2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part 9) – 12th April – Easter Sunday

Hello again.

Well, this is a time-consuming matter, writing up everything that happened back in these 40 days, but once I have covered Easter things slow down somewhat, so I should be able to ‘catch up’. There is plenty of time, and then I will begin my study and teaching of our Father’s law, I am excited at getting into that.

I need to add a note that I missed about Saturday 11th April, which was the sight of hundreds of flies crawling over my silver car. It was horrible, they wouldn’t leave, but they didn’t buzz me, they just sat there for most of the day. Their lord and master was nearby I am sure, enjoying the anniversary of our messiah Yahshua being under the ground.

But now on to Sunday 13th April, which was the toughest test of the whole 4 days for me.

I has slept well, but my notes say that I got up twice during the night (to pee maybe, I can’t remember), and my notes say that my heart hurt both times I got up. The day started badly though, as my cat Seve turned up (after both cats being out all night) with a horrible mouth injury of some kind. It was very swollen and was obviously causing him a lot of pain, and he was drooling. We all hate to see our pets (or children) suffer with pain. But I was told NOT to take him for any treatment. I was led to believe he would die, but would be resurrected.

My notes are very specific at this time, I was very much in tune with our Father’s thought injections to me. I wrote: ‘I am feeling Yah’s distress when His son was on the cross and in terrible pain’. I noted that Seve was trying to hold his head up to avoid pain, in the same way our Lord would have held himself up on the cross to keep breathing. I wrote: ‘I am sure he will die soon, but resurrect tomorrow’. As you can imagine, this was a very significant test of my faith, although I didn’t even think about taking Seve to the vets, I completely trusted Yah to not let me lose Seve.

I wrote a note: ‘How can Yah hurt an innocent animal, just to test me’? I also wrote: ‘It was test for Yah as well (to see His son suffer) as well as being a painful test for Yahshua’.

My stomach was really bad on this day, painful and sore, and my head was bad too, a dull ache, and my legs were really weak too. I felt awful. Seve was in so much pain he was running around the living room, not knowing what to do with himself, and drooling horribly from the open jaw. I spoke aloud: ‘why is an innocent son of mine suffering’? (meaning Seve, I class myself as the cats’ dad of course). I said aloud ‘please make it stop’, and I also said ‘Yah has forsaken me’.

There was then some BS deceptions attempted by Satan about life just being a role-playing-game. I assume it was deception, but I wrote down: ‘even if it is, I am still going to choose the right side’. I made a note about poor Seve having his right paw slashed to the tendon years ago by an evil neighbour for no good reason. The man who did it, his surname was on a gravestone in the graveyard, so I forgave him on this day. Although I will have vengeance on him in the future. Seve’s right ear flicked twice as I did this.

My stomach was rumbling, I was now around 60 hours into my fast, and Seve began shivering on my lap. His breathing was becoming very shallow indeed, but he seemed to drop off to sleep. I wrote down ‘in the tomb now’? (death =sleep). I wrote: ‘ I know he will be fine again soon’. There were a lot of crows squawking outside, plus songbirds too. Seve had a big shudder, first his body, then his head. I imagine it was the pain causing it. We both dropped off to sleep for a while, when I awoke my right eye was twitching and my stomach was grumbling again. I wrote down: ‘I am sharing our Lord’s feelings and experience and Yah’s at the same time’.

I fell asleep again, very briefly, with two twitches en route. When I awoke I felt very cold, the heating wasn’t on, it was a cold period back then. I had my left hand on Seve, I removed it to crack my knuckles, I was squeezing the air out of the joints. I then put both of my hands behind my head (involuntarily, this was all Yah’s doing). I cried tears and put my hand back on Seve, saying ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, this is nothing to do with you’. Seve stretched out his front legs and I belched. My heart became very sore and I had difficulty breathing. Seve was shaking his head a little, in pain. I exclaimed ‘ouh, ouh’ twice, and said: ‘Make it stop, it’s so horrible’. The crows were louder outside, with no songbirds singing. It felt dark, heavy. I couldn’t keep awake and dozed off again.

I woke up and found I was panting, literally panting. I felt a sharp stab through my back into my heart, and put my hands behind my head, and said ‘Oh God. Oh man. I can’t take any more, I can’t take any more, I can’t take any more’. I realised it would be my birthday on the next day, 14th April. I broke wind again, a fart this time I think.

I needed to lift Seve off my lap, and I was thinking ‘he’ll die soon’. Seve then started purring and switched positions, back on my lap, I noted ‘he’s OK again’. His right foot was crusted with drool. I wrote: ‘Seve is in paradise now’. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth, as if he was dead, and it reminded me of when I had my first cat put to sleep, his tongue stuck out, after he had been sedated, but before the lethal injection. Both times it was horrible to see it. I sobbed repeatedly, it was terrible, and Seve was twitching a lot. I moved him so he was laying across my lap, and he was still breathing. Both of our noses started running.

Seve then jumped off my lap, obviously in terrible pain, at that point I thought his jaw was broken. I couldn’t see him for a little while, he was behind another sofa. I was belching a lot, and I could hear Seve choking and coughing and then he started running around, the pain too much for him to bear. He was also shaking. I let him outside, and Ollie (my other cat, Seve’s brother) came in, but he wouldn’t approach me. I said to him: ‘it’s all your fault’, and I wrote down that Seve used to be the scapegoat and Ollie would hit him when Ollie was possessed by a demon. I had a thought injection that I needed to do a burnt offering on the altar. I didn’t have quite enough wood, but I found a piece near the house, just the right size. There was a bee and a spider by the altar. I used 7 rolled up bits of newspaper to get the fire started, and 7 pieces of wood too. The sun had been very low in the sky, but suddenly it was higher and visible above the trees. I could feel its warmth as the burnt offering burned. I said the Lord’s prayer and prayed that the offering was acceptable to our Father, and I prayed for Seve, as I said ‘amen’ I was buzzed by a fly and the crows were making a lot of noise from the trees. I broke wind and then felt at ease, in all ways. I opened the bible to read about the burnt offering before I started and it opened at Leviticus 16, all about the two goats. At the time I assumed that was something to do with Seve, but I have been shown recently exactly what those two goats foretell. I had noticed that the old newspaper I was using (given to me by my parents) was from 2014, and it was full of stories of the decline of my nation, so much sin and evil.

I went back indoors and slept for a short while, when I woke up I was shivering, and I wrote down: ‘this is like being in the tomb’. I then wrote: ‘I am going for a walk to the graveyard, will I meet a thief’. I had burned the wooden trident I found in the hedge the day before, suspecting it was a test or a deception, as it was a form of a graven image. Before I went for a walk I was told (thought injection as always) to read Revelation 2, the warnings to the churches. It wasn’t just the warnings that I was paying attention to, but scripture and prophesy that I was shown related to me. Here are the pertinent verses that I was shown that relate to me, then I will share what I was shown about the churches themselves:

1. ‘To the one who overcomes, I will grant the right to eat from the tree of life in the Paradise of God’.
 2.’The one who overcomes will not be harmed by the second death’.

I knew I had eaten from the tree of life that week, so I already knew the second death wouldn’t harm me. And there won’t be a first death. No death at all in fact, apart from the death of the old me when I was born again, fulfilling my own personal expectation that I was going to die at a young age. 50 is the new 40 I believe? I also noted down ‘is Devon/Dumnonia the ‘paradise of God’ ‘?

The notes I made about the rest of Revelation 2 were as follows, I was just scribbling as the thoughts came into my head:

Ephesus is England/Britain’s remaining people of faith. But the accusation against them: ‘ But I have this against you: You have abandoned your first love. 5Therefore, keep in mind how far you have fallen. Repent and perform the deeds you did at first. But if you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place’.

The word ‘love’ up above is ‘agape’ once again, which means ‘what God prefers’. So, Britain still has some people with good faith, but they no longer keep much of our Father’s law. They are warned to repent of this, or they will lose the ‘lampstand’. I also noted down with an arrow from the above note to the name ‘Timothy’, and had another note further down the page that 1 Timothy was also applicable to me and the world today:

 As I urged you on my departure to Macedonia, you should stay on at Ephesus to instruct certain men not to teach false doctrines 4or devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies, which promote speculation rather than the stewardship of God’s work, which is by faith
5The goal of our instruction is the love (agape) that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith. 6Some have strayed from these ways and turned aside to empty talk. 7They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not understand what they are saying or that which they so confidently assert.
Now, the internet, especially youtube is full of these ‘certain men’ (and a few women), who teach pure nonsense, and people lap it up. I spend a lot of time correcting them, and recently had to ask our Father to hit one guy with a curse, two curses in fact, for teaching heresies such as Passover being vegetarian, pushing a Noahide heresy, which is something I think (no, I was shown today, it will definitely come at the end) might be pushed as the final doctrinal heresy to entrap some of those seeking righteousness in the end times. Also, I was instructed by our Father just before Easter, on the day that I met Him, to stay ‘in the Kingdom’, i.e. England.
I noted that the church in Smyrna was the faithful genuine Hebrew peoples in Israel, rather than ‘those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan’, which is the Ashkenazi, never of the twelve tribes. So, they will suffer soon at the hands of Satan’s children. If they keep their faith to the end, they might be martyred, but they will be resurrected. I have no idea whether those Hebrews will be only those who have been baptised in the Lord Yahshua, or whether it will include righteous Hebrews who are martyred. My instinct is that it will be both, that is what is in my heart. And our Father wouldn’t allow it to be there if it was in error. Or will He bring them back up and show them the Truth? Or will they see the Truth before they take the martyr’s death, especially if it relates to the prophesy from our Lord about the mark of the beast coming to pass. I think, in my heart, there will be a huge number of conversions to the way, truth and life, right at the end of these times. As long as these people accept the Lord Yahshua before they die, they will come back up. And there could be billions of them I suspect (mostly Muslims).

Next, I noted that the church at Pergamos , where Satan’s seat is located, is Mecca. That was all I wrote about that.

I made a cup of tea and there were two strange spots of red inside the rim of the mug, just above the condensation line, and it looked like a stone wall. I then slept suddenly, and have noted that I ‘collapsed in the foetal position’.

I was then moved to retrieve a book I have had for a few years but had never even opened, it was one of the items in the box upstairs. I wrote down a lot of words, mostly Greek words related to me and my life, and what the words meant. Some of the words I have written down I don’t recall why I looked them up, and I am only now looking at them, so I will just list them:

  • morphe – form, shape)
  • arktos – north, bear)
  • pelagos- sea (My surname is Morgan, it means sea-dweller or sea captain, the Roman version is Pelagius)
  • These next two words are written: EARTH – ceres. Ceres doesn’t appear in scripture as far as I can tell, the etymology of the word suggests it means ‘nourishment, to feed’.
  • Next I have written: FILL – Male
  • Flower – Anthos (my father’s name is Anthony)
  • Foundation – katabole
  • Water – thom (means twins apparently, but also my grandfather was named Thomas)
  • measure – ma-dad
  • night – laylah
  • silver – argaros
  • tongues – glossa ( I just noticed, these two follow one another, giving silver-tongue, and I searched scripture and Proverbs 10:20 came up, that whole chapter is about the righteous and the wise).
  • Adjective – hetero-glossos (something to do with speaking in tongues, 1 Corinthians 14:4, I was born 14th April).
  • Transfigure -meta morphoo
  • noun – gnosis
  • Kind -Chrestos
  • Knowledge – gnosis
  • Land – Adam-ah
  • Travail – sun-o-dino (means birth pangs, dinosaurs just popped into my head)
  • Bay -kolpos
  • Beach – aigialos
  • Earth – ge
  • Likeness – d’mut = dogs (these were my notes)
  • Live -hay -horses
  • Set-up – sim
  • marriage = game
  • woman – the leia

That is the end of the word list. Let me quickly read it through, see if anything comes to me. I just will note there are a lot of water/sea references in there, maybe some creation theme perhaps? Maybe one day in the future some sense will come from the above.

Oh, hang on, I found more words on a page ahead, here they are:

  • EN – place by, of right hand
  • gold – 55:57
  • (I wrote a note that until this time I had never drunk wine before and had never used Vine’s before. The author of Vine’s is: W.E. VINE. If you don’t think that is…odd..we vine, heh. Other writers are Merril F.Unger and William White Jr. Too odd, in my opinion)
  • Sept-u-gint? (is written down).
  • theos (oeos) theta = time eos =less?? timeless?
  • anthropatos – deputy pro-consul
  • gar -no doubt-indeed-verily
  • gaza – treasure
  • gazman(a) -treasure from heaven
  • aeoli pera – trial
  • koanic – companion, fellowship, defile, unclean
  • Patricia – family, kindred (Patricia is my mother’s name)
  • glossa -tongue.
  • lia – exceeding
  • darren – ??
  • Chruson – 55:57 – 888 -gold
  • Eight -okto
  • Sheol – purgatory -dead -righteous – unrighteous
  • Louis Goldberg (one of the contributors to Vine’s) -Lewis (my grandfather’s middle name)
  • Hook – angulus – anchor – angles
  • Ballo – cast, throw.
  • Steros – barren
  • ano – above (sever -he- above-throw-barren)

The next note is one of those I would prefer to leave out, but I won’t. I wrote ‘needing/wanting to masturbate – crows really loud – temptation’. To the best of my memory, I didn’t masturbate (masturbation is not a sin however). I wrote next that I slept a lot then, no sign of either of my cats.

Then I wrote: ‘Seve’s mouth -hooked?’, and a note of something from my childhood when I laid down on a bed, not noticing it had a board of fish-hooks on it, somehow, and I ended up with a load of hooks in my back, which my dad gingerly removed. Good job he didn’t throw me back eh? I commanded a fly to leave, and it did. I noticed an evil-looking figurine on the wall of my next door neighbour’s porch, a reclining demonic figure, with its leg raised, and it reminded me of something I saw on twitter earlier this year, a pagan thing now being pushed as healthy, sunbathing one’s anus. Do a websearch, these are the times we live in folks. Sick.

I then have some notes about our Lord Yahshua’s crucifixion, which make no sense at all, all about the timing. I think most serious believers know that the crucifixion took place, or started, late on Wednesday night, with the three hours of darkness coming from noon to 3pm on the Thursday (the day starts at 6am), and then shortly thereafter our Lord died, and he was entombed in the late evening/early part of the night on Thursday or in the night-time hours of Friday, and was then three days and nights in the tomb, rising overnight on Monday, and being seen early that morning. The only note I have that makes sense is that he  rose again at 3am on Monday, so if you count back 72 hours from there, you arrive at 3am on Friday for being placed in the tomb.

Outside I noticed that the steak I had used as the burnt offering had moved off the altar and I knew I had to remove it from my property. I also have notes that my fast should end at 3am on Monday 13th, which I had noted in my diary as a day to begin a fast some weeks before. This would mean I would break my fast at the same time our Lord Yahshua emerged from the tomb.

I noted that both cats were still missing, and that a lot of evil and sinful people I had known, as well as famous people, and even brands, had names that ended in the ‘zee’ sound, as in Be’elzeebub. I didn’t investigate the name, but I noted Ashkenazi, Nazi (what a coincidence eh?), Pepsi.

I had a dream where I was trying to talk to a company called Goldmoney about gold storage, and also my parents wouldn’t give me any privacy in this dream. I then wrote down ‘GO-(EL)-D, and we do know that our Father, like us (or rather we, like Him) recognise gold as the most precious metal. I wrote also ‘Jesus = He’s Us. I wrote ‘Golden Chrusion -5553, which is a Greek scriptural word, meaning ‘gold, viewed in terms of its purchasing power, i.e. what it brings about. I noted that Ab is word number 1, meaning Father. I noted that I have always been a saver or money, not a spender. I noted the name ‘Xi’ as being of Satan, literally pronounced as zee. I found an old brown belt, which I will wear again. Seve was sat resting in a plant pot, and I noted ‘he’ll be ok’. I passed that test of faith, the toughest one to that point I think.

I then headed off for a walk, early evening on Easter Sunday, a warm day. Almost immediately I found another red 20 sign placed in a hedgerow just opposite where the other one had been. I couldn’t believe it, it was also signed ‘Banksy’, and photos are shown below:

So I had found the first ’20’ on day twenty of my forty days, and I found the second ’20’ on the start of the second half of the 40 days. Both together give us ‘2020’. I was looking at Ezekiel 20:20 just today (24/7/20), so I will share it:

And My sabbaths sanctify, And they have been for a sign between Me and you, To know that I, Yehovah, am your God.

I continued on my walk, and had a chat with a young woman who was walking with the horse that I identified as America, and I witnessed to her and gave a Gideon bible. The horse was named Lola I discovered, and turned 20 on 24th May 2020. I had a look just now into the meaning and origin of the name Lola. It is a diminutive version of Dolores, and here is the etymology of Dolores:

Doloresfem. proper name, from Spanish Maria de los Dolores, literally “Mary of the Sorrows,” from plural of dolor, from Latin dolor “pain, sorrow,” perhaps from PIE root *delh- “to chop” “under the assumption than ‘pain’ was expressed by the feeling of ‘being torn apart'”

That sounds very apt for what faces America during the impending Great Tribulation, unless they repent, turn from lukewarm faith, back to the righteousness of the early settlers. They will be warned in due course, by me.
I continued my walk up the hill, and as usual entered the graveyard, and strolled through it. Before I entered I had a feeling ‘something’ was going to happen. I saw a man sat on the grass right at the top of the graveyard, alongside an old bicycle. He was slim and looked sprightly, but from his face I could tell he was very old indeed, deep creases. But his physique was that of a younger man, as far as I could tell. We talked, I witnessed to him to, and he told me he was a man of faith.
We talked about baptism. He told me that he knew baptism as an adult was necessary, and that he thought that he would have been baptised, but that it was so long ago, he couldn’t remember. He told me he didn’t have a bible, I told him I had a spare KJV he was welcome to have. He didn’t know whose grave the unmarked cross belonged to, but he knew a lot about others, and about Sparkwell, this village where I am currently living. He offered to lend me a book on the history of the village he had. He told me he had found his t-shirt in a rubbish skip. He was very quietly-spoken, and there was something about him that indicated to me he was really very old indeed. His t-shirt had a slogan on it: (sorry, I didn’t note it down, and I can’t remember it, but it was something about faith I recall, a battle slogan of some kind). I told him I lived behind the church, and that he was welcome to visit, but he hasn’t done. I did cross paths with him in June though ‘by chance’, as I was driving to see a client, at the precise moment my car reached the crossroads, he drove past on his bike, so I followed him and managed to speak with him through the car window as we both stopped our journeys briefly, he remembered me, and I again told him where I lived and that he was welcome to visit, but he hasn’t yet. I want to quote some scripture here, as I have a feeling about this man:
 Peter turned and saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them. He was the one who had leaned back against Jesus at the supper to ask, “Lord, who is going to betray You?” 21When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” 22Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain until I return, what is that to you? You follow Me!” 23Because of this, the rumor spread among the brothers that this disciple would not die. However, Jesus did not say that he would not die, but only, “If I want him to remain until I return, what is that to you?”

This is all I will say about this man I met twice for now. (I changed my mind: his name is of Welsh origin, and means ‘large settlement’).

I continued on my walk up around the top of the hill, and I threw the remains of the steak burnt offering into a hedgerow. Then I turned back down the hill, through a public footpath that traverses a couple of fields, one a rough field, one a farmer’s pasture. I found a stick which had one small stone, tiny, embedded at the top of the stick. At the bottom of the stick there were three tiny stones embedded. I didn’t keep the stick, because as I walked, the stones fell out.

I then was shown something just to the left of the rough path down through the rough field. I will show you some photos of what I saw (which I have taken subsequently, not on the day, as I had no phone power), before I explain what the meaning of it was. Make sure you are sitting down please.

As you can see, there are four stones. One is resting against the tree. I was told (thought injection as always) that this stone represented Yehovah God. The stone to that stone’s right (so not as we look at the photo, but from the perspective of looking from the stone resting against the tree), the grey stone, I was told was the Lord Yahshua. The small stone under the Yehovah stone was very dirty, and I was told that was Satan, who Yehovah had as a footstool.

I was then told that the white stone to the left was me.

I knew what I was told, but I refused to accept it, it was something that I was unable to comprehend or believe could be remotely possible. How could I be in that position, it was simply not possible, so I rejected it. But the thought injection didn’t go away. I will talk more about this in future posts. To this date I have not lifted the white stone to see if it is inscribed in any way.

I walked on down the hill, through a wooded area, and I noticed many bluebells were coming through, so it looked beautiful. To the right of the wood was a patch of ground, maybe 100 yards square, with many stacks of oil drums in it. This area is part of paint-balling area a bit further down the hill, a business with the name Delta Force. I was shown that the area with the oil drums was symbolic of the middle East. There were spent munitions on the floor, flares and bangers I think, rather than real munitions. I was given a thought that delta force somehow related to me and my mission, somewhere between Alpha and Omega.

I passed through the woods into the farmer’s field that the public path crossed, and I saw a young deer leap a fence, which was nice to see. Also in the field were a sheep family, a ram, the ewe, and a very tiny baby lamb. Then I was on a lane back down to the bottom of the hill, and I noticed that a lot of the signs for the paint-balling were golden in colour.

At the bottom of the hill, at a crossroads, I found an old planning permission notification, which I was told to remove and keep. It looked like plans for many houses on the edge of this village, but the planning application has lapsed, and when I checked online later, nothing was built there. It may feature in my future.

Then, as I walked along the road back into the village I saw a large iron trident just resting against an old doorway through the wall, so I picked it up, as it seemed to be meant for me. It weighed at least 4lbs I would say, it was maybe 2 feet long. I only kept it a few days and then threw it away, as I wasn’t sure of the meaning of it, and I didn’t want to have anything remotely like a graven image in the house. Upon reflection today, it could very well have been an iron sceptre, and I note that Britannia carries a trident. Too late now though!

As the walk came to an end I witnessed to a few more neighbours that were out in the warm weather, a few older ladies were of the faith, but had not been baptised as adults, so I told them they needed to be. I had noticed that the church pastor’s (large) cottage had a horseshoe up above the front door. How very pagan.

I got home, nothing much else is noted for that day, except there were quite a lot of bees around, and I wrote down ‘bee-el-ze-bub’. I went to bed early, 08.45, feeling a bit nauseous, but I was able to stop this through faith, I have noted that this was the second time I had done that on this day.

Ollie, my cat, was back home, and appeared to be normal again toward me and was eating. Seve was still trying to clear his mouth, but the worst of it had passed, and I knew he would be well again soon.

So that was Sunday 12th April, a very testing and difficult day, one of the worst of my life, the worst being when my first cat was put to sleep. I knew early on in the 40 days that I was going to be tested and refined, but I really had no idea what was in store for me. It was necessary though, and I overcame it all, although there was still much more to come.

I want to end by thanking my Father for being with me then and now, then physically, and now within my temple, constantly teaching me and putting His words in my mouth and on my fingers at the keyboard. It is wonderful to have been an empty and slave-like vessel, and for Him to have filled me up with His glory and wisdom and word. I am truly humbled Father that I won the lottery of life, the lottery of all time, when you drew up your plans so long ago. I have no idea why I am so lucky, so blessed, but I offer my thanks for it nevertheless, and I pray that my life is a continual blessing to You in your plans coming to fruition, and whatever may lie ahead, I trust You to deliver me through it, and to reward me as You have promised, along with your other faithful and obedient servants. I also thank my Lord Yahshua for his promises to me, and for his example of righteousness, faith and obedience, in a world that hated him, as it will surely hate me. Thank you Father, thank you my Lord Yahshua, I bless you both.

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