2 Malachi

Daughters of Eve

The end of our ‘civilisation’ is at hand. It is here today.

We already live in a nation where very basic levels of acceptable behaviour have been cast aside, as people feel able to do and say exactly as they please, with no thought for manners, politeness, or any kind of respect whatsoever for their kith and kin, and also with absolutely no concern if what they say is true or not.

The problem is terminal now as it has spread to our women, both young and old, who have no idea how to control the emotions spinning wildly around in their heads, and so they spew them out into the world with a healthy dose of venom and pride. Like Eve, these women fancy themselves to be as smart as God, with their knowlegde of good and evil. But like Eve, they really haven’t got a clue about anything at all, they’re just selfish and prideful and stupid.

I’ll give you two examples, both of which have crossed my path this past week, both online, rather than in real life (although I had another instance in real life just a few weeks ago too).

The first example came via a Christian online dating site that I have been on for the past 4 months, as I seek a God-fearing wife. My profile description mentions that I seek a virgin wife. That has resulted in plenty of messages from overseas (notably Asia), but none from the UK so far. Until this week, when a 50+ year-old divorced woman decided to send me a message (see below):

My reply was succinct and fairly blunt:

I assumed that perhaps she would leave me alone at that point, but no, she replied with a fine display of female rage and incoherence:

My reply below was the final message, as I blocked her at that point, wondering what sort of a (supposedly) Christian woman would choose to address a fellow Christian in this way? For a clue, I’ve copied the woman’s profile below, and you will no doubt draw your own conclusions:

This older woman, the same sort of age as me, has no manners, and no respect for a fellow Christian. Based on her messages I think the Holy Spirit is weak with her, if there at all. If our nation is going to thrive, we men need to keep all women firmly under control, this sort of behaviour is intolerable in a God-fearing nation, and is a sign of the perilous state of the nation today, as civilised behaviour vanishes and women feel entitled to send their silly thoughts to men, despite their wrongness.

Also during this past week I have had an online encounter with a much younger woman, who I discovered via a re-tweet appearing in my twitter feed. She appeared to be firmly pro-Brexit and anti-immigration, but her profile and twitter feed also revealed some strong liberal biases (environmentalism, pro-homosexuality, and pro-feminism). Also, she revealed that she’s proud of having just one sexual partner thus far in her life, with whom she’s co-habiting, but the man has yet to make an honest woman of her. Here’s her twitter profile:

Some of my readers will notice the deep eye sockets and the brow ridge, both typical facial features of those with Neanderthal heritage, and she confirmed that she has a few percent of Neanderthal genes (I do too, being of Welsh heritage). I decided to communicate with her, on her twitter feed, and by direct messages and finally by asking her a couple of questions on her ask.fm link.

I am thankful to God for the encounter with this woman, and I offered to send her a spare KJV bible I have, but she didn’t respond to that offer at all.

It was quite clear from her timeline that she was left-wing on many issues, and also that she was unhappy with her financial situation, working in London. She wants to have some children, and at the same time wants a career. For some reason I felt sorry for her, so I sent her a few links about neanderthal matters. As she is very pro-homosexuality, I sent her some links with facts about the terrible negative impact of that lifestyle on the men concerned, in an attempt to open her eyes to the price of sin.

Her reaction was to say: ‘You sound like a radical Muslim’. She attempted to defend a homosexual lifestyle by asking: ‘Why is love inherently evil? Why would God make a person gay, and then condemn them for it? It’s not a choice.’ I told her that ‘love’ doesn’t enter into the equation at all, it’s a fact that gay men have very promiscuous lifestyles and merely seek sexual pleasure, often in very dark and dangerous ways. Jehovah clearly states it’s an abomination, and rightly so. Also, I told her that God doesn’t condemn any man for his sexual orientation, as He provides both instruction on what is right and wrong, and He also gives us the Holy Spirit to help us to fight against all sin and temptation. She didn’t reply to those comments, perhaps she was confused? She was certainly unaware of the impact on young people and children from the constant barrage of education and propaganda from the state, media and big business on a pro-homosexual lifestyle. Oddly unaware, even though she’s bought the story hook, line and sinker. I pity the poor kids at school and the foolish parents who so freely give their children to satan’s helpers. How he chuckles at their irresponsibility and naivete.

We also had a discussion about marriage on her twitter timeline, and she was of the view that men aren’t entitled to sex from their wives within marriage, only if the wife wants sex should the husband actually get it. She believed that rape was a crime within marriage in the UK, and I disputed that fact. Sadly, much to my horror, it was America I was thinking about, as the law changed in the UK in the late 1990s to allow state prosecutions of men for marital sexual abuse. She felt this was as it should be, and was ignorant of the biblical view, so I will take the opportunity to share it here:

It is good for a man not to touch a woman. 2Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 3Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. 4The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. 5Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

As usual, the bible has God’s perfect design to hand to show us how sex within a marriage should be handled. St Paul cautions against fornication, and mentions that marriage is the perfect defence against casual loveless sex, perhaps one of the easiest ways for both men and women to lose their way and their eternal souls. The husband and the wife are both instructed to ‘render due benevolence’ and to submit power over their bodies to one another, so that each may satisfy the other when their desires arise. Just perfect. Paul also warns against denying one’s spouse their sexual marital rights, except by mutual consent, as he knew that the devil will appear with temptations in that case.

This poor young woman had experienced the aftermath of both her father and grandfather having sex outside of their marriages. I wonder if the husbands were tempted as their wives were not obeying God’s commands as far as sexual relations are concerned? I’d bet money on it myself, as women do like to feel they’re in control, rather than their husbands, and God barely gets a thought at all. Perhaps any woman reading this will stop to consider that the Godly Christian set-up is perfect, and ensures both husband and wife commit to one another and to satisfying their mutual sexual needs. Sex is a blessing from God, He wants us to enjoy that within marriage, in a loving way, rather than like rutting animals with strangers we barely know. The exchange with this woman on this matter did cause me some distress, as I had to accept the fact that a biblical version of marriage is literally outlawed in my nation today, which is terrible, and it’s no wonder so many marriages end up in divorce, the whole thing is barely a shadow of the institution God ordained. Finally on this subject, this woman wonders why her ‘boyfriend’ hasn’t asked her to get married yet? It’s amazing how self-deluded women are to the state of affairs as regards sexual relations in this nation. They have it all, but they don’t realise it’s a hollow victory, leading only to their misery. And satan chuckles at their gullibility and hubris, he loves to work through the daughters of Eve, and today she tweeted: ‘I wish my life were as easy as taking care of kids/a house’. It could be, so easily, but our nation’s Christian traditions and laws need to be reinstated first.

Our final interaction came when I asked her a couple of questions on her ask.fm link, and I asked them anonymously, although she guessed it was me. The first question was about why we exist, although she dodged that one and just answered a different question altogether. The following questions demonstrate both her ignorance of our nation’s foundations in Christianity and her own incoherence, as well as the same incredibly impolite method of communication that we saw from the older version of womanhood above. It’s a sign that women in the nation are virtually feral these days, they have no self-awareness, both proclaiming they love our nation and its traditions, and at the same time behaving like children, or animals, with no self-control whatsoever. It’s a very sad state of affairs. I apologise in advance for the foul language she uses:

It’s terrible, really, this woman is our future, can you imagine what her children will be like?
She only cares about the nation’s culture in the here and now, she hates everything that was true of our culture and values that vanished only 70 years ago, even though they stretch back over 1,000 years to tthe time of Alfred the Great. She doesn’t care.
I often think of my grandfather at these times, a proud and brave Welsh man, who died in World War 2 in his early 30s, leaving behind a wife and two children. Why did he die? We won a pointless war, but have convincingly lost the peace to the left, to satan, to evil. I wonder if this young woman ever gives one single thought to the millions of men who died for their nation, or who built everything she enjoys in her life, as she spouts her incoherent leftist evil nonsense? I doubt it, utterly self-obsessed, utterly miserable, utterly lost. If she used such foul language to my face, she’d have felt the back of my hand across her pretty face, and perhaps would have learned a valuable lesson. Perhaps this post will sting her a little bit, what do you reckon?
It’s easy to finish writing a post like this one thinking ‘how on earth can our nation escape this level of sin, lawlessness and feral behaviour’? I don’t believe it can, and so I pray that God continues to punish and curse us as He promises us He will do for turning away from Him. Only as matters become worse can we hope to see a widespread return to faith and eternal truths, especially from the Men of the West, where faith is still alive, just about, in a few places. All it takes is a few God-fearing men, a new covenant with our God, and we will be a blessed nation again, Dumnonia can rise again, and with God behind us, we will be a great nation.
I pray that we see this happen in the years ahead. Amen.

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