2 Malachi

Signs from Yah (3) plus an instruction

Hello brothers and sisters, and those reading who are curious, or want to get to know Yah for the first time.

By 9am I had received two signs from Yah, one of which I will reveal in the next few days in another post, but I will reveal the other now, although today’s signs are related, and also relate back to most of the signs I have received this week, which are all connected to my role, and will lead me to revealing something significant about me shortly, who I am.

I had a notification on my phone of a reply to one of my tweets, which in itself was a reply to a tweet from a financial account I follow. Here are the initial tweets:


I have no idea why the New York Times would have a banner like that, hence I asked if it was real or fake, as in these days with the evil lying media, anything is possible. (I have just discovered that in fact it is fake, the original tweeter lied when answering me, probably chuckling as he did so. I forgive him, he’s a tolerant guy, and his tweet and the thread resulted in the following tweet containing the most specific message from Yah I’ve had to date).

The reply to one of my tweets was deleted, and it only shows on my phone. Here it is:


(An aside, don’t laugh but this is being written after the ‘concluding’ comments below….today I asked a Twitter brother I have known a while what his first name was, we English are friendly you know, and his name was…..James, same name as the tweeter above, and also the name of the Lord’s brother. I asked another brother on Twitter his name too today….David, very biblical, my father’s middle name, and I spent my baptism week in St David’s in Wales).

Please take a moment to consider the subject of the tweet thread, which is the New York Times and the banner. Please read again the comment above and see if you can spot the message, it is very clear to me, and I think it stands out, as it just doesn’t fit in the sentence, making no sense in the context of the NYT thread. Have another look please, before I reveal it. Thanks.

I will separate the comment now:

‘the only interesting thing about them is their waybackmachine, a century a scanned article (sic) to understand the history, the corrections, the turning point of the markets, too bad this whole press is not neutral’

 That all makes sense, a comment about the NYT and their waybackmachine website, a huge archive of documents and websites, which I suppose can help with research on the history of markets. He also comments on the state of the press these days. All perfectly coherent.

Are you sitting down? In the middle of the sentence are these words, and I type them now with tears welling in my eyes:

‘today we tell you write a novel to explain a little tinker’
You’ll agree that this makes no sense whatsover in the context of the thread, nor in the context of the sentence itself. Probably, like me, you are wondering what exactly a tinker might be?
You might also be wondering who the ‘we’ is, and who are they telling? I can answer that one now.
Last night as I lay in bed before dropping off to sleep, I was pondering a decision I had to make. That decision was whether to reveal something about my role on the blog, which I won’t go into now, but let’s just say it’s HUGE.
I decided last night not to reveal this ‘something’, for fear no one would take it seriously, and instead just to crack on with my mission for Yah here at the blog and Twitter and in real life, for reasons that you will see when I write about it soon.
So the ‘we’ is in fact ‘We’. And today They are telling me to write the story that I had decided not to, as well as to plough on quickly with my mission. Yah and Yahshua knew my thoughts last night, saw that I had taken the cowardly route (in my defence, I did not have cowardice in mind, just didn’t want to risk turning people off the mission), and have told me via the message in the tweet to reveal all, so I should have trusted that they will . So, of course I will do that, within the next day or two, the big reveal. ( I rarely ask for prayer, but please will you pray for Yah to prepare you for the news and others too, thanks).
The novel They want me to write is to explain a little tinker. I remembered vaguely the British phrase ‘you little tinker’, but I had forgotten what it means (I’m getting older), so I did a quick web search, far quicker than wracking my brains. Here is what it means:
So, the first meaning is irrelevant, as I am the least handy man in the world, unable even to change a plug (I can do light-bulbs however).
The second meaning is the one I mentioned above, and as you see it means ‘a mischievous child’. That was a sign to me, but I will cover that aspect of the message in another post, all I will say for now is that it relates to a strange incident I always have remembered from my childhood concerning my younger brother and I. I will provide proof that I discussed that matter with a brother-in Yahshua and my mother a few days ago too. As you’d expect! Also I will explain the incident, which has scriptural echoes.
The most important part of the message from Yah and Yahshua was the third meaning: An act of attempting to repair something.
Again, I will write this ‘novel’ to explain the little tinker and my part in that shortly and post it here of course. Please consider, in these dark days, what needs an attempt at repairing? I know and have known that I have a job to do, attempting to repair the broken faith I see nearly everywhere today. Hardly a brother exists of whom I am aware who seeks and has found true perfect righteousness (but I do know two, plus one man who is seeking it before he’s even been baptised, most encouraging to see). Many are 70-80% there, and a very few are all the way there (including me, thanks to Yah giving me a submissive heart), and some are 50-70% there. But most ‘believers’ are at less than 50% there, and that simply won’t get them into the Kingdom, no way.
If you are feeling indignation as you read these words, thinking ‘listen to this guy, self-righteous, thinks he obeys all of Yah’s laws, when we know that only Yashua could do that’ then I will now put you right, if that’s OK. Once you see the truth, please repent of your 10-60% shortfall in righteousness, as that’s the reason I am writing to you, as Yah does not want lukewarm family members, He will spit you out.
Here is scriptural proof that I speak Yah’s truth. Who was it said the following:
‘You shall be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect’.
‘And by this we know that we have come to know Him, if we should keep His commandments. 4The one saying, “I have known Him,” and not keeping His commandments, he is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5But whoever may keep His word, truly in him the agape of Yah has been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him: 6The one claiming to abide in Him ought also walk just as in the same way that He walked’. 
I’ll hope everyone knows the answer, but just in case a new believer is not sure, it was the Lord Yahshua (Jesus) who TOLD US to be perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect. Let’s be crystal clear now: it wasn’t a suggestion, to give it your best shot, it was a command from the son of Yah TO BE PERFECT.
We know, and can all agree that the Lord Yahshua was perfect, he never sinned, making him the only human able to be sacrificed by Yah for all of our sins. So we are TOLD by John that if we claim to abide in Yahshua, we need to walk just as he did, i.e. PERFECTLY. No 50% half-assed attempts, sinning regularly, picking the laws we choose to obey. No, do it all, with pleasure, to show your agape for your Father who rescued you FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL. Wretches, all of us. But made in His image, and able to be made perfect, that’s the reason of course.
I have found there is a process of sanctification, where the old you is changed to a newer, better version, and during that process, if you truly fear Yah and seek His wisdom, you will learn what sin is and what righteousness is, and you will stop sinning and become righteous. Eventually you will reach a point where you no longer sin, you just can’t. And if there’s a minor aspect of Torah you don’t know or have forgotten, Yah will show you, because He wants you clean so you can join Him in the new heaven and earth. I found out late last year that I should no longer eat animal fat, as I kept getting prompts by hearing the scripture play randomly (heh, as if). So, once I realised, I asked for forgiveness, but more importantly I immediately stopped and have not eaten fat again (it’s important not to be Phariseeical here, as all meat has tiny amounts of fat in itso I trim it as best I can and if there’s fat in the middle, I will not eat it). This has been a sacrifice from me to Yah, because I do like the taste of fat in meat and love a ribeye, but, you know what? He loves it as well, and it should be given to Him on an altar. I must do that one day soon, with some bread and beer perhaps. So, If Yah wants all of the fat, I would not DARE to eat it again, I’m not stupid, I am wise (thanks to Him).
(There’s been an unplanned break of 80 minutes as I had a phone call from my mother and ended up finally telling her some of my testimony and trying to persuade both my parents to be baptised. Where was I?).
I think the phone call came as I had pretty much finished, and I am too old (only 52) to recall if I had anything more to add, I don’t think so.
I will conclude by exhorting you to take the scripture noted above with the utmost seriousness, literally a life or death thing for us all to reach full perfect righteousness, and that’s part of the reason Yahshua was sent, to provide us with an example, to send the Holy Spirit, so that man can finally live up our Father’s expectations.
You know it, I know it, it’s a great plan isn’t it, I do feel the whole thing is planned by Yah from start to finish. I am curious to find out why when we get to meet Yashua and Yah, so I will not speculate now, much as I really want to.
(I am still concluding)….as always, we are literally nothing without Yah, we’re pathetic creatures really, but do remember…we are made in His image. Once we are perfected, we reflect Him out into the world, like a lamp. So, do not hide that lamp under a table, especially now. Be bold. Time is very short.
A closing request please. I get very few views here, 100 per post if I am lucky. I get very few re-tweets on twitter, so please share with your networks online, by email, anything you can do please, we need to work together to prepare people for the return of our Lord Yahshua. Most of us see the signs, we know it is not far off in the future. Please use my posts as a resource for now, and soon my new website will be up, with pro-level PDF resources for use in ‘real life’ (online isn’t real, did you know that?).
I pray that you are all blessed with Yah’s wisdom and protection, and that this leads you to a burning desire to fully obey Him out of agape, in the name of our Lord Yahshua, AMEN.
(I have now concluded, I can’t help myself, it just flows, oops, I said I was concluded).
Thanks for reading. (Please tell me if any typos slipped in, thanks).

2 thoughts on “Signs from Yah (3) plus an instruction”

  1. Good! Please don’t be discouraged by the thought of people not taking you seriously or by a low pageview-count. Those who trust in YHWH with all their heart and humble themselves under his hand, He will exalt at the proper time.

    I have always taken your writings as further encouragement to follow YHWHs law more perfectly, ever since your post on the number 147, which is the numerical value of my name and which I’ve started using as my signature since 2014, the year when I first read through the Bible from beginning to end.

    YHWH bless you and keep you.

    1. dumnonia-watchman

      Thank you brother for the comment and your encouragement, I’m always confident my messages will reach those who want to hear it, Yah’s will be done.

      Thanks also for your prayer. Be prepared for what is about to come, I will be writing to guide the righteous who fear Him.

      Praise Him for His grace and perfect righteousness. May Yah bless you and protect you, in the name of our Lord Yahshua, amen.

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