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New moon day (and sabbath) calculation instructions


The video below has some simple instructions on how to work out when your new moon day happens. It’s really very simple indeed. For those who don’t want to watch the video, here are the two steps you need to take:

  • 1. Ascertain when the lunar conjunction/new moon/dark moon (all the same thing, a moment in time) happens in your local time.
  • 2. Ascertain when the next astronomical twilight dawn occurs in your local time after the time of the new moon.

Your new moon day is the first day when astronomical twilight dawn (the first glimpse of light from the sun) occurs after the new moon moment in time. That’s it, that’s all you need to do, just two simple steps.No need to look at the sky for the first glimpse of the moon, that’s not relevant, new moon/dark moon/lunar conjunction is our sign NOT the first glimpse of the moon. This ensures the whole world is on the same clock/calendar.

(**NB, sometimes your dawn time may be precisely the same as the local time for the new/dark moon, this actually occurred with a brother I was teaching just this past new moon, in Accra, Ghana, the time of dawn was exactly the same as the new moon time at 05:00. In this case, that day would be your new moon day**).

This website enables you to check both times, and I will link the page for the new moon date and time, as well as their page with a graph for astronomical twilight:



You will need to select your own nearest city on both web pages.

Once you have your new moon day, that is day one of the month/moon cycle (same thing). It is a special day in its own right, and no buying or selling is allowed, the scriptures are quoted in the video, just do a biblehub search on new moon days, you will see several verses that speak against buying and selling on new moon days. It is a day when an offering is required.

Here is the video (which I had to dramatically decompress in order to upload it here, crappy technology, but the quality is still reasonable):

After new moon day there will be six ‘normal’ days (unless one of my Father’s commanded holy festivals is taking place), and then day seven is the sabbath. This means the sabbath is day 8 of the lunar cycle, and then also days 15, 22 and 29, with the count resetting at the next new moon. This post isn’t intended to provide scriptural proof of the lunar calendar, although I do mention a couple of proofs in the video. I will shortly produce another teaching post that provides multiple scriptural proofs, but in the meantime, here are a couple of links that have many scriptures and studies that prove we should all be using a lunar calendar throughout the year, with the sun and the moon providing our signs, as mentioned in Genesis 1:



If you have questions, please leave a comment. If you don’t observe and remember new moon days and the correct lunar sabbaths, you will not be entering the kingdom of God. Unrepentant sinners don’t get in, read Ezekiel 18. Here is some scripture to finish, from Isaiah 66:

“And I will select some of them as priests and Levites,” says Yehovah.

22“For just as the new heavens and the new earth,

which I will make, will endure before Me,”

declares Yehovah,

“so your descendants and your name will endure.

23From one New Moon to another

and from one Sabbath to another,

all mankind will come to worship before Me,”

says Yehovah.

24“As they go forth, they will see the corpses

of the men who have rebelled against Me;

for their worm will never die,

their fire will never be quenched,

and they will be a horror

to all mankind.”

So, decide with some haste, do you want to remember my Father’s Sabbath day, and His new moon days, or do you prefer to be a rebel, a pagan, a lawless faker? You want in, or you want to burn? Choose wisely now.

2 thoughts on “New moon day (and sabbath) calculation instructions”

  1. How did the ancients know when the New Moon day was without the use of TimeandDate.com?

    You mentioned a brother in Accra, Ghana. How would an ancient know the time of dawn was exactly the same as the new moon time at 05:00?

    YHWH says to work six days and rest the seventh day. If we use the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th days of the month as Sabbaths and the month has 29 days, then the next Sabbath will not be kept after SIX workdays. How can you break the command to work six days?

    1. They used their eyes, sun-dials, and my Father gave them judges and prophets and kings, and angels, and was with those people Himself too, He kept them informed, so they knew the times. As He keeps me informed. We should trust He will do the same on the second exodus, as if He would allow the elect to sin out of ignorance of His times, just because they have no internet or PCs.

      There is no command to work six days, it’s a statement of fact that six days are available to do work (check the Hebrew to avoid added words), but the seventh is a commanded day of rest. Obviously infants, children and the elderly didn’t work six days, and wives would have been being wives, as opposed to working. I very frequently spend zero time working on some of the six days, doing ministry work instead, it is most odd to suggest that I am sinning by doing zero business work and instead spending the whole day on my ministry, surely you would agree. I doubt you work 12 hour days for six days in a row yourself. The command is simply to rest on the seventh day.

      The new moon day is mentioned hundreds of times in scripture, and the whole calendar is based on the moon cycle, with signs from the sun and moon (conjunction, equinoxes etc). New moon day is a special day in its own right, as scriptures prove, therefore it is not included in the seven day count. The true lunar Sabbath will be restored, all things will be restored, and the pagan rolling week (which doesn’t exist anywhere in scriptures) will be jettisoned by the elect and the saints.

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