2 Malachi

Multiple wives

Hello again.

A brief post with some teaching about my Father’s views on men having multiple wives. It’s a ten-minute video, so I am not going to write about it in any detail, please watch the video.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that the only law of God that limits the number of wives for a husband applies to His King. Here is the relevant verse from Deuteronomy 17 (my translation):

17And he doth not make numerous for himself wives, so that
his heart doth not turn aside, and silver and gold he doth not
multiply to himself greatly.

No number is specified, but obviously Solomon failed to heed this part of the law, taking hundreds of wives who led him away from my Father, and he paid a heavy price for his lack of wisdom.

Here’s the video, it was a quick take, I wasn’t using the pro microphone, and I forgot to turn my phone to silent too. But it does the job.


Thanks to my Father for connecting me with brothers around the world who want to learn His ways, to please Him, and to live holy, righteous and blessed lives. The restoration is underway, thank you Father, may this teaching be a blessing to You and to our Lord Yashua, and to Your people, Israel. Amen.

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