded by evil things these days. Graven images are everywhere, very few people bother to love God or obey His laws in the Western nations especially. So when we go out of our homes, we should do our best to avoid becoming involved in practices that break any laws. One example I can provide is that I am currently arranging a seminar for my clients, something I run each year as a thank you for their business. It was at this seminar that I first wore my tassels in public two years ago actually. This year I have made sure that the menu items for the buffet are all in accordance with my Father’s laws, no unclean meats. I would also suggest steering clear of churches in these times, as I doubt that any of them are following God’s calendar and teaching His laws, or obeying them. 

Deuteronomy 27

1‘And so Moses commanded the elders of Israel by the Word of God, and the people, saying ‘ Give heed to the Word of God, all the commandments which I am commanding thee today; 2and it shalt be, on the day that ye dost cross over by the Word of God the Jordan, unto the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee, that thou dost raise up for thyselves great natural mstones, and thou dost whitewash them according to the Wordof God with lime.

3And ye shalt write on them the Word of God, all the words of this law there where ye cross over, so that thou may enter in unto the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee, a land flowing with milk and honey, as Yehovah thy God hath promised to thy fathers.

4‘And it shalt be, when ye hast by the Word of God crossed over the Jordan, ye shalt raise up to the Word of God these stones which I am commanding ye by the Word of God today, on Mount Ebal, and thou dost whitewash them according to themm Word of God with lime, 5and build there an altar to Yehovahm thy God, an altar of stones, thou dost not use any iron tool onn them.

6Of whole stones thou dost build to the Word of God this altar of Yehovah thy God, and thou dost offer on it burnt-offerings to Yehovah thy God, 7and thou dost sacrifice peace-offerings,  and eat them there, and rejoice before Yehovah thy God, 8and thou dost write on the stones the Word of God, all the words of this law, clearly, as a pleasing thing.’

9And Moses spoke to the priests, to the Levites, and unto all Israel, saying, ‘Keep silent, and listen, O Israel, this day thou hast become the people of Yehovah thy God’; 10’and thou dost obey the voice of Yehovah thy God, and do the Word of God, the commands from the Word of God, His statutes, which I am  commanding thee to-day.’

11And Moses commanded by the Word of God the people on that day, saying, 12‘These doth stand to bless the Word of God, these people, on mount Gerizzim, in thy crossing over by the Word of God the Jordan: Simeon, and Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, and Joseph, and Benjamin. 13And these doth stand, to curse, on mount Ebal: Reuben, Gad, and Asher, and Zebulun,Dan, and Naphtali. 14‘And the Levites shalt shout and speak  unto every man of Israel, with a loud voice:

15‘Cursed is the man who makes an idol or a graven image, the abomination to Yehovah, work of the hands of a craftsman, and  doth set it up in a secret place, and all the people shalt answer and say, ‘amen’.

16‘Cursed is He who dishonours his father and his mother, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

17‘Cursed is he who moves his neighbour’s border, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

18‘Cursed is he who goes astray like the blind in the way, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

19‘Cursed is he who doth pervert justice for the fatherless, the sojourner, and the widow, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’. 20‘Cursed is he who doth lie with his father’s wife, for he hath uncovered his father’s garment, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

21‘Cursed is he who doth lie with any beast, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

22‘Cursed is he who doth lie with his sister, daughter of his father, or daughter of his mother, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

23‘Cursed are they who doth lie with their mother-in-law or father-in-law, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

24‘Cursed is he who doth kill his neighbour in secret, and all he people shalt say ‘amen’.

25‘Cursed is he who is taking a bribe to kill someone, innocent blood, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

26‘Cursed is he who doth not establish the Word of God, all of the matters of this law, to do them according to God’s Word, and all the people shalt say ‘amen’.

Whilst there are no additional laws mentioned in this chapter, I included it because of the historical significance of the events described, as the different tribes shouted out the curses due to those who disobeyed God, as well as the blessings that flow from obedience, which are mentioned in chapter 28, with all of the people responding with ‘amen’. 

Deuteronomy 28

1‘And it shalt be, if thou dost obey diligently to the voice of Yehovah thy God, and thou dost give heed to do the Word of God, all His commands which I am commanding thee today, that ye shalt be set by Yehovah thy God high above all the nations of the earth, 2and all these blessings shalt come upon thee, thou will attain them, because thou dost obey the voice of Yehovah thy God.

3‘Blessed thou art in the city, and blessed thou art in the field.

4‘Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy ground,and the increase of thy cattle, the increase of thine oxen, and the young of thy flock.

5‘Blessed is thy basket and thy kneading bowl.

6‘Blessed art thou in thy coming in, and blessed art thou in thy going out.

7‘Deliver up shalt Yehovah by the Word of God thine enemies, who rise up against thee, to be smitten before thy face; in one way they shalt come out unto thee, and in seven ways they shalt flee before thee. 8‘ Commanded by Yehovah for thee by the Word of God shalt be the blessing in thy storehouses, and in everything to which thou dost set thy hand, and He shalt bless thee, in the land which Yehovah thy God is giving to thee.

9‘Thou shalt be established by Yehovah to Himself for a holy people, as He hath sworn to thee, when thou dost give heed to the Word of God, the commandments of Yehovah thy God, and thou dost walk in His ways.

10 All the peoples of the earth shalt see that the name of Yehovah is proclaimed, and therefore they shalt fear thee. 11‘And abundant prosperity Yehovah shalt give thee, in the fruit of the womb, and in the offspring of thy cattle, and in the produce of thy land, in the land which Yehovah hath sworn to thy fathers to give to thee. 12‘Shalt open Yehovah to thee by the Word of God his treasuries of abundance. By the Word of God the heavens shalt give the rain to thy land in its season, and He shalt bless by the Word of God all the work of thine hand, and thou shalt lend to many nations, and thou dost not borrow.

13‘And shalt appoint Yehovah to thee as the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be only above, and not below, if thou dost obey the commands of Yehovah thy God, which I am commanding thee today, and ye dost give heed to do them.

14And so thou dost not turn aside from all the words which I am commanding from the Word of God today, to the right or to the left, to go after other gods, to serve them.

15‘And it shalt be, if thou dost not obey the voice of Yehovah thy God to give heed to do the Word of God, all of His commands, and His statutes, which I am commanding thee today, that all these curses shalt be brought upon thee, and shalt overtake thee:

16‘Cursed art thou in the city, and cursed art thou in the field.

17‘Cursed is thy basket and thy kneading bowl.

18‘Cursed is the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy land, increase of thine cattle, and the young of thy flock.

19‘Cursed art thou in thy coming in, and cursed art thou in thy going out.

20‘Shalt send Yehovah upon thee, by the Word of God, curses, by the Word of God, turmoil, and from the Word of God, rebuke, upon all that thou set thy hand to, even unto destruction, and until thou doth quickly perish, because of the evil of thy doings by which thou hast forsaken Him’. 21‘Overtake thee shalt Yehovah by the Word of God, with the plague, until He hath consumed thee through the Word of God, from off the land to which thou art going in to possess.

22‘Thou shalt be smitten by Yehovah with consumption, and with fever, and with inflammation, and with extreme burning fever, and with the sword, and with the blight, and with mildew, and these shalt pursue thee till thou perish.

23‘And the sky which is over thy head shalt be as bronze, and the earth which is under thee as iron. 24Shalt cause Yehovah by the Word of God the rain of thy land to be dust and ashes; from the sky it shalt come down on thee until thou art destroyed.

25‘Ye shalt be caused by Yehovah to be smitten in the presence of thine enemies; and one way thou shalt go out unto them, and in seven ways thou shalt flee before them, and thou shalt suffer trouble in all kingdoms of the earth; 26and thy carcasses shalt be for food to every fowl of the heavens, and to the beast n of the earth, they shalt not tremble.

27‘Ye shalt be smitten by Yehovah with the ulcer of Egypt, and with tumours, and with scabs, and with itches, from which thoum art not able to be healed. 28‘Ye shalt be smitten by Yehovah with madness, and with blindness, and with bewilderment of thy mind; 29and thou shalt grope at noon, as the blind man doth grope, in darkness; and thou shalt not prosper by the Word of God; and thou shalt be surely oppressed and plundered all thy days, and nothing shalt save thee. 

30‘A woman thou shalt betroth, but another man doth violate her; a house thou dost build, but thou dost not dwell in it; a vineyard thou dost plant, but thou dost not tread the grapes.

31Thine ox shalt be slaughtered before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat of it; thine ass shalt be violently taken away from before thee, and it shalt not be restored to thee; thy sheep shalt be given to thine enemies, and nothing shalt save thee. 32‘Thy sons and thy daughters shalt be given to another people, and thine eyes shalt look and thou shalt yearn for them all the day, and thy hand shalt hath no might.

33The fruit of thy land, and all thy labour, shalt be eaten up by a people whom thou hast not known; and thou shalt be only oppressed and crushed in everything, all thy days. 34And thou shalt become mad, because of the sight of thine eyes which thou dost see. 35‘Yehovah shalt smite thee with malignant ulcers, on the knees, and on the legs, which thou art not able to endure, nor be healed, from the sole of thy foot even unto the top of thy head.

36‘Depart from thee shalt Yehovah, with the Word of God. And from the Word of God, a king whom is raised up over thee shalt be from a nation which thou hast not known, thou nor thyfathers, and thou shalt serve there other gods, wood and stone; 37and thou shalt become an astonishment, for a proverb, and to be taunted among all the peoples whither Yehovah doth drive thee. 

38‘Much seed thou shalt take out into the field, and little thou shalt gather in, for the locust shalt consume it. 39Vineyards thou shalt plant, and shalt labour upon, but the wine thou shalt not drink, nor gather (the grapes), for the worm shalt consume it. 40Olive trees thou shalt hath in all thy borders, but with the oil thou dost not anoint thyselves ,for thine olives shalt fall off.

41‘Sons and daughters thou shalt beget, but they shalt not be thine, for they shalt go into captivity. 42All thy trees and their fruit in thy land doth swarms of locust destroy. 43The sojourner who is in thy midst shalt ascend above thee, to the highest, but thou shalt be brought down low, to the lowest. 44He shalt lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him; he shalt be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.

45‘And shalt come upon thee all these curses, and they shalt pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou art destroyed, because thou hast not obeyed the voice of Yehovah thy God, to keep His commands, and His statutes, which he hath commanded thee; 46and they shalt be on thee for a sign and for a wonder, also on thy seed, for everlasting.

47‘Because that thou didst not serve the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, with joy, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all thy things, 48thou then shalt serve by the mWord of God thine enemies, whom Yehovah shalt send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in the lack of all things; and he shalt put a yoke of iron on thy neck, until thou art destroyed, according to the Word of God.

49‘Yehovah shalt bring against thee a nation, from afar, from the ends of the earth, as the eagle it shalt fly; a nation whose tongue thou hast not heard, 50a nation, fierce of countenance, which does not lift up the presence of the aged or the young, it hath no mercy. 51And they shalt eat the offspring of thy cattle,and the fruit of thy ground, until ye art destroyed; they shalt leave not to thee corn, new wine, and oil, the increase of thy cattle, or the young of thy flock, until ye art destroyed,according to the Word of God.

52‘And they shalt oppress thee in all thy towns, till thy high and fortified walls come down, those in which thou dost trust, in all thy land, they shalt oppress thee in all thy towns, in all thy land, which Yehovah thy God hath given to thee.

53And thou shalt eat the fruit of thy wombs, the flesh of thy sons and thy daughters (whom Yehovah thy God hath given to thee), in the siege, and in the distress with which thine enemies do oppress thee.

54‘The man who is tender amongst thee, and who is very delicate, his eye shalt be evil against his brother, and against the wife of his bosom, and against the remnant of his children which remain. 55He shalt not give to any of them of the flesh of his children which he doth eat, because he hath nothing remaining for himself in the siege, and in the distress with which thine enemy doth oppress thee in all thy towns.

56‘The tender and delicate woman among thee, who would not test with the sole of her foot, to place it on the ground, because of her delicateness and tenderness, her eye shalt be evil against the husband of her bosom, and against her son, and against her daughter, 57and the afterbirth which doth come out from between her legs, and her children whom she doth bear, surely she doth eat them for the lack of all things, in secret, in the siege and in the distress with which thine enemy doth oppress thee within thy towns.

58‘If thou dost not give heed to, and do the Word of God, all that I hast spoken of this law which is written in this book, that thou shalt fear the Word of God, His glorious and fearsome name, this is the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, 59the awesome Yehovah, the Word of God, He shalt bring slaughter upon thee from the Word of God. He shalt slaughter thy seed, an great slaughter, and evil sickness, and believe me, 60 He shalt bring back on thee by the Word of God all the diseases of Egypt, of the presence of which thou hast been afraid, and they shalt cling to thee.

61Also every sickness and every slaughter which is not written in the book of this law; Yehovah shalt bring upon thee until thou art destroyed, 62and ye shalt be left few in number, instead of when ye were as the stars of the heavens for multitude, because thou hast not obeyed the voice of Yehovah thy God. 

63‘And it shalt be, just as Yehovah rejoiced over thee, to do thee good, according to the Word of God, to multiply thee, according to the Word of God, so shalt Yehovah rejoice over thy destruction according to the Word of God. He will annihilate thee according to the Word of God; and ye shalt be torn away from the land whither thou art going in to possess it.

64And ye shalt be scattered by Yehovah among all the nations, from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth; and thou shalt serve there other gods which thou hast not known, thou and thy fathers, of wood and stone.

65‘And among those nations thou shalt not find rest, nor shalt there be a resting-place for the sole of thy foot, and Yehovah shalt give to thee there a trembling heart, and failing of thine eyes, and faintness of thy soul; 66and thy life shalt be hanging before thee, and thou shalt be afraid by night and by day, and thou shalt not trust in thy life.

67In the morning thou shalt say, ‘what I would give that it were evening’ and in the evening thou shalt say, ‘what I would give that it were morning’ from the dread of thy heart, with which thou art fearful, and from the sight of thine eyes, that which   thou shalt see. 68‘And Yehovah shalt bring thee back to Egyptm with ships, by the way of which I said to thee, thou shalt not
again see it, and ye shalt be sold there to thine enemies, for male slaves and for female slaves, and ye shalt not be redeemed.

As I have shouted as a watchman for over three years now, I have very often mentioned this chapter, as well as Leviticus 26. We all know the history of Israel in ancient times, as they suffered first the promised blessings, and later on also the promised curses.

In modern times, it is my nation of Britain that God loved the most, and so it is already suffering some of the curses, with the rest arriving in the next decade. But the whole world will suffer.

If you want to develop a healthy fear of God, these two chapters should show you the power of my Father to bless people who love Him and obey Him, and to destroy people who hate Him and disobey Him.


Deuteronomy 30

1‘And it shalt be, when all these things hath come upon thee, the blessings and the curses, which I hath set before thee, and thou dost call them to mind, among all the nations to which Yehovah thy God hath driven thee away, 2and thou dost turn back unto Yehovah thy God, and obey His voice, everything that I am commanding thee today, thou and thy seed, with all  thy heart, and with all thy soul, 3then shalt bring thee back, Yehovah thy God, the Word of God, from thy captivity, having mercy on thee and He shalt turn back to thee. He shalt gather thee out of all the nations to which ye were scattered there by Yehovah thy God.

4‘If thou art cast out to the furthest parts under the heavens,, from there shalt gather thee Yehovah thy God, and from there He shalt recover thee; 5and shalt bring thee in, Yehovah thy God, unto the land which thy fathers hath possessed, and thou shalt inherit it, and He shalt be good to thee, and thou shalt become great, like thy fathers.

6‘And shalt circumcise, Yehovah thy God, the Word of God, thy hearts, and according to the Word of God, the hearts of thy seed, so that thou dost love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, so that thou may live.

7And shalt put Yehovah thy God by the Word of God all of these curses on thine enemies, and on those hating thee, who hast persecuted thee. 8‘And thou shalt turn back, and shalt obey the voice of Yehovah, and observe to do the Word of God, all His commands which I am commanding thee today.

9And thy remnant, by Yehovah thy God, in every work of thy hand, in the fruit of thy body, and in the offspring of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy land, doth prosper thee; for shalt turn back Yehovah to rejoice over thee for thy good, as He rejoiced over thy fathers, 10if thou dost obey the voice of Yehovah thy God, to give heed to His commands, and His statutes, which are written in this book of this law, and if thou dost turn back unto Yehovah thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul.

11‘For these commands which I am commanding thee today, they are not wonders for thee, nor are they far off. 12It is not in the heavens, so that thou dost say ‘who shalt go up for us into the heavens, and doth take it for us, so that we may hear from the Word of God, that we may do it’. 13And it is not beyond the sea, so that thou dost say ‘who doth pass over for us beyond the sea, and doth take it for us, so that we may hear from the Word of God, that we may do it’. 14But very near unto thee are these words, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, so ye cando them.

15‘See, I hath set before thee today the Word of God for thy lives. From the Word of God shalt be thy good, and from the Word of God shalt be thy death, and from the Word of God shalt be thy misery.

16And so I command thee today to love the Word of God,m Yehovah thy God, to walk in His ways, and keep His commands,and His statutes, and His judgments; and thou shalt live and  become great, and He shalt bless thee, Yehovah thy God, in the land to which thou art going in to possess.

17‘But if thy heart doth turn away, and thou dost not obey, and thou hast been driven away, because thou hast worshipped other gods, and served them, 18 I announce to thee this day,m that ye shalt certainly perish, ye shalt not prolong thy days in the land, for which thou art crossing over by the Word of God the Jordan, to go in there to possess it.

19‘I call as witness against thee today the Word of God in heaven, and from the Word of God in the earth. Life and death I hath set before thee, the blessings and the curses; and so choose life, so that thou dost remain alive, thou and thy seed.

20Love the Word of God, Yehovah thy God, and obey His voice, and cling to Him, for He is thy life, and the length of thy days, mthat ye may dwell in the land which hath sworn Yehovah to thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to them.’

The first ten verses of this chapter, written thousands of years ago by Moses, are speaking to us, here on earth in these times. Most of us will have been ignorant that we were descended from the scattered tribes, but my Father and the Lord Yahshua through the Holy Spirit will reveal this fact to at least 144,000 of you. 

We will be re-gathered into the mountains of Israel in March 2029, and we will inherit the earth on 7th September 2032, and our posterity will be blessed as described above. We will be joined on earth by those resurrected to life, millions no doubt, that have died through the ages having lived righteous lives, many of them dying for their love of God and Yahshua and these laws. Never again will we turn away from God and suffer His wrath and curses. 

But first, the times of sorrows, and for millions also the tribulation period. Mankind’s final test from God, but also a test for the angels too, to see if they will obey God as He chooses to no longer contend with mankind. A test also for my Father too, as He takes the steps necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff on earth, and in heaven.