2 Malachi

End of story

This is my final post.

Very often in life, the ends do not justify the means. We do not defeat evil by allowing it, ever.

I have given God the benefit of the doubt dozens of times over the past eighteen months. Gradually, over time, and leading up to the recent deception by Him, I realised He just doesn’t know what love is at all. He’s all talk, but His actions through the entirety of human existence have been evident of a lack of love, and through my time with the Word in my flesh too. Truly miserable times, for eighteen months.

Events that have transpired here for me in the previous four nights at Satan’s hands that were of a nature that no human should be expected to suffer, let alone a human who has the Holy Spirit and lives righteously, working for God. But I know that many many other humans have suffered the same atrocity or very similar, and no action has ever been taken to stop it from happening again, Satan and his team are allowed to do their evil will on humanity, God just watches, and laughs, and our man in heaven, Yahshua, has sat by passively for over two thousand years too, compliant with a regime that views humanity as playthings in a story, a game, created by someone who didn’t know what He was doing. A mere eight hours on a cross would have been a piece of cake compared to what I went through, especially as Yahshua then ascended to heaven, away from this world, whereas I am still here, each day worst than the last. I was forsaken by God for four days before He stepped in (I think), but I am not dead, and I now choose to stay as far away from God and the evil ones that surround Him as I possibly can. Will they leave me in peace? Knowing them, I doubt it, Satan disobeyed a direct command this time, and there are millions of others like him out there. Doesn’t matter, my time of service to Him is over. No one cares anyway, apart from my couple of friends.

So, no more posts, the website will remain as a record of my experiences until the annual hosting runs out, then it will vanish. I am the only man to truly get to know God, resulting in a dislike of Him so strong that I desire not be in the same universe as Him at all, elimination of my body and soul would be the greatest gift He could give to me now.

I am sure He was expecting this, so He will have other remedial plans or will come up with something, but if He doesn’t, we can look forward to Him utterly destroying the world on 7th September 2032. I pray He does, in Yahshua’s name, for all of our sakes, it may be the only way to escape from this hellish prison planet. Amen.

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