2 Malachi

I’m back.

Hello again.

I couldn’t let a full month pass without writing a post, and I have much to tell, so here we go (again).

I want to reveal some personal information about me. I feel the push to reveal these facts to the world, or at least to the hundred or so people who read my blog posts, and for clarity’s sake, that push is coming from the Holy Spirit. I have experienced some very strange things so far this year, all documented here at this blog, but I can’t claim to be able to make sense of all of it yet, other than I feel I have something to do for Jehovah whilst I am here on earth, but currently that ‘something’ is simply a feeling that I need to sound the alarm that we don’t have a lot of time left before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth. I hope and pray that Jehovah will provide me with clarity on what he needs me to do, but in the meantime I will keep sharing my thoughts and experiences here.

I will start with a strange fact relating to my Christian name (you know, I only just this second even noticed and wondered why our first names are called Christian names. I will investigate later and may add the answer to the end of the post).

My Christian name is Gary. I’m of Welsh blood, on my father’s side, and I lived in Wales for 10 years in my 30s, and I love Welsh people and Wales itself, and so I chose St David’s for my baptism week, and it was wonderful. Gary is an English version of the Welsh name Gareth. I was nearly named Gareth, but my father thought it was ‘too Welshy’. He has no affinity with the land of his father at all, very sad. So I was named Gary, and I have always considered Gareth to be a better version.

Somehow the subject of names cropped up during a phone chat with a brother, and as a result I decided to investigate the meaning of the name Gareth, if indeed it had any. The results were surprising, like much of my history, so I perhaps shouldn’t have been surprised at all.

Here’s what I found:

The Welsh word ‘gwaraidd’ is the best phonetic fit with Gareth, as ‘dd’ is pronounced as ‘th’ in English. So I found a site that gives the full meaning of Welsh words, and here are the results for ‘gwaraidd’:

So my name means ‘gentle, civilised and humane’. I’m not sure how or why my parents decided upon this name, but as it turns out, it perfectly describes my nature. What’s more, there’s another word that fits my character which has a very similar meaning to ‘gwaraidd’, one that appears several times in the bible:

Most people misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘meek’, thinking it means ‘weak’ or ‘feeble’. No, it doesn’t mean that.

Rather than me write an explanation of the word meek, please read this great article, some of which I will copy here. To be meek is to be trusting in Jehovah for everything.

I urge all Believers to seek the qualities of anav (meekness).  I urge you to see that the condition our Father delights in, the condition of the heart that pleases Him and secures our relationship with Him, runs deep.  It cannot be contrived.  It cannot be for show.  It is forgetting self and being completely open and trusting and prepared for Him.
Whether in a bent knee or a bow, kneeling or taming your tongue, crediting Him alone for what is good or accepting His discipline with gratitude… anav is always being mindful of Him and His instructions.
Remember what King Solomon said in Proverbs 15? Telling us that the fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom?  And that before glory is anavah?  Remember what Psalm 25 said?  That He will guide the anavim in judgment, teaching them His way?
Just as a young ox would be yoked with an older ox to learn to walk the straight path through the fields, Yeshua invites us to take His yoke and learn from Him.  We learn by immersing ourselves in the Word.  If He is the Living Word, which HE IS, we must walk with Him through the fields of Torah and the Prophets to fully realize and magnify HIS desired potential in us.
May we all endeavor to completely submit to the authority of our Father!

My approach to the world is to use Jehovah and Jesus as guides, I don’t think there’s anything at all any man can teach me that comes anywhere near what I can learn from the Bible. If you try to improve people’s lives, either in your locality, or by writing online, without following their examples, you are wasting your time in my opinion. As time passes, and more and more of the world is led astray, it becomes clear that time is short.

So, don’t waste your time with futile matters, now is the time to call the world to repent of their evil ways. If you don’t currently tithe to God, do it now, and spend the money on a leaflet campaign in your locality, or write something regularly for your local free newspaper. Someone may read it and be saved. That’s what I am about to do, the time for procrastination is now over.

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