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Signs from Yah (2)

This series of posts is growing by the day, it’ll be hard to keep up, and yesterday was literally full of signs for me and another miracle too, all to confirm something for me I have long suspected. Plus another sign today too.

For now though, I am overjoyed to share some signs that were given by Yah to a new believer, who is now earnestly seeking Yah and His son and their truths and agape/love. I have been encouraging him to get started, and assisting with questions, it’s been a blessing for me to see that he has begun, is now praying regularly, and, amazingly, this early in his journey, he’s been blessed with a few signs already.

As usual I’ll just copy in the Twitter screenshots below:















The thread needs no explanation in itself.
I remember the first time I had these sorts of experiences last year, and the first few are hard to believe, incredible is the best description. It’s impossible to argue these things are mere coincidences, the four items in this sign are all unlikely in and off themselves:
  1. My friend finding by chance a piece of scripture in his car from the book (Matthew) he was just starting to study, just after we’d discussed it….odds estimate 500/1.
  2. The piece of scripture referring to keeping awake (bolded section too) when I had just made a comment hoping Yah would literally keep my friend awake as he listened to the bible…odds estimate  1000/1
  3. The odds of a guy he follows on twitter quoting Matthew at this time, when he’d never been seen quoting any scripture before…odds estimate  250/1
  4. The odds of my bible random listening playing the last chapter of the old scripture, which is followed by Matthew, mentioned as the first…odds estimate 200/1 (low estimate).
  5. Odds of the comment by the guy he follows specifically referencing first and last….odds estimate….1000/1.

Let me grab a calculator! The overall odds come out at 25,000,000,000,000. That’s 25 trillion I think, but I could be wrong, I am tired today. Shall we agree, slim would be a fair adjective for these odds?

It’s the first time I have been involved in signs from Yah with another person being the primary beneficiary and seeing the signs, and the fact it’s a man who has just started his journey at my prompting is very exciting for my friend (in honesty, I don’t know him very well, just a few chats on twitter) as he gets to see very early on how close to us Yah can be when we earnestly seek Him with an open heart. For me, it’s equally exciting of course, one can never grow bored with signs from Yah of course. Also, for me it’s very encouraging, as I spend a lot of time preaching and teaching and calling for repentance on twitter, and whilst there have been people that have thanked for me teaching, this chap is really the first to my knowledge to have begun his journey due to my involvement. It’s a big part of the job of obeying Yah, sharing the Word, and hoping others will see the light, will WAKE UP!

I now regularly pray for my friend, that he reaches the point where he wants to be washed in water and born again in Yahshua (Jesus). Then, with a heart for submission and fear of Yah, and faith in Yah and His son, he will have all the wonderful advantages we gain from our Comforter, the Holy Spirit of Yah, abiding with us. It’s a real life changer, and I’ll encourage my friend to be open to Yah’s will, and to share with his family too. It would be great to meet him one day and carry out my first baptism, and for a fellow Celt too.

As always, all praise and glory for all of the above go to our wonderful God and Father, Yahowah, for none of this would be possible without His creation of the earth and all of us, without Him showing Himself to Israel and then sending His son and the apostles to share the message with the world, and he gave us the Holy Spirit too, so that those who obey Him will be blessed with learning His ways and gaining His wisdom. I am truly blessed, you don’t know the way it feels. Thank you Lord, and bless you too.

I recommended my friend read Ecclesiastes, as I’d read (heard) it recently, and it’s a lovely book, and I identify as an avid seeker and teacher of Yah’s wisdom, and my father’s middle name is David too oddly. One can read the book all the way through and learn from it, and be thinking ‘gosh, seems like everything in life is vanity, futile, how odd’. But then we reach the very last verses, and the secret is revealed:

 13When all has been heard, the conclusion of the matter is this: Fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the whole duty of man. 14For God will bring every deed into judgment, along with every hidden thing, whether good or evil.

I see nearly every ‘Christian’ says they love Yah. None of them fear Him and none of them obey Him. If they don’t obey Him, they don’t love Him, they’re faking it (1 John 5:3). They are not carrying out our whole duty at all, and rest assured, Yah’s judgement will be a shock to these fakers. They will burn at the end. If that’s you, following your heart and mind and will, and ignoring Yah’s commands (all of them), please repent with great urgency. Time is short now, the world is so bad, so lost, and getting worse by the day (have you noticed, baptisms banned here in England), the lawless man is working now. So repent now, don’t wait, and please contact me if you need help with prayer, or with obedience, or anything at all. This is my role.

Lots of posts in the pipeline, so pop back soon, or subscribe, much information is being revealed to me of late, including my role in what lies ahead. May Yah bless my readers with a fear of Him and a desire to know Him and serve Him fully. Amen.

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  1. Vaughan Williams

    I am reviewing these posts as I write more about my experiences in the past few weeks, and I notice that most of the screenshots have been ‘vanished’. This is odd.

    I will attempt to re-insert them later one.

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