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May 2020 miracle

Hello again. This post is just an extract (edited just slightly) from an earlier post from back in 2020. I am posting some of it separately here today simply to make it easier for me to point people towards the miracle shown in the video within this post, rather than them trying to find the video near the end of a very long post from 2020.

On 1st May 2020, as I had just started to write the post linked above, I did something through the Power of The Blood of our Lord. From a distance of c.300-400 yards I silenced a tree full of squawking crows and ravens, filthy carrion eating birds, who all live together in a huge tree just outside of my village (the name for this ‘tree home for carrion birds’ is a rookery by the way). Some friends and family and other people I have met and talked to over the past four years, and with whom I have shared the video have all (without exception) responded with varying degrees of cognitive dissonance, ignoring the fact of video evidence of a pre-announced miracle, all of them denying it is a miracle, some saying it’s just a coincidence, others with no other explanation, but still unwilling to accept it as a miracle. I have found the reactions to be very strange, indicative of closed minds, and eyes that are unable to see, even though many of them were people of faith in God, including Christians. So please watch the video yourself, it takes a little while for the silence to arrive, and I will note some additional points below, and then you may choose to watch the video again:

I recommend watching the video at least three times. You will hear how loud the birds are at the start. Then you will notice how the wind picks up and a blackbird starts to sing as I am focussing on my faith in the Power of The Lord’s Blood, then the crows slowly but surely stop their squawking, and at the 1:18 mark the sun appears and the last couple of quiet squawks are heard, and then a blissful silence. It  was easy for me to do this, as I had done the same thing before whilst sunbathing in my backyard, and the crows kept flying over to annoy me (sent by their father no doubt), but each time one appeared I would use the thought of the Power of The Blood of Our Lord to silence them, and it was very amusing, as some would simply immediately become dumb, whilst others would attempt to keep squawking, but each squawk would become more of a squeak, until no sound appeared. Doing a whole tree full from distance felt a bit harder (although in reality it wasn’t harder at all, it just took a little while longer to do so many birds), but that’s because it’s a new power to me, and I need to gain confidence with it, and also, I don’t want to waste it on frivolous things like this really. But this video is for you, and I’ll be interested to hear of your experiences, have you used The Power perhaps to cure someone, or to cast out demons, or to bless someone? I hope I am not alone in this regard?
You will also notice in the video that there are lots of fine white dandelion seeds in the air, that was the first day they appeared, on the first day after my 40 days and nights up on this hill with God back in late March into April 2020, and what a 40 days it was, and all of that is contained within blog posts back in 2020 and 2021.
The powers I had then to silence crows were just a temporary gift for me, a bit of fun, and perhaps a little taste for me of what is to come when the miracles I perform around the world will be in line with all of the other major prophets. The miracle powers disappeared soon after this video was recorded, and as at the 29th March 2024 I haven’t performed any other miracles, but I am sure the video capture was part of God’s plan, ready for when I am travelling the world and many more people are visiting this website, and they will be able to see this video.