2 Malachi

Justice and freedom for mankind

This post is an open letter to the Lord, Yehoshua (commonly known as Jesus), who is our intercessor with God.

Dear Lord,

As the months have passed over the past three years, it has become obvious to me that evil forces have gained complete control over the earth, and possibly over heaven too.

I was given a job to do for God, to be His messenger, to restore all things (notably to re-teach His laws to others), to be a light to the nations, and eventually to inherit all things and reign as King on earth, with all nations having their own king, selected from the meek, in a world free from evil and deception and living according to God’s laws.

I have done all I can to fulfill these roles over the past three years, the Book of the Law has been published, with teachings for every law. But despite it being published back in September 2021, I have to date taught only a handful of people (and one of them was a fraudster).

I was prompted to draw a line in the sand for God back in September 2021, as I refused to serve Him whilst He was still working with Satan against mankind. I was led to believe that I visited heaven on 31st December 2021, where prophecy was supposedly fulfilled and Satan and his angels lost a battle and were ejected from heaven for their rebellion. I had already suffered 40 days and nights of torture from Satan back in October 2021. I have doubts that Satan was in fact ejected from heaven as I was led to believe, because I have suffered torment and abuse and torture intermittently since the beginning of 2022. Is he now given free reign to do what he likes on earth to servants of God, and does he still have influence on God in heaven, or even worse does he have all power and authority in heaven and on earth? I have been supernaturally raped and sexually abused countless times, at night and during the daytime, and the psychological, emotional and spiritual effect of these attacks is incredibly hard to live with for me. How could God allow these atrocities to happen to me? I also suffer regular night-time physical attacks, mostly just irritating, but sometimes painful. Very rarely am I protected from these attacks, and they all result in sleep deprivation and physical exhaustion, as well as soreness and aching all over my body, as well as acute mental distress at what is happening to me. As well as this I was allowed to be defrauded of over £70,000 that was meant to be helping the poor and orphans in Africa, and this following a prayer to God for someone to help. God also allowed me to be publicly humiliated many times, as a result of deceptions, when He allowed me to be deceived by evil ones. The evil ones, or God Himself, threatened to kill both of my cats, and I lost all hope at that threat, and told them so, so instead they killed one of my cats, having previously injured both of them needlessly too. They interfere in all aspects of my life every day, even to the extent of fixing decks of cards against me when I am playing recreational poker-in-the-pub. They mock me online, and through music and video and social media comments, and they ensure I am too unfit to take part in sports, or even to go walking in the countryside, and they have turned my family and former friends against me too. All through this period I been asking myself ‘Where is God, why do I suffer continually, why I am not being delivered from evil, why is my life being ruined, but at the same time I am prevented from fully serving God as I was led to believe’? But no answer has been forthcoming, and it has now reached the stage where I am prevented from having sufficient sleep to live a normal life, frequently forced to sleep during the day, because of night-time torments. So I despair Lord, it appears no one is with me at all.

Despite all of the above I have worked frequently out on the streets in my corner of South West England as I am sure you know, especially last summer, even though I suffered sexual assaults as I drove to various locations. I have also lived righteously Lord, with just a few brief slips, my desire has still been to demonstrate obedience to God by obeying His laws. I have not been physically or mentally strong enough to go out onto the streets much in recent months though, so I ponder why God would allow my physical and mental and spiritual strength to be slowly but surely destroyed, when I have constantly demonstrated my willingness to serve Him?   I do not have an answer to that question, but it is the one thing that I fear, that the God who is described in the scriptures is nothing more than a cruel tormentor of humans, who views us as playthings for His amusement, and allows us to be tortured and massacred by the evil angels and demons that have plagued us for (at least) thousands of years. Could it be that God has given up on mankind, or never really had any intentions to give us lives we could enjoy? And what about the promises of a renewed earth, free from evil, will those promises be upheld?

I was apparently made a scapegoat for a year, but with no explanation of why, and as far as I can tell, I am still being made a scapegoat, given to evil ones for them to abuse and mock as they like. You Lord have offered me no help at all, and the Most High has only offered intermittent help. I require explanations of these matters please Lord, nothing really makes any sense any more, it is simply unremittingly evil.

Whilst I have suffered greatly during this period, mankind as a whole is now suffering massive casualties from the mRna poisons administered by deception to billions. None of the people afflicted deserved to be poisoned, as they were all deceived. Nothing has been done to offer them light in these dark times, it appears that evil rules the world, and is unchecked, and mankind is slowly but surely being eradicated from the earth, with digital slavery planned for those who survive. That prospect is unjust, and I cannot work with a God who will allow that to happen. It must somehow be stopped.

I have realised that God’s plan provides far greater emphasis on strange numerical patters, especially the number seven, God’s personal name in the Hebrew (Shebah), and far less emphasis on doing the right thing at the right time. I have also realised, sadly, that none of us have free will, our thoughts and actions are not always our own, we are literally controlled by God, much as you may control the actions of a character in a computer game. One example of this is my inexplicable love of the number 7, which I had since I was a child. This was implanted in me by God. Also, somehow my own baptism took place on 7th September 2017, a 7 x 7 combination (sept-ember used to be the seventh month). The four of us who arranged the baptism week believed we were acting with free will, but obviously that date was pre-arranged by God, so He controlled our actions to make it happen. And it also is due to be the date of the day of wrath in 2032, 7th September. I do not value my life any more, knowing that I am being moved around and my thoughts and desires and actions are all controlled or influenced by an invisible power. Are we ever going to be granted freedom to live as salient beings Lord, totally free from mind and body control? If not, please, kill me here and now, because that is not life, that is just being a pawn in a sick game.

And for thousands of years now, billions of innocent humans have been in constant torment in the pits of the earth, the vast majority of them never had a chance to defeat the evil ones who prey on them. Humans are very trusting, naive to a degree, with good hearts, easy prey for those with evil intentions. Yet God chooses to cause those who were preyed upon during (often very difficult and unpleasant) lives on earth to be continually tormented down in the pits of the earth. This torment is abhorrent to me as a human, it is unjust and cruel, and I once again draw a line in the sand for God, as I will refuse to serve Him if that torment continues. I volunteer to go down into the pits myself and end their torment, and to announce to them all that eventually they will be living in peace and love on a new earth, with complete freedom from supernatural powers. I need to do this myself, to believe it, and I need to see concrete proof that Satan has been ejected from heaven, as I was led to believe. These are matters of trust, and my trust has been continually abused for over two years, so I will no longer simply trust on these matters, I will see it with my own eyes in order to believe it please Lord.

I have kept my faith throughout all of the past three years, but that faith is now at the point where it will turn into real visible action, or it will simply die. Does God actually care about mankind, does God really want me to be a light to the nations, and will God ever deliver me and others from evil? Now is the time for those questions to be answered, now or never I believe.

I ask you Lord to do whatever you can to bring about justice immediately for mankind. It is not acceptable for our species to continue to be abused, murdered, deceived and enslaved by evil entities, nor for the wrath of God to be given to any human who has been deceived by very powerful forces. I wonder if there are forces in existence that have been watching events on our planet, and if they can see what our God has allowed to happen to mankind? Is there anyone anywhere in existence that can give us justice and freedom? If so Lord, please allow me to plead the case (hopefully with the help of you and others like us) for our species to be freed from our abusive captors forever. Otherwise, life is simply not worth having.

I am not perfect, but I believe in justice and freedom, and if allowed to serve as King on earth, I will do my best to ensure every nation treats its people in a just and loving way, with as much freedom as possible, and a fair and small set of laws designed to maintain those freedoms, and that we all love one another and treat each other as good neighbours should.

I will work with anyone, whether human or any other species, who has a desire to see humans freed from their terrible and cruel bondage, freed from the lies and the evil and the murder and suffering. Freed to enjoy lifelong marriages and family life and the world that we were given, via Adam, thousands of years ago.

In conclusion Lord, this is the final chance for mankind to emerge as a free salient species here on earth, and I once again pledge my service to do whatever I can to bring about that freedom. I also request that justice includes suitable punishment for the evil ones who have caused us so much misery, whoever they are, whatever their positions or rank or lineage, all who have taken part in enabling the terrible suffering we have endured deserve to be punished appropriately, even unto death. This punishment must also include those evil humans who have knowingly worked against their fellow humans. This would include political leaders and monarchs, as well as those who produce the propaganda of the evil ones in media, and those who prey on our children, and who destroy our health. If they know what they do is serving evil, they must all be punished for their evil works, and I humbly suggest that they are either killed or banished from the earth forever.

Lord, it is very difficult for me to know who precisely is going to help us, or who precisely is to blame for my own suffering, and that of mankind generally, but I have a glimmer of hope still that justice can be delivered, and that mankind can be freed from oppression, and that love and light and peace and justice will defeat evil here on earth. I request night-time protection and a restoration of my physical health please, but I will not be resuming street work until justice has been done on the matters noted above, especially the torments of those in the pits of the earth, and power and authority being given back to us, so that we can tackle and eradicate evil, and prevent the terrible sufferings that prophesy indicates are due to happen in the next nine years leading up to 7th September 2032. We can stop it all, we can prevent billions from dying, we can prevent the digital slavery beast system, but we need justice, and we need action to be taken immediately to turn things around.

If I do not see this justice being delivered, with power given to you and I, by the date that this website is due to be renewed in the middle of May, I will allow it to lapse, and everything on it will be lost forever, and I will lose all hope for mankind and will lose all remaining faith in a loving and just God. I do not make any of these demands out of self-interest or because I have a large ego, as I hope you know Lord. I never desired any of this on my plate, all I ever desired in life was peace and quiet. I don’t desire power or the throne or fame or riches at all. I make these demands on behalf of our fellow humans. I trust you will do all that you can Lord to help your fellow man, as you did two thousand years ago when you died for us, and I will do all I can too. May you be blessed in your endeavours, we love you Lord, thank you.

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