2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part 7) – 9th April – 21.15 onward

Hello again.

If you are a new reader of my blog, please don’t read this post until you have read the preceding few posts, as it won’t make much sense on its own. Thanks.

I was side-tracked by events these past few days, so I am only now (1st July 2020) able to start writing about my experiences of the night of 9th April 2020.

First though, I have to cover something from the daytime on 9th April, notably the revelation of heaven being in the depths of the oceans, which are above us, as the earth is upside-down (and flat). The lyrics of another Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci song perfectly speak for our Father about His location and His desire and His creation. In any other context the lyrics are nonsensical, but in their True context, they are perfect and brilliant and very moving too.The song is called Tsunami, although the lyrics bear no relationship to a tsunami. I used to listen to this song on the playlist I put together and enjoy it, without giving any thought whatsoever to the lyrics or the title, it is just a great tune. Once their meaning was revealed, I then realised that the title still didn’t connect to the lyrics, but here are some screenshots of some business emails I have sent in the past few months, and they all contain the word ‘tsunami’:



I have been expecting a ‘tsunami’ to hit the markets for a little while, it is a strange coincidence that I was also hit by a tsunami during this 40 days period. Here are the lyrics, and please review my revelations about the ‘watery heavens’ where our Father sits on His throne waiting for us in the previous post:

 There’s a place where I am on my own All alone beneath the waves Universe all around me Gotta human sign La la la….And in this place where I am on my own It doesn’t work with out you there You could be here with me Maybe someday

La la la….

Here is the song, really worth a listen, and as I proof-read this post, I notice the lyrics above are somehow arranged into nice symmetrical shapes, not my doing, I just copied and pasted with the usual indentations I use:
In this instance I don’t think I need to explain the lyrics at all, they just make perfect sense from our Father’s perspective, and they’re so beautiful, and He wants us to be there with Him so much, but (for reasons known only to Him) He gave us life here on earth first, and we soon have the best 1,000 years of that life to look forward to. I thank Him for that, despite the tribulation which has just started.
Right, back to the night of 9th April, and I head out of the house on a still, clear, but cold night. It is quite dark, despite the moon being visible, and as I am walking up the lane to the top of the hill it took a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the low light. I was wearing my spectacles. I was spooked somewhat by noises as I walked, until I realised it was just the material of my rucksack rubbing against my jacket. It is fair to say I was feeling nervous.
As I reached the top of the hill and turned right toward the moor, I walked along the dirt road in a bit more light, as I was higher, and the road was white. As I walked, I talked with our Father. I can’t remember what I said, other than asking Him to bless me and to help me avoid any mistakes. At this point I couldn’t see the moor, but I had a few hundred yards to walk until the expanse of the moor away to the north was visible.
I should mention that I had never been over to the moor before this night. I had attempted to walk to it one afternoon late in March, but had been unable to find a way to reach it, as there is a massive clay quarry gouged out of the countryside, and I couldn’t see a way to get to the moor without passing through the edge of that. So, in the dark, I expected to have to enter the quarry, which digs clay out of the earth, over a huge area up there, maybe 15 square miles of moor has been removed over the years, very sad how a lovely piece of moor has been ruined.
As I reached the end of the road at the top of the hill, heading broadly north east, I was finally able to see across country. It was dark so I couldn’t see much of anything, but there was some light from a few villages out in the distance, and from a huge building away to the west tied to the quarry. Also there was the lights from the city of Plymouth visible to the west.
But the most interesting light was the one I could see way out in the distance on the top of a hill that had the appearance of the top of a volcano, a flat top with a dip. I would estimate that this hill was at least 6 miles away, and atop this hill was a big moving light. I couldn’t see the source of the light, but it was constantly moving in a random fashion. I knew that this light was my beacon, and I felt some dread because it was so far away, I thought it would take me hours to get there. But I knew I had to head that way, so I set off down the hill, the other side from the village where I live, toward the moor and the quarry. I had been down here before, and as I reached the bottom of the hill I passed a derelict grey house on my left, the quarrying company had obviously bought the land near the house, but had left the house standing. There is a reason why I mention this old grey house, song-related again, but I will just link the lyrics here for now and let you listen to it on youtube yourselves, I will write about the song in a future post.
At this point I had to climb over a metal gate, and I then followed a path through a wooded area, which wound around quite a bit, and I had been this far before back in March. As I come to the end of the wooded area I then didn’t really know which way to go to get me to the moor. To my left is an area of very thick gorse and bushes that looked unpassable, and staying on the path seemed the best option, although it was leading directly to the quarry. I kept walking for another 5 minutes and then I reached the barbed wire fence that surrounded the quarry itself. Bear in mind, it is a huge quarry, and I could see the moving beacon light out in the distance. There didn’t appear to be any route around the quarry, so I had to climb over the barbed wire fence and enter the quarry. I had waterproof walking shoes on, quite chunky soles, so it wasn’t easy getting a foothold on the fence, and it was one of those flimsy fences that wasn’t built for a human’s weight deliberately, so it wobbled. I envisaged me getting stuck on it, torn by the barbs and bleeding, but I couldn’t see any other option, so I got up on it, gingerly, and managed to push myself over the top of it and land safely on the other side, with no damage done. That was the first challenge of the night overcome, so I was happy.
I had no idea of the terrain of the quarry, and it was caked with dry powdery clay, so the footing wasn’t always firm, but I kept heading toward the light. There was a little bit of going down some steep slopes and up the other side, and at one point I stood in a pool of clay-stained water with my left shoe, fortunately the water didn’t go over the top of the shoe much, so my feet stayed dry, but the shoe looked a mess. Nice shoes too, but there we go, a small price to pay for the meeting at the end of this journey.
I kept going toward the beacon light and after around 15-20 minutes (I think) I reached another barbed wire fence, the same as the other one, but this fence was on the boundary of the quarry facing the moor, so I was delighted that I had made it through the quarry safely and once again I was able to climb over the barbed wire fence with no injuries or damage. At my age (52 at the time) I was quite chuffed that I was able to get over those fences without injury.
So, I was now on the moor itself, but I had no idea of the size of the moor, and I assumed I was going to be walking another 5 miles or so to the hill with the beacon light on it, and that the top of that hill was where our Father was waiting for me, and that He was causing the light. So onward toward the light.
I crossed some rough moor, nice soft moorland grass and I had a great view down across the city lights from Plymouth, even out to Plymouth Sound in the distance. It was a strange feeling being out there all alone at night, knowing (or thinking I knew) what was I going to experience later that night. It is impossible to describe my frame of mind at the time, I don’t think a human can put into words how they feel, what they are thinking, when they are on the way to a meeting with the God of the bible, the only living God, Yehovah, our Father. I was very nervous indeed, but I wasn’t terrified, in fact I wasn’t feeling fear by this time, as best as I can recall.
I then reached another chalky white path, which made the walking much easier as it was flat and the whiteness made it easier to see where I was walking. The path followed the northern edge of the quarry, not quite directly toward my beacon light, but close enough, so I followed it for around 10 minutes or so. Then I decided that the path was going too far east, so I went back onto the moor heading more in a northerly direction toward the beacon on the hill. The moor has some slopes and I walked up an incline, passing gorse bushes on either side, but it was quite open. For a brief period the beacon wasn’t visible as I was below the slope of the moor, but then I reached the top of that incline and started heading downhill again, and the moor opened up and the gorse bushes were behind me.
Then I walked into an area of the moor with one quite large stone ahead of me on open ground, and I received a thought injection then ‘this is where I will meet you, sit on the stone’. Phew, immediately my heart rate increased to racing as I walked toward the large stone, which was maybe 3 feet high, 2 feet around, a boulder really, and it had an angled flat top, ideal for a seat in fact, facing back toward the west and the sea and the city. I sat down and opened up my rucksack and wrapped the towel over my face, held in place tightly at the front so I couldn’t even see the floor. And then I sat and waited, with my heart pounding, looking down to the floor, feeling more excited than I can describe and also feeling very scared indeed.

The area was level as best as I could tell, but sloped away down to the north. I sat there for a few minutes and nothing happened. Then the wind started to blow, from complete stillness, it got quite windy, say 10-15mph. Then from my right, down the slope, I heard something, and felt something. I heard the crackling of fire, and I felt the heat, and both intensified as our Father moved toward me. I didn’t hear footsteps, but as he got closer I did hear breathing, the air moved as He drew breath, and the embers of the fire crackled more and then less intensely as He breathed. It felt as though He was really close by this stage, within just a few metres but still below me down the slope, so my heart rate was very fast and I was holding the towel very tightly indeed.

**edit added 5th July 2020: I wrote all of this post from memory, as it’s not a night I will ever forget. But when I just was checking my notes as I begin to write the next post I noticed that I had forgotten to mention above that through the towel over my face I could perceive light in the air as our Father approached me and when He was near me. I guess this was from the flames, but as I didn’t see Him directly, I can’t be sure. **

I got a sense of our Father’s height, and it was taller than me, but not by an awful lot, maybe 10 feet tall at a guess. I was then given another thought injection, which was to drop to the ground on my knees and then to move away from the boulder by a few metres, toward the west, with our Father still down to my right, or north of me. When I reached the spot where He wanted me I was told to lie down, again, via thought injection, no words. So I lay down on the ground, which was relatively soft moorland turf and it was very dry too, and then our Father moved up in front of me, just in front of the boulder, so very close by, and then He began giving me ‘the treat’ that He had promised me via the Facebook message earlier that day, although it is fair to say our Father is a great user of irony, and He certainly used it with the ‘treat’ message.

I had been expecting to talk with our Father, to have the chance to ask some questions, to hear from Him more about what my mission was to entail, to receive some instructions, the sort of things that Moses experienced I suppose, and Elijah too. But I got nothing of the sort. Instead I got what I shall call ‘the Malachi Experience’, totally different, totally unexpected and frankly, most of it was extremely difficult, emotionally and physically very painful indeed. But ultimately it really was a treat, one that only He could give me, so the irony was double-edged.

Here are a couple of pieces of Malachi:
  Lo, I am sending My messenger, And he hath prepared a way before Me, And suddenly come in unto his temple Doth the Lord whom ye are seeking, Even the messenger of the covenant, Whom ye are desiring, Lo, he is coming, said Jehovah of Hosts. 2And who is bearing the day of his coming? And who is standing in his appearing? For he [is] as fire of a refiner, And as soap of a fuller. 3And he hath sat, a refiner and purifier of silver, And he hath purified the sons of Levi, And hath refined them as gold and as silver, And they have been to Jehovah bringing nigh a present in righteousness.


The text above describes my mission, to purify the sons of Levi ahead of the return of our Lord Yahshua. What I hadn’t realised though was that before I could start work as that ‘fire of a refiner’ and ‘soap of a fuller’ I had to be thoroughly cleansed myself. I had already made a priest’s burnt offering at home earlier that evening, so what came next was not related to sin and righteousness at all, hence it was such a shock to my system. Here’s a bit more of Malachi:

 For, lo, the day hath come, burning as a furnace, And all the proud, and every wicked doer, have been stubble, And burnt them hath the day that came, Said Jehovah of Hosts, That there is not left to them root or branch, 2And risen to you, ye who fear My name, Hath the sun of righteousness — and healing in its wings, And ye have gone forth, and have increased as calves of a stall.

I could very accurately be described as somewhat proud and arrogant, all my life really, from the day I heard about the miracles of Yahshua at age 6 or 7 and decided that all of it was obviously a fairy-story, all through my school days, and my working life, I thought I was a bit better than everyone else, smarter mostly, wittier, different too. I had never really sat and thought about my attitude to others through my life much, as I thought I was a decent man, caring, loving to family and friends, with sound morals. But I hadn’t realised that I was a ‘hard’ individual, unbending, always thinking I was in the right, always happy to correct others, sometimes not so caring.

So, as I am laid flat out on the floor on my stomach, towel around my head, our Father stood just in front of me, He somehow replayed to me in vivid detail pretty much every example of where I have been arrogant and uncaring to others in the whole of my life. And not just replaying these times to me, but letting me see how bad I had been on each occasion, with a level of emotional reckoning for me that was very painful indeed. So, I was very quickly sobbing with tears, wailing really and crying out the names of those who I had been unkind to, it was horrible. And it was like peeling an onion, as the intensity of those I had been unkind to just kept increasing as the time passed, always leading toward those who I most cared about. I don’t want to give any details really, but to give you an idea of the sort of things, I will share a couple.

My first cat, who was a really cute and lovely affectionate cat, an Abyssinian half-breed called Holly, he was with me when I was living in Cardiff, Wales. Sometimes, if he was in the kitchen eating and I was in the lounge, I would dash upstairs and hide in one of the bedrooms, and the cat would not be able to find me and would be miaowing for me, crying for me really, and then I would come out of my hiding place and we’d have a cuddle. Looking back on it as I lay on the moor that night, I realised it was a bad way to treat the cat, and I loved that cat so much, I cried like a baby when he had to be put to sleep at age eight, so I cried like a baby again at my stupid behaviour back when he was with me. Another example was from a part-time job I had when I was 15 or 16 in a shoe shop, mostly just Saturdays. It was a fun workplace, mostly women, some youngsters like me, and a weak manager, giving us the opportunity for mischief. There were two sisters who worked there, both in their 40s I would imagine. One was worldly and funny, the other sister was not, she was very sweet and innocent, and was a bit on the slow side too. So, I used to join in with the others in teasing her and silly games aimed at her, just for the fun of it. That may seem like a trivial matter to you, maybe to me too, but not to our Father, and I was shown dozens of these incidents from my lifetime, with an increasing level of intensity as they were put before me.

Apart from the emotional pain of this experience, there was a surprising physical reaction too. I was laid on my side quite soon, in the foetal position, and as this experience unfolded, I was constantly coughing hard, sneezing, with a very snotty nose, belching, and farting too. That never stopped, it was like a physical cleansing of my body, as well as an emotional cleansing, and it was no fun at all, I cried the whole time too. And I writhed on the floor too, and cried out the names of people involved and cried out ‘no, no’ a lot. But our Father didn’t let up, I have no idea for how long it continued, but it seemed like hours passed. Then suddenly it stopped and I knew He wasn’t there any more.

Somehow when this happened I knew it was a test of my faith, I knew He wasn’t gone for good, so I said, probably not using the best phrase could have chosen , considering to Whom I was speaking: ‘You’re wasting Your time, I know You won’t just leave me laying her now, so You might as well come back, I won’t lose my faith’. I said what I said, I was in a state of heightened emotions, and I have always spoken to our Father in a direct way, but I suppose it wasn’t especially reverential in tone. Nevertheless, He did come back again, after maybe five minutes. As I was proof-reading, I recalled that just before He did return, I told Him a cheesy joke which seemed apt, so I may as well share the joke with you:

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are on the death star, and Vader says to Luke: ‘Luke, Luke, I know what you are getting for Christmas’. Luke replies in anguish: ‘No, no, it’s not true, I don’t believe you, you can’t know what I’m getting for Christmas’. Darth repeats the statement and Luke protests some more (like in the movie), and eventually Luke asks how can Darth know what he is getting for Christmas. Vader responds ‘because I have felt your presence/presents’. A play on words there. I am not sure what our Father thought of me telling me a joke, I hope He was amused, and He knows me better than anyone, so it won’t have surprised Him. But I didn’t hear or sense any laughter.

I had some more of the same to deal with then, my chest was becoming quite painful by this point, I thought that was due to the crying and the coughing, but there was another process underway, one that I had always assumed was not in any way literal, but I was made aware as this process came to an end what had happened: I had had my heart circumcised. My heart was literally sore by the end of the night, it felt bruised and battered, and it felt like that for a couple of days before returning to normal. Was it literally circumcised? I doubt it, but if our hearts are our emotions and feelings, then yes, it was definitely circumcised. I am not sure whether anyone could have fought that process, but I didn’t attempt to stop it happening, I didn’t reject any of the experiences or attempt to excuse them, I just accepted I had been unkind and felt the pain of that realisation. And coughed and sneezed and belched and farted so much, my guts were also painful by this time, and my legs and side were aching from being laid on the cold ground for a couple of hours (I guess). Still not a word spoken by our Father, just injections into my mind, dredging up memories I had long-forgotten. But no sins were dredged up, not one, and some actions I had taken as a believer that were blunt and could have been considered cruel to others were not raised, as they were always me choosing my faith and teaching or preaching righteousness over people’s feelings (so if the two brothers who attended my baptism are reading this, let them feel some humility and repentance I hope, wise and learned as they think they are).

As this part of the night continued I was told to stand up, but this time with a physical sign, as something tapped against my right shoe, on the heel, I reckon it was small stone used. So I stood up, and then the wind came up again and pulled at the bottom of the towel across my face. I didn’t receive a thought injection at this point, but I knew what the towel being fluttered meant, that I had to remove the towel altogether. I can remember the thought process very clearly indeed. I thought: ‘If you remove the towel now and see Yah’s face, you’re going to just die, and He knows that, so is He seeing if I am stupid and disobedient. Or do I have to remove the towel as a test of my trust in Him, showing my faith that He won’t let be killed, and showing that I am not scared to take a risk for Him, a risk that could cost me my life, or will I see His face and live perhaps’?

Yes, it was an interesting few moments considering what I should do next. But I decided that He wasn’t going to let me be killed at this point, so I removed the towel, and was surprised to see…just the moor. He wasn’t in sight, bless Him, I knew it was another test, and I had passed. Then I got a thought injection and was told to get back down on the ground for the final bit of cleansing, which revolved around my family mostly, so I won’t go into the details. It was in this final period that I finally stopped crying and sneezing and all the rest, and I was made aware that I had had my heart circumcised. Although it was horrible to experience, there has been a very noticeable impact on my character since, I am much softer now in my dealings with people, less impatient, less judgemental, just generally nicer. Except when I am dealing with faith matters, when I am still blunt and forthright, as I would expect, given the job I have to do, and that I have Elijah’s spirit too. I do not tolerate those who want to put their own spin on righteousness, and I have little patience for those who are flaky and unsalty in their faith, who are just playing at it. At this stage of the game, you just can’t mess around any more, go all in, or you’re wasting your time, that’s my view. Those neither hot nor cold are going to be spewed out during the tribulation.

Back to the moor, where I was made to stand up again, this time I had the towel around my face held there but with my hands behind my head, so my arms were outstretched. Can you picture that? I was given a thought injection that was really the strangest one of them all I think. I am going to estimate the time, I think it may have been around 2am or so, I reckon I was laid on the ground for at least 3 to 4 hours. And it’s now Good Friday. So the thought injection I am given is: you are now being stood in the shape of a cross, at the anniversary of my son’s crucifixion. So that was a very odd moment, stood facing our Father like that. And then, once again, the towel was fluttered by the wind pulling on it, so I knew I had to remove it again, and I did, and once again, all I could see was the moor. But this time I knew that our Father had finished this process and wasn’t coming back.

(Between the above paragraph and the next one below 20 hours has passed in early July as I write. During that period I was kicked in the leg by a horse and told definitively via a written message from our Father NOT to take any medicines, ever. I erred and took some anti-histamine recently and some paracetamol yesterday, when there was no need. Those that He loves He corrects, sometimes using a horse!)

As soon as I had removed the towel and looked around and knew that the process was over, I noticed some sheep and lambs away to the west, back up the hill a bit toward the quarry, maybe 70 yards away, and I was given the thought that I had to follow them. I’ve never followed sheep before, and I had no idea why I was following these. But they were on the move, albeit in a haphazard way, but they were heading back toward the quarry and further to the east than I had previously been, so we ended up back on the white path, and then the other side of it.

I noticed immediately that there were two lambs that were lagging at the back of the flock, and these lambs were very clearly not just any old lambs, in fact they were definitely not normal natural lambs at all, but were of a supernatural nature. They were the purest white I had ever seen, and they literally glowed in the dark, and they didn’t look like real physical lambs at all, although they did look like lambs, they weren’t actually lambs, if you could imagine the perfect lamb, cute and gleaming white and a shining glow, that was how they appeared, very noticeably and obviously nothing like the rest of the flock. And they both kept a bit apart from the flock and they both kept glancing back at me. The thought in my head, which I have to assume was a thought injection, was that the two lambs were Yahshua and Moses.

So, I followed these two lambs, somewhat bewildered, wondering where I was being led, if anywhere, or what was the point of me following them. As they headed down toward the quarry the two lambs moved away from the rest of the flock and were darting in and out of the gorse bushes, so I lost sight of them a few times, but they were always waiting for me as I came round past a bush, and then they moved on again. I could now see the quarry down to the south as we dropped down the side of the moor, eventually I could see the boundary wall too, but we were maybe a mile or so further east than the point where I had been in the edge of the quarry. I noticed that the quarry was both huge and very deep, hundreds of feet below me.

The two lambs then darted down toward the old stone wall which served as the boundary of the quarry as best as I can remember, then they darted under a very large gorse tree. This tree was at least 30 feet across and 8 feet high at its highest, a lot of branches spreading out from the centre, with a clearing or gap right in the middle of the bush. The two lambs went into the centre of the bush, so I followed, but it was harder for me as I had to duck under a big branch that was around 3 feet off the ground, just too high to climb over. By the time I had reached the central clearing in the middle of this huge gorse bush, the lambs had already exited out the other side.

I was then given a thought injection:

‘This is the tree of life’

So, I readily admit I am sometimes stupid, and I am young in my faith, so you’ll just laugh when I tell you that my reaction to that thought injection was just to think ‘gosh, it’s the tree of life, how amazing’. Then I just stood there for a moment, with no idea of what I was supposed to do, if anything, so I decided to head back out, and was just about to duck under the low branch again when I had another thought injection, one that really took me by surprise:

‘Go and eat from the tree of life’

At that point I turned back into the clearing and picked off a yellow flower and ate it, and then another, and I think I ate maybe 7 or 8 in total. As I am eating I am thinking to myself ‘I am eating from the tree of life, I know what this means, I’m not going to die, I will be alive to see the return of the Lord Yahshua’. By this point in the night and in my life I had experienced some things that in honesty I would never have dreamed I would experience, that are gifted to so few humans ever to have walked the earth, but eating from the tree of life was very special indeed, as I wanted to be above ground and hear the shofars play when the Lord returns, and now I knew that I would be, so I was chuffed to bits. At this point in time on that night I was unaware of the following scripture, but I was shown it shortly thereafter:

7He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who overcomes, I will grant the right to eat from the tree of life in the Paradise of God.

Maybe I will write a post soon about what I have overcome since I found my faith and started seeking righteousness. In honesty it won’t seem like a lot to readers, but the fact is that at every point where I have had to make a decision, at each point I have chosen our Father, at the expense of family, friendships, money, turning away from sin, facing down Satan, every single test (and I do think these tests were not accidental) I have chosen Him over earthly things. And it hasn’t been easy at all, and even to this day, I know others mostly steer clear of me, and even those with some faith too, because I speak of our Father’s ways to them, and they dislike it. But that’s my role now.

Back to the moor, and after eating from the gorse tree of life, I am given the thought to follow the sheep again, but this time the shining lambs are not there, just a regular flock, and they are heading back towards my village, firstly along the moor and then somehow they enter into the quarry, so I follow them, I can’t remember needing to climb over a fence, so there must have been an opening up there. We are on a path though, so it’s easy walking, and down to my left (south) are the quarry workings, a huge deep massive swathe of a quarry cut out of the moor over the years. And then I did one of those double-take looks that you see cartoon characters do when they see something that surprises them.

I could see down in the quarry, in two separate workings ‘bays’ for want of a better word, from a distance of maybe 400-500 feet depth and 400-500 feet distance away, I could see two glowing huge structures. One was unmistakably the Ark of Noah, and the other was the Temple of Solomon, and I had thought injections to confirm these facts. So I kept walking along the path, but obviously kept looking down at these huge incredible structures, that like the lambs, just glowed in the dark, very bright. It was very impressive indeed to see them, and I think it is fair to say that the ‘treat’ I was promised earlier that day really was a treat indeed, albeit with some of it very painful for me to go through. Which reminds me, as I was walking I was conscious that my heart was really hurting, it felt bruised and sore.

So I followed the sheep west along the path at the top of the quarry, although the sheep were all over the place, up and down, but broadly heading west, back to my home. Then they gradually veered down the hill off the path more and more, into the quarry, but I was told to follow them still. Then out in the distance, maybe 200 yards away I could see a kind of cabin, and below that, right down in the bottom of the quarry, I could see some pools of water, and beyond that patches of glistening wetness, indicating water and slurry were out there. I was given the thought injection that our Father might be down there, so I parted company from the sheep up on top of the hill, and headed down into the bottom of the quarry. Initially the footing was fine, paths existed where vehicles had been driving, but once I had passed the little cabin, I was then down into the watery slurry area of the quarry, and the ground was much rougher, as I clambered towards the whiteish  pools of water.

Once I reached them I was given another thought injection that our Father wasn’t there, but that I needed to walk forward, rather than turn and go back up to the top of the hill, so that I could skirt around the top edge of the quarry. I did stop and think at that point, and had a look back up to the top of the hill, and pondered whether I should go back up, but I kept walking as instructed, only by the light of the moon, on dried clay workings, and sometimes they would crumble and fall away as I stepped on them, it was a tiring walk down towards the slurry area which stretched out as far out as I could make out in the darkness. At this point I was given another thought injection:

‘This is the Valley of Death, and you need to walk across it.’

So I walked on, knowing what lay ahead, but also knowing that I had just eaten from the tree of life.
I reached the end of the solid clay and could see just slurry ahead of me. I knew I wasn’t going to die, but I didn’t know what would happen next, but I stepped with my right foot onto the slurry and my right shoe sank, but I didn’t lift it up I kept going, and then my foot was pushed back onto the surface of the slurry as my left foot stepped forward, and I was then walking on top of slurry. Not quite walking on water, but without my own faith and support of our Father, I imagine I would have sunk without a trace under the slurry. But I didn’t, another test passed, and I kept walking until I eventually was back on firm ground again, and I would estimate I crossed a hundred yards or so of watery slurry. So, apart from the fact that my right shoe was now covered in slurry mud, I was pleased to have passed that test of faith, and had confirmation that something that would almost certainly have killed me previously didn’t kill me then. Next, I had to find my way up the steep slope the other side of the quarry, the south side, in order to head back home, so a 300-400 feet climb I reckon. I would guess it was probably 04.00 by this time, so I was feeling very tired by now.

The climb up the other side was arduous, it took at least 30 minutes, I had to use hands and feet to get up, there were some difficult portions, and the clay was constantly giving way under my feet too. The very last portion was the steepest, and for some reason I threw my towel up ahead of me, but ended up getting to the top some way to the left and unable to retrieve my towel, and I have no idea how my towel ended up being thrown ahead of me, or I can’t remember why, as I still had my rusksack. But, I was given a thought injection as I thought about clambering back down to retrieve it: ‘leave it in case it becomes an idol’. So I left it there, and crossed the chalky white path at the top of the quarry and approached the barbed wire fence again. I took it really steadily, and by this time I was confident I would clear it with no problem, having had two previous successes. But, as I made the step over my knee caught a barb, ripping my jeans and I thought it had caught my skin too, but I didn’t feel any pain.

I was then in a spot that I didn’t know at all, but I knew that straight ahead was the way home, so I headed into an area of dense small trees and bushes, and stumbled around in there for what seemed like ages, getting stuck all the time, not making much headway, having to double-back on myself as it was so thick. But eventually I found my way through, and then some open ground appeared and eventually the white path that led back through the woods to the gate by the derelict old grey house. My legs were really heavy and my whole body was aching, my heart was still sore, and I had to climb a really steep hill back up to the top before walking along back toward the village and my home. It was a tough climb, my muscles were screaming, and I stopped twice to rest, feeling literally exhausted, and it was probably now after 5.00am.

As I reached the top of that hill I heard a familiar sound coming from the depths of the quarry. I heard the shofars playing again, not so many this time I don’t think, but they blew hard and loud and I stopped to listen to them, thinking: ‘phew, what a night that was, thanks Father, and thanks for the shofars, a nice touch’. And I turned and walked to the path along the top of the hill and then down the hill and back into my house. Dawn was breaking by this point, and when I got inside the house I checked the clock and it was 05.45, so I had been gone for eight and a half hours in all.

I noticed that my shoes were white now, due to the clay-infused water. My jeans were ripped too and very dirty, but my jacket was in decent order, with just a few marks. And I looked really exhausted when I looked in the mirror, as you would do when you miss a night’s sleep, let alone experience what I had done. So I got undressed and went to bed, hoping to sleep til noon.

At that point I was unaware of the existence of the following song, I had never heard it before, until it appeared mysteriously in the playlist that our Father arranged for me a few weeks ago that I wrote about in this post. 

The song is by a band called The The, and it’s called This is The Day

 Well you didn’t wake up this morning
‘Cause you didn’t go to bed

You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red
The calendar on your wall
Is ticking the days off

You’ve been reading some old letters
You smile and think how much you’ve changed

All the money in the world
Couldn’t buy back those days
You pull back the curtains
And the sun burns into your eyes

You watch a plane flying
Across the clear blue sky

This is the day
Your life will surely change
This is the day
When things fall into place
So, that was the night I met our Father and ate from the Tree of Life and walked through the valley of death. As I sit here now on 3rd July and think back to that night, I feel immense gratitude and a sense of bewilderment, and the question I continually ask myself is ‘why me’? I don’t know the answer, but I want to convey that it is impossible to comprehend why I was chosen, for that night, and for the role of the end times messenger. Maybe there are clues (I think) in the story of my life, as it appears our Father’s plan does include some predestination, if not a great deal of predestination, although He does give us free will too. So, I just accept that I just got lucky when He was drawing up His plans before He created the earth, I was the man He chose at this time to receive these blessings and to work for Him. Even so, it is hard to take in and subsequent days and months have been very different from before, it’s not been an easy period at all, with other matters becoming even less significant now, when compared with the prophesies yet to be fulfilled, and those that mention me and my role. I will write shortly about the rest of the 40 days, plenty more happened, and continues to happen, including today as I mentioned above.
I will close with a few photos and videos, to give you an idea of what the moor is like and the quarry and the state of my shoes and jeans.
I also had a cut on my right knee, just a small cut, that happened as I caught the barbed wire on the way out of the quarry. I haven’t investigated it, but I think there’s some symbolic meaning to that graze, it was on the fleshy bit inside the knee, just above the knee actually. And I also somehow had a cut on my left thumb, no idea where that happened, but I have a photo of it, and again, I think there is a symbolic meaning to it, but I haven’t done any research. My shoes being white is also symbolic I think, and being in a quarry that digs for clay, well, it is what we’re all formed from isn’t it? 




Please leave a comment if you have any idea about the possible meaning of the cut on the left thumb and above the right knee.
Here are a few more photos of the quarry and the moor, and a random gorse bush (not the tree of life):




I have been back up to the moor several times since this night, and it is always nice to sit on that stone and think back to the meeting. It is also makes me sad too, because everyday life is humdrum compared with the thrill of that night and subsequent days. And also I was sad not to hear our Father say anything to me, to have the chance to speak with Him, as Moses and Elijah did. But I wonder if that will happen in the future, I hope so?
I noticed when I went back up to the moor that the area of the meeting contained some significant damage to the turf, and the damage corresponded to where our Father had been on the night, including where I first became aware of Him, and where he was stood whilst I was on the boulder, and then on the floor. Also, there is a very messy area alongside the meeting place, with a raised flat clean area in the middle of it, and it makes me think of an area where a throne might sit. So, I took a video of the area and share it below, as well as a shorter video to show a trench made by a tractor, so that you can see the difference. You can’t hear my voice very well at all, as it was very windy, perhaps that was by design. I also want to note the two trenches in the ground, which was very dry on the night of the meeting, and had been dry for weeks beforehand too. These trenches are unusual, just appearing then disappearing. I had suspected they were left by our Father, and then a few weeks later, on a day when I was going up to the moor again, He played me this scripture, verse 30 was the one that caught my attention, but the whole of this is pertinent:
19Out of his mouth go burning torches. Sparks of fire leap forth.
20Out of his nostrils a smoke goes, as of a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.
21His breath kindles coals. A flame goes forth from his mouth.
22There is strength in his neck. Terror dances before him.
23The flakes of his flesh are joined together. They are firm on him. They can’t be moved.
24His heart is as firm as a stone, yes, firm as the lower millstone.
25When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid. They retreat before his thrashing.
26If one attacks him with the sword, it can’t prevail; nor the spear, the dart, nor the pointed shaft.
27He counts iron as straw; and brass as rotten wood.
28The arrow can’t make him flee. Sling stones are like chaff to him.
29Clubs are counted as stubble. He laughs at the rushing of the javelin.
30His undersides are like sharp potsherds, leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge.
31He makes the deep to boil like a pot. He makes the sea like a pot of ointment.
32He makes a path shine after him. One would think the deep had white hair.
33On earth there is not his equal, that is made without fear.

34He sees everything that is high. He is king over all the sons of pride.”

So, his undersides are like sharp pottery that leave a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge. His breath kindles coals and flames come from his mouth. On earth nothing is his equal, with no fear. He sees everything that is high and he is king over all the sons of pride. If you think that Leviathan is still an evil sea-serpent, well, you ought to read the whole of Job 41, making sure to remove the name Leviathan that was inserted by the translators when it wasn’t there. But I will tell you now, that is the description of our Father in heaven.

Here are the videos:

I will finish by revealing something else that was shown to me at this time, although I do not have a note of the date I was shown this. I think it was soon after our Father entered my temple and before the meeting on the moor. I was given a mind’s eye vision of our Father sat on His throne in heaven, so I know what He looks like, and it isn’t an old human grandfather with a flowing white beard. It is what is described in Job 41, our Father is a sea-dweller and doesn’t look like a human, because He isn’t. But He has a body, and arms and legs and a tail and a head from which fire emanates, and He’s full of power and terror, whilst at the same time having a face that is somehow handsome and kind, even as fire comes from His nostrils and mouth. I have seen a couple of images online that come close (but not that close) to what He looks like, and I am no artist, so there’s no way I will attempt a drawing. I can imagine if we saw Him for real, the shock and terror would kill us, although I am very keen to see His glory now, given that I have eaten from the tree of life and so can’t die, and I think I could see Him now, having had the mind’s eye vision, and live to tell the tale. Maybe one day, I would love to see Him and have the chance to talk to Him, but as long as I see His face eventually I will be satisfied, but I really want to meet Him again before then, and to talk with Him. I guess one gets quickly hooked on proximity and mental connection to our Father, and the withdrawal symptoms are awful too.

Thanks for reading. I know it’s incredible stuff to read. I know that hardly anyone will believe it. My parents think I had a nervous breakdown and imagined the whole thing. A couple of brothers don’t believe any of it, even one who I took up to the moor to show him the torn up area and the trenches (actually, he isn’t a brother, as he isn’t baptised and is actually procrastinating in getting baptised because he has earthly fears, but no fear of my Father, who is slowly increasing the pressure on him, taking his dog suddenly recently). The one guy who did believe it, Andrew down in New Zealand has vanished, no word from him for 6 weeks or so, which is sad, I wonder if he fell off the narrow path, or did the enemy take him out somehow. A couple of friends do appear to believe what happened, one is Simone who was involved in the chat via whatsapp and the other is a female friend. I don’t think it matters too much whether you believe me or not at this point in time. What matters is what comes next for me and my mission and for you too, and I do have some revelations to share that it will be important for brothers and sisters to believe, especially relating to the mark of the beast (which I was given precise details about) and the identity of the anti-christ, who is on earth now and in power already. I also have been shown the exact date of our Lord Yahshua’s return, apparently our Father decided it was time to reveal it to His messenger. I will share all of this in due course, as well as some signs I (and others) were given to confirm the revelations, great stories to share about that.

As usual I will close by thanking our Father for gracing and blessing me with that night, and indeed the whole 40 days, and my whole life in fact. That night was very special indeed and has changed me forever, and it has given me a glimpse of His power and ability to know everything about us, and to take us and refine us, to make us better people, if we don’t fight Him, if we submit to Him, which isn’t the easiest thing to do for us proud humans. So I am grateful beyond words that He took the time to visit me that night in person and to shower me with gifts all night long, it was the best treat anyone could hope to have, beyond my wildest dreams. I pray for Him to give me strength now and through the years ahead, as well as clear guidance and instructions on carrying out my mission (because, frankly, I don’t know how to reach the whole world, from a blog with only 20-30 readers on a good day). But I trust Him, I know He is with me, I know I sometimes let Him down, but He knows I will persevere despite having bad days. And if it takes a kick from a horse to remind me of His power, so be it, He has healed the muscle so quickly today, one minute I am limping, and then suddenly I can walk normally, quite incredible, and I will ditch all of the medicine in the cupboard tomorrow, it is not needed. May my efforts, poor as they are, be a blessing to Him and to our Lord Yahshua, and may others seeking righteousness be shown where I am so that He may be blessed all the more by His bride making the correct preparations for the upcoming wedding. May He bless you all reading here too, with greater faith and a desire to attain the perfection of His son in your lives. I pray in our Lord’s name, amen.

3 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights (part 7) – 9th April – 21.15 onward”

  1. Regarding the cut on your thumb and your knee, while it’s not an exact match, the first thing that came to my mind was Moses anointing Aaron and his sons as priests.

    Leviticus 8
    22 And he brought the other ram, the ram of consecration: and Aaron and his sons laid their hands upon the head of the ram. 23 And he slew it ; and Moses took of the blood of it, and put it upon the tip of Aaron’ right ear, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot. 24 And he brought Aaron’ sons, and Moses put of the blood upon the tip of their right ear, and upon the thumbs of their right hands, and upon the great toes of their right feet: and Moses sprinkled the blood upon the altar round about.

    There might be a better fit, but I can’t think of anything else right now.

    Peace and blessings to you, brother. Your story sounds pretty crazy, but I had my fair share of crazyness as well, so I’ll just ask and pray.

    1. dumnonia-watchman

      Hello brother, glad you’re still reading.

      Thanks for your thoughts. I now know why I had the two cuts, and had the third when the horse kicked me. I know because our Father revealed it to me with a song today. Very cool how He does that. I will write about it soon, but have a look at the lyrics to ‘Duel’ by a band called Propaganda, you’ll see it.

      My story is indeed crazy, virtually no one believes much of it currently, but there we go, we shall see what the future brings eh? New website soon. Be blessed brother.

  2. Regarding the cut on your thumb and your knee, while it’s not an exact match, the first thing that came to my mind was Moses anointing Aaron and his sons as priests.

    Leviticus 8
    22 And he brought the other ram, the ram of consecration: and Aaron and his sons laid their hands upon the head of the ram. 23 And he slew it ; and Moses took of the blood of it, and put it upon the tip of Aaron’ right ear, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and upon the great toe of his right foot. 24 And he brought Aaron’ sons, and Moses put of the blood upon the tip of their right ear, and upon the thumbs of their right hands, and upon the great toes of their right feet: and Moses sprinkled the blood upon the altar round about.

    There might be a better fit, but I can’t think of anything else right now.

    Peace and blessings to you, brother. Your story sounds pretty crazy, but I had my fair share of crazyness as well, so I’ll just ask and pray.

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