2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part 13)

Hello again.

I just had a rebellious woman, a believer too, report me to the admins at Youtube, something even the atheists don’t bother to do. For correcting her doctrine, in my usual blunt fashion. I really wouldn’t want to be in her shoes if I get kicked off. AWALT. ( Five days later, I have not been kicked off).

On with the 40 days and nights, as things generally quieten down over the following 12 days or so. The only note I have for 19th April worth mentioning was a discussion with the brother in Vancouver, who thought that the baptism we all undertake is a baptism of repentance. I have no idea how he could think that, scripture makes it very clear it’s a baptism of faith, nothing like the baptism of repentance that John the baptist was doing. Another of many matters this brother has been confused about, with this possibly the most basic matter. As was usual before I broke contact with him, he didn’t acknowledge that he was in the wrong, nor offer any thanks for the teaching, it was another waste of time.

On 20th April I made a note of a lyric from a Bob Marley song, Get Up, Stand Up. The lyric is: ‘Preacher man don’t tell me heaven is under the earth’. Marley was very close to my Father I think, he knew some of the truths about cosmology that I have been shown.

Ok, heh, when I said that things quieten down somewhat, I didn’t mean to downplay the third visit and meeting with my Father, Who at around 21:30 on the evening of 20th April made Himself known to me, by causing a very strong wind, which again banged the doors and rattled the letterbox, and caused me to feel very scared. I asked Him to rattle the letterbox again if He wanted me to go outside, and it immediately rattled, so I washed my hands and feet and changed into clean clothes, grabbed my woolly hat and a towel for my face, and went out through the front door, where I sat down on the doormat, near the end of the porch.

The wind was howling, and the temperature had dropped, and once again I could hear a crackling noise of embers in front of me, and what I noted as ‘the drone of His power’. I meant a droning noise to be clear, a hum in the air. I also heard footsteps on the gravel driveway. As you can imagine, this experience was thrilling. I said a quick prayer, blessing my Father and the Lord Yahshua, and the wind went absolutely crazy, whirlwind-style. And then it went very still, so I asked if I should go back indoors, and if so, for the door to bang, and it immediately banged. So, it was a short but sweet visit. To avoid suspense for my readers, sadly, it was the last visit (to date, although I am sure a meeting is coming up in October, but I will be the one traveling this time, details to come). However, although His physical presence is not here any more, His Word is now one with me.

On 21st April 2020 I had one of those nice little gifts from my Father, in fact it was several gifts and signs that inter-connected through the day. I had received an email promoting a magnesium spray for easing muscle soreness. The company concerned is one I have mentioned before, Ocean’s Alive Health, and my Father is involved in their products and indeed works through the company, somehow, someone there is used by my Father. The email I had received had offered a 20% discount off the price, but I had left it too late to use the voucher, so I contacted the company via Facebook messenger to see if they would let me use the voucher code, or give me another one. Here is the conversation:






So, I was going to order two, but as they gave me 10% off, and then (mysteriously, at just the time I was about to order) their manager also knocked another £3 off, I decided to order three bottles. I subsequently calculated that the total saving off the original price that was on their website was c.24%, so I saved more than the original 20%. How often does that happen folks?

You may have noticed that the amount I saved came in at £7.78, a double 7, nearly a triple, but not quite. Here are the emails with the bill and the refunded amount:


That same evening I went shopping for food at a supermarket. I never write a list, and always end up buying more than I planned. On this occasion I was blessed by my Father, as there was one item lying on the shelves that was just for me, a pull-up exercise bar, something I needed to do pull-ups at home. Just the one box in the store. So I bought that and a load of food, and it was only when I had paid for it all at the till, and was given my change, that I noticed something, and checked my Ocean’s Alive Health emails. Here is what I saw on the till receipt:

The total bill for my shopping was £85.77, and the Ocean’s Alive bill had been £77.85, the exact same figures, but reversed. Plus a pull-up bar left for me. As usual, I was left wondering ‘I know He’s Almighty God, but HOW DOES HE DO THAT?’ Honestly, I have no idea how He does it, but given that He created it all and me, I guess it’s very easy for Him to do things like this. Nevertheless, for a puny human like me, these things will always be incredible and impressive, and obviously I am always full of joy and gratitude to experience His hand in my life, with little gifts and signs. It’s so nice, more than nice, to know He cares enough to take the time with small things, it only gives me total confidence and and faith that He will take care of me over the next twelve years as I carry out my anointed role for Him. I am going to be in with the lions and the wolves and the snakes and the beast, and I have zero fear, I cannot fail, our side cannot lose, victory is assured, we have the Most High Living God Yehovah leading us into battle. Bring it on, I cannot wait to get stuck into the enemy.

This day, in the afternoon, was the day that I was told to record my performing a miracle, when I silenced a whole tree-full of crows from c. 100 yards away, using the power of the blood of the Lord Yahshua. Despite the event being captured on video, those with weak faith don’t believe their own eyes and ears. Here is the video again, it was shared in a previous post on the subject of the power of the blood of the Lord:

Note that it took over a minute, and note how noisy the crows were to start with, note the wind came up as the power of the Lord was used, note the sun came out just as the silencing was done, and that songbirds sang for joy too. And most of you will still think it was all a random thing, oh ye of little faith.

On 22nd April 2020 I went for a walk, the usual route, but I went back out onto the moor where I met my Father over Easter. A police car passed me in the lane, which is a road to nowhere, and I smiled in my head at the police slave army, policing a countryside lane, to stop people from enjoying the countryside. I gave the driver my very best icy glare.

On the moor I was blessed with the discovery of a ram’s horn. It is not large, but it is a genuine ram’s horn from the place where I met my Father, so it will be ideal for me, and I am about to get the small end sawed through, so that I can blow it. I will share that on video shortly. Here it is, along with a photo of a lovely clear and still pond as the sun was setting up there on the moor:


Overnight on 22nd April into 23rd April 2020 I had a dream which woke me up, where I was being buzzed by a wasp, around my head. I noted that the meaning of the wasp was ‘White Anglo Saxon Protestants’, of whom the vast majority are sure to hate my scriptural teaching and calls for walking as the Lord Yahshua walked. These are the Laodecians, will be spewed out by my Father. All their buzzing won’t stop me, and 2 Thes 2 indicates most of them are suffering powerful delusions, given them by my Father, so that they will suffer judgement. Shame they never feared Him eh? They will have plenty of time to regret that, i.e. eternity.

I have a note on 23rd April that reads ‘Leviathan is not God, but the description of (the thing most think is) Leviathan is a physical description of my Father.

On this day my second twitter account was permanently suspended, without warning or explanation, but it was when the enemy saw me exhorting multiple (dozens) of large accounts to stop chatting amongst themselves about nonsense, and to go out into heathen twitter and obey the Great Commission call from the Lord. Within minutes of these calls, I was frozen out. I doubt I will go back, even when the new website is launched, but we will see.

Overnight on 23rd April into 24th April whilst in bed I woke up feeling very scared, and felt a heavy weight laying on me, and my heart became very sore and I heard strange noises. I wrote down ‘angel’? But I know this was my Father, as He’s the only entity that causes me to feel scared. Also, when my heart gets sore (after the circumcision of it on the moor over Easter), it is always when my Father is searching my heart, checking it out, seeing what’s in there. The two things combined are unmistakable.

24th April was interesting, as it revealed something about the nature of my Father and the Lord, something that shouldn’t be a surprise to us, considering the tried and tested maxim: ‘we are made in their image, so if we do it, they do it too, with the exception of sinning’. On this occasion, the topic I was discussing with a brother was of my Father repenting of His decision to wipe out Nineveh, which I talked about at length in a previous post here.

The revelation I received, which is obvious, is that both my Father and the Lord Yahshua can and do change their minds. We do the same, we are made in their image, not a surprise. My Father repents of some of His decisions throughout scripture, with Nineveh one of them, another was when He nearly wiped out the whole of Israel for the golden calf incident, and the same thing around the time of the flood.

 So Yehovah God said, “I will blot out man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth—every man and beast and crawling creature and bird of the air—for I am grieved that I have made them.”

Also, when He kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden. In fact, a revelation I had today was that my Father grew into His role as creator of all things, and the Almighty Living God, supreme over the elohim. I haven’t yet had the whole truth, but this is a knowledge I have had for over a year, that after creation, and especially after the creation of man, there were things that happened that needed remedial action from my Father. The rebellion of Satan and the war in heaven surely was not part of my Father’s plan. But He quickly reacted to it, as He did to other happenings, and obviously He reacted very quickly, and the plan for these 6,020 years to date quickly fell into place. We do the same, at a puny human level, we react to events as best we can, and we find solutions. We are like Him. The Lord Yahshua also changed his mind about something:

Therefore Jesus told them, “Although your time is always at hand, My time has not yet come. 7The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me, because I testify that its works are evil. 8Go up to the feast on your own. I am not going up to this feast, because My time has not yet come.”

9Having said this, Jesus remained in Galilee. 10But after His brothers had gone up to the feast, He also went—not publicly, but in secret.

11So the Jews were looking for Him at the feast and asking, “Where is He?”

12Many in the crowds were whispering about Him. Some said, “He is a good man.”

But others replied, “No, He deceives the people.”

13Yet no one would speak publicly about Him for fear of the Jews.

14About halfway through the feast, Jesus went up to the temple courtsc and began to teach. 15The Jews were amazed and asked, “How did this man attain such learning without having studied?”

16My teaching is not My own,” Jesus replied. “It comes from Him who sent Me. 17If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether My teaching is from God or whether I speak on My own. 18He who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory, but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is a man of truth; in Him there is no falsehood. 19Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps it. Why are you trying to kill Me?”

Verses 8 and 10 above show that the Lord changed his mind, or perhaps more likely, my Father changed His mind and told the Lord to go up. I have also highlighted verses 16 to 19, as this is exactly how I teach and will teach, for the glory of my Father, and in pure truth, and 144,000 will recognise this, plus the saints not yet deluded. Those who do not keep the laws of Moses, maybe they will try to kill me (with no success, losers).

The person referred to in the Nineveh post, who argued over whether it was a prophesy or not, also revealed he is terribly deluded about the Lord’s prophesy in Revelation about the mark of the beast. I will cover this on the new website in detail, but I fear that many are so deluded, and so full of fear, like this man in Vancouver, that they will take the mark. He thought that Satan WILL be able to force everyone to take it, that my Father will allow that to happen. This man would consider himself to be learned and wise, but I have lost count of the number of times I taught him, each time a real battle as he clung to his ‘wise and learned’ delusions. He thought that the elect would take the mark, and subsequently be forgiven, thus making the Lord Yahshua into a false prophet, and totally misreading scripture, which leaves no doubt, if you take the mark, you will burn, for your lack of faith. DO NOT TAKE THE MARK, LET THEM CUT OFF YOUR HEAD, YOUR SLEEP WILL BE BRIEF, THEN YOU WILL BE BACK UP AGAIN.

In the evening of 24th April 2020, I went for my usual walk, and strolled through the graveyard, and sat for a while on the bench at the top of the sloping site. As I sat there, a young couple came through the gate, with flowers, and took them over to a few graves on the right hand side. I watched them, it made me sad that these people, a youngish couple, missed their family members, and were visiting their graves, but they probably didn’t know my Father or the Lord at all. So, as they were leaving, I witnessed to them, asking them about the people whose graves they were visiting.

One was the woman’s younger brother, who had died when he was only six, and the others were her grandparents. I asked them if they had any faith or belief, and they both said no. I told them that the six year-old boy was going to be in the kingdom of God, as he would have died before he knew the law or sin. I told them that her grandparents were most likely baptised and had faith so they were likely to be in the kingdom too (I didn’t mention the possibility that they may have not been fully righteous), and I told them that if they wanted to see their family again, all it took was a heart-felt desire to know God, and He would make Himself known, and then a journey to faith would begin. I told them trouble was coming, that our days of normal times are gone forever, so now was the perfect time to find God and stay close to Him. They both listened politely and mumbled something about ‘giving it a go’. As they left the graveyard, I started to cry and didn’t attempt to stop the tears. They were caused by the thought of what lies ahead, the thought that most people will not turn to my Father, most will die physically after horrible suffering within twelve years, and most will face eternal separation of their souls from my Father’s presence. And to a degree, back then, I cried at the magnitude of my task. I still cry often, but not about my task any more.

Despite those tears, I noted in my notebook ‘a good finish to the day’, and I watched a song on Youtube, one I have mentioned before, a song divinely written by my Father, through the band, which is called ‘The Magic Numbers’, which makes me smile. The song is called ‘Hymn for Her’, it”s beautiful and powerful, and all about my Father’s love for us, and the Lord’s love too, and Their suffering at our behaviour, and it is, literally, Their hymn for Their bride. The difference this time, on this day, was that I was shown a live version of the song, and it shocked me, as I was there at the gig where it was recorded, way back in 2006. And there were signs of course, which I will list:

  1. The gig was at the Eden Project, in Cornwall.
  2. The video is listed as number…7 on youtube.

The singer dedicates the song, their first song ever, to their record company guys, who found them. The record company is called….Heavenly.

Here is the video, have a listen to the lyrics, bearing in mind what I have just told you about the background, that it is literally written by my Father and His Lord:


It was uploaded in December 2007, and here are the lyrics:

 As I wandered past through the old grey house
And the children laughed for they’d found me out
And the silly things I do when I’m around you
Make for wanting to believe that I have found you

And if Sunday rain
And if Sunday rain
And if Sunday rain
I don’t wanna know
Just like I won’t forget your face when I
Wake to find you here

Oh my lover won’t you get away?
Loved or loathed I need to feel again

It won’t hurt to find love in the wrong place
I’ve been hurt before but all the scars have rearranged
It won’t hurt to choose the path that we all walk alone

Oh my lord I I pray for just one day
Loved or loathed I need to feel again

It won’t hurt to find love in the wrong place
I’ve been hurt before but all the scars have rearranged
It won’t hurt to choose the path that we all walk alone

 And you love and you love and it never dies
Oh, when you love and you love and it never lies
Oh, and you love and you love and it never dies
Oh, when you love and you love and it never lies

Hymn for her
Hymn for her
Hymn for her
Hymn for her

It won’t hurt to find love in the wrong place
I’ve been hurt before but all the scars have rearranged
It won’t hurt to find love in the wrong place
I’ve been hurt before but all the scars have rearranged
It won’t hurt to choose the path that we all walk alone

Oh my lord I pray for just one day
Loved or loathed I need to feel again

My commentary on the lyrics highlighted:

  • I passed a derelict grey house en route to the moor where I met my Father.
  • My Father does silly things when He’s around me, just to make me laugh. I return this to Him. He is much better at it than me.
  • ‘Loved or loathed, I need to feel again’. My Father has been more or less forgotten, the true Yehovah God, very few know Him and His will, and so we see this:

 To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Originator of God’s creation.

15I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other! 16So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to vomit you out of My mouth!

  •  ‘I’ve been hurt before but all the scars have rearranged’. This is an obvious reference to the crucifixion of the Lord Yahshua.
  • ‘And you love and you love and it never dies
    Oh, when you love and you love and it never lies’ 
    There is literally only one love that never dies and never lies, my Father’s love and the Lord Yahshua’s love for each other and for Their people, the elect, the martyrs, and the bride.
  • ‘It won’t hurt to find love in the wrong place’ My Father and the Lord nearly always find their people ‘in the wrong place’, when people are lost, in despair, in trouble, near death, hopless sinners. And they take these people and make them brand new in the Lord.
I am always immeasurably grateful for my own salvation, from an ignorant atheist sinner, in the wrong place entirely, to where I am today is really incredible to me, and I know that I have done nothing to deserve it, most of it is pre-destined, I got lucky, very very lucky, when the plans were drawn up long ago, and my only claim is that I have kept on the very narrow path, through fear of my Father, through praying for wisdom, through always choosing Him over other things, and for trusting Him and obeying Him.
To close this post, a quick piece of teaching to help you to a righteous life. Here is the second commandment:
Thou dost not make to thyself a graven image, or any likeness which [is] in the heavens above, or which [is] in the earth beneath, or which [is] in the waters under the earth. 5Thou dost not bow thyself to them, nor serve them: for I, Jehovah thy God, [am] a zealous God, charging iniquity of fathers on sons, on the third [generation], and on the fourth, of those hating Me, 6and doing kindness to thousands, of those loving Me and keeping My commands.

Brother riverly, please pay attention now.

The command above has two parts. The first part is plain ‘do not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness which is in the heavens above, the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth’.

To put it plainly: do not make any images of anything which exists in the world, the skies or the seas.

You may not use an excuse to this law ‘I didn’t make this wooden carvery of a lion’. The command was to the nation of Israel, to my Father’s people, and buying an image from a heathen is still breaking the law. When I was shown this quite recently, I threw out ornaments I had, which were in boxes, as they were gifts I didn’t display anyway. Cat figurines, other animals. Also, all cat toys that were birds or animals were thrown away. Even a soap dish which had a cartoon-type frog’s head at one end was thrown out. Maybe a month ago I threw away a wooden cross too. I have a gold cross in a drawer upstairs, I will have it melted and turned into a number 7, to wear on a gold chain around my neck. The number 7 is not a ‘thing’ in the skies, earth or seas, it is a number.

Brother riverly, I believe it may have been you that commented on a blog post written by a man who attended my baptism, a former friend. A man who sadly has fallen off the narrow path, if he was ever on it, as he’s always been lawless. Here is the post, admiring a graven image:


Apart from the cross being a graven image in that post, it also has a graven image of the Lord Yahshua himself. Terrible to see it. The servant of Satan who wrote the post made these comments:

‘Wow. Brutalist Christianity with a hint of Vlad the Impaler. Emperor Jesus reigning over sharp, brutal hierarchies (triangular spikes) and sharply delineated systems (boxes). Extreme male brain production without brakes. Very autistic but impressive nonetheless. Also notable: the envelope of the whole thing is a bell curve tracing the outline of a ziggurat. It comes out to a 40K space marines vibe, minus the gaiety and cheer.’

Obviously, the fact brother riverly (assuming it was him) commented on the post does not mean he has any graven images, but I warn anyone visiting this blog, the writer does not have the holy spirit, as evidenced by his bloodlust in a recent post, plus his near-total lawlessness:

 ‘What I want is to kill people who need killing, but since that’s not how wars are fought now I’m on the internet instead’.

Vengeance is mine, says Yehovah God. But those who are in Satan, who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, they like murder, that’s what they want. So they will eventually do that, break another of my Father’s laws. Sad, but they are totally lost.

So, throw out all of the made images/figurines/toys/sculptures etc in your home. A painting or a photo is fine, as it is not in the image or likeness of the thing itself, unless it an engraving, with raised images, to resemble the real thing.

Obviously, if you don’t have any graven images, you won’t be tempted to bow down to them, as fools do in churches all over the world.

That is all for this post. Here in real time, on 23rd August, much is happening, so much. But I hope to be caught up with the blog within a couple of weeks, so I will update you then. I will reveal though that my Father has shown me there is an empty church within two miles from me, with no pastor, and I have put the wheels in motion to take it on. I know it will be mine. My ministry will begin soon, with services live-streamed to the world. And we will not close for any fake virus, nor will face masks be seen, nor social distancing. Let them arrest me, let them put me on trial. They will not be able to stop me. Then ye of little faith will believe.

I give thanks and pour blessings out to my Father in heaven, and to our Lord Yahshua. I pray that my efforts are pleasing to them, and I trust them to guide me and protect me. Their teaching in recent weeks has been very intense indeed, but by the time my ministry starts I will be equipped as I need to be. I have been told to give up sports recently, sports that I have loved for decades, golf and badminton. The Nazarite vow is one of devotion to my Father, so the sports have ended. I had a good run, and it’s time to focus on my Father’s business. I am still running my own business, but at some point I will be told to stop that, I don’t know when. As usual, I will follow instructions. Please bless the Most High God Yehovah today with your faithful obedience, do not wallow in sins, He wants righteous sons and daughters. The clock is ticking down to the great and terrible day of His wrath, and before that most of the world will be eating their own children to survive, and dying in their sins. You have a short window, a few years at most, to become righteous, and I will teach you how, whilst the holy spirit will eject Satan’s influence if you submit to its power. Father, please protect your people in these times. I pray in the Lord Yahshua’s glorious name, amen.

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  1. Hi.

    Thank you for your post.
    I might or might not write up a response to it, but I just thought I’d let you know that I’ll (seriously) consider what you wrote in your teaching on graven images.

    The comment on aeolis blog you refer to was from me. Just thought it was funny that the guy who designed the thing was also well known for his slaughterhouses.
    If you want a sensible chuckle as well: I’m actually trained as a sculptor.

    Peace and blessings

  2. It’s good to see a brother standing up to lies, keep on fighting the good fight and stay strong, YAHUAH will fulfill you.

    Remain blessed.

    1. Thank you friend, we will be victorious through our faith in the Lord Yahshua and my Father in heaven. Be blessed.

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