2 Malachi

May 2020 – A warning, some signs, and revelations galore

Hello again.

Only 6 days of my 40 days of testing and temptation to go now, and I am feeling much stronger than I was two weeks ago. Satan’s attempts to knock my faith have failed. I have humbled myself before my Father anew, and with pure and utter and total humility and acceptance of my fate, and the fact that nothing would even exist without Him, so if He calls, you just answer and be glad He made you as He did, and the world, and everything in it. It’s a great feeling to just totally submit and accept one’s own insignificance, and I get the feeling that this 40 days period is as much about that as anything else. Most of it has been in the mind (although there have been regular nightly supernatural pains and other matters that have afflicted my body, sometimes all night, more recently for a couple of hours), so it’s really hard to piece together the roller-coaster ride, and explain it to a third-party, but I will do so, when I catch up with my diary entries here. For now, rejoice that I have avoided sin, learned how to cast out the deceptive lies that the enemy puts into my head at night, and that the enemy is running out of days to try anything else now.

But now, back to the middle of May 2020, when much was revealed to me, about myself, and future events, and about scriptures. It was a difficult time, but fascinating and exciting too. In honesty, the whole of 2020 has been very intense, and I know the future for me holds many challenges as well as rewards, but I try to focus on one day at a time, and trust my Father to keep me going (although I really fancy a week’s holiday after the 40 days finishes).

On 11th May 2020 I was looking at scriptures on my phone using the Bible Hub app. At this time, I was in a very negative frame of mind about my destiny, and was not accepting of it at all, so I had stopped posting blogs, and was pondering whether to continue with the ‘messenger’ role at all. In fact, at that precise time, I wasn’t keen to do it, thinking that my life was pre-programmed and pointless. But on 11th May, as I was looking at a chapter on the Bible Hub app, another chapter appeared, as I tried to search for something else. The chapter that appeared was Ecclesiastes 5, and verse 5 specifically was highlighted, and I tried to swipe it away from the screen to what I was looking for, but after 4 or 5 swipes, and it not moving I was given the message ‘this is for you!’. I responded curtly and with anger ‘Ok, Ok, I get it’. And then it swiped away. Here is the first part of that chapter:

Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Draw near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong. 2Do not be quick to speak, and do not be hasty in your heart to utter a word before God. After all, God is in heaven and you are on earth. So let your words be few.

3As a dream comes through many cares,

so the speech of a fool comes with many words.

4When you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it, because He takes no pleasure in fools. Fulfill your vow. 5It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.

6Do not let your mouth cause your flesh to sin, and do not tell the messenger* that your vow was a mistake. Why should God be angry with your words and destroy the work of your hands? 7For as many dreams bring futility, so do many words. Therefore, fear God.

*Interestingly, that word in Hebrew is ‘malach’, the same as in Malachi, and it also means ‘angel’.

I am going to be honest, my Father knows this anyway, as he knows what I think. I felt duped at that point, because I took the Nazarite vow the day after I met Him, based on a ‘thought injection’ from Him, when I was in a highly emotional state (you may recall I stupidly also proposed marriage to an ex-girlfriend on the same day), and I just made the vow and shaved my head without any real thought of anything, other than that I was going to be His messenger and teach the law. But after 1st May, when it was revealed that my eventual role was going to be much more significant, and my free will choices were now very limited, I was highly pissed off, hence the curt reply. Bad of me I know, I have apologised in prayer. But He was of course right to remind me that I was being foolish in thinking of not following through on my vow which dedicated my life to Him, as He would consider that sin, and would inevitably punish me greatly for being a fool in vowing rashly. So, He knew what He was doing (of course), and He knows me, so He knew that eventually I would accept the fate and enthusiastically embrace my new life serving Him for the next 1,012 years, and especially the next 12 years. I am curious whether other prophets had moments like mine, where they suddenly realised their old life was just gone, never to return? I am guessing yes they did, I am guessing based on my experiences that my Father knows how to take people from ‘normal lives’ to prophet/messenger over a period of months or years, before He gets them working for Him. However, He also knows I am a ‘child’ in my faith, and He has imbued me with His Word, and told me not fear anything, but to trust Him, which I will certainly do:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

and before you were born I set you apart

and appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

6“Ah, Lord GOD,” I said, “I surely do not know how to speak, for I am only a child!”

7But Yehovah told me:

“Do not say,

‘I am only a child.’

For to everyone I send you,

you must go,

and all that I command you,

you must speak.

8Do not be afraid of them,

for I am with you to deliver you,”

declares Yehovah.

9Then Yehovah reached out His hand, touched my mouth, and said to me:

“Behold, I have put My words

in your mouth.

10See, I have appointed you today

over nations and kingdoms

to uproot and tear down,

to destroy and overthrow,

to build and plant.”

These verses can only refer to the anointed prophet for these times, as there has been no other destroying prophet who went to the nations, and who had His words in their mouth, nor who destroyed and overthrew, and then built and planted (Isaiah 61). So, I had to adjust to all of this in the May period, the enormity of the task that lie ahead, and frankly, accepting WHO I WAS FORMED TO BE, the triumphant messiah, the King of Kings, the rider on the white horse, all of it. Believe me, all of this was revealed to me in just two months, all of it, and it was a tough time accepting it all, and waving goodbye to my normal life, and of course, lockdown and all the virus crap was floating around, so life was no longer free and normal anyway.

That night, because I was disturbed at the level of death and suffering that lies ahead for the world, I made a very long and heart-felt prayer (in ignorance though) for my Father to just make everyone see His ways and follow His laws and open their hearts and then the slaughter could be avoided. But I realised later that free will overrides my prayer, and everyone has had a chance to know Him, and will have a chance to know Him before the real suffering starts, but most will remain in their sin, and so will be deserving of death. He is perfectly just, but it will all be horrific, the plagues, the famine and cannibalism, the wars and earthquakes and invasions, and all that before the bowls of wrath are dished out. I am so thankful I am not on the wrong side of all of that.

At some point, and I can’t find exactly when I noted this down, further details were revealed to me about the specifics of the mark of the beast. I was amazed, as it fits precisely with certain monetary matters that I have been watching for a few years professionally. I will do a separate post and add it to a new section of the website in due course, so I won’t give any explanations here and now, but I will simply show you what the tattoo the enemy will require will look like below, as you would look at it on your hand, and which will be upside-down when the hand is presented to a card reader in a store for payment:

Please note, it won’t be this exact image, but it will of a fine gold bar, with its fineness shown as .999, which when inverted is 666 of course, and why would we be surprised at there being a bit of deception from the liar-deceiver-in-chief? The phrase I was also shown that they (the Bank for International Settlements) will use to describe their new digital money is ‘as good as gold’. If you are curious, go to the BIS website, or do a web search on ‘central bank digital currency’. That is what will be introduced, with the mark, around the 2028-2029 period. Mark my words. I will write more later, and explain how we get from where we are today to a world that will be begging for a new kind of stable gold-backed (but not really) currency. It was very interesting for me to see this piece of the puzzle, given my business looks at monetary and investment matters anyway. So, now you know, and I am sure none of my readers will take that mark, and by the time it comes, most of the world will have heard my messages, and will know of Yahshua’s prophesy in the book of Revelation, so hopefully many will not be deceived and will see that evil is at work, and will turn to my Father and the Lord at the end and become martyrs. The last shall be first remember.

So, I think the revelations above came toward the end of April, but I couldn’t find it in my notes. Now, on to the story of what happened on 12th May 2020, a day with amazing signs from my Father relating to the mark of the beast….and I really do mean totally amazing.

I had two client meetings that day, with the first being conducted on the telephone, as the clients were nervous of the ‘virus’. (I work as an investment consultant by the way). So, these clients in the morning, a husband and wife, they obtained the values of their four investment plans, and gave the figures to me, and I noted them down and then added up the grand total. Here is a photo of the sheet:

Hopefully you can see that there are four values, and that when they are totalled down near the bottom of the sheet, the figure arrived at is £666, 427. So, I noticed the 666 of course, but I didn’t say anything to the clients, as I have never witnessed to them at all (or rather I hadn’t done at that time, I have done so subsequently). I considered that it could have just been a coincidence, but I thought that it probably wasn’t, and was a sign of some kind.

In the afternoon, I drove to see another married couple, people I have known via the business for over 15 years, a nice couple. I had witnessed to them previously, so I spent some time at the meeting telling them about the gold bar and the mark of the beast and digital money, but I didn’t mention the sheet above and the value for the total investments.

We had to make some phone calls next in this meeting, to obtain investment and portfolio values. For two of the four investment plans, the clients had to go through a security check with the provider company. The husband went first, and nothing untoward happened during his call. When the wife took the phone, something extraordinary happened. Around four years ago, this company asked all clients to choose a six-digit security number, and when the client gets in touch, or uses their online services, their system asks for a random three digits of the six. When it’s on the phone, the telephone agent doesn’t know all six digits, and the system randomly chooses which of the six digits to ask for. And to repeat, the clients themselves chose the six digit numbers around four years ago (I use the same provider for an investment plan). So, this is how the call went with the wife:

Phone operator: Hello Mrs Smith, can I have digit number two of your security passcode number please?

Mrs Smith (not her real name): Six

Phone operator: Thank you, and can I also have digit number four of your security number please?

Mrs Smith: That’s also six.

(At this moment, I knew that the final digit would also be a six, spoiler I know)

Phone operator: Thank you, and finally can I also have digit number five of the security number please?

Mrs Smith: Em, that’s also six.

At that point, the client gives me the phone to collect the investment details and she goes into a form of shock, slumped back in the sofa with her hands over her face, laughing and repeating ‘I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it’. For me it was a special moment, as it was the first sign or miracle that I have experienced with someone in the UK. The other signs I shared with someone else were all also numerical, with my friend Jamal in Agadir in early 2019.

This sign was much more incredible, as one can only wonder with awe and amazement at how my Father managed to arrange for these two separate 666s to appear on the same day, when you consider the prior steps that were necessary to arrive at either of the 666s. I really had no idea just how involved He was with life down here on earth, when He needs to be. I really do look forward to learning how He actually does it though? To arrange an investment portfolio to total £666, xxx on that day, when the original investments were made over 15 years ago, and have been added to monthly ever since, across dozens of funds, with four different companies, and also added to with a lump sum, frankly it’s literally miraculous. And to have it on the same day as another incredible 666 sign, also miraculous. And to have both of those meetings on the same day too, and one of these sets of clients had their investments before they had even met me! It was a very exciting day for sure, and I will never ceased to be amazed at miracles like this (I have more to report in due course).

So, I told the client (Mrs Smith) that I had known that the third six would happen before she said it, then I told her that this was a sign from God, for her and her husband, and I then told her about the £666, xxx valuation from the morning meeting too. I mentioned that I had witnessed dozens of signs and miracles recently, and that it was really nice to share one with them. They both looked somewhat shocked. (Sadly, on my next visit to them, when I told them all about my experiences to date, they were both sceptical about belief or faith in God, even after the sign they were given, how sad is that eh?).

There were some more 666 signs in the weeks ahead, and I will cover them in date order in future posts.

Back in real time, it’s now 4th December 2020, and my Father has just arranged to give me admin rights over a facebook group which has over 32,000 members, it is/was a seventh day adventist group, but all man-made doctrines and traditions are now banned there, to the chagrin of some, but others are yet to realise what has happened, and I am starting to drop truths there. It is a busy time, but I can see my Father is moving now, as I head towards the end of the 40 days of testing and tempting by Satan, only 5 days to go. I recall that Yahshua’s ministry went public after his 40 days, so I wonder if the first seal is about to be broken? I don’t know, no idea, but I will keep you posted, although perhaps you will become aware of it in real time? I remain calm and confident in my Father’s hands, and look forward to serving Him more widely as time passes, it’s all very exciting indeed (yes, I am calm and excited at the same time), I am truly blessed that He created me as I am, to be His servant ahead of the only Great Reset that will matter on earth, the meek taking over, and the evil ones all gone. Boom, cannot wait.

Do all you can to be righteous now for His name’s sake, to give Him glory, to reflect His light into the world, to save souls, to increase the harvest, and to show Him that you fear Him and love Him, and seek to submit to His will, and to also give honour and glory to the Lord Yahshua, making full use of his precious blood and death, and the holy spirit he gave us all through his work. Praise God, and His son. Amen.

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