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Proposal accepted

Hello again.

Just a brief update following my last post which sought justice and freedom for mankind from God: https://www.2malachi.com/justice-and-freedom-for-mankind/

I had a response, which was that God accepted my proposal. So, that’s cause for celebration. I made an offering of thanks upon receipt of this response, and I want to also publicly thank the Lord for interceding with God on my behalf, we are very lucky he is up there with God, doing what he can for us in very difficult circumstances. It should mean that there are no wars, no famines, and no wrath whatsoever, but I don’t know precisely how things will play out over the next nine years. (If you check the apocryphal books, from memory 2 Esdras, you will find prophecy there that the nations cease war-making, and instead concentrate their efforts together on killing or capturing me, efforts which will prove to be futile). I was also told recently, to my surprise, that I am the main protagonist in the events currently unfolding, which (if they prove to be true) would fit with my demand that God make a choice between Satan and I, and now this very recent request for the prophesied events of the next nine years to be totally changed to spare mankind from misery and suffering. It’s good that God listens to me, and it’s good that I was made the way that I am so that I am prepared to fearlessly seek justice and truth and confront God if need be, although our relationship is often extremely uncomfortable for us both, somehow we stick together and trust each other completely, and share a common goal. Given everything I know about our God’s life here (much of which has been new revelations given to me), I can say with confidence that we are very lucky indeed that our God exists, that He is here on earth (technically in heaven currently), and that He has patiently suffered and worked for so long to bring about a better world for us all. The back-story is not as simple as you may imagine, and our creation was a shock to many in heaven, the reptilian species especially, and God has been battling against the odds to bring about His kingdom here on earth ever since Adam and Eve were deceived and things went awry. Yet, here we are, just over nine years away from the dream becoming a reality, and I know that God is going to play a big part in events leading up to 7th September 2032, I know that my ministry will once again rely on our mutual trust and love and efforts, and that with God’s help, we shall prevail and defeat evil-doers once and for all.

As regards confirmation of Satan being cast out of heaven, and me visiting the pits of the earth to put an end to everyone’s torment, I have been told that I just have to be patient on those matters, but that both will be happening soon enough. I was told a couple of months ago that my worldwide ministry would begin later this year, I am guessing that perhaps this will be on or around the time of the autumn festivals, which are in September and October this year, with the Day of Blowing Shofars coming on the first day of the seventh month, or 15th September in the pagan calendar.

So, I will renew this website, and eventually all things will be restored as regards the law, with hopefully millions (or even billions) baptised and making offerings pleasing to God. I expect the Second Exodus to take place still, with the elect gathered into the mountains of Israel from March 2029. I hope and expect to be able to thwart the enemy’s efforts to digitally enslave mankind.

My night-time attacks have ceased, with just minor sexual assaults most mornings, which I am able to stop very quickly. I have witnessed to a few people in one-to-one situations recently, and I will see how things go in the next few weeks before deciding whether to go back out on the streets with my placard. Currently this would be very difficult anyway, as my physical health would not allow it. For example, last night I slept for twelve hours in total, and still feel exhausted today. I am 100% certain that there is a huge demonic presence here with me, I frequently feel them weighing me down, physically it feels like there is a weight on my chest and shoulders, but mentally I can also feel them filling me with feelings of utter despair on some days. It’s hard to battle against all of this, but that’s what I do, somehow soldier on, holding on to my faith in God and the Lord to see me through and to help mankind into a world free of these evil creatures who plague us.

That’s all for this post, but I plan to write shortly on some revelations I have had about who’s who in heaven, information I have been sitting on for around a year, but it feels like it’s time to share what I have been told.

May God bless us all with faith in Him, and love for each other and our God and the Lord, and a desire to see His will done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Amen.

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