2 Malachi

Signs from Yah (1)

Hello again.

I hope you are coping with the current situation. I am feeling blessed that I was forced to move house in December to a very quiet village on the edge of a huge moor, so I can walk there every day and enjoy the views and the wildlife, all wonders of Yah’s perfect creation. I am listening to the Bible more, and preaching online, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

I wanted to share some great signs that Yah is still very much involved with my life, and also with the life of a fledgling believer (that will be in part two).

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with mild vertigo, meaning I was a bit light-headed and the room was spinning, and I was a little unsteady on my feet. I’ve had it a couple of times in my life previously, always with mild symptoms, and also I know how to cure the problem using something called the Epley manoeuvre, which involves lying on your back on the bed with your head over the edge, then moving it sharply in various directions, with the aim of repositioning the crystals in your ear that have become misaligned.

So, it was around 18.30 that day when I remembered that the Epley manouevre was a speedy way to cure the problem, at my age sometimes it takes a while for the memory to kick in. I performed the movements on my bed, and had to pause between movements to allow the sensation that the room was spinning to subside. After I finished I felt a little bit shaky, and still light-headed, so I thought ‘I’ll do the movements again, hit the problem hard’. It seemed like a good idea, but at that time I didn’t realise that you’re supposed to leave a few hours between each set of movements, as one’s body can’t handle too much ear crystal movement in a short space of time. As I immediately discovered.

I very quickly felt nauseous, and then had to rush to the bathroom and vomited, never a fun experience, and I was also immediately hit with a bad stomach. Half an hour later I was back on the bed feeling drained and weak, but the spinning had at least stopped. I hadn’t looked at my phone for the previous hour, as I’d been too busy doing the exercises and then being ill.

When I did look at my phone, I was amazed to see that I’d had two whatsapp messages asking how I was, both from people that very rarely write to me at all, one of which I hadn’t been in touch with for 10 months. The other person last sent me a message in late December wishing me a happy new year. I knew straightaway that the hand of Yah was at work at that time, using these people to let me know he was concerned about my well-being. Some might say it was purely a coincidence, but when these things happen to you very regularly, the odds just don’t stack up.

Here are the relevant screenshots of the two messages and subsequent conversations. One of them is an ex-girlfriend who lives in the Caribbean, and a believer, the other is a friend of a friend I’ve known for around 10 years who lives in Morocco, also a believer, but sadly of the Muslim deceptions.

You can see the chats and the time the messages arrived, as well as the previous messages, so you can see I never receive out-of-the-blue messages asking me how I am from these two people. Never. My Moroccan friend speaks poor English, and I just noticed something as I was writing, quite incredible, I will need to do another screenshot. Live blog writing here folks, the story develops as I write, praise Yah.

I just noticed that Hassan had written the word God in his message to me, and that was the only word, it was in response to me sending him a screenshot of a golf match result of mine, as I’d just reached the final of my club’s knockout competition, here’s the screenshot:

(Apologies if these screesnshots are somewhat out of order, as I had to upload them again, as I just noticed they’d mysteriously vanished).

Hassan knows the English word ‘good’, which is what he intended to write, but he wrote ‘God’ instead. I can hear you thinking ‘it’s just a typo, that’s all’. Sure, could be. But the thing I noticed that prompted me to include this item is that it was sent to me by Hassan on 7th September, which is the anniversary of my baptism. I am ashamed I didn’t notice this at the time, but Yah has made me aware of it now, so I am as always very grateful to Him for reminding me of Him on the anniversary of the day I was baptised into the Family.
So, I give thanks and praise to our mighty and wonderful Yah for letting me know He’s concerned for my physical welfare with these two out-of-the-blue messages at exactly the time I was unwell. I have no explanation for why I am so blessed, as He chose me, and all I can suggest is that I have utterly submitted myself to His will, to learning His ways, and gaining His wisdom, fearing Him and obeying Him. That is the whole duty of man, after all (Ecc. 13, and go check out Ecc. 14 to see why this is the only sound approach).
I’ll briefly mention something that you may have noticed I mentioned in the chat to my St Lucian ex-girlfriend, the enemy’s appearance again in my bedroom and in my dreams, as well as several breakages, also experienced by my ex, and with a brother elsewhere also witnessing demonic activity on the increase. I wasn’t scared at all at the dark shadowy thing this time, I was laid on my stomach, after being awoken by its presence and seeing it, as I’d just laid back down. I felt it move over me, a chill on my neck and the hairs stood up, but unlike the first time it happened, zero fear, just mild disbelief that the enemy thinks its dark forces can harm me now, with Yah’s spirit inside me. I briefly prayed, just a few words ‘Father, please send it away so I can sleep’, and it immediately departed, with no further appearance (although perhaps it affected my health, who knows). If so, once again, it has simply further solidified my faith because of the messages, so poor Satan, once again he’s getting the wrong result. Perhaps he’ll not bother me again, but he is rather boring and predictable, so we will see.
It’s of interest to me that the demonic activity was early in March, as the enemy was making its big move using the cover of a fake global flu pandemic. The enemy can’t help himself now, he’s pushing for total global control, he’ll fulfill more and more of the prophesies written. But I will perhaps write another post about that in due course.
That’s all for this one though, another one to come very shortly containing multiple signs given to a new seeker of Yah’s truth, a man I know via Twitter. Happy days, knowing Yah is with you, it’s impossible to be depressed or scared or deceived. May you all be similarly blessed. Amen.

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