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Jehovah is waiting for you (part 3)

Hello again.

So much has been happening these past few months and it’s still continuing to this day, but the call to update this series of posts has been pulling me these past few weeks, and the timing this weekend means I need to write this post now, before certain global events unfold.

I’m going to start with a couple of items from my past, one was way back when I was only 22, the other from a few years back.

It was May 1989, and a Bank Holiday Monday in England if my memory serves me well. I was at home, I was still living with my parents, and as was the case on most days, the radio was playing as we were a music-loving family. So we had BBC Radio One on, playing the usual chart music, which was good stuff back in the 80s.

That month of May in 1989, Radio One were running a big competition called ’31 Days in May’. Every day at a random time an alarm would suddenly sound and listeners could call in to the station in order to try to win a prize by answering three questions correctly.  The prizes were all pretty big, with most involving flights to somewhere overseas and watching pop concerts and meeting the stars, including major internationally-renowned singers.

Cutting to the chase, early in the afternoon the klaxon alarm sounded and I grabbed the phone to try to enter. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people all over the UK were doing the same, so the chances of getting through were slim, but my call was answered by someone in the studio, much to my great surprise and excitement. I was then told I was second in line, so I had to hope the caller in front of me didn’t know the answers to all three questions. At this point the DJ also announced the prize for the day, which I’ll reveal later. The caller in front of me didn’t know the answer to one of the questions, so I was suddenly on air with millions listening. And my mother in the lounge recording the whole thing on a tape deck.

The prize was the opportunity to fly to Jersey, then over to Guernsey and spend the day with a well-known pop band, who were recording their second album in a huge converted farmhouse.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the band in question, although I did like their music I’d not bought their first album.Question one was ‘Which charity song had the band recently performed on?’, and the answer was ‘Ferry ‘cross the Mersey’.

The second question was ‘Which cover of a 60s hit had recently been in the chart for the band?’, and the answer was ‘Harvest for the World’.

The third question was ‘What was the first name of the lead singer in the band?’.

So, by this point you’re probably wondering where this tale is leading? Ok, here’s the big reveal.

The name of the band I flew to meet in 1989 at age 22 was The Christians. Yep.

The name of the lead singer was Gary (the same as my first name).

I just realised as I was writing this post that the name of the DJ is also significant to my story, and all three facts together amaze me. His surname was Goodyear (first name was Mark). If you’re wondering why the surname Goodyear is significant, here’s a screenshot from the previous blog post about my anticipation of my 50th year after passing 7×7 years:

Can you imagine how I feel thinking about these things? It’s all far too much to possibly be chance.
There’s much more, so keep reading.

Oh, here is a photo from the day itself, in the studio doing some backing vocals, I am the youngest in the photo (please note the leather belt I am wearing). I was told my voice was too funky to be used on the track, but I know my singing voice is poor and definitely not funky.

Next, something that I noticed last year in the comments section of a youtube video clip I had uploaded around 6 year ago (on 1st July 2013 to be precise). It’s a clip of a song I’d seen played at my first ever Sigur Ros gig. This gig had literally moved me to tears, their music is so beautiful. As it happened the uploaded song meant something special to a young man who’s mother had subsequently passed away, but I was more startled by my own response to an American who commented that we were very lucky to see the band that night:

I was surprised that the bereaved young chap shared my surname, and I seemed to think back then that it was not by chance that I’d shared this song online. But my response to the American lady who had seen the band in Denver previously was much more surprising to me. Blessed by whom? It is clear that for a very long time I’ve been subconsciously aware that something is going on in my life, with blessings galore, and massive signs that would only become apparent to me some 30 years later. All of this is very exciting and humbling to a puny human like me.

Now I’ll come right up to date, missing out the Iceland trip story, and my baptism story and a few other items too, but I’ll focus on the calling I’ve been given by Jehovah.

read a checklist online a while ago which is designed  to help one decide if the task you feel charged to carry out for God is a calling or not. Here it is:

1. There’s a burden on your heart you can’t shake.
2. There is a specific person you know of who needs your help.
3. The Scripture passage that you read encourages you to have faith and step out.
4. When you pray, you have a sense that God is asking you to act.
5. You don’t have time, but you have a seed of faith.
6. God brings someone into your life to encourage your calling (your spouse, your pastor, a godly friend.)
7. You feel as if you can’t do it alone.

I’ll quickly cover those one by one.

1. I wouldn’t call it a burden, but I know I have to do this for Jehovah. I’m a world class procrastinator, but it will be done within this calendar year.

2. I can’t claim this one, as my calling is to produce an updated set of Jehovah’s laws, commands and statutes (adjusted from Moses’s time to allow for the saving mission of Jesus Christ). It feels a huge calling though, to enable new small nations to spring up in the future, once the current nations are judged and destroyed.

3.When I read the laws in Leviticus, and God’s blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy, I was struck with their perfection, and with the truth of the consequences, as evidenced by my own nation, once mighty and blessed, now weak, dying and turned away from Jehovah.

4. I pray about this matter every day, and ever since I started praying daily, I have only ever asked Jehovah for one thing for myself, wisdom in how I live my life so that I please Him and bring glory to His name. (I did briefly pray for a nice virgin Christian wife, but stopped within a few weeks). I also pray to both Jehovah and Jesus Christ, at the same time, I address them both, and I just talk to them and make my requests.

5.It’s going to be a big task, not just to draw up the guideline documents, but my plan is to have a website too, and to publish a book, and to actively promote this issue all over the world, especially in the West. I have rock solid faith it will all be done, and that it will help brothers around the world to have a framework to build new nations under Jehovah after World War 3 has passed. It is vital, it will happen, it will work.

6.This one resonates the most with me. I am a new Christian, I still haven’t finished reading the Bible, so I know I need assistance. The fire God has placed inside me burns so brightly though, and he has indeed put people in my path that have and will assist me with this calling.

Summary: it’s definitely a calling, and I am both honoured and humbled to have been trusted with this task, thanks Jehovah, I love you so much.

The man that baptised me in 2017 was the father of the blog writer I mentioned in the previous post who had got me started with a curiosity to know God. We first met in December of 2016, as he was visiting the UK on holiday, and made the effort to come to the South West to meet me. We had dinner and a nice talk about the world and my story to date. He was clearly a very strong Christian.

When I dropped him back to the nearby railway station to catch a sleeper train back to London, in the concourse, he asked if he could pray for me. I didn’t really know what he meant so I just said yes, and he put his hand on my shoulder and passionately prayed for me for around 3-4 minutes. The main thrust of the prayer was asking for Jehovah to find a way to use me and guide me. Anyone that thinks prayers aren’t heard, sorry but you’re wrong. If you truly have faith and pray from your heart, every prayer is answered, miracles are possible. I know that this man’s prayer for me that night is why God has chosen me, and also my own prayers in the same manner.

Within the past 18 months I’ve had some great encounters with Christian brothers online, and two of them (David and Mike) are similarly interested in obeying God’s laws and setting up the framework for theonomic nations. Mike wrote a great blog with passionate and expert posts about the subject, and I really enjoyed reading them and exchanging emails with him. We didn’t get round to a video call or phone call, and I didn’t meet him, but he did write me a ‘book’ (170+ pages) on the Sabbath issue, to help us both come to agreement over whether the Sabbath still needed to be observed, and whether it was a death-worthy offence not to observe the Sabbath (which is one of the ten commandments after all).

You may have noticed I have written about Mike in the past tense above. That’s because he very sadly just stopped answering emails about 5 months ago. I have a very strong feeling that Mike has gone to glory, as he was very prompt in his replies, normally within a day or two. His blog has not been updated for this whole period. I’m very sad not to have him with me to work on this project, as his passion was as great as mine, and he had studied theology deeply, and was only a young chap of around 25. However, sometimes the truly great brothers are called to join Jehovah at a young age, so I am confident he is in a much better place in heaven and I hope to meet him and spend eternity with him in due course. I will be dedicating my book and website to his memory, as well as to Jehovah’s glory of course.

David and I still Skype and email and he will be one of the backstops for this project, as I’ll seek his feedback on the framework, as well as that of one or two other brothers.

I know that I need assistance with this project, and that money will be involved. So just a few weeks ago, I promised Jehovah that I would be tithing 10% of my income to the cause.

I also promised him something else. This is where things start to get very interesting. I do a small amount of stock market trading, not a large sum, and just using exchange-traded funds. I’ve had a good run since the start of 2018, and have nearly doubled the money involved, mostly by trading ‘short’ ahead of the market declines we have seen. I didn’t catch them all, but it was going well.

I was starting to get ready to take some short positions as this month passed by, and that was when I promised God my tithe, and I added in a promise to tithe 10% of the gains on the trading as well. I was expecting a dip in the markets back down to re-test the lows hit in late December, which would be around a 10% decline, and would produce a decent gain (as I tend to use ETFs that give 3x the move in the markets).

As soon as I made that promise to tithe, something odd has been happening to me. I keep finding (by chance) information online that started to convince me that not only will the market drop to re-test recent low levels, but there’s a certainty that a full-blown 1987-style market crash will happen, and it will happen in the next two weeks (27th January til 8th February). I won’t share much about the many pieces of information I have discovered, but they are many and varied.

Now, Gary Player, the famous golfer, used to say that the harder he practiced the luckier he got. I do a lot of reading online, but I’ve discovered some hidden information on this subject that I would never have found on my own. For example, I was able to follow a guy on Twitter who thinks a crash is quite likely, yet he only opened his Twitter account to new followers for a few days before closing it again. I only saw the link to his account via another account I’d just started following a few days earlier, and I have no recollection how I found that guy’s account at all. I feel I have been guided to these online sources. I found a tweet buried deep in a comment thread on Twitter where someone had copied a cycle array from a famous hedge fund investor and it lined up with the dates I mentioned above, but was like finding a needle in a haystack. I found a comment and explanation of the ‘Puetz crash window’ and was moved to check whether the criteria applied in 1987. It did apply, and was exactly the same right now. I have also been driven (by Jehovah) to start some options positions in the past two weeks, which are risky, but which magnify the returns if the market moves your way. I woke up one morning at 6am with an idea in my head: buy some out-of-the money Vix calls today. So I did. (These option will expire worthless on 8th and 13th February by the way, unless a large decline of around 15% happens, but a  35% crash will magnify the gains massively).

As the market has kept edging up these past two weeks, my options positions are showing big red loss figures. Ordinarily I would worry about that, but instead, I have added more positions. I am having disturbed sleep due to the feeling of certainty that the market will crash by around 35%, and the excitement of the thought of the millions it will generate in gains, most of which will used one way or another for Jehovah’s cause or for charity, or to help set up a new nation in the years ahead. It is hard to describe the feeling of certainty at something (the crash) that everyone knows cannot be predicted and that comes along only every 40-50 years or so. I have been moved to do more charting that amazingly seems to confirm my expectations, notably using Fibonacci sequence numbers, the golden ratios supplied by Jehovah in His amazing design of the world. Two are shown below, one has a target for the Vix of around 130 in early February, and one has a target for the S&P 500 down at around 1880.

I have picked up around 100 new followers on my Twitter account by sharing these charts and other tidbits, but not everything, and I am taking the opportunity to share this story and generally speak out for Jehovah online.

Finally, you may recall earlier that I told you that I only pray for wisdom for myself, and to lead my life in a way that is pleasing to Jehovah and His Son, and that glorifies their name, and for help with my theonomy project and this blog (and I’ve been praying this way for over two years). Well, I very recently reached the books of  Kings in the Bible, and so I read about King Solomon. The following verses hit me like a tonne of bricks:

And Solomon loved the LORD, walking in the statutes of David his father: only he sacrificed and burnt incense in high places. 4And the king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there; for that was the great high place: a thousand burnt offerings did Solomon offer upon that altar. 5In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee.

Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom
6And Solomon said, Thou hast shewed unto thy servant David my father great mercy, according as he walked before thee in truth, and in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart with thee; and thou hast kept for him this great kindness, that thou hast given him a son to sit on his throne, as it is this day. 7And now, O LORD my God, thou hast made thy servant king instead of David my father: and I am but a little child: I know not how to go out or come in. 8And thy servant is in the midst of thy people which thou hast chosen, a great people, that cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude. 9Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?


God Grants Wisdom, Riches, Honor
10And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. 11And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment; 12Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee. 13And I have also given thee that which thou hast not asked, both riches, and honour: so that there shall not be any among the kings like unto thee all thy days. 14And if thou wilt walk in my ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as thy father David did walk, then I will lengthen thy days.


15And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream. And he came to Jerusalem, and stood before the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and offered up burnt offerings, and offered peace offerings, and made a feast to all his servants.

Please note, I don’t claim to be anything like King Solomon, nor can I claim a dream. But I have awoken early for many days with my head buzzing with ideas that have just appeared overnight. I have prayed the exact same way that he did, and I still do. Yet I know this crash is going to happen and generate millions, and frankly it’s a scary prospect, as I won’t spend much of it at all, but will need to keep it safe and use it for my project and to start a church and maybe one day to start a small nation after the current countries have gone. But I don’t believe we need Kings, so the future is unclear to me, I certainly don’t claim to be a prophet (but this man was), but I have felt Jehovah steering me these past few weeks very strongly indeed, and I can feel the responsibility I carry growing steadily. In truth, I will be glad when the next two weeks has passed by, as (assuming the crash happens) choosing when to take profits is harder then placing the trades in the first place. But Jehovah will guide me I am sure, and I will not be greedy, as it’s better to capture 80% of a gain, than see the market quickly turn back up and the gains evaporate.

I also have a meeting on Monday with a trainee pastor who has just moved back to England from studying in America, and I feel sure he has been placed locally to help me, maybe by putting me in touch with some theological experts who share my desire to see God’s laws back at the centre of a nation. Maybe also this trainee pastor will be the man to preach at a new church I would certainly launch if I had sufficient funds, a church where woman cover their hair and remain silent in church, and democracy doesn’t exist, as it’ll be ordered by me in accordance with the Bible. And a church that concentrated on serving and glorifying Jehovah and not just what’s in it for us (i.e. salvation).

So, it’s an amazing time for me, and I haven’t covered everything in this post either. I do have an incredible certainty about what lies ahead in the markets, and hence I am putting it all in writing, and will archive this post at the Wayback Internet Machine as a time-stamped record. I feel Jehovah wants the world to know He will bless humble and obedient people, and most importantly, this next two weeks will show that His laws, commands and statutes are THE ONLY WAY for the word to be given another chance, now, at a time when nearly the whole world has fallen away, so Jehovah will take resources from others and give them to me (via the markets) to give me funds to really help me to spread the word about this crucial matter.

Nothing is certain, but I know this crash will happen. That will give us a chance to spread the theonomy message before it’s too late. Thank you Jehovah for using me to help you, it is a huge honour and I promise I will do my very best for you.

Edit. Just as was heading off to bed, I had a look at this link/image:

It mentions there were 29 trading days from the main top until the interim top before the crash wave started. I knew the current gap between these tops is longer (and is still unknown until we see markets decline, which I do expect to start on Monday).

I should stop being surprised really, but it’s hard to not be amazed. 77 trading days. 77. Please read the previous post in this series if you haven’t done so already. Amazing.

Edit (27/1/19) I noticed it at the time and was surprised (to put it mildly), but this past week I had to produce an invoice for a client, I don’t do that many, most clients don’t need one. Any guesses for the invoice number?

Edit (31/1/19) I woke up yesterday morning and yet another thought was injected into my brain, as I have no idea why I would even consider it. The thought was ‘Vix is a Roman Numeral, check the value’. (Vix is the S&P 500 volatility index, and an instrument I was steered towards last week). So I did a web-search, and picked one of the top 3 hits randomly, and entered Vix, and this is what was returned:

The result literally brought a tear to my eye, as I realised it was yet another sign, with 2 x 7s, and also my birthday on the 14th. All a bit too much for me to take in it was, but only for a moment. (I then cross-checked the result on a few other conversion sites, and they returned a ‘null’ result. I subsequently discovered that the correct structure for 14 in Roman numerals should be XIV. I’d somehow found the only conversion site that gave a figure when VIX was entered, what luck.

The market has yet to top, it should do so tomorrow I think and crash next week. I watch many indices, but the S&P 500 is the most popular for traders, and it’s currently as 2712 in the futures. I wonder if it will hit a peak at 2727 tomorrow, or close the day at that level? That would be nice.

(Here’s an updated wayback machine archive to reflect the edits).

Edit 1st February 2019. Last night at around 4.40am GMT the angel of the Lord visited me. I woke up, feeling refreshed and awake after just 4 hours sleep . I was prompted to check the futures market on my phone. My phone was just outside the bedroom door, normally it’s down in the kitchen. I’m not sure why I left it upstairs.

I checked the shares futures markets, they were little changed. Then the angels of the Lord took over, and scrolled to the last screen to the right on Investing.com’s app, which is for ETFs. I literally never use this screen. I sometimes look at QQQ and HUI, but I always just do a search for them at the futures screen. Never used that tab before. I found myself dragging on the QQQ symbol. The next screen showed the line chart, and it showed a very sharp dive to 163. I then swiped away. Then I realised the QQQ ticker doesn’t open out of normal US hours, so I was confused. How had I seen it dive? I checked it again several times, but it just showed the closing price chart. I remained confused , and only 15 minutes later when I was back in bed did I realise it had been a vision of the future, probably today, given to me by the angel of the Lord. Then the angel of the Lord prompted me to work out the ratio of the crash target price I had for QQQ (which is 103.92, see attached chart ) as a proportion of the closing price on 31st January,  which was 168.16. The ratio is 0.6179, which I recognised as the golden ratio, also known as the divine ratio.

I got back into bed feeling so overwhelmed I became briefly tearful again, whilst smiling at the same time. To be blessed with such an experience is an incredible feeling, thank you Jehovah for your gift to me.

I then shared the experience on my Twitter feed, as a public record and to let the Light of Truth be known to a sceptical world. Then I went back to sleep.

I’ve realised that if the market crashes into next Thursday, 7th February, as I have been lead to believe, it will have overshot its normal peak back on 18th January. By 14 trading days, of course it’s another 2×7. I also realised that the intervening 10 trading days were a test of my faith, as the market edged higher.

I have never for one moment doubted the crash would happen, even as time passed. Instead I trusted in the information Jehovah was giving me and added more trading positions . My account is currently £90,000 in the red, but I’ve not once worried about losing that money, all that occupies my mind is making sure I cash out at the correct time during the crash. So Jehovah has placed his angel with me recently to sustain and guide me, that’s what true faith and humility can deliver, and it’s incredible to experience this.

I now expect the big crash to my QQQ target in the next week.
I’ve attached below screenshots of my tweet (link provided instead).

I also tweeted just 45 minutes ago that I wondered if the SPX index would peak at 2717.27 or 2727.27. It did reach 2717.05 just now, and fell away, and it’s currently climbing again, so we’ll see.

I also realised this morning that the house where I lived for 19 years until recently was number 50, the golden jubilee year, and I turned 50 on Good Friday  (See previous post).

That’s all for now, let’s see what happens this next week, I’m sure it’ll be as expected by me, as foreshadowed by the angel of the Lord.

As I’m travelling and using my phone, I’ll share the link to my Twitter thread, rather than upload many photos. Check out @I_dont_know_but’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/I_dont_know_but/status/1091202451561160704?s=09

For now, I rejoice in the glory and power of Jehovah . His will overrides everything else on the planet, from Presidents to Kings down to a humble and obedient Dumnonian man who was an atheist for 49 years, then opened his heart and soul to knowing Jehovah. He’s truly the most loving and awesome God imaginable and I thank Him for loving me and saving me and using me to rebuild His Kingdom on earth. Amen.  (Please excuse any typos, not easy on the phone).

Here’s the latest way back machine archive of this post:  https://web.archive.org/web/20190201170526/https://watchman-westandwales.blogspot.com/2019/01/jehovah-is-waiting-for-you-part-3.html?m=1

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