2 Malachi

I provoked God to cause an earthquake

I am going to make an effort to catch up with my blog writing, bringing events in my life up to date. I last wrote about events in August 2023, and that was the only post within an eight month long period with no posts at all. It’s been a struggle, and intermittent supernatural attacks and a lack of energy have definitely affected my motivation to write a lot. But currently I feel motivated to write again, even though the ferocity and incidence of the attacks has increased to ridiculous levels in recent months.

So, before I continue with events in late 2023 (in the roman calendar), I just wanted to briefly share something interesting.

Back in February 2023 I was at a very low point, under heavy attack, not really sticking close with God at all, fed up with every aspect of my life, and angry with God for putting me in this situation, with nothing much to enjoy in my life, not getting anywhere with my expectations to be God’s messenger and a light to the nations. So, late one night, just as midnight approached on 24th February, I did something out of a huge burst of anger at God. I took my signet ring, placed it in a plastic bag, put the bag on the concrete porch floor, and whacked it several times with a hammer, resulting in it being flattened.

Within a minute or two, I then sent a whatsapp message to my best friend in Morocco, Jamal, with a brief video of the flat ring. I don’t have the video on my phone any more, and I don’t even want to go upstairs now and take a photo of it and post it, as I feel remorse for what I did, and the ring looks awful now, dirty and flat. (I was surprised at how soft gold is, a hammer totally flattened it). But here is the message I sent to Jamal within a minute of doing the stupid deed:

I went to bed a bit later, and it was only when I was looking at some Twitter posts the next day that I realised that God had reacted to my action instantly, but with restraint too.

God caused an immediate earthquake to take place, and its epicentre was in South Wales, not far from Tylorstown,  the village where my paternal grandfather lived, and also not far from Cwmbran and Cardiff, where I worked and lived myself for a decade. Here’s the screenshot I took on my phone when I knew it had happened:

It was a shallow earthquake, and not a huge magnitude, so no damage was done, although a parrot was reported to have fallen off its perch. I hope it was uninjured. Here is a news item confirming the precise time of the earthquake, which was within seconds of me destroying the ring:

I’ll formally and humbly apologise to God publicly in this blog post for my actions. I am sorry I did it, I really love God, and it was a nice ring I have worn since I was 17 or 18, and seven is God’s number (and more besides). I don’t like to upset anyone, least of all our loving and patient God, and I am sure it was upsetting to Him. I have no doubt He knew in advance I would do it though, and that it’s all part of the testing and strengthening and teaching I have been give in the past four years. It’s one of many occasions when I have allowed my suffering to get to me, causing an outburst against God. Ultimately, my suffering is as a result of God’s plan, and I am sure God expected me to get very angry with Him during the past few years, and He has not killed me as a result. He understands exactly what I am going through (it continues to this day), it is necessary to bring about many changes on earth and in heaven, so He suffers too, as I suffer. He doesn’t like to see people suffer, especially His prophets, His faithful servants, but sometimes that suffering is necessary for the greater benefit of the whole of mankind. I couldn’t help my angry reaction with the ring and on other occasions, but I feel remorse at any pain I cause God, hence my heartfelt apology today.

I haven’t had the ring repaired as I write, maybe I will in due course, we will see. I am expecting things to change for me shortly, but I have expected changes many times in the past few years and none have come. If change comes, if certain prophecies in Revelation are fulfilled (notably the breaking of the first seal on the scroll), then I am likely to have the ring repaired. But at least God can see that the ring isn’t any sort of idol for me. I will endeavour to not feel anger at God again, instead I will feel anger at those evil beings who has forced us all into this situation (by us I mean, God, the Lord, the saints, me, and all of mankind too). I pray the evil-doers suffer the appropriate justice and vengeance in the very near future.

(Edit….13th April 2024….I have had the ring repaired, and I collected it on Tuesday 9th April. I also had a cross that was a gift from my parents remade into the shape of the number seven too, to wear as a pendant on a gold chain. Here are some photos of the destroyed ring, as well as the new one and the pendant/chain:

I am now wearing the ring on my right hand, rather than the left, as it is apparent that the right side (arm/hand) is God’s preferred side.

The jeweler who did the work happened to live within a few hundred yards of where my best friend at school used to live, and also my former regular golfing friend live just up the road. I had phoned a few other jewelers for prices before finding him, and I told him he was the first one I’d spoken to that sounded like a normal bloke, and with fair prices, and he replied ‘well, I am what I am’, which made me smile. I was reminded by the Most High of a song by one of my favourite artists after I collected the jewelry, so I will share it via a youtube link below, it’s a song called ‘Chain my Name’, and you will recall that Shebah is the Most High’s surname, so it’s very apt:


It feels nice to wear the ring and the chain again, solely because it represents the renewed love I have for God, and shows that our relationship is back on solid ground again, in fact, after the emotional roller-coaster ride of the past few years, one could call the rock solid trust and love in our relationship as being nothing short of miraculous. But love really is a miracle. What’s next I wonder?)