2 Malachi

Quick update

Hello again.

I have a huge amount to share with the world now, as well as a big task ahead of me to write a guidebook to Yah’s laws, commands and statutes and promote it all over the world. I am looking forward to it all very much.

This post is just a quick update, mainly (in honesty) a mea culpa on the post I wrote about some prophesies back on 17th April 2020.

I am not personally embarrassed by the faux pas, and neither do I think it will have any bearing whatsoever on my mission, as I trust that if it was material, our Father would have prevented me from writing and posting that post, but He allowed it. (He has blocked certain emails/messages of mine of late, so I know when He wants me to keep something to myself, or if He’s guiding me in another direction).

I’ll shortly write about my experiences over the past 7 weeks or so in more detail, although I am going to summarise some of them when I do write, to save some time, and will eventually do some video interviews with a local film-maker for the upcoming website, and maybe there will be a documentary short-movie of some kind eventually? I am somewhat in the deep end with all of this as you can appreciate, but I have no fear of failure whatsoever, given that prophesy will be fulfilled as regards my task, and I have always had a sales/marketing aspect to my business career which I can apply, plus I love presenting to groups of people when it’s on a subject matter that I am passionate about and have expert knowledge about. And obviously, I trust Yah to guide and help me along the way, which is the most certain guarantee of success one can wish to have.

As regards the three prophesies in the 17th April 2020 post, I edited that post on the following day when I realised that I’d assumed a Twitter direct message was from Yah. You may think that’s a stupid or even impossible thing to happen, but Our Father does communicate using believers on social media. I have had many such communications via Twitter, one via Youtube, and on whatsapp and also via email. That may surprise you, but He’s (obviously) adapted to the current technological means of communication and uses it regularly, and not just to communicate with me. But I knew on 18th April 2020 that the Twitter direct message was from the user himself, with no involvement of Our Father, although at that time, it was very easy to mistake one for the other, and it was all quite new to me then too.

As for the stock market crash dates (around the weekend of 1st -4th May), obviously that didn’t happen. Some vertical lines on a stock market chart I had saved on a website I use were moved, to show a crash from 20th April to 4th May, and I moved them back to March-April where they were originally, but they moved again a couple of days later, so I took that as a sign. I can’t explain the movement of the lines other than by supernatural means, so perhaps it was the enemy deceiving me? Or perhaps it was a further test of my faith to see if I would risk a bit more money on a trade? I simply don’t know in honesty, but what I have realised is that whatever it was, it wasn’t a given prophesy, and I hope that future communications to me from our Father and from me to you are clearer. I have had lots revealed to me, but the communications are often a ‘mind connection’ rather than spoken word, or involve technology in some form or another, so it’s a tad confusing to deal with, when compared with (for example) Moses’s experience. I’ll do my best to explain how messages were given to me in the future, and will only call something a prophecy if I’m clearly told that is what it is.

Finally the lockdown end date prophecy was also not a prophecy (in hindsight), but related to my 40 days and nights in close contact with God up a mountain (in reality a hill and some moorland), and the dates were spot on for that period, exactly 40 days and nights, and fitting the original definition of a quarantine period, so perhaps you can understand how I extrapolated incorrectly to the whole world’s lockdown. But then again, lockdowns were eased in most of the world at around the same time, again the 1st-4th May 2020, so maybe I wasn’t really wrong?

I still expect my dream vision of a 10% crash day in the Hang Sang index to come true, probably this summer, if not next year, I saw that very clearly in a dream last year.

That’s it for this brief update, I will be devoting much of the Sabbath tomorrow to writing about the 40 days and nights, prepare yourselves for matters that I know will be hard to believe, but ask our Father to confirm if it’s all true, and ultimately, you will literally see me fulfilling my Malachi-prophesied role in the years ahead anyway, so the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and it won’t matter much at all if you don’t believe my experiences, in fact, friends who are believers don’t really believe most of it, but I am not bothered, I lived it, I have the memories, the notepads full of notes, and some physical evidence too, but the memories are the best. Phew, I am so blessed.

I hope and pray that you have coped with this first episode of the Tribulation period without too much difficulty, just a taster of some of the Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 curses being acted upon, with much worse to come. Your faith will be tested in the decade ahead, but the rich rewards of standing firm will be along soon enough thereafter, so trust our Father and the Lord Yoshua (Jesus) with everything at this stage of events, the righteous will suffer along with the sinners now, to a degree, but He will not see you starve, He knows what you need to survive, and I do expect may of us will be literally fed with manna at some point. Also, there will be many martyrs, but do not flinch at that, it is a great way to die, and your sleep will be relatively brief. Soon we will all be up in the cloud, celebrating the glorious return of the King of Kings, and then 1,000 years with him reigning in glory on earth with perfected bodies. Hard to imagine how much fun that 1,000 years will be, and then we have eternity with our Father and His Lord to look forward to as well, as spirit beings. Talk about a bright future.

As always, my greatest wish is for my work in the years ahead to be a great blessing to our Father, to do Him proud, and to bring His masterpiece of planning to a point where He is able to identify the 144,000 righteous believers who will be undefiled by the churches, and also I am hopeful of sparking a massive increase in baptisms over the whole world too, millions having the scales lifted from their eyes on the baptism deceptions would be brilliant to see happen, just in the nick of time. So, I praise and thank Yehovah God for choosing me to serve Him and to serve you and the rest of our family.

May our Father bless you all with wisdom and great faith and strength in the Lord Yoshua in the years ahead too, I pray in the Lord Yoshua’s name, Amen.

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