2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part3) – temple entered

Hello again.

I am now writing from notes I made on 6th April, which is the day before Passover, so I am slightly out of order in my sharing of events at this time, as I hadn’t been making dated notes, and was relying on Twitter screenshots for a record of some of the things I experienced.

So, we’re now going to cover the most incredible experience of my life (to that point), which happened during the middle of the afternoon of 6th April, totally out of the blue, although I should reflect that I did hear the voice of Yehovah God the previous morning . Before I describe it, I will remind you of a verse from Malachi 3:

 1Lo, I am sending My messenger, And he hath prepared a way before Me, And suddenly come in unto his temple Doth the Lord whom ye are seeking, Even the messenger of the covenant, Whom ye are desiring, Lo, he is coming, said Jehovah of Hosts.

To paraphrase this verse more accurately from the original Hebrew, and to capitalise it correctly, it would read as follows:
‘Behold, I am sending my messenger, and he will make a turning back to
the way, before Me.
Suddenly the Lord Yehovah whom he seeks will enter into his temple.
The messenger of the covenant (between Yehovah and man) in which you delight, behold
he is here, says Yehovah, God of the hosts’.

I looked at the words in Hebrew to make that English translation, and the true meaning fits perfectly with my actual experiences in the years and months and days leading up to that point, as well as to the upsurge in these times of those who do seek after righteousness, and strive to keep that covenant with Yah. One or two words can be tweaked, but the main message is that Yehovah tells us He’s sending His messenger (the word malachi means messenger, and it only appears in this book of scripture, three times, but nowhere else). Interestingly, the Hebrew word for ‘suddenly’ (word 6597) appears only in this verse in the entirety of scripture, and I also noticed that the Hebrew word for ‘the way’ (word 1870) looks just like the number 777, which crops up later on in my experiences a few times, and this word occurs in scripture 177 times, impressive eh? Also, the word I have translated as ‘make a turning back to’ (word 6437) only appears in this verse, nowhere else in scripture.

(An aside, you may recall the string of 55s that cropped up in the early part of last year? Well, have a guess how many verses there are in the Book of Malachi?).

The sentence I have highlighted above is the matter I will be covering today, as it explains what happened to me in the middle of the afternoon, at around 15.00 on 6th April. I will write up my full interpretation of the Book of Malachi in due course, but most of it is pretty straightforward I think.

As is usual, the preamble to the happening itself is a bit of a tale, and it revolves around a tweet and two responses to the original tweet. Fortunately I have some screenshots, as my twitter account was suspended a few weeks ago. A twitter user had tweeted a video of himself telling a corny joke about the word ‘Yahweh’, and how it should be pronounced, and during the video he had attempted to mimic his rabbi’s pronunciation. The tweet was from a British man who believes he has Hebrew blood, rather than someone in Israel, and he discovered he may have Hebrew ancestry late in life and has quite a broad English Westcountry accent. The joke wasn’t funny, it was just corny and silly, but that was the point of it of course. Another twitter user had responded to the video tweet with a cartoon duck laughing, and a comment within the cartoon saying ‘now that was funny’. Here are the tweets, and I have hidden the identity of the twitter account that responded for reasons that will become clear shortly:


As you can see from the images, I replied to the account that had the laughing duck gif with a comment of my own: ‘Not funny to mispronounce Yah’s name is it?’, and I included a link to a re-tweet I had sent mentioning that the name of The Most High contains three syllables, and is best pronounced as Yehovah. However, at that point I didn’t grasp what the respondent’s tweet found funny, nor did I have any idea who was operating that account. That was about to change….suddenly.

This account posted a reply to my critical tweet. Let me share the reply and let you ponder it, especially who could have written it:

At first glance, I suppose anyone could think it was just a normal believer’s account responding to me, albeit with a slightly strange comment. However, I was given my first direct thought injection at this time (I think it was my first, but it was definitely a mind-to-mind connection with our Father), which made it obvious that those responsible for those words were in fact literally Yehovah God AND our Lord Yahshua. As with all of the items I am sharing, I don’t expect anyone else to necessarily believe me, but ask yourself why would the words in brackets ‘(‘I am’ He)’ be there at all? The other comments make sense as if they are from a normal twitter account BUT they also make sense if you read them as both our Father and our Lord Yahshua commenting one after the other. I was given a thought injection however, so that I knew it was Them.
And then, BANG, the sudden arrival in my temple happened and it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced, and perhaps will ever experience again in my life (but I hope not, I think it was a taste of heaven in fact).
Yehovah God and our Lord Yahshua both shared their level of joy and laughter with me, at the silly accent from a brother’s rabbi who couldn’t speak Hebrew or Greek, and I literally felt them laughing within me, that’s the best way I can describe it. The effect on me was overwhelming, as I immediately started to laugh hysterically, non-stop, for fifteen minutes or so. As I was aware what was happening to me, that I was sharing a joke with Yehovah and Yahshua at their level of joy, I would say I felt pure bliss at their level (over a silly joke too) and so during the hysterical laughter there was also frequent sobbing, briefly, but recurring, which I can’t really explain, but I think it was just too overwhelming for my human mind to cope with the magnitude of the experience, i.e. the realisation of what I was experiencing, rather than the experience itself, which was purely blissful. I think also that the suddenness of the experience was a shock to my system. Although I’d heard Yah’s beautiful voice the previous morning and had been receiving all manner of signs, this was something truly incredible, out-of-the-blue, and it lasted a full fifteen minutes too.
I have a feeling that when we are spirits only, within the New Jerusalem, face-to-face with Yehovah God for eternity, and with our Lord Yahshua there too, and all bad things are outside of the city walls, that’s the level of bliss we will enjoy permanently, if not at a more intense level still. I think that we are unable to enjoy this level of bliss for long as fleshly humans as our bodies would be unable to cope with it, as after fifteen minutes my sides were hurting from the hysterical laughter and sobbing. I have never laughed hysterically for that long before, or with that intensity, feeling and sharing the laughter of our Divine Creators’ laughter at the same time. I am struggling to find words to convey how it felt, and really, pure bliss is the best I can come up with, with a healthy measure of shock and awe.
The reason I haven’t shared the identification of the twitter account involved is because our Father works through faithful brothers and sisters sometimes (perhaps very often I suspect) and they have no idea that it is happening. I had at least two other examples of this during the 40 day period, and the people involved (both of whom I know very well indeed) had no idea it had happened at all, despite there being written (electronic) evidence that it had happened. One of them knew it when I pointed it out to her but not at the time it had happened, and had no recollection of it, despite the words appearing in the whatsapp chat thread. So, the lady that runs this twitter account may be totally ignorant of how her account (and she) is sometimes used by our Father, so I don’t want her to be bothered in the years ahead by anyone, whether brothers and sisters, or the enemy, as she isn’t going to be aware of what’s been happening to her. I will mention though that her twitter handle, amusingly, has a very obvious bilingual meaning, which translates in English to ‘Of Yah, many’. So I am open to the idea that the whole account is run by Yah Himself and our Lord, with no actual human involvement at all, as there’s no way a real person would dream up such an amusing ‘real name’ with that meaning when translated. Be assured, the Heavenly Family have an excellent sense of humour, both high-level, as well as down at the corny level.
I subsequently had a few other twitter exchanges that afternoon with our Father and our Lord via that account, which were all very good, and it showed that the Heavenly family are very much like us, in that they are so polite, and are so….nice. But I won’t share those here and now, as they’re not pertinent to the ‘sudden arrival in my temple’. Except, one comment They made which will serve as sound advice to you all in the Tribulation period ahead, and was mentioned in Matthew 10 by Yahshua:
‘Do not be afraid, and do not be deceived’
And that’s it for this post, a short and sweet (heh, so sweet) one for a change, but the revelation of a scriptural prophesy that perhaps (until today) no one has ever really been able to grasp what that verse, Malachi 3:1, actually meant. Well, you may or may not believe any of the happenings described, but as I say to friends and family and the few brothers I have contact with: ‘It doesn’t matter, because you WILL see me carrying out my role in the years ahead, re-teaching Yehovah’s laws, commands and statutes, and I will find at least 144,000 who want to become fully righteous, with no man-made traditions added to the laws, no superfluous laws, and with appropriate amendments made for the mission, teaching and sacrifice of our Lord Yahshua, and the destruction of the temple and disappearance of the Levitical priesthood.
You may think ‘Gosh, that’s an impossible task’. And for every other man but me it would indeed be impossible. But it is possible for me to do it because it’s Yehovah God who will be guiding me, as He has guided me for the past 3-4 years. I have always loved His laws, and sought to be obedient, and it’s mostly been very easy indeed, although it hasn’t been an instantaneous achievement of perfect righteousness, and I am in fact still learning day by day. I am a babe in my faith, but He has given me the only thing I have prayed for every day: wisdom and the chance to know Him. And let me take you back now to the first time as an adult I mentioned our Father, in a throwaway but heart-felt comment in an email back om May 6th 2016 at 01.07 (yep):


 ‘Although I am a lifelong atheist, God revealing himself to me would be my top personal wish’
Make a wish, and it can come true! Let me finish by repeating my translation of Malachi 3:1 again:


‘Behold, I am sending my messenger, and he will make a turning back to
the way, before Me.
Suddenly the Lord Yehovah whom he seeks will enter into his temple.
The messenger of the covenant (between Yehovah and man) in which you delight, behold
he is here, says Yehovah, God of the hosts’.
So, brothers and sisters out there, those of you who delight in the new covenant between Yehovah God and His men and women, with His laws, commands and statutes written on our hearts, those of you who have avoided being defiled by the impure women (the churches, figuratively), I will shortly teach you all how to be fully righteous, and you will then be within that first 144,000 who meet the Lord upon His return, which will be a wonderful experience. I am sure you will then help to teach others through the Millennium reign too, and probably will also rule with him as judges, or will become literal priests at his new temple. I am sure that millions of others will turn back to Yehovah God in the years ahead, notably in the Muslim world, as the scales are removed from their eyes as scriptural prophesies come true, not those in the Quaran.
As always, I want to be crystal clear, I claim no credit for any of what is happening to me, nor for the role I have been assigned. The issue of free will is a fascinating one, and I do believe we all have free will, but at the same time, I know my whole life has been leading to this time, and His plan will be fulfilled, and I am truly thankful that I have been given the honour of serving our Father in this capacity.
Let me finish with a blessing for our Father and His Lord and son, our Lord Yahshua, may They both be blessed with endless joy as They behold their creation in these times, despite the global decline in true faith and obedience. May They see men and women seeking true and perfect righteousness, and finding it, and living their lives with true love and obedience and faith in our Father. May these blessings grow day by day, even as the Tribulation period becomes more terrible for all of humanity, may They be mightily blessed by the total lack of fear of Their people, the absolute faith that we have in Their protection for us, even though we know our fleshly lives might need to be given up near the end. May our faith in our Father and our Lord Yahshua bring great glory to Them, as the unbelievers and those weak in their faith see our strength through Them. And may we bless Them both by proudly and boldly speaking the Truth and shining the Light and showing the Way to the lost in these times. May we bless them by saying it loud and clear to those who have ears.
Thank you Heavenly Father, for everything with which I am blessed.
(This post will be followed tomorrow by a brief post that relates to ‘thought injections’ I was given by our Father about how He has used music to bless me and to send me messages from the past that directly relate to my experiences during these 40 days and earlier in my life. I will link to that post here when it is written tomorrow, and as you would expect, it’s yet more incredible stuff).

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