2 Malachi

May 2020 (green pastures, still waters)

Hello again.

Twelve days of my 40 days of testing and tempting by Satan to go, I am counting them. The nights are awful, so I am sleeping very little, then catching up with sleep from 6am until very late morning. I am coping; one night it was sexual temptation for hours, eventually I had to just get out of bed and distract myself with a snack to make it stop. Last night it was the same, plus physical pain, a dull ache and itching, all night, so very little sleep until dawn broke, then I managed a few hours. I prefer the physical pain to the mental attacks though, and I think I have defeated those now. But we shall see.

But back to the early summer period, and on 6th May 2020 I was blessed with another up-close sheep and lamb experience, and it was revealed to me at some point later in the summer that Psalm 23 is written for me and is prophetic, as my Father has twice caused me to lay down in green pastures and to walk by still waters, as well as leading me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. It was very strange when He revealed this to me, in retrospect it was obvious, but I’d never have put two and two and two together, it was a very special revelation for me, a sign of my Father’s awesome power that has been at work quietly in my life without me realising, as well as a great example of His loving-kindness. It is sometimes difficult to come to terms with the presence of my Father in my life, the matters He has arranged to ensure prophecy is fulfilled, to keep me safe, to bless me, as so much that I have experienced, all through my life, has been directly arranged by Him, even down to my love of the number 7 from an early age, and meeting a pop band called the Christians in my early 20s. At the time I had no idea He was involved of course, and the experience was very exciting for me, so I am no longer troubled by my past life. This period of 40 days of testing and tempting has included further battles between my free will and my Father’s will.

But, as I write, on day 28 of 40, and after more significant misery these past two days at the loss of my own free will in most matters for the rest of my life, I have become reconciled to the fact that I must fully submit to my Father’s will now, my role is too important for me to even think of rebelling. I expect that after a very intense period for the next 12 years, things will then be a little bit quieter for the following 1,000 years, although ruling the entire world, I really can’t even think about what that will be like to be honest (lots of delegation I think, like when I was a bank branch manager). I imagine only other men who have been used by God in significant roles could understand the mental battles I have been subjected to recently, as well as back in May. It’s all been very sudden for me, as just four years ago I was an unbeliever, or very agnostic at best, and now I have been through an extraordinary couple of years, especially this year, and I am still really a babe in my faith, although I know more truth than any man on the planet at the moment. So, I am reconciled to my pre-destined role, to having lots to do in the next 12 years, all of which I expect to be exciting and fulfilling personally, as well as crucial in the end times for my Father’s kingdom.

Back to Psalm 23, and here are some videos of the green pastures and still waters, the first experience was in northern Iceland back in 2017, and the next experience was this past summer:







I made a note on 7th May 2020 of 1 Timothy 4:10, which is yet another crass and terrible mistranslation by the Romans. Here is the bad translation that most bibles use:

This is why we work hard and continue to struggle, for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people and particularly of all believers.

Obviously, this is a fiction, as my Father is ONLY the saviour of those with faith and obedience, known as Israel (not the piece of land, the people). So, here is an accurate translation:

This is why we strive and struggle, because we hope and trust in the living God, that is I Am, who is the saviour of any man, especially of those full of faith

It’s very sad that the translators, under the influence of the enemy of God, decided to remove one of His names, the great ‘I Am’, from the translations, but it is here in this verse, and I have ssen it in other verses too. So, be of no doubt, the mighty and terrible God of the old scriptures is very much the same God of the new scriptures, despite the pagans best efforts to (mostly) forget about Him altogether in their efforts to fashion a roman-esque religion based upon idolatry and lies about the messiah Yahshua. It’s literally a miracle that any have seen through the deceptions over the past two thousand years, but not that many have done so, most were deceived.

On 8th May 2020 I noted John 6:44-46:

“No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day. 45It is written in the Prophets: ‘And they will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard the Father and learned from Him comes to Me— 46not that anyone has seen the Father except the One who is from God; only He has seen the Father.

My Father knows everyone’s heart and soul, better than we know it ourselves. So, He knows if someone will be open to salvation through faith in Him and belief in His son Yahshua, and so He draws those people toward Yahshua, to give them a chance. He also knows that most will fall away, as many are called, but few are chosen. But no man can accuse my Father of being unfair here. He knows that hardcore puffed-up atheists, and those literally serving Satan, will not repent, so He does not draw them to Yahshua, as they have decided to live with a lie, and with sin their prime motivator, and doing evil to others. So, they are left with their choices. But He will call those with open minds and hearts that are not poisoned and black, and give them a chance for salvation, and I am one of those people. He made us all, so He knows what choices we will make with our lives at every turn, whilst not robbing us of our free will.

The comment about being ‘taught by God’ hearkens back to Jeremiah 31:31-33, when we are told:

No longer will each man teach his neighbor or his brother,

saying, ‘Know Yehovah God,’

because they will all know Me,

from the least of them to the greatest, declares Yehovah.

For I will forgive their iniquities

and will remember their sins no more.

Verse 46 has also been badly translated, and so totally distorts the truth. At that point in time, literally no man had seen God in heaven. Not Yahshua, if he had seen my Father in heaven face-to-face, or indeed on earth, he would have died. Rest assured, if such a meeting has taken place, it would be in scriptures. So, the romans switched the whole sentence around to push their trinity narrative again. Here is the correct translation, and please note the order of the words from the original Greek:

Not that the Father has been perceived with the mind by anyone, no, not the (great) I Am, except he who is from God, he perceives the mind of the Father

You will note that the Jews that Yahshua was speaking with didn’t say to him ‘what? no one has seen God and lived to tell the tale, you heretic and liar’. Because they knew Yahshua was talking about knowing the Father’s will, being one with Him, the effect of His Word being in Yahshua. So, Yahshua didn’t see our Father until he was taken up to heaven AFTER his death and resurrection. So, let me tell you now, that is how much faith Yahshua had in the promises my Father would have revealed to him about his role and the reward of resurrection and being taken up to sit at His right hand side in heaven. Yahshua died purely because of his great faith and obedience and trust in the promises, and the necessity of his role, as the ‘Lord of Spirits’ mentioned throughout the book of Enoch. (Interestingly, when I was shown that scripture back in May, I didn’t know any of what I just wrote above, and in fact my Father showed me the correct meaning as I wrote this post, real-time teaching and preaching. To be fair, I did know that no one had seen God and lived to tell the tale. Only a man who has eaten from the tree of life and can not die will see my Father’s glory, with no fear of death, and that man is me, and soon I hope).

Someone shared a written piece with me on 8th May 2020 that I think is well worth the read, especially with what lies ahead during the next 12 years, and also because Satan has been pushing a very similar deception on me all through this 40 days so far. The lie is that a faithless death is the only a way to escape the ‘game of life’ loop that he lies about us being trapped within, and that faith and hope in God just leads to more misery, forever, as our spirits are sent back into a fallen earth (in my case, I have been led to believe this would be as the next ice-age cycle thaws out). So, Satan lies that eternity with God is in fact just a few hundred thousand years, then it all starts again, over and over, and he offers the only way to break the loop, via ‘freedom’ from my Father, that freedom obviously involving as much sin as you like. Here’s a link to the article, well worth a read, in the hope that you will never fall for these lies:


I have to say, having just re-read it again, the writer does an excellent job of explaining the dilemma, and he writes this very insightful comment:

I will say this. The sole and exclusive reason that I could choose 1 in that
 instant was *not* that I had faith to begin with - it was because
 I *chose faith anew after it had been temporarily taken from me*.
 As stated above, both outcomes seem more or less symmetric - 
without any other information, you really aren't sure whether to side 
with the Continuation or the Escape.

That is exactly what I have been going through these past 28 days, time and time again, like a demonic roller-coaster ride, swinging down into faithless suicidal despair in life and the games played by the supernatural entities that have us imprisoned on this planet (that has been my ‘demonic vision’), and then back up again when I recall the fear I have of my Father, my love for His perfect laws, and the knowledge I have of His loving kindness, versus the evils of Satan which have hassled me from a very young age. So, each time, my faith has been renewed, and each time, it is a little bit stronger too, and I have just 12 days left to endure now. The writer is also correct, we can’t outsmart Satan, not a hope. We can only out-faith him, and rely on my Father and the Lord Yahshua. So, please read the piece, it will help many of you in the troubles that lie ahead, when faith will be greatly tested.

I want to share a song, another one by the fine (but defunct) Welsh band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci called ‘The Man With Salt Hair’. Sadly, this song is obscure, from one of their earlier albums, so I can’t find any versions of it online at all to share with you, which is a shame, as it it an incredible and strange song, very haunting ending, and I am sure it has creation themes in the poem that is read at the start of the song. Even the band’s name ‘Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci’ is meaningful, but I won’t explain that here. I can share the poem, and the very few lyrics to the song, as someone on a facebook group kindly photographed the sleeve notes for me:

You may need to download the photos to view the lyrics, if you want to. The name Alay is mentioned for the catatonic man with salt hair, his mind suspended in space. I have a feeling about this man, but I will not comment until I actually have the answer. Alay is a strange name, it could be an older spelling of the word ‘allay’, but it also has other meanings in other languages, such as ‘consecrated, offering, dedicate’ in what I think is filipino.

The song ends with a firing squad and guns firing, and makes me think of the martyrs that will face their deaths for their faith in the period from 2029-2032. May God give them strength and peace of mind at the time, these saints will have a short sleep, just a few years at most, before being resurrected to eternal life. A test of faith though to be sure, but if they’ve made it that far, they will pass the ultimate test.

To close this post, some songs that my Father showed me were all about our relationship (mine and His), some of which I hadn’t heard before, some of which were long-forgotten favourites. I will share just the names of the songs, with the links to the lyrics if you are curious, I won’t bother to explain the meaning, but if you’ve been reading my story for a while, you’ll see it straightaway:

There are some more songs, but the next one is very significant, full of messages to me from my Father, so I will start the next post with that one, and with details of how Satan trolled me twice in this period, as well as filling my head with his lies, the same sort of lies he’s been filling my head with again during these past 29 days. But I am getting wise to his lies now, so what will he try next?

Despite the trials of the past 29 days, my Father has blessed me with a few very nice experiences and many more revelations, so you will read about those when I catch up in the months ahead.

I am also delighted to report that I have finished the entirety of ‘the bible’, which I call the scriptures. Poignantly, I finished on my book, Malachi, as I started on Matthew, perhaps a little less than 3 years ago, I can’t recall. It’s good to have finished, and I have now started again with Matthew, and it is so much more interesting to read it now, with more knowledge and wisdom, and already I can see that Yahshua taught and preached the laws of our Father repeatedly, but this is never mentioned by pastors, for obvious reasons (lying wolves). So I was very delighted to see this, and to have finished the scriptures. I am on the book of Judith in the apocrypha, so that will soon be finished, and I am still listening to ‘random’ chapters of the KJV, selected by my Father to teach me, nearly every day. You can’t beat the Word of God you know!

Be blessed, my readers, time is so short now until things get much hotter in the world. The lukewarm have no idea how much peril they are currently in, with their vain pre-tribulation rapture dreams and lawless pagan fakery. They will soon realise they have been spewed out, that my Father is not with them at all, but is against them. Millions will fall away, especially in America and Britain. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I noticed that the top man in the Iranian nuclear programme was assassinated yesterday too, something that’s bound to stir up the feelings in the middle east, with Israel being blamed. Was it Israel? Was it a false flag? Was it my Father acting? Hard to tell, but prophecy will be fulfilled. And sometime, maybe spring next year, the first seal on the scroll will be broken by the lamb of God in heaven, then watch out. I am eager to get started, but all in good time.

Bless you Father, bless you Lord Yahshua, thanks for keeping me going during this test period, it’s so hard, but I persevere, with your help.

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