2 Malachi

Deception, testing & temptation

Hello again.

Just a very quick update with this post, before I revert to the period following the end of the 40 days and nights that ended on 1st May 2020. I am a long way behind, but I will catch up.

In this post I talked about my anticipation of a visit to heaven on 31st October 2020, and I provided a lot of reasons and evidence for that anticipation, and further supernatural signs were received on the day itself. But it didn’t happen, I just ended up wasting a lot of time and energy walking to and from the moor in dark, wet and windy conditions, and I was shown subsequently (within a day) that the 31st October date was a deception by the enemy. I will write about my reactions to that in due course, but not here, and I still anticipate a trip to my Father’s throne in heaven before too long.

But I was also shown early in November, much to my surprise and (in honesty) shock, that the 31st October 2020 was the beginning of my 40 days of being tested/tempted by the satan (adversary), as Yahshua himself was tested/tempted by the same enemy 2,000 years ago. I think his name is Lucifer, I normally use Satan, but it doesn’t matter, as soon he will be a bad memory of history and nothing more.

To date, 11 days in, it has been incredibly difficult, and I will write about the specifics when I catch up and write about this time. Today is a better day, as my fear of God has thankfully bubbled up to the surface today, and has given me great strength again, and I have been extra fiery today in my work online. So, stuff you Satan, whatever you may try next, it will be futile.

That’s all for this post, I do have two more quick posts to put up very shortly, and then I will get back to the ‘diary of events’ over the past six months. I noted with interest that this 40 days, like the 40 days with my Father, has also coincided with another lockdown here in the UK, which keeps me fairly isolated.

Stay strong brothers and sisters, try to stay alert to lies and deceptions, as Satan and his demons know all of your weak points and will put doubts in your mind, and tempt you. Pray for protection, and I guess that as I am getting so much attention, the enemy will not be able to attack others. I don’t know if I will meet him, I think so, and if he’s expecting me to respond like Yahshua, he will be disappointed, I have Elijah’s spirit, and no time for boring fallen angels who are in their final days.

Praise my Father in heaven for His provision of the holy spirit through the blood of Yahshua, and bless Him by fearing and obeying Him, walking as the Lord Yahshua walked, in perfect righteousness. Amen.

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