2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part 7) – 10th April – Good Friday

Hello again.

I am going to start this post with a song. Now is the time to share it, given events of the previous night on 9th April 2020. This song is one of my favourite songs, full stop. I only discovered the band, called Young Knives, 5 or 6 years ago, when they supported another band I liked at a gig, but I actually missed their set, as the people I was with weren’t that bothered about seeing them. Me being me, I later checked out their music online, and loved it and bought their recently-released album, called Sick Octave. I liked the song I will share so much that it became my phone’s ringtone very quickly, and remained so for several years, up to and including my lucky year in 2016-2017. The song is called ‘We Could Be Blood’. Here is a link to the song on youtube, I hope you enjoy it:

Here are the lyrics, it’s a concise song:
Standing in the dark
Hiding my face
I know you can’t see me
But I catch your gazeMy God
It’s you, and you’re leaning towards me
But you look right throughWe could be blood (blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)
We could be bound together
We could be cut from the same cloth
We could be blood (blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)Blood, blood
Blood, blood
Blood, blood
BloodAnd this is how it starts
And this is how it stops
It’s the end and the beginning
Of what is and what is notMove a little closer now
A little closer now
A little closer still
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Can you hear?
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Can you hear?
Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Can you hear?We could be blood (blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)
And we could be bound together
We could be cut from the same cloth
We could be blood (blood, blood, blood, blood, blood, blood)
We could be bound together
We could be cut from the same cloth
We could be bloodBlood, blood
Blood, blood
Blood, blood
Blood, blood

The first verse is from our Father’s perspective. He was standing in the dark, His face hidden from me, He knows I can’t see Him, but He knows my eyes are open, looking to the floor and through the towel.

The second verse is me, knowing it is literally my God who is moving toward me, and then literally looking right through my being, seeing all of  my past within my mind.

I do believe that those who are righteously living and love our Father’s authority could literally be blood, literally from His blood, spiritually and maybe even at the molecular level. We may not be, but we could be blood with Him.

Then we have a verse about the end and the beginning, of what is and is not. Revelation 21 seems most apt:

 And He who is sitting upon the throne said, ‘Lo, new I make all things;
and He saith to me, ‘Write, because these words are true and
6and He said to me, ‘It hath been done! I am the Alpha
and the Omega, the Beginning and the End
; I, to him who is
thirsting, will give of the fountain of the water of the life freely; 
who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be to him —
a God, and he shall be to me — the son

We will literally be as sons to our Father god, indeed we are already, we could be blood.

Then He moves closer to me, and indeed I can hear Him, the crackling of the fire, the breath of our Father, and I hear the wind rising as He moves. Then I hear His (by now) familiar thought injections.

So, we could be blood, could be cut from the same cloth. And maybe we are, who knows, we are told we will be gods and will judge angels too. So, hopefully you enjoyed the song and can see why the lyrics are just a perfect fit for my first physical meeting with our Father up on the moor that night.

I was considering doing a video post at some point, as these are all the rage these days on youtube, and I think it would be useful for people to see and hear me sooner rather than later. But then I recalled my instructions, which were to ‘write a novel’, so I will continue through the 40 days with written blog posts, and then I will write my study of the laws, commands and statutes, but I will do some videos of the laws to explain them and so that brothers and sisters can see what I look like, although I have posted my baptism video and some photos already, so you already know.

I have just added a quick edit to the previous post, as I checked my notes about the night I met our Father ahead of starting this post, and I noticed I had forgotten one little detail, so here is the edit below for those of you (all ten of you) that have already read the previous posts, as otherwise you might miss this:

**This edit added to previous post on 5th July 2020: I wrote all of this post from memory, as it’s not a night I will ever forget. But when I just was checking my notes as I begin to write the next post I noticed that I had forgotten to mention above that through the towel over my face I could perceive light in the air as our Father approached me and when He was near me. I guess this was from the flames, but as I didn’t see Him directly, I can’t be sure. **

I think this is the place to mention something that happened on 5th May 2020, as it pertains to the events of 9th April 2020. I had a dream on the night of 5th May 2020, and it’s a dream that I have had repeatedly for as long as I can remember, way back to my teenage years, it recurs at least a few times each year, and previously it has always been a nightmare, very scary, but when I had the dream on 5th May 2020 it was no longer a nightmare, although it did leave me thinking deeply about….things.

The dream has always been exactly the same. I am in a house somewhere in the country, not a house or location that I knew. I come out of the house and walk away from it onto a lane which is hedged on both sides, and I feel that something scary is behind the hedge, or around somewhere nearby, watching me. Despite my fear, I follow the lane and it leads to a crossroads and that crossroads is out on a moor. Nothing happens on the moor, and I head back to the house I don’t know, constantly aware that something I am scared about is lurking in the shadows. Then I get back to the house and the dream ends. I don’t recall if the nightmare has ever woken me up at night but I remember it very vividly every time I have had it, and I remember that I have been having it for as long as I can remember, decades.

Of course, when I had the dream on the 5th May 2020 I realised exactly what the dream was foretelling, the night that I would eventually be in that house, walk through that lane, and go out on to the moor and then meet what the scary thing actually was, our Creator Himself. I had mixed feelings about all of this on 5th May and I wrote a note saying ‘everything is pre-destined’ in my notebook. As a truth-seeker and someone who has always assumed I was a very independent thinker and doer, it was and is difficult to deal with the notion, indeed the fact, that for me certainly, there is huge amount of pre-destination and many of my actions and experiences over the years are not in any way random. My testimony is full of stuff that is obviously a foretelling of my future, from the number 7, to my meeting a pop band called the Christians, so comments I have made on social media, to experiences with birds and music. Even down to the timing of my birth and awakening at age 49, into my jubilee year, when my 50th birthday then occurred on Good Friday. Even today, another example was mentioned in a comment under a youtube video about the Elijah messenger (i.e. me), which I already had realised, but it was interesting to see someone else thinking about it, about my life.

The comment was about the warning to the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3. Laodicea is America by the way. Here’s the warning given:

To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true Witness,
the Originatoreof God’s creation.

15 I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you
were one or the other! 16So because you are lukewarm—neither hot
nor cold—I am about to vomit you out of My mouth!

17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But
you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and
naked. 18I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so
that you may become rich, white garments so that you may be
clothed and your shameful nakedness not exposed, and salve to
anoint your eyes so that you may see. 19Those I love, I rebuke and
discipline. Therefore be earnest and repent.

I have probably already shared the scripture above and commented upon it, but I have written so much I honestly can’t remember if I did, and I won’t read through all of my posts looking for it either. But here’s the comment made on youtube, which nailed it:

I am Gazza7 on youtube as you may have grasped from the videos I have posted. But also, in real life (it’s all real life really isn’t it) I am literally a gold-dealer professionally, I have been since around 2014. And I have literally counseled American former friends, including one of the men who came to my baptism (but now hates me for preaching righteousness) to buy gold way back in 2016, and I have encouraged my investment clients to buy gold too, even before I became a dealer myself. I alluded to gold obliquely in this warning post in 2018, it is the asset I mention here:

‘There is a way to work to Jehovah’s law and return the money you
have loaned in the very near future, and instead of holding that money
as your savings, you could instead hold an asset that has no creditor,
but it is truly yours, fully bought and paid for. That asset is likely to
increase greatly in value as the value of money plunges. I am willing
to share the details of this asset to Christian brothers and sisters, but
not publicly, as I don’t want to help our enemies at all. So, leave a
comment down below and we’ll find a way to communicate privately if
you need to know’.

Here’s the email I sent launching this part of my business. I noticed I sent the email at 3.49pm, on 14th of a month in 2014. Double 7s abound. ( I still offer these services by the way, if you’re in the UK or Europe, please get in touch if you want some gold).
So, back to the subject of predestination, and I ponder whether me becoming aware back in 2011 of the grand plan for the world’s monetary system and gold’s role within that and its likely huge price increase, was all of that predestined too, before I found our Father? And I do think the answer is yes, it was all pre-planned, all of my life. So I am finding that a hard thing to come to terms with, as it also means the rest of my life is pre-planned too, and I know I am going to carry out this mission, much of which is prophesied. I wonder if any of my readers have the same view of their lives, or is just a few of us that get earmarked way before creation to carry out certain crucial roles? I mostly have become reconciled to the fact now anyway, especially as the future for me is bound to be full of interesting experiences and then perhaps a responsible role in the Millennium reign, and of course the final reward of face-to-face proximity to our Father, which is something we all long for, and I will allow nothing to take my eye off that prize, even the realisation that my whole life might be pre-planned. At least I won the lottery in the planning stage eh? But there have been some dark days of dark thoughts, very dark indeed. But I am through the worst of it and actually had another example today which is related to the horse kicking I had a few days ago, but I will share that in another post, as I haven’t even started on the Good Friday period yet, which is after all the title of this post. No wonder my posts are sometimes a bit on the long side, for you modern readers who like itsy-bitsy short pieces, you’ll have to get used to meaty posts.
So, on to Good Friday, 10th April 2020. Another eventful day, ignoring the early hours of it before I got home. I woke up and got out of bed at around 11am, so I didn’t have much sleep and I felt really tired, with no energy at all, and I hadn’t eaten since around 7pm on the 9th April. But I was given a command (thought injection as usual) to do a three day fast for the period when our Lord was in his tomb. Three days, through until the morning of Monday 13th April. I don’t recall feeling perturbed by this at all, in fact I had been planning to do a 3-day fast beginning on the 13th April anyway. It just was obviously the right thing to do over Easter, to commemorate that period when the bridegroom wasn’t with his people, and was separated from his Father too, must have been awful for our Lord.
I have a note that soon after I’d got up I crushed a spider with the heel of my left hand. Is it called a heel, maybe not, but I can’t think of another name for it now. I do have a photo of the crushed spider, but I will spare you that.
I sent a few messages on whatsapp to the brother in Canada and Simone and my friend in Morocco and my friend locally, just saying ‘I was out there for 8.5 hours but I am alive’.
I had a slightly longer text chat with Simone on whatsapp, and within that chat there was a ‘rush of blood’ statement I made to her: ‘We should marry’. She responded with an emoji I didn’t understand, but accepted the proposal (which has subsequently been cancelled, I might as well mention that now).
Then, just after midday I had what I thought was a total power failure in the house, when things beeped and stopped charging, and my phone very quickly went dead, and the PC too, and the Ipad. But before they went dead I was able to call my landlord, and he promised to send someone around to look at the problem, which was something to do with the RCD unit. That unit had a very interesting message written on it, from the perspective of the timing especially. Here’s what it says on the unit:

I realise the electrical meaning of the phrase ‘earth fault’ of course, but on the day, and even now, it is also appropriate for the day on which our Lord and the messiah sent by our Father to teach and to die for our sins was killed for no reason, and was contained within the earth itself on this day, around 2,000 years ago. Could there ever be a bigger earth fault?

I called a friend locally to see if he could help advise me on what to do to fix the problem, and I tried a few things, but none worked, so I called my landlord who in turn called an electrician who turned up in the early afternoon, impressive on Good Friday, and he identified the problem was in the kitchen and mended it so that all power was restored, and off he went. Except, it immediately went again, when I switched something on in the kitchen, so I was back to square one, no socket power at all.

In the period before the electrician arrived, I have several pages of notes that I made, many of them about songs on my music library that have been my favourites, all of them with hidden meanings now revealed, but I won’t bore you with them now. I also have notes about events in my life, places I have lived, things I have done, that all have scriptural echoes. One example, my school was located on Paradise Road in a place called Stoke (which means ‘to stir up or put fuel on a fire’). The school’s motto was ‘Prorsum Semper Honeste’, which was borrowed from the locality of Devonport, where a huge naval base and ship-building dockyard are located (within which my father used to work as a literal stoker on a coal-fired dredger called the St Martin). The motto means ‘Ever forward in uprightness’. You know, just this morning 1 Kings 9 played for me on my random scripture listening:

And as for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked,
with a heart of integrity and uprightness, doing all I have
commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and ordinances,

5then I will establish your royal throne over Israel forever, as I
promised your father David when I said, ‘You will never fail to have
a man on the throne of Israel.’

I always liked the school song and the motto resonated with me too, as uprightness was a good thing in my eyes even before I knew our Father.

The image from Devonport’s coat of arms contains a couple of dolphins, and an image of a boat, which although unfinished, and I just saw it for the first time as I write this post, but it reminds me of the Ark that I saw out in the quarry, the shape of the hull, but missing the top sheltered section:

Other aspects of my life that I noted down included that the sports university I used to visit during summer holidays for a week of sports, and is now the gym of which I am member, is called St Mark and St John (Marjon for short). I have visited St Lucia over a dozen times. I used to work at bank branches called St John’s Square, Derry’s Cross, St Andrew’s Cross and Albany Road (albany is a celtic word meaning ‘white or fair’). I also worked for/with St. James’s Place. My first home of my own was number 55 (verses in Malachi), my next house was number 50 (jubilee year was there for me too). I played badminton at a sports centre for 8 years in my youth called ‘The Mayflower Centre’, I have driven past a crossroads for most of the past 23 years on the way to and from my golf club, and only noticed recently the crossroads is called ‘seven stones’. The first golf club I ever joined in Wales was called Mountain Heights. There is a fair bit more, such as my name, Gary (meek) Morgan (sea-dweller), and several stories from my life of taking on big companies (my employers) who were trying to rip me and others off, and winning those battles, truth and justice prevailing over lies and cheating, certainly David versus Goliath battles. I also chastised a ruling monarch, much like our Father frequently did. There was an incident in my childhood of me being falsely accused by a father of a younger girl of me bullying her, but I didn’t even know her. Pretty much my whole life has very strange scriptural echoes.

I realised that my expectation that I would die at a young age related to the old me, pre-baptism. Also, I have never been afraid of dying, or of plane crashes, and now I know why, I will not die, as is likely the case for Elijah himself. At this time I was frequently commanding flies to leave the house, and when I opened windows, they just went straight outside again.

Before I lost all power to my communication devices I sent a few tweets and whatsapp messages urging those of the faith to fast, as a remembrance of when our Lord Yahshua was dead. And then all my devices lost power.

Then I was given a thought injection: ‘Don’t try to get it mended again, I want you isolated from the outside world for these days when our Lord was dead’. So, I was alone, with my cats, and no music, no internet, I don’t watch TV anyway. But then I realised something very odd, something that could only have been arranged by our Father. Although nothing would charge on any sockets, I still had lights and an electric shower and central heating too. Although the fridge freezer had no power, the fridge remained cool for the 3 days, although the freezer did gradually defrost. And most amazingly, I had power to my hob, an electric hob, but only enough power to boil a saucepan of water for coffee. No matter which heat setting I used on any of the four hobs, it didn’t get very hot, but it boiled water. No way to explain that bit of supernatural magic other than our Father letting me boil water for tea and coffee, but knowing I wouldn’t be cooking food. Very strange indeed.

In fact, when I eventually got the electrical fault fixed, the poor electrician was there fault-finding for over 4 hours, he became exasperated, and then he eventually found a device wired up under the kitchen sink that I had never seen before, and that had no place being wired up in a kitchen. Here is a photo of the device, which I have been told is a solenoid for controlling water flow:

The poor man kept asking me if I’d changed anything in the wiring in the kitchen, as he couldn’t understand how it was all wired the way it was, or why the solenoid was wired in, but not apparently doing anything, and nor could he explain how the hob had only reached a ‘warm’ temperature, rather than the usual burning hot. Whilst I felt sorry for him, he was at least paid for his time, and I knew exactly why things were so odd with the electrics, as a mighty Power had rejigged everything during the night (maybe when I was following the sheep).

Interestingly, the names of the last three men I spoke to before being left alone for the 3 days of Easter were Peter, David, and Paul. I have noted down many thoughts that I then had during the afternoon of Good Friday, mostly about my family and my life and song titles and scripture and who was working for the enemy in the public eye. There was quite a lot about the nature and names of my two cats too, in fact their names reveal things, which I will write about later. But the nature of my two cats was shown to me to reflect our Lord and Satan too. One cat is the ‘good’ one, rarely hunts, is confident and strong and the other one, who’s name is Ollie is always hunting, is nervous, clingy, and you’ll recall was the cat suffering from demonic possession and that Satan himself possessed. I don’t often refer to this cat by his name, I have always called him by a nickname ‘little one’, because he is smaller. I realised it is the name of one of the horns in the prophesies. I have to also mention that although both cats have been neutered and are male, Ollie likes to dominate Seve, and will mount him sometimes and bite his ear. So, Ollie does seem to have a sinful character, for a cat, although I don’t blame him.

Early in the evening I decided to take the Nazarite vow, and although I didn’t know the full procedures, I knew it related to shaving one’s head, so I grabbed my clippers and off came all of the hair, right down to the scalp. I looked so different in the mirror. I also read about new Levitical priests having all of the hair on their bodies removed, so I decided I would do the same, with a bit of a grimace, as I have so much body hair, it would have taken hours. But as I started, the power on the clippers went, and at exactly the same time so did the power on my electric shaver. So I knew, through a thought injection, and that sign, that I didn’t need to remove the body hair (which in hindsight is obvious, as we don’t have a temple these days).

Then I was given a lot of thoughts about our Father’s relationship to Satan himself, and about the level of grace our Father has, and other matters relating to judgement day. But still to this day I am certain that these thoughts were deceptions from our enemy, as during this time, my cat was nervous of me again, and I know that dark forces were at large, with a crow sitting squawking at me outside, and other happenings. So, as they were deceptions, I don’t think I should share them. One of them actually was a reiteration of a comment Satan made to me when he became agitated at my online work against his people one day, that there ‘are not two sides’ in the battle between our Father and Satan, But given that we know Satan is a liar, I am certain that all of the thoughts he put to me that afternoon were lies, and they do contradict scriptural prophesy too.

There were also (probable) deceptions about the age of the planet, and recurring ice ages, and some stuff connected to neanderthals, but I suspect all of that was deception too, although if it wasn’t, it doesn’t change anything as far as my faith goes. Could the earth be billions of years old? Could our Father re-start the story between ice ages? If we are between ice ages, will the onset of the next one coincide precisely with the end of the millennium reign? I don’t know, and I just don’t care either way. I would prefer Genesis and Revelation to be the literal beginning and end of things, and an eternity with our Father thereafter, but if our spirits come back down again after an ice age, so be it, it is not something I think about much at all, although I do hope we all know the whole truth eventually, notably I am keen to find out where our Father came from and why He created it all, especially us. I suspect that level of truth may not be given to us though, we will see. (I will mention here that I asked questions about the above topic as I was walking to the moor the previous night and talking to our Father, so who knows eh?). I was also reminded that the website which led me to my knowledge of gold and the monetary changes coming was the same website that inadvertently led me to the blog of the brother who would become a friend and whose father would eventually baptise me. And the name of that website is Zero Hedge, and they have a tagline that says ‘on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero’. The thought that was put in my head was that eventually our sun explodes, and everything goes then, in this neck of the universe. As I said, these things are not worth pondering at all, let’s stay focused on getting through the tribulation period first, and have faith that our Father’s promises of eternity with Him are what we have to look forward to. Who wants to reappear as flesh and blood after being with Him, not me, not any of us, so almost certainly a deception from Satan.

I went for a walk in the evening, up to the graveyard as usual, intending to walk my usual route. But there in the graveyard I was subject to a deception, all in my head, and I believed the lies at the time, as they were perfectly designed to fit my character, my history and my previous sins. So, I was deceived, for a couple of hours the ‘story’ was put before me, and I won’t reveal details, but at its essence it made our Father out to be liar, so I regret falling for it. Be aware, Satan will pitch his deceptions at the point where you are weakest in your character, and in this instance he fooled me. I returned to the house just as darkness was falling, and I was so deceived that I thought I could break the fast and just pretend I had fasted, and tried to cook a meal, but when the hob was still too weak, and I was made aware by our Father that I had just been deceived, I felt terrible and asked for forgiveness. I did take one bite of unleavened bread too. It is easy to see how people fall back into sin, Satan is such a cunning liar. Thankfully our Father was there for me, and pulled me back to the truth, and I learned a lesson, that scripture is the truth, other stuff, whether Satan whispering to you, or clever-looking stuff online, is all lies. Stick with the word and ignore the rest.

Then at home as I was in the lounge I had the strangest experience, and even now I am not sure what exactly happened. Both of my cats came in from outside, and both of my cats had reptilian eyes. At the time I wrote down ‘Satan is in both of my cats’. But both cats were their normal loving and affectionate selves, so I still treated them normally, in fact, they were more affectionate and seeking cuddles with me more than normal. I have pondered since that I don’t think it would be possible for Satan to be in both cats at the same time, and the eyes, although reptilian, were not harbouring any malice toward me, as Ollie’s did when Satan was possessing him. I know it wasn’t demons, as they were cast out and banned from ever possessing either cat. So who were the two entities inside my two cats, who were very loving and kind and affectionate? I don’t know, but I have an idea, maybe you have an idea too, but I will keep my idea to myself.

I went to bed at 23.00, feeling tired and a bit hungry, as it had been 27 hours since I had eaten, and my stomach was rumbling and uncomfortable too, and I didn’t sleep at all well, just until 03.30, when I got up again.

I will close there for Good Friday, 10th April 2020, one of the most testing and strange days of the whole 40 days, but a lesson I had to learn, a bit more refining, and a dedication of the rest of my life to our Father, so a momentous day, especially when I include the whole 24 hours with the night before. Not a period I will ever forget.

As usual, my thanks to our Father for the experiences, for helping me to realise I had been deceived, for further refining me. Not much about this period was easy, in fact for a puny human, it was all very challenging, physically, emotionally and spiritually too, and I expect that I face the same for the rest of the tribulation period too. But I have His support, He won’t let me fail, He knows what needs doing, and I do look forward to the period when instructions are more specific. For now, I feel He is keeping me hidden, whilst I write the story, and perhaps also whilst I complete the full study and teachings of His laws, which might take 6-12 months, we shall see. Whatever happens, after this past few months, He knows for sure I will not turn away, will have no fear, and will be as bold as I need to be.

I pray that our Father is blessed in His heaven by my efforts, and I pray that my readers are blessed by Him each and every day, and that we live our lives in a way that is a blessing to Him. In the name of our Lord Yahshua, I pray, amen.

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