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My mission and I

Hello again everyone.

I want to start by stating my total slavery to Almighty Yehovah, our glorious, terrible,loving and mighty God, and my Father in heaven.

This past week has been the most amazing of my life, I am incredibly humbled that He has chosen me, an ordinary Celtic man who avoided Him for 49 years of my life (with some signs I was His along the way though) for a vital mission on His behalf. He activated me when the time was right however, with my baptism on 7th September 2017. I am the most fortunate man to walk the earth and I know it’s all His doing, everything I do, everything I see, everything I teach and know, all flows from Him, I claim zero credit whatsoever, and I have asked Him to give me a firm slap if I ever feel the slightest bit puffed up on my own account. Bewilderment is an appropriate adjective for how I feel at the moment, and grateful, and certainly very meek indeed. I’m truly grateful beyond measure for all of the gifts He’s given me, all my life, and especially since I was woken up.

I have so much to write now, so much has happened this past week, since Yah’s new year started, it’s hard to know where to start. I want to lead you all gently to what needs to be shared, so I will start with some background evidence from my blog to date.

My focus has been faithful obedience to Yehovah God from my very first post back in May 2018 (which was only 8 months after my baptism), as well as an awareness that I was called to publicly share my experiences, my life, and my views on our faith, which was only 8 months after my baptism. Here is a snippet from my first ever post:

Do not worry, the troubles of this life are fleeting and minor. Whilst Dumnonia, like the rest of England, has long since turned its back on Jehovah (the name of the Christian God) and His son Jesus, those of you that feel the nagging worry will have the opportunity to turn back to God’s ways and His laws in the years ahead. Right now you may think that’s highly improbable, but rest assured there are indigenous men here who know that God will save us, if we show Him our faithful obedience, and He will raise up a mighty nation out of the embers of what was England and Great Britain.

How will He do that? Simple. As Alfred the Great knew, if one’s nation sticks to God’s laws and commands as contained in the bible, God will bless your nation and make it mighty. It will grow and will not want for anything.

I can’t remember precisely how far I had got through scripture by this point, probably in Deuteronomy I think, as I linked to Deuteronomy 23 within that post. Here’s the last few verses of that chapter:

16The LORD your God commands you this day to follow these statutes and ordinances. You must be careful to follow them with all your heart and with all your soul.

17Today you have proclaimed that the LORD is your God and that you will walk in His ways, keep His statutes and commandments and ordinances, and listen to His voice.

18And today the LORD has proclaimed that you are His people and treasured possession as He promised, that you are to keep all His commandments, 19that He will set you high in praise and name and honor above all the nations He has made, and that you will be a holy people to the LORD your God, as He has promised.

So, Yah’s desires and the knock-on effects of obedience or otherwise were placed on my heart as truth from the moment I read them. I was never once deceived by the lawless daughters of Babylon in their Christian churches. Instead, I immediately became a faithful servant to Yehovah, believing in the death of Yoshua (Jesus) on the cross, his resurrection, and ascension to heaven, where he sits to this day. Yah placed this wisdom within me. I will mention that as I read about His actions in Egypt and the wilderness, and at the time of the flood, do you know what my over-riding feelings were? I thought: this Yehovah is terrible and incredibly powerful. And He really is you know. So I feared Him straight away, before I knew Him well enough to come to properly love Him. Having grown in knowledge of scripture over the past few years, I now know of course that the whole duty of man is to fear Yah and obey His commands, so my instincts were spot on. One has to be stupid (or maybe just not have real faith and belief) to NOT fear Him.
(An aside, the story of Balaam and his donkey has just played randomly, it’s such a funny story, and it took a brother and I a while to figure out how Balaam had sinned, but that’s for another time).
The next ten posts I wrote (apart from one about free will) were all about Yah’s instructions and teachings in His law ( the Torah, the meaning of Torah in Hebrew I believe, please correct me if I am wrong), and their perfection, and how we have turned away from them, and the results, and my anger and horror at the state of my nation and its rulers, all of it.
Then I moved on to my testimony, which I invite you to read very soon (again please if need be) now. It’s a series of posts, so thank you for your time, I do think you’ll find it an interesting read.
There are seven (heh) bits to my testimony, I just realised that, and then I wrote about my encounter with our enemy, the liar and the deceiver himself who appeared on twitter, upset with me. I really need you to read this one to learn about my character as a re-born man, I am very feisty indeed against the enemy, and all of his servants. In fact, I have always been feisty through my life, but only against injustice, I hated it, when I saw it or experienced it (cont below)…..
(As an aside, this is really odd, when I worked a part-time school job at a shoe-shop, they tried to make us work over the Easter weekend, and I refused, and they said ‘we’re going to have to let you go then, but we’ll let you resign so it doesn’t show on the record as being fired’. I told the manager to fire me. Now, I wasn’t taking a stand over faith, but against shitty rules and unfairness. But it does make me think. I was only 16 or 17, and I am ashamed to reveal for your amusement that before I finished there, I wrote some terrible expletives about this manager under the shoe box lids, that would be seen when the box was opened. And I just now realise that this manager made a prophetic comment, saying ‘you should go into sales of some kind, as you sell really well’, and I did, I am persuasive and passionate, and I did end up in sales (investments), and I still am here now, persuading others to wisdom and fear and obedience for the Best Manager Known To Man. Phew, that’s the longest parenthesis ever, but things pop in to my head as I go, I let it flow out to the keyboard).
  ……(Cont from above) That reveals another thing to me now: I do not fear evil at all, not even Satan himself could rattle me (I am smiling, as this statement was born out several times over Easter). Ever since Yah rescued me the first time from a demonic attack, I know I am untouchable, totally hedged about with His mighty hand. People say to me often ‘have a safe flight’ and just reply ‘yeah, no need to worry about that’. Yah’s righteous people don’t suffer accidental early deaths, nor get ill.
Now, please have a think now about who in the old scripture is very feisty for the Lord against the enemy, with the same mocking tone I tend to use. He’s someone of whom I was totally unaware at this point in time, as I hadn’t started listening to the Bible on random shuffle play yet, I was just working my way through the Words books at that time. If you reach a conclusion, you are welcome to leave a comment, but I won’t let it through the moderation, for the benefit of later readers. (As an aside, all comments are moderated, and if you want to communicate with me, please drop me your email address or whatsapp number, and I will respond, but delete your comment to keep things private).
The next three posts were all on the same Torah/Law subject, and then I wrote one about the meaning of my name, which is a short but sweet read, but I will say here my name (of Welsh origin) means meek. But meek possibly does not mean what you think it does, it means GENTLE BUT STRONG   IN YOUR FAITH IN YAH. It does not mean ‘weak’. My name’s meaning describes my character, which is strong but gentle, AND my faith.
I couldn’t personally handle the terrible state of my nation, nor the world. So, I didn’t feel like writing at all.
Also, the last thing I wanted to do was to put this event here on my blog, as it’s incredibly personal, and my head was telling me not to write it, and at the same time Yah was forcing me to share it (please remember this comment, write it down somewhere please, it will re-appear again in an imminent post in this brief series……*it won’t be a brief series given events over Easter). Given my fear of Yah, I wrote it and posted it with a title that expressed my misery at the time:

The Post I don’t really want to write, but I have to

 At the time, I had no idea WHY I had to put it on the blog, but it’s now very clear.
Please take the time to read this post, it’s really important to the whole of my story and my mission. I don’t like to read it myself, but I will now, and will copy in a brief section:

****I was interrupted at this point on 6th April for approximately 90 minutes by Our Heavenly Father, with revelation after revelation, most incredible, about me and my brother David, and our story and our Tribe and what I’ve done the past few days, and am about to do for Passover for Yah, and how it fits with Yah’s word and His plans. Then it was revealed to me what He looks like, you will laugh, He has told us Himself, then a revelation about a name, and how  He works through a tribe, revealed through that name and His. I was shown why things happened to me that I was just about to share with you. Finally, They communicated directly with me, in code, on Twitter, let me in on a joke post they had made, and for c. 15 minutes I experienced their level of joy, I knew Them, we were one, and I laughed hysterically for the whole time until my sides hurt, with some tears of joy intermingled. Then some further coded messages of thanks (from Them to me and me to Them), and we have followed one another on twitter now. They said they hoped I had a blessed day! I knew they had a sense of humour, They knew it was my best day ever, but hence the Balaam donkey story, and others I love too. I will share in detail in The Little Book (they will laugh) I am literally writing for Them right now, in due course. I had previously wondered whether eternity in the new heaven and earth might eventually get a bit boring, but I think we shed our human bodies solely because we would otherwise pop with sheer joy and laughter. I look forward to experiencing that again in due course, but for now, on with the task at hand*****

I was intending to finish this post on the 6th April which was back just before Passover, but our Father had other ideas and instead has taken me through an experience (ongoing) that was the most intense, exhausting, miraculous and rewarding that I have ever experienced, and which only two men have experienced in the planet’s history, and I am only now today somewhat back to my normal routine and able to finish off this post and continue with what will be dozens more to explain what I have been through, and further refined me, and my mission for God in the twelve years ahead.

So, here is the quote I promised above from my blog post noted above:

‘Approximately a year ago as I was being filled with the Holy Spirit, and I started to write this blog, I came to the realisation that my nation was completely terrible, having rejected Jehovah and His ways after over a thousand years of being His and of receiving His blessings. This realisation was upsetting to me, and having to live here and see and hear the heathen rage every day, and witness the curses of God happening too, it all made me feel somewhat hopeless and dejected, to the extent that I prayed a few times for God to end my life’.
I was still reading back in Deuteronomy at this time remember. Later, I would reach a portion of scripture that would make me sit back and ponder about my thoughts above and the similarity of my thoughts and actions to those of the man I was then reading about. I knew back then these matters were not simply coincidences, but that was all I knew. Maybe you will already have a good idea of who/what I am about to reveal?
I will draw to a close at that point for this post, as I need to write two separate posts with urgency today, one about the importance of adult baptism, and the other containing three prophesies I was shown by our Father. Then I will resume the revelation of who I am, as well as the experiences I had around the Easter period.
Thanks for reading. Let’s bless God and His wonderful son, our Lord Jesus (Yoshua), and I hope these posts bring great glory to their names, with me a little vessel being carried along on a mighty torrent to the clear, calm, beautiful blue sea. God bless you too, dear reader.

4 thoughts on “My mission and I”

  1. Come across your blog at random after using Twitter and you caught my attention on something so I bookmarked a month or so ago. Spent my life mainly as an atheist – well made jokes about religion, had kids young, plenty of broken relationships, plenty of booze, troubles and whatnot over the years. Anyway fast forward to me being 38 now and last year having daughter with my partner. I truly believe without having my daughter my eyes would still be closed, something changed and I knew she was my gift from God. I’m now a believer and without doubts, I’ve had 2 strong signs when praying for guidance from the Holy spirit when asking for help with which Bible to use, just as I closed my eyes before sleeping that night huge white flash that made me sit up, was hardly tired or daydreaming at the time so had a huge smile, guided me to the King James Bible, however did ask about the ESV another night and the SAME thing happened so concluded at the time guided to any of them, since asked again about the NRSV but nothing! Not asked for guidance since. I started out after having my daughter started questioning things, read plenty and found this guy (I’m a sports betting trader) https://tradingeducators.com/need-for-wisdom. Found some excellent advice but I literally knew nothing about Jesus despite being baptised as a baby myself, I’d associated Church with death and misery wrongly. I’ve still plenty of questions of what next but I’m reading the bible, so is my partner, we’re not even married so as far away as model Christians at all but it’s our Journey, one thing I’m put off by I did attend my local Anglican Church before the lockdown a few times for Sunday service and absorbed it all, did speak to the Rev’d after the service, I mentioned the King James Bible and he was pretty much dismissed it and said use nrsv as better translation. Wrote to him after that for some help and my backstory, the week after he acknowledged he’d received it but had no time to reply. Anyway, never did get any reply. I think I belong in the Anglican Church but have unanswered questions. I’ve certainly been tested so far in ways, the days of bragging of drinking anyone under the table are long gone, I never drink to get drunk anymore and very conscious about it. I’m the last person in the world anyone would think would turn to God, my teenage kids couldn’t get over it. People assume I’m at crisis point but that’s very far from the truth! Anyway, bookmarked your blog my friend. I’m a big sinner in many ways but the Lord has been very patient, them flashes of light I had them nights after just closing my eyes in bed was nothing that could be rational explained, never experienced in my life anything similar and it was very powerful, woke my partner both times to explain as I wasn’t starting to dream or drift off as wasn’t tired, made me smile with delight, I’ve made this point twice now so that’s enough haha! Thanks and I’ll keep popping in, Gavin

    1. Hello Gavin, thanks for sharing your story, which is very similar to mine in many ways (mine is here on the blog, the ‘Jehovah is waiting for you’ series).

      KJV is one of the best, but I use BibleHub (app and website) to check across many versions, and also to sometimes look back at the original Hebrew or Greek.

      By all means attend a church, but let the bible/God teach you, pastors err, and often deceive. God’s word does neither. Your faith is strong, the bright lights you saw are a blessing from God, letting you know He loves you.

      I would suggest reading the New Testament, then start on the Old scripture. I have just the prophets to read now. Then I will re-read the new scripture again. I enjoy listening more than reading, using this version:


      My parents think (as I write) that I am having a nervous breakdown! Some huge things have happened to me recently, so I can understand their shock. We are not of this world, just in it.

      Please ensure you and others dear to you with faith have a baptism, I will be writing on that subject, probably today. It’s the entry visa to the Kingdom of God, plus you’ll receive the Holy Spirit too. Also, get married!

      I have just prayed for you, look forward to meeting you during the Millennium reign of our Lord here on earth. God bless. Gary.

  2. Vaughan Williams

    Thanks Gary, will have a read and check back soon. Thanks for the links also. The plan is to get married certainly, always viewed it as a worthless piece of paper you sign so what’s the point ! PMy views are changing daily on many things. Life couldn’t be better.
    God couldn’t be more good! I will pray for you also tonight during my quiet time Bible reading, hopefully more clarity with your parents will come in time, be patient brother. God works on us in different ways, have a blessed day my brother in Christ.

  3. Vaughan Williams

    Thanks for the prayers.
    God is perfect!
    I trust He’ll get my parents baptized eventually.
    God bless, and bless our God and His son too.

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