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Jehovah is waiting for you (part 6): Test passed

Hello again.

Well, the past month, since I committed to tithe from my income and from my trading gains into Jehovah’s theonomy project has been the most exhilarating of my entire life. The test of my faith throughout this period was difficult at times, especially adding a massive new position on 4th February, when the Angel of the Lord showed me that the crash period was going to be later than I expected, and that I needed to stump up much more capital to produce a fund to help finance the project.

I did it all, despite some very queasy feelings at times, as memories of my trading disasters from 2010 were flooding my brain. I lost 90% of my accumulated capital back then, a massive sum. Strangely I didn’t really suffer mush mental anguish from that, as money has never been something I’ve coveted in its own right. I just saved it up for the future. This time, it’s very exciting to know that within 2 weeks I will have (in all probability) an eight-figure sum to use to spread the word about the desperate need for the West to turn back to obeying Jehovah’s laws, commands and statutes, as otherwise we’re literally doomed to the final judgement. I have a very strong feeling in my heart that there will be a very powerful return to Jehovah, and feel honoured to be used by God to spread the word.

On that note, out of the blue just a couple of days ago I received a message from a brother who is a mutual follower on Twitter. He’d been reading my blog, and it turns out he’s studied the Torah and other Hebrew texts extensively, and I didn’t even need to ask, as he volunteered to help me, assuming we have the resources. I told him not to worry about the resources, they’re in the bag. What a great example of Jehovah using the internet to put two brothers in touch to work together on this mission. Hallelujah.

I also received a message from another brother via Twitter, and he’d been reading Leviticus 14-16 that morning, and he told me that the Lord had put me in his heart as he read Chapter 16. It’s the chapter about the scapegoat and the sacrifice of the bullock, and he thought of me due to the impending sacrifice of many bulls’ trading funds into my hands for the Lord’s benefit (and to a small degree to mine too). He has recently felt the calling to return to his faith with earnest, and it warms my heart to see that this sort of thing is happening more and more over the Western world, especially in America it seems. Again, praise the Lord for being there for His people as difficult times, and His judgement, approaches. It will be a period of much turmoil and suffering, so only through trusting in God and His ultimate salvation for us will we be assured of victory and His love. I personally am eager to see the modern Sodoms burn in a fiery storm, and we can rebuild a faithful world in the aftermath, with small nations of kith and kin, obedient to our God. The sooner the better. Here’s a small section of our chat:

You will notice that his twitter name ends with the number 7, and I only noticed the following day that the comment I made about feeling something about Jehovah’s law being a great sign was made at 14.07. Unplanned, as I’d received Mike’s message out of the blue and then spent c.16 minutes listening to Leviticus 14-16, all great law chapters, including vital rules on cleanliness and foods to avoid, all advice not to be ignored, as Jehovah is so wise.

The past few days has also been marked by yet more signs from above that the market crash about to unfold is very carefully planned indeed. I will share some of the experiences below. They are all incredible, yet I have now seen so many I am no longer surprised at all.

In my last post I mentioned the number of trading days up until a peak on 5th December was 28. The market has continued higher squeezing my trading positions and causing some horrible memories of the squeezes and margin calls back in late 2010. This time however, it only got a bit tight yesterday, as today we have finally seen cracks appear in this rally from 26th December.

There are a variety of ways to measure this rally, depending on whether you start from the bottom day (24th December) or the first rally day (26th December). Here are some figures covering various dates:

  • From 26th December to the high for the Nasdaq and S&P 500 indices on 13th February was exactly 49 calendar days.
  • Measured to the day when the first cracks appeared, was 50 calendar days, to today, 14/2. A golden jubilee number into a day of 14/2 (=7). Very nice.
  • The S&P 500 closed 14th February at 2757.9. 2×7 and 5×7 is another 7×7.
  • For S&P futures, the opening price on 7th February was 2727 dead. On 11th February the high for the day was 2721.5, the low was 2700.5, and the closing price was 2707.75. On the 12th the opening price was 2707 dead, and the points range that day was 42.5. On 13th February the closing price was 2749.25 (very impressive that one: 2/7….49….2+5). On 14th February we had the same opening price as the previous close, at 2749.25. The high was 2763, a 51 point difference from the December 3rd high. 51 is the year after the golden jubilee.
There have been plenty of other market sightings of 7s, as well as many sightings of 888s, which is a number related to Jesus Christ, I won’t bore you with the long list, as I have more interesting experiences to report.
First though, I will just refresh your memory about the vision I was given in the early hours of 1st February by the Angel of the Lord, moving my hands on an app I use on my phone and showing me a crash in the QQQ tracking fund down to 163 within what looked like less than an hour. I still expect to see that in real, it was impossible to see back on 1st February, but I saw it. An amazing experience.
If you read the comments under my previous post, you will see some comments from Vaughan Williams, a brother from Canada I know quite well, and who has a very solid fervour for the Law of Jehovah. He mentioned that the 37 minutes to seven I saw in the stopped clock at the hairdressers  is the 12th prime number, with connections to the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 disciples and also of course the months in a year. He then saw some 37s on the internet immediately after making that comment.
I can go better than that though. I was explaining the 37s to my friend Jamal in his home, and we were also talking about a friend of his we were hoping to meet later in the week. His friend has no knowledge whatsoever of the matters discussed at this blog, he doesn’t know it exists, and he has no knowledge of the 7s, the market crash or the 37s.
Within a few minutes of Jamal and I discussing the 37s I received a whatsapp message from Jamal’s friend, and it was just a photo of some boots (see attached). But the boots had something placed near them, which once again left me in a state of wonderment. Here are the screenshots of the chat that followed:



Isham is a Muslim of course, yet clearly Jehovah used him that evening to send me a very special message. I rate this as one of the best signs I’ve had during the past month.

It’s now the early hours of the morning on 16th February 2019 as I finish off this long post, so much has been happening, it’s going to be a big update.

I’ll start with the continuing run of 7s and other numerical matters.

Here is Jamal’s car number plate (he bought the car, I was not in the country at the time):

There are 2 x 7s on the plate, as well as my year of birth, 67.

Here is the number plate of a car in front of us as Jamal drove us back to Agadir from our golf game this evening:

I noticed it and took the photo, saying to Jamal that it was 77 and my year of birth, and he reminded me that 77 was his birth year too. Pretty impressive.

On the way to golf today we passed a radar speed sign with a flashing neon display showing the speed of passing cars. As I saw it, it flashed 49 three times, 50 twice and 51 once.

On the way back home I did a quick turn of the volume button on the car’s stereo system, and noticed that the level stopped at 49. No photo sorry.

We played snooker last night, and early on in the 2nd frame, this was the score:

We had both scored 7 points each. This is more unusual than it might seem, as I am a much better player than Jamal and normally open up a large lead before he pots a ball.

I saw a sign a few nights ago by the road which read ‘7J/7’. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo. It means the shop is open 7 days out of 7, but it was the first such sign I’d noticed in Agadir in 11 years of visiting.

The S&P 500 futures had a big move up today. Were it not for my faith in the ensuing crash, I would be quite depressed I suppose. I have already lost £68,000, and my account is standing over £117,000 in the red, this sum adds up to the proceeds of the recent sale og my home, plus potentially some more if the market keeps going up. But, it won’t, today was the end, and Monday the crash begins, just in time, as it needs to start within the current full moon cycle and the next full moon is on Tuesday 19th February, The US markets are closed on Monday 18th for President’s Day, so the rest of the world can start the crash cycle and the US can follow on behind on Tuesday, and it should only take 10 trading days at most, but I still have a suspicion that the worst day will be 27th February, so that my biggest trade position catches the meat of the crash, We shall see very shortly indeed.

The S&P futures closed at a special level, as chosen by Jehovah today: 2777.75, please see the chart below:

This rally, which started on 26th December has been much longer than most expected, 35 trading days, 51 calendar days. Most investors think we’re going to continue to higher and higher levels, and those who were expecting a decline have mostly given up, or been wiped out by the relentless rise. Yet, I know in my heart what comes next, as the Angel of the Lord has shown me, and He’s tested both my faith and my patience for the past month or so, and I have been able to remain calm and happy and confident in what lies ahead. It has been the best month of my life, but better ones lie ahead.

Here are some of my recent twitter followers and I have noted the numerical (and other) signs once again:

Following 170, with 27 followers, and a pinned tweet dated 1st June 2017.
This follower’s twitter name starts with the numbers 0749
This follower’s twitter name is JJ Lamb. His last tweet was sent 17 minutes before I took the screenshot and that tweet mentions the number 7.

As I write I have the Bible playing in the background on random shuffle via Google’s play music, I have the whole Scourby version saved in my music library (it’s the Sabbath) but I’m not really listening with full attention. However I did just hear the word scapegoat mentioned a few times, and realised that Leviticus 16 had been randomly selected, the same chapter as Mike had been reading (as mentioned above) when the Lord put me in his heart. How wonderful was that.

Next, I may have mentioned already (or not) that I have two Christian acquaintances who are also trading the same positions as me. I didn’t realise when they became involved that this married couple have birthdays on 27th and 28th February, dates which could coincide with the bottom of this crash (or the middle of it). The wife’s father was a researcher into and an admirer of Alfred The Great, my hero, a King of early Britain who set this nation up under Jehovah’s law. This wife’s father even had a statue erected to King Alfred, and (if my memory serves me) wrote a book about Alfred too. All very interesting connections.

Also, today I had a phone call with a brother and friend in Canada (known online as Mycroft) and later we exchanged some messages, which are copied below:

So, this friend and brother is literally now about to enjoy his birthday, and I pray he has a good day, but it’s no coincidence that we are both lovers of the law and faithful servants to Jehovah, but it’s amazingly good planning by Jehovah to connect us quite recently and to arrange this crash event to begin just as the weekend of my friend’s birthday occurs in the middle of the rally and the crash.

This next one is really (yet again) simply incredible, and yet (as you will read) it is also totally credible. On the 7th February I had a very vivid dream about a twitter contact, we follow one another, and have exchanged a few messages privately. He is the guy who had a locked account, and I managed to become a follower in the very few days when he had his account open, before he locked it again, and he’s a student of the past, like me, and he’d spotted the 1929 and 1987 crash analogies.

I sent him a message today (yesterday actually, as it’s now nearly 3am on 16th February here), and was moved to press him for an answer to a question I’d asked on 8th February.

Please read the following string of messages, and bear in mind I have never met him, and don’t know what he looks like, nor anything at all about his personal life. Yet I had a dream about him on the 7th February and another dream in which he appeared this morning. (Please excuse my use of an expletive, the moment just made me get very exhilarated indeed):

I’ve known I was given a vision by the Angel of the Lord about the upcoming crash of the QQQ fund, where the Angel moved my hands on my phone to show me the start of the crash in advance (that was a very strange experience indeed, but one I will always treasure). Now I know for sure that the dreams I have been having about this Twitter contact are also visions, and it’s another confirmation that a big 1987-style crash is going to happen imminently. I am truly blessed to have this experience, thank you so much Jehovah, I love you so much.

I’ll just briefly mention that my first home was number 55 and my best friend here in England (a brother too of course) was born in 1955, and it’s the number hks has at the end of his Twitter name.

Here are some more Twitter screenshots for your enjoyment:

I ran a Twitter poll for fun. I received exactly 28 votes, and they were split down the middle, meaning 2x 50s (golden jubilee year) and the votes were 14 for each option so two lots of 2×7. Impressive work again by Jehovah.
Daniel joining as a follower was brilliant. Apart from it being the 27th book of the Bible, he was born in 1977 and on that day was celebrating his 42nd birthday. Very impressive indeed, but easy for Jehovah.

All of the above followers joined me recently, and as you look closely at their profile pages you’ll see 7s, 17s and multiples of 7s galore. One of them was even captured by me as a screenshot at 17.17 this afternoon I notice.

Today I had the Bible on random shuffle play all afternoon and it played Acts 2 today, and two sections caught my attention:

‘Your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams’.

Well, I am 51, so I’ll claim to be middle-aged, and I am having both visions and dreams that glimpse the future and provide knowledge about other people and situations of which I had no prior knowledge whatsoever. You can perhaps imagine how strange it feels to be me at the moment, but it has been the most exciting month of my life by miles.

This chapter also talks about a solar eclipse and a blood red moon, both of which we’ve seen in the past 5 weeks and both of which are linked to market crashes, and all in one chapter. Very good to read indeed. Whilst on the subject of the crash, it has to start on Monday 18th, as the big 87-style crashes happen within the first full moon cycle after a solar eclipse, and that cycle ends Monday, as the next full moon is on 19th. I am quite sure it will start on Monday, and that its proximity to the full moon on the 19th will only magnify the intensity of the crash. But we’ll see.  At this point, even if the S&P500 just re-tested the December lows, it would mean a drop of around 20%, and likely within 7 trading days. But if it crashes, it would be another 15% – 20% more, so pretty big. A big one is due, see the attached Fibonacci time study from 1987 to date:

Right, I am going to stop there, as in honesty it’s becoming hard to keep up with it all, I am sure I have left a few details out due to there being so many. Oh yes, I just remembered, one of the other investment professionals with whom I’ve been chatting privately on Twitter has just today revealed himself to be a Christian too, so there’s so much evidence that Jehovah is putting brothers together, and I’m sure it’s happening all over the world. The awakening and the feeling that we need to return to and obey our God is growing, and rest assured we will be victorious, it’s guaranteed.

Thanks for reading, and may Jehovah bless you and help you to see His ways are the only way.

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