2 Malachi

Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the seedlings.

I have been mentoring a man up in the North of England since the middle of August, encouraging him to get baptised, as his evil church were using the usual delaying tactics. I’ve been trying to lead him along the narrow path to righteousness, so he needed to stop fornicating, which he told me he did, and then he was baptised by a street preacher he met, back in mid- September.

I hadn’t heard from him for over a month, but then a message appeared today out of the blue. Previous messages had revealed that this man had been taught the usual churchian lawless doctrine, but today it seems the demons were all over him, as a discussion of my Father’s laws resulted in him swiftly blocking me on whatsapp. I thought I would share the chats today, and I am genuinely sad that this man’s seed of faith has been throttled by the thorns of bad doctrine and lying pastors and churches even before the holy spirit has had a chance to get working on him. I am writing this post mainly for his benefit, as I will send it to him by old-fashioned text message, and hope that he reads Yahshua’s own words, and the words of God and the apostles too, all of whom spoke of the vital importance of our faith establishing the laws of God in our hearts, rather than them not being applicable (that notion is ridiculous, but so many believe it these days). Read this section of my website if you are of the same mind as Satan, that my Father’s laws no longer apply.

So, Phil, read the scriptures, pray for wisdom, ignore what your poxy church has taught you, they relied on your ignorance. If you truly want the truth, you will search the scriptures and find it, if you prefer to remain in ignorance and in sin, you will suffer for it, by burning in the lake of fire, after 1,000 years in hell with the evil ones. You don’t want that do you?

Here are the screenshots of the chat, I haven’t hidden the name, as it is a very common name:




He is wrong, and I hope he will read my website section on righteousness, and see that he needs to walk as the Lord Yahshua walked, not as a lawless pagan faker. As an aside, here is my teaching on the law of tassels.

Soon, I look forward to doing much more teaching, the law is my first love, and my teaching continues with my Father, most days I study another chapter, and I am making progress through Numbers with only Deuteronomy remaining then.

That’s all for this post, in the next month I will aim to get up-to-date with my ‘diary of events’ blog posts too, depending on events, we never know what tomorrow will bring do we?

I pray for Phil in closing, simply that he will take the time to study scriptures, pray for discernment and to be able to shed the deceptions he has been given, and if he needs me, that he will get in touch again. So sad to see someone veer off the narrow path so quickly after baptism, but there is hope for him at this stage, if he wants the truth, he will receive it. So, pray for him please, Heavenly Father, please show this man the path back to your ways and the truth, in the name of the Lord Yahshua I pray, amen.

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