2 Malachi

July 2020 (the horse lesson)

Hello again.

On 2nd July 2020 (2/7), I went for an evening stroll up the hill, and as was usual for that time I had a small bag of carrots which I’d cut into pieces, ready to feed the horses in one of the fields, over the top of the gate, something I had done many times. On this occasion the horses that I usually fed were at the far end of their field, and so they didn’t notice me. So, I carried on up the hill and decided to go back into the field where I’d had the very strange time back in April with horses, as detailed in a previous blog post (the horse section is at least halfway down that post).

I had assumed that the same horses would be in the same field, and as I’d sat amongst them for over an hour previously, and walked amongst them on another occasion, I didn’t have any thoughts for my safety at all. But when I climbed over the gate into the field, I immediately noticed that the 6 or 7 horses in the field were different horses. Nevertheless, I walked out towards them with the bag of carrots, with no trepidation whatsoever. I was just going to feed them the carrots and leave again, simple.

A few horses approached me, and I fed them a piece of carrot each. One of them was obviously a young horse, and was very eager to nab another carrot from me, but as the rest of the horses approached, I wanted to make sure every horse got a fair share. A couple of the horses were very large, including a white horse, which was huge. This horse wasn’t interested in the carrots at all, but it still came over, and before I realised what was happening I was tightly surrounded by horses, and with a couple of them getting over-excited by the thought of more carrots. This was the first moment when I felt uncomfortable, as I felt quite small in amongst a throng of horses.

The frisky young horse was pushing other horses in its excitement to get to me and the carrots, and it bumped against the rear half of the huge white horse, which was facing away from me. As quick as a flash, the white horse kicked out backwards with its back right leg, and caught me on the side of the lower calf on my left leg.

I just about had a fraction of second to think ‘shit, it’s kicked me’, before the pain hit, and it was bloody painful. Photos are below, and even though I was wearing a pair of jeans, blood was drawn, and I still have a faint scar as I type today, with an indentation on the leg that I can feel. As I felt the pain, and the shock, the white horse turned around, clearly in a foul mood, and began to walk toward me. I backed away, every step was agony, but the bloody horse kept coming. I turned away from it and started to limp up the hill as fast as I could, and the horse started to trot, so as a distraction I threw the bag of carrots up in the air towards the horse’s head, and turned around and put as much effort as I could into moving away quickly, and thankfully the horse didn’t pursue me any further. So I gingerly hobbled up to the top of the field, every step pure agony by now, and the leg was already feeling stiff and I could feel the wound stinging too. I managed to climb over the fence (normally a piece of cake, but not on that occasion), and then hobbled some more and climbed another fence back onto the lane up the hill from my home. I was only around 400 yards from home, so I hobbled down the hill a bit, but then I started to feel really bad, nauseous and light-headed, so I had to sit down, and chose the step outside of the graveyard to rest. A cold sweat came over me, and I had a quick look at  the damage to my leg too:

The second photo is a week or two after the kicking, whereas the first photo is from the same evening. I know it doesn’t look too bad, but it was very painful when it happened.

So, after sitting on the step of the graveyard for 10 minutes, and with the cold sweat having passed, I decided to make my way back home. I hobbled down the hill, no more than about 20 steps or so, when I felt extremely faint, and knew I was going to go, so I knelt down quickly, and then was hit with the most intense cold sweat, and decided to just lay on my back in the middle of the lane. It took another ten minutes for this to pass, and I decided to try to stand and make my way home, and thankfully this time I didn’t feel sick or faint, and got home slowly, with every step on the left leg extremely painful.

The leg was painful all evening, and I washed it in diluted apple cider vinegar and applied some manuka honey to the wound too, both have excellent anti-bacterial properties. I also took two paracetamol before going to bed, to dull the pain which I had thought might keep me awake. I was also still taking the occasional anti-histamine tablet at this time, and was using ear drops to dissolve wax buildup, as I have narrow ear canals apparently.

I slept well, with a loose bandage over the wound, and was surprised to find that the next day there was no stiffness, and really hardly any pain. I counted myself lucky that the horse had missed my shin-bone, as that would have shattered into pieces. So, that was the end of the matter, or so I thought. I was wrong though.

Later that day I left a comment on a Facebook group of which I was a member, one that is run by the Badminton World Federation. They had posted something about trialing plastic shuttlecocks, rather than the feather ones used now. I left a comment on this issue (speaking against plastic shuttles), and also gave a warning about the end times being upon us, and telling people to sort themselves out ahead of the return of Jesus. I then noticed later in the day that there had been a couple of responses to my comment, and one of them was very interesting. I took a photo of the screen of my PC, and I also show below the details of the photo (taken within whatsapp), so that you can see the date matches with the day after the horse-kicking:

Hopefully you can read the comment I made, and then the second response to my comment, which was made my someone called ‘Daniel Numbed’ (a very odd name), and was addressed to me directly, as he started the comment with my name. This is what he wrote:

Gary Morgan God never created any medicine for human, pls dun take any when you fell sick, it’s


It doesn’t need any explanation, the message is clear. The person who made the comment was used by my Father to send me a message about my taking medicines, a big NO NO I was clearly told. At this time I had already been taught that we don’t need doctors at all, we should rely on our faith and on God to heal us, but it was made clear to me that medicines are also not allowed, a sign of lack of trust and faith in my Father’s healing powers.

So, I thought that was the end of the matter, and I went and emptied out my medicine drawer, most of it was years out of date cold remedies. I prayed that night for relief from the frequent blocked ears I suffered from, and I had prayed before for the same, but from that time onward I have had no more trouble with my ears at all, and I can sometimes feel something happening in my ears too, literally the holy spirit keeping my ears unblocked. Pretty cool I am sure you will agree.

I have mentioned before that my Father has a fantastic sense of humour, most of us probably see evidence of this throughout the scriptures, and some of us have witnessed it in our lives. On 5th July though, I was moved to laughter twice by my Father, and was also suitably astonished yet again at how He arranges things for me, putting His plans into place decades before the gift to me. So, I was listening to the scriptures as usual that morning, and the first or second chapter to play was Jeremiah 12, and early on in that chapter I heard these words:

If you have raced with men on foot

and they have worn you out,

how can you contend with horses?

Sometimes I have the scriptures playing and I am distracted (by a cat for example), but because the Word is in me, whenever I am being taught, or a message is being given, my Father always gives me a mental nudge, so I was listening closely and then I heard these words, and I just burst out laughing, and told my Father ‘You’re so funny’. He really is funny, I am so grateful for the attention He gives me. Jeremiah 12 verse 3 was also highlighted to me that day:

But You know me, O Yehovah;

You see me and test my heart toward You.

So, I thought that was the end of the matter, my heart toward my Father had been tested, and I’d accepted my teaching and chastisement and had immediately repented, and at that point it made a really good story. But later than same day, as I was listening to music via youtube, with the website suggesting and playing each subsequent song, I heard a song from the 80s that I hadn’t heard for years, a song I liked very much, but had completely forgotten about. And, as with the scriptures above, when the chorus was played, my Father’s Word made me listen closely and then told me (via thought injection as always), how the chorus related to my recent experiences. Here is a video of the song, worth a listen, the singer has an unusual voice:

I noticed a few numerical signs just now as I opened the video on youtube. 7.7 million views. 49,000 likes. 1700 dislikes. Published on youtube in 2014:

Here are the lyrics, and it’s the highlighted chorus that made me laugh, as well as amazing me:

Eye to eye stand winners and losers
Hurt by envy, cut by greed
Face to face with their own disillusion
The scars of old romances still on their cheeks

And when blow by blow the passion dies
Sweet little death just have been lies
The memories of gone by time
Would still recall the lie

The first cut won’t hurt at all
The second only makes you wonder
The third will have you on your knees
You start bleeding, I start screaming

It’s too late the decision is made by fate
Time to prove what forever should last
Whose feelings are so true as to stand the test
Whose demands are so strong as to parry all attempts

And when blow by blow the passion dies
Sweet little death just have been lies
The memories of gone by time
Would still recall the lie

The first cut won’t hurt at all
The second only makes you wonder
The third will have you on your knees
You start bleeding, I start screaming

I also highlighted one of the verses in the song too, which makes me think of my fate as the overcomer.

The chorus is about three cuts. The first cut won’t hurt at all. The second cut makes me wonder. The third will have me on my knees. I start bleeding, my Father starts screaming (no medicines allowed). To explain why this all was so amazing, I will show some screenshots from the post that covered the night that I met my Father up on the moor one night in April 2020, and during which I received two small cuts that puzzled me:

If you can’t see the screenshots clearly, please just click through to the post, it’s worth reading if you haven’t done so, given that God was literally on earth for the first time in thousands of years, and I met Him that night.

You will see that I was wondering if there was some meaning behind the two cuts I had suffered that night, as they were both very small indeed, and one was inside the thumb, so brother Riverly suggested something from the scriptures as an explanation, but I was then able to comment that I knew what the cuts meant, and this is the post (at last) explaining it.

So what did the cuts mean? They meant nothing at all. Back in 1985, my Father had written this song (through the German band Propaganda) and had included a chorus that made no sense at all to anyone back then, purely to amuse me in early July 2020. So, He wrote the song, and had it played for me just after the horse kicking and the cut to my leg. He also caused me to suffer two insignificant cuts back on the night I met Him, purely to connect with the horse cut and the lyrics of a song that He wrote in 1985, for this time.

How does He do it? I have no idea, other than the simple fact that He can do anything at all, as and when he likes, and over a span of decades, and indeed over a span of billions of years, from before creation itself, He can plan and do anything. So, are we not so lucky that He is perfect and just and righteous and loves His creation, including humans who fear Him and obey Him? Yes, we really are lucky. I can’t really explain how lucky I felt after this horse-kicking incident, that He cares enough for me to teach me a necessary lesson in the first place, that He forgave me for using medicines (He knew I would), and that He sent me such incredible messages subsequently. Also, I can now see that on the night that I met Him on the moor, and the third time that night I climbed over a wobbly barbed wire fence and caught my jeans and suffered a small cut wasn’t because I was tired or off-balance, it was caused by my Father to make a great story, the second cut that night was needed.

I will close with a couple of scriptures that confirm the message I was given through someone on facebook, that we shouldn’t need doctors or medicines, if we ever get ill, we should trust God to heal us (NB, this only applies to the righteous, to His people, not to lawless pagan fakers). This is the opening to Psalm 103:

Bless Yehovah, O my soul;

all that is within me, bless His holy name.

2Bless Yehovah, O my soul,

and do not forget all His kind deeds—

3He who forgives all your iniquities

and heals all your diseases,

4who redeems your life from the pit

and crowns you with loving devotion and compassion,

5who satisfies you with good things,

so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

He will heal all of your diseases, if you get any. We don’t read of any righteous men in the scriptures getting diseases though do we? It’s just such a great psalm, I am going to copy in some more of it, even though it’s not related to the topic of the post:

Yehovah is compassionate and gracious,

slow to anger, abounding in loving devotion.

9He will not always accuse us,

nor harbor His anger forever.

10He has not dealt with us according to our sins

or repaid us according to our iniquities.

11For as high as the heavens are above the earth,

so great is His loving devotion for those who fear Him.

12As far as the east is from the west,

so far has He removed our transgressions from us.

13As a father has compassion on his children,

so Yehovah has compassion on those who fear Him.

the loving devotion of Yehovah

extends to those who fear Him,

and His righteousness to their children’s children—

18to those who keep His covenant

and remember to obey His precepts.

Fear Yehovah, and obey His commands, for these are all for man (sometimes translated as ‘this is the whole duty of man’). (Ecc 12:13).

Back to the topic of our health, and my Father’s view of those who don’t trust Him, we turn to the sad story of King Asa, who was a decent King, who turned bad at the end, and became ill:

Now the rest of the acts of Asa, from beginning to end, are indeed written in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel. 12In the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa became diseased in his feet, and his malady became increasingly severe. Yet even in his illness he did not seek Yehovah, but only the physicians.

King Asa then died of his disease, never returning to Yehovah, very sad. I recently experienced a real-life version of my Father using me to tell someone with whom I was connected not to go to a hospital for treatment, but to trust Him, and I was told to share the King Asa story with the people concerned. Despite this, they still went to the hospital out of fear and lack of faith, and the woman who was ill died. She did not keep many of the laws, she did not live righteously, and even though she did some good works for her local community, organising the building of an orphanage and helping many neighbours, she cannot enter the kingdom of God, as she died in her sin. Remember, faith, hope and agape, and of those the greatest is agape (= literally, what God prefers). Obedience and fear of God is the most important thing you can have. All those of you who have faith, but no obedience to His laws, you actually have nothing, just a fake faith, with no fear of your Creator. You don’t deserve to get into His kingdom, if you can’t be bothered to obey a few simple rules.

That’s all for this post. During a break in writing, as I was cooking supper, I was listening to Apple Music, it was playing ‘Gary’s station’, which is mostly my own music library, plus a few tunes thrown in that are supposed to be similar to my tastes. Tonight the strangest song appeared, one by Bob Dylan called Jokerman. Have a read of the lyrics, and consider the power of our God to communicate to those with ears to hear Him and a desire to know Him and obey Him.

Oh, I forgot to mention the obvious irony of me being kicked by a big white horse. I now steer clear of horses, but I know that my destiny involved riding a white horse on 7th September 2032.

Oh my soul, bless my Father in heaven, bless Him for His goodness and His loving-kindness to we human wretches. Bless Him for His loving instructions, and for His great plans and His mercy and humour. Bless Him for everything.


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