2 Malachi

December 2020

Hello again.

Nearly up to date now, maybe this post and one more and I will be there I think, good news.

On 10th December 2020 I had a tweet from an account on twitter, which is shown below:

That’s the Ashkenazi for you, they’re not Jewish, not of the tribe of Judah, but many of them pretend to be Jewish, and they clearly have black hearts, although I find this sort of stuff really boring now, like water off a duck’s back to me.

I was reading Sirach at this time, a long book, but with many great verses, and the verses below resonated with me, so I took a photo of them to share here:

So, it’s all about helping the poor, and in verse 11 we are told to act as a father to the orphaned, and as a husband to the widowed. Then we shall be as the son of God Himself, and He shall love us more than our mothers do (that’s so apt that I am sharing that verse today, after yet another ‘episode’ with my pagan mother today). So, I prayed to my Father that night to connect me with people that needed help, and were open to the gospel, to widows and orphans, as I wanted to help them. The prayer was answered within two days, as you will shortly read.

I mentioned in the previous post that I was given admin rights to a seventh-day adventist group at this time. The group had a lot of members, around 30,000, but the existing admins were just letting all manner of posts through from members, it was a horror show of nonsense and heresies. So, I took the reigns straightaway and only allowed sensible posts, of which there were just one or two per day, out of 50-60 submitted. But I was able to put up some posts of my own, which were either ignored or provoked attacks from SDAs. It was an interesting experience, but took a lot of time, for little fruit. However, my Father, as usual, used it to teach me some bits and pieces, and one day someone asked a question about Isaiah 59, and I can’t find the screenshot of the question, but I remember thinking ‘that’s a really odd and stupid question’ because the answer was plain and obvious. He asked who the early verses were referring to. So, I allowed the post, and answered his question, and I thought that was that, but later that same day my Father played this chapter whilst I was listening on random shuffle in the car, and He made it plain that I am the redeemer referred to in verses 14-21:

So justice is turned away,

and righteousness stands at a distance.

For truth has stumbled in the public square,

and honesty cannot enter.

15Truth is missing,

and whoever turns from evil becomes prey.

Yehovah looked and was displeased

that there was no justice.

16He saw that there was no man;

He was amazed that there was no one to intercede

and deliver for Him.

His arm of righteousness, He sustained him, and

17he put on righteousness like a breastplate,

and the helmet of salvation on his head;

he put on garments of vengeance

and wrapped himself in a cloak of zeal.

18So he will repay according to their deeds:

fury to his enemies,

retribution to his foes,

and recompense to the islands.

19So shall they fear from the West the Word of God, named by Yehovah.

The risen sun, the Word of God, in his glory.

For he will attack the rivers of his adversaries,

the spirit of Yehovah will put them to flight.

20“The redeemer will come to Zion,

to those in Jacob who turn from transgression,”

declares Yehovah.

21“As for Me, this is My covenant with him,” says Yehovah. “My Spirit will not depart from you, and My words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth or from the mouths of your seed and their seed , from now on and forevermore,” says Yehovah.

I made a few tweaks to the translation, as otherwise it looks as though my Father is talking about Himself putting on ‘righteousness as a breastplate’, when of course He has no need of such a thing, being perfect. And of course the covenant is with ‘him’, the redeemer, not with ‘them’, and obviously the redeemer is me. And with every passing day, my desire for vengeance grows a little stronger. To know that I will have the Word of God for eternity is quite something, and to know that I will have children and grandchildren is also welcome news, and they will have the Word of God too, which is amazing, a huge blessing to my future family. This is also evidence that the Word can be with multiple people, for those who may poo poo me having the Word because it is with the Lord Yahshua. We both have it. I loved the original Star Wars movies, and it does me make me think of ‘the force’ which the Skywalker children had, with a smile.

So, the prayer I made asking for someone, somewhere, with a good heart, and with widows and orphans that I could help was answered within two days by my Father. He introduced me to someone new via the facebook group, a young man in Uganda called Shafiq. I realise that there a lot of scams in Africa, but I have the advantage of the Word of God with me, so I know everyone’s hearts. Also, physiognomy is real, a person’s face gives away so much. Here is a scammer first in the next two photos, then I will share some photos of Shafiq:

Hopefully you can see his evil eyes, the lack of a real smile in the top photo, joyless, cold, nasty, and he has a bit of a snake look to him.

I could tell straightaway that Shafiq was the real deal however, from his photos, I just knew it, but also there were (as you might expect) some signs of confirmation from my Father. Shafiq had a facebook group, and he posted photos mostly, but also sometimes he posted some scriptures. And two of his most recent scriptures were nothing whatsoever to do with the needy, or with Yahshua, or with widows and orphans, but they were both to do with me. Here are some screenshots of the scriptures below:

Those screenshots are slightly out of order, but you can see that Shaifiq quoted Jeremiah 1, and Isaiah 61. Jeremiah 1 is all about me, as I have mentioned before, and Isaiah 61 is the subject of the proclamations made by Yahshua and I, at separate times. Those were the only scriptures quoted by him over the previous month or so, and it was a great sign from my Father. When I asked Shafiq why he had chosen those scriptures, he couldn’t explain why.

Shafiq had some photos of the five children, all orphans, that live with him in a small run-down rented property, and I had very frequent live whatsapp video calls, seeing them all, even when they were sleeping on broken bits of mattress on the floor. I also was able to speak with the children, and frequently spoke with Shafiq. I had previously been dealing with another orphanage in Uganda, which was well established, but I could tell their hearts weren’t with God, they were just in it for themselves. And I had two other experiences with Ugandan men who were obviously scamming, and I was alerted to that through the Word, and their attempts were unsuccessful. Here are some photos that Shafiq sent me in the first day or two after we met. I should mention now that Shafiq had been praying for help from my Father, as he worked in a car valeting place, for a pittance, and was trying to support himself and five orphans, and was also spreading the gospel in his neighbourhood. So, both of our prayers were answered. Here are the photos, and compare the physiognomy with the scammer we saw earlier:

The children are so nice. The older boy is called Kyate, and he prayed on an early call, it was so nice to hear, and he loves football, but helps Shafiq with his ministry, and is taking the gospel to his football friends too. The young boys are called Ryan, Mutyogoma and Mugoya. Linda is the only girl, and she does all the cooking and is now making loads of tassels every day, and will shortly be baptised, with many others from the neighbourhood, and she always has a big smile on her face when I say hello to the children, it is so nice to bring some joy into these children’s lives and some much-needed provisions. It was heart-breaking to do a video call with Shafiq for teaching and then he would show me the children asleep on the floor, with old bits of mattress, and a few blankets. They were all sound asleep, but it looked so uncomfortable. There’s also a photo of Shafiq with an elderly man who lives in a very run down house, and he has nothing really. So, I have been able to give alms through Shafiq in the past two months, and he is very keen to be taught, as his knowledge is rudimentary, but his faith in my Father and Yahshua is very high indeed, really so excellent to see, it has been a huge blessing to me to have this family in my life the past two months. I will share more about what I am doing there in due course, but if you are looking for an opportunity to give alms, please contact Shafiq, or me, and I will give you his details (his number is in one of the photos above too).

The other group in Uganda that I helped was very different. I sent them only a small sum, as I could tell their hearts weren’t really in it for God, more for themselves, as evidenced by how over-weight the woman was who ran the orphanage. I will cut a long story short by telling you that she became ill, and despite my Father telling me to share 2 Kings 16: 11-12 with her, and explaining King Asa’s lack of faith, she still did not turn to God for healing, but trusted on the hospital and doctors, and so she died. She lived unrighteously, and told me she hadn’t even been baptised, so I have no doubt that her soul is not resting in peace now. Her adult son took on the orphanage then, but I could tell his heart was less with my Father than his mother, and when I asked if they had a pastor I could teach, he introduced me to a shifty-looking guy, who I soon discovered was pretending to have his own orphanage on facebook, but he tried to hide it from me, unsuccessfully, and a few questions exposed his lies, so I walked away from those two, and I am glad, because there is a lot I can do for Shafiq, and a lot of fruit he can bring into the kingdom, praise my Father for bringing us together, answering both our prayers so promptly.

I was shown that yet another global smash hit song, and I one that I loved back in the day, was written by my Father, and the lyrics are all about me and the elect and the second exodus and being reborn in Yahshua. When I heard it and was shown the lyrics, it made me smile, how my Father was able to put His words out into the world, and billions have heard them, and yet only now, through my ministry, are the songs being interpreted. I won’t share the song now, as I will do a post soon specifically on my favourite songs that were written for me by my Father (He even told me recently, in a song, that He wrote all of my favourite songs).

On 20th December 2020 I had an opportunity to teach Shafiq a few things. The first was about praying, as they were currently mentioning ‘Lord’ in their prayers, so I directed them to prayer to ‘our Father’, and to end the prayer always ‘in the name of the Lord Yahshua, I pray. amen’. Also, their prayers were mostly a long list of things they wanted from God, but with no mention of wisdom, or to know His ways, how to please Him, it was all about food and health. So, I taught them that Matthew 6, verses 31-34 (although the whole chapter is a great teaching chapter):

Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32For the nations strive after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own.

How many churches seek and teach righteousness? How many just strive for material comfort and fitting into Babylon? Fools.

I just this week had to give exactly the same teaching to John in Kenya, who is praying for land and to be self-sufficient, whilst at the same time sending children off to pagan schools, to learn pagan things. There is no such thing as ‘self-sufficiency’, you are either blessed by my Father with what you need, or you are not, it’s all in His hands, and He helps the righteous, and doesn’t help the unrighteous. No one prays for wisdom, and that’s the most important thing for which to pray.  I also started to teach Shafiq about the new covenant in Yahsua’s blood, the gospel itself, from creation to the new heaven and earth, and a bit about what we are expecting in the times of sorrows that lie ahead, with recent events the start of the times of sorrows of course.

I had a brief interaction via voice messages and text messages on whatsapp with a jewish man, who isn’t a believer in Yahshua. Despite my best efforts to speak about righteousness, and what lies ahead, he was off in his own little world. I even dropped some huge hints as to who I am, but he had that weird judaistic new-age thing in his head about God and how to know Him, and mentioned the Noahide laws, which will be pushed by the enemy at the end (when they ban meat eating and in so doing ban the offerings made to my Father) and I can foresee that this man and so many judaists will be easily deceived by the enemy’s anointed man, the son of Satan himself, the lawless man, and their new-age religion. But I tried at least.

By this time I had sent a few hundred pounds out to Shafiq, and I was deleted to see what he had done with it, so here are some photos, and you can see how happy he is to be distributing alms to his neighbours. Also, he was able to buy two sets of bunk beds for the orphans, so he has taken another two orphans into his house who were lodging with friends of his (so now he has…7):


Honestly, these past few months of winter have not been a lot of fun (40 days of it especially), but it has been a joy to see the way Shafiq is working in his neighbourhood, and in his own little home, and to see the children looking so happy when we video call, and they love their bunk beds and they always hold up their tassels to show me. And you can see that Shafiq is full of the spirit can’t you? So, we are going to do a lot more in the community, including buying a few acres of land, to grow food, and then we will build an orphanage, which will also be a place of worship. It will be great, and will bear a huge amount of fruit (literally, but even more so through the born-again human seeds that will grow and enter the kingdom of God), and Shafiq already has plenty of people lined up for baptisms, and is buying 10-20 bibles in his local language each month to hand out to neighbours, and running meetings. I suggested he buy a bicycle too, as he walks miles every day, and it will save him time and energy. I have also suggested he download the torrent of the Scourby KJV scriptures, so he can listen to them at home and when on his bike.

On 23rd December I communicated with a guy I know via twitter finance, but I have exchanged loads of messages and had a few phone calls with him. I sent him a message about the US election, and then asked him if he had been baptised yet. He replied that he slipped and fell in a puddle whilst out walking and there was a rabbi nearby, and asked if that counted. I didn’t even bother to reply, I just blocked him, no more pearls will be thrown before that particular swine.

My nation and a large part of the Western world entered into its annual pagan feast days, known as christmas and boxing day, with pagan settings like evengreen trees and holly and mistletoe in the house, and gifts exchanged, and loads of food and drink consumed, none of which has anything to do with God, faith, Yahshua, or anything that is in the bible (except we are instructed NOT to follow the way of the pagans in Jeremiah 10). I decided to fast instead, to show my Father that one man in the nation hated the pagan crap. So, I had a water/tea/coffee only fast for 48 hours from 20.45 on 24th December. The first day was a breeze, a 24 hour fast is nothing for me these days. But I probably didn’t take enough fluids as I had a bad night, and felt awful for most of the following day, and I was literally counting the hours until I could have some food. Fasting is supposed to be difficult though, so I don’t mind suffering a bit to send a message to my Father, as He sits in heaven watching pagans attaching His son’s name to their midwinter festivals. I was happy to do it for Him, and for the Lord, as they have both suffered so much for me, and blessed me with so much. I will repeat my 3-day fast during the feast of unleavened bread, to mark the days when Yahshua was dead and in the tomb. Again, it’s a time when the pagans are eating chocolate and often have big feast dinners too. Perhaps you will join me in that time of fasting, when the bridegroom was actually dead.

On 26th December 2020 I had what I think was my 3rd or 4th facebook suspension, for using an insulting word to reply to someone in the group I was running. That resulted in a 30-day suspension, and as the group was taking a lot of my time, but was bearing virtually no fruit, and as I was just pissed off with facebook’s attitude, I decided to terminate my facebook account altogether, and I deleted my twitter account on the same day, and I haven’t missed either of them at all. Both are cesspools, designed to coral mislead believers and leave them to argue amongst themselves and confuse each other with the heresies they have accumulated in their lives. Actual truth was mostly ignored on my group, and vehemently attacked on other groups. The couple of months felt like a waste of time, but at least I met two men who I am still teaching and helping with alms.

I will finish there, as that was the last of my notes for the pagan month of December in the year 2020. I do not acknowledge the new year until it starts on the first new moon after the spring equinox, we are still in the tail end of 2020 as I write. It is nice to see the evenings drawing out though, the dusk period is lasting until 18.00 now, and the last couple of days have been dry and pleasant for a walk up the hill and along the top of the hill, listening to music for part of the walk, then to scriptures as I get a better signal half way up the hill. As usual, my Father plays me just what I need each day, whether it be teaching, or my spirits lifting, or learning something new about my role. Today He played me Isaiah 62:

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent,

and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep still,

until her righteousness shines like a bright light,

her salvation like a blazing torch.

2Nations will see your righteousness,

and all kings your glory.

You will be called by a new name

that the mouth of Yehovah will bestow.

3You will be a crown of glory in the hand of Yehovah,

a royal diadem in the palm of your God.

4No longer will you be called Forsaken,

nor your land named Desolate;

but you will be called Hephzibah,

and your land Beulah;

for Yehovah will take delight in you,

and your land will be His bride.

5For as a young man marries a young woman,

so your sons will marry you;

and as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,

so your God will rejoice over you.

Apparently, Hephzibah means ‘My delight is in her’ and ‘Beulah’ means married. That reminds me that there was a destructive hurricane in the autumn feast season in the year that I was born that was called Beulah too.

I will close by thanking my Father for answering my prayers and those of Shafiq, it really is wonderful to see how quickly my prayer was answered and how much good work can be done by Shafiq with my help from afar. So, praise God for caring for the poor and needy, the widows and orphans, and for having the power to bring together men who delight in serving him, and in helping those in need. Praise Him also for giving the world one final chance to benefit from His grace, before the 1,000 years of the millennium sabbath begin, after the day of wrath on 7th September 2032. Now is the time for devoting yourself to His kingdom, and separating yourself from the pagan Babylon world that envelops us currently.








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