2 Malachi

Teachings for the Book of the Law


A very quick post to notify those of you that are seeking to understand and obey my Father’s laws that a new header has been added to the website menu bar today, with several drop-downs which contain teachings and thoughts about every law in the book, in text format, as well as in PDF format to enable them to be downloaded. The Book of the Law itself is also within those drop-downs, and the PDF for it too.

It was back in February 2019 that I made a vow to my Father to complete this task, which I knew was a calling for me ever since I read the books containing the laws in the scriptures throughout 2017-2019. So it is very good to have completed this labour of love, and I look forward to helping with queries and questions, and to seeing all things restored, and to turning many back to the ways of our fathers.

That’s just a relatively small part of my role, which seems to expand exponentially with every passing month, but despite everything that has been thrown my way (especially since early 2020), I have indeed somehow overcome it all. Honestly, I wouldn’t have wished what I have experienced in my life on anyone, most of it has been truly miserable and more difficult than I could have possibly imagined, gut-wrenching and with testing to levels I didn’t think I could handle, and often didn’t handle well. I will write another blog post soon explaining the most recent period since 7th September 2021, which was the worst few weeks of my life so far. All that matters though is that I am still standing side by side with my Father, and so the world will not end, the light of love will prevail over the darkness of hate.

I pray the teachings on the law bless you all, and that you bless my Father in heaven by leading righteous lives through your faith, aided by the Holy Spirit, our gift from the Lord Yahshua, thanks to his own faith and bravery and his love for the world and our Father.

We Are Family. Amen.

God bless you brothers and sisters in Yahshua, and watch out the rest of the world, harvest time approaches, will you be reaped into the kingdom of God, or burned and tossed into the pit? Choose wisely, be brave, fear only God, and love Him as He loves us.


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