2 Malachi

40 days and 40 nights (part 11) – 14th April 2020

Hello again.
On with the story, into 14th April,which happened to be my birthday. I have never been bothered by my birthday at all, and my rebirth into the messiah Yahshua on 7th September is now my date of birth (plus I am only 3 years old, rather than 53).
During the night between 13th and 14th April I felt the presence of my Father in my bedroom. Not His physical presence, but (I guess) His spirit, as I felt cold and terrified. I took my earplugs out of my ears and I could hear a distant sound, a voice I thought, but I couldn’t make out any words. I fell back to sleep and when I woke up in the morning the ear plugs were in the bed, not in my ears.
I awoke with pain in my lower back and a sore heart (it seems my circumcised heart always gets sore in my Father’s presence). I also had the thought ‘Au-tumn’ and ‘trumpets- return of the Lord’. I looked at the etymology of Autumn, but the clear message from au-tumn’s meaning comes in the Latin, and it means:
gold-at that time
It is indeed gold time, for some:

 Behold, I will send My messenger, who will prepare the way before Me.a Then the Lord whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple—the Messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight—see, He is coming,” says the LORD of Hosts.

2But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He will be like a refiner’s fire, like a launderer’s soap.

3And He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver. Then they will present offerings to the LORD in righteousness.

4Then the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will please the LORD, as in days of old and years gone by.

It will also be gold time when the Lord returns, and it will be during the autumn too. TRUMPETS! (Happy birthday was written for me).
On this morning I received a very long whatsapp mesage from a long-standing and good friend, an unbeliever. In the message he predicted that certain groups would escape persecution for not taking the vaccines and the chips in the years ahead. It had a prophetic ring to it, as I do expect that my Father will protect His people somehow in the tribulations to come, although I expect many will have to give their heads. I think my friend somehow referred to the 144,000 elect, who will not die as martyrs, and will live in wildernesses, or maybe all together in one wilderness location. My friend intends to align with these people, but he’s not of faith. Will he be eventually? Who knows but my Father.
I noted that the pope was pushing his usual humanist satanic BS that day, talking about educating children in tolerance for humanity, love everyone, their typical evil crap.
I took Seve to the vets later this day, and the vet didn’t know what the problem was, but thought possibly an abscess had burst. He gave Seve some injections and when I asked about paying, he said ‘drop it in another time, I haven’t worked it out yet’. In 18 years of owning a pet, that was the first time a vet has ever let me leave without paying the bill, which these days is worked out on a PC in a few seconds. When I got home I was shown that 14th April was a High Sabbath and the day of the solemn assembly, so I believe my Father intervened there to stop me transacting business on a Sabbath. Thank you Father.
On the way back home (this is so cool and funny too) a song was playing, a lovely song, called Hodgeston’s Halleluyah by Gork’s Zygotic Mynci:
The lyrics mention Babylon and her daughter (the protesters in England), it’s an amazing song. But as it played, and when the word ‘Halleluyah’ is sung three times in a row at the end, Seve, who had been quietly moaning about being in his basket alongside me, suddenly meowed really loudly three times, in celebration of the words in the song. It was a brilliant moment.
I got home and felt really tired, so I slept. I had a dream of two women, one of whom I knew, who had mentioned she had faith, but in reality is a whore. Both women were on a beach, both were fornicating with black men, and the one I knew ended up with both men at the same time. My unbelieving friend was alongside me in the dream, and I commented to him ‘see, this is what you get with a faithless nation, whores and much worse’.
I noticed that a red pepper had a kind of mini red pepper inside of it, which was heart-shaped, and had a small white patch and two buds coming off it, something I had never seen before. I have no photo, as I still had no socket power to charge devices. I then planted some red pepper seeds and a sprouting potato in a raised bed outside, despite having zero gardening skills. I gave the heart-shaped mini pepper to my mother.
This day was  a Sabbath and a solemn assembly to my Father Yehovah (Deuteronomy 16:8):
For six days you must eat unleavened bread, and on the seventh day you shall hold a solemn assembly to the LORD your God, and you must not do any work.


I passed a large part of the afternoon sat outdoors in solemn assembly studying the scriptures, and I had just started on the book of Isaiah, and much was revealed to me, and about me, as I read, with just my Father for company. Here is some of Isaiah 1:

 Alas, O sinful nation,

a people laden with iniquity,

a brood of evildoers,

children of depravity!

They have forsaken the LORD;

they have despised the Holy One of Israel

and turned their backs on Him.

5Why do you want more beatings?

Why do you keep rebelling?

Your head has a massive wound,

and your whole heart is afflicted.

6From the sole of your foot to the top of your head,

there is no soundness—

only wounds and welts and festering sores

neither cleansed nor bandaged nor soothed with oil.

7Your land is desolate;

your cities are burned with fire.

Foreigners devour your fields before you—

a desolation demolished by strangers.

8And the Daughter of Zion is abandoned

like a shelter in a vineyard,

like a shack in a cucumber field,

like a city besieged.’

 I was told that the ‘daughter of Zion’ was England, my Father’s most beloved nation, the one that kept His ways for over a millennia, but now has turned away from Him. More of Isaiah 1:

What good to Me is your multitude of sacrifices?”

says the LORD.

“I am full from the burnt offerings of rams

and the fat of well-fed cattle;

I take no delight in the blood of bulls

and lambs and goats.

12When you come to appear before Me,

who has required this of you—

this trampling of My courts?

13Bring your worthless offerings no more;

your incense is detestable to Me—

your New Moons, Sabbaths, and convocations.

I cannot endure iniquity

in a solemn assembly.

14I hate your New Moons

and your appointed feasts.

They have become a burden to Me;

I am weary of bearing them.

15When you spread out your hands in prayer,

I will hide My eyes from you;

even though you multiply your prayers,

I will not listen.

Your hands are covered with blood.

16Wash and cleanse yourselves.

Remove your evil deeds from My sight.

Stop doing evil!

17Learn to do right;

seek justice and correct the oppressor.c

Defend the fatherless

and plead the case of the widow.”

Just this morning (8/8/20) a wolf deceiver pastor quoted some of the above text to me as an argument that offerings and feast days and new moons are no longer pleasing to my Father. Ah, these 2Thes2 delusions are so powerful aren’t they, as he couldn’t see that these matters are not pleasing to my Father IF your heart and life is not His and you are living righteously. If you steal and afflict the fatherless and do evil, He does not want your offerings, they make Him feel physically sick, He hates them and He hates you. Wolfy pastor was deluded by my Father so that he will believe all of the lies Satan has told him, so he will suffer judgement for loving his sin, and hating my Father. That’s justice.

More Isaiah 1:

 Therefore the Lord GOD Yehovah of Hosts,

the Mighty One of Israel, declares:

“Ah, I will be relieved of My foes

and avenge Myself on My enemies.

25I will turn My hand against you;

I will thoroughly purge your dross;

I will remove all your impurities.

26I will restore your judges as at first,

and your counselors as at the beginning.

After that you will be called the City of Righteousness,

the Faithful City.”

I was told that the home of the Lord when he rules in the Millennium will be in the Welsh mountains, not in Israel. That pleased me, as it’s the land of my forefathers, and the scattered tribes of Israel did reach these shores. The Lord who rules the earth during the Millennium will be delighted to be ruling from those lands, they are green and beautiful, he will feel like he is where he was meant to be, back home.

On to Isaiah 2:

In the last days the mountain of the house of Yehovah

will be established as the chief of the mountains;

it will be raised above the hills,

and all nations will stream to it.

3And many peoples will come and say:

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of Yehovah,

to the house of the God of Jacob.

He will teach us His ways

so that we may walk in His paths.”

So that house will be in the Welsh mountains, that is where I will be placed at some point, and I will teach the nations the ways of my Father, some will be taught during the great tribulation, and others once the Millennium is underway, when the nations will forget how to make war, and will learn to live in peace, and learn obedience to my Father. The law and judgement will go forth from those mountains. Those will be great days, for those that are spared, and for those caught up to the clouds to meet the Lord Yahshua.

More Isaiah 2:

 Come, O house of Jacob,

let us walk in the light of the LORD.

6For You have abandoned Your people,

the house of Jacob,

because they are filled

with influences from the east;

they are soothsayers like the Philistines;

they wallow with the children of foreigners.

I was told that this refers to the Khazarians, the fake jews, who are child abusers, who love to wallow with young boys carnally. We know this is truth, sadly. These people are the most evil, they will be blotted out soon, hopefully suffering the whole of the tribulation and all of the cups of wrath, begging for a death that will not come. And then a thousand years of their souls being tormented in the pits of the earth, knowing they are condemned, and then resurrection to life and another death after judgement, in the lake of fire, and then their souls eternally separated from my Father. They deserve all of that for their evil.

Their land is full of silver and gold,with no limit to their treasures;

their land is full of horses,

with no limit to their chariots.

8Their land is full of idols;

they bow down to the work of their hands,

to what their fingers have made.

9So mankind is brought low,

and man is humbled—

do not forgive them!

The Apex Usurers love their gold, indeed, they have managed (using their BIS and central banks) to steal ALL of the nations’ gold. They hate my Father and love idols and their own works of evil. They think they are ‘elite’, they taunt the former peoples of faith online and in TV and movies and books and music, mocking them for their gullibility. They will pay dearly for this.

Isaiah 3 is full of warnings to Zion and its daughter (England), warnings of famine and drought, and destruction. No one is ready for it, just as no one was ready for the flood. But the world will be warned this time, not so much to make them repent, but to make them angry as the tribulation unfolds. They will be angry at my Father, but especially angry at me, His messenger. I don’t care, I have the protection of angels, no harm can come to me, and I enjoy speaking the Word of my Father to them, burning them with the light of truth.

We are all going to live through the tribulation now, we know it will be terrible, the worst time the world has ever known. But take comfort in the approaching day of the wrath of my Father Yehovah:

 So the pride of man will be brought low,

and the loftiness of men will be humbled;

the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,

18and the idols will vanish completely.

19Men will flee to caves in the rocks

and holes in the ground,

away from the terror of the LORD

and from the splendor of His majesty,

when He rises to shake the earth.

20In that day men will cast away

to the moles and bats

their idols of silver and gold—

the idols they made to worship.

21They will flee to caverns in the rocks

and crevices in the cliffs,

away from the terror of the LORD

and from the splendor of His majesty,

when He rises to shake the earth.

22Put no more trust in man,

who has only the breath in his nostrils.

Of what account is he?


Do not trust anyone but my Father, you cannot get through this on your own, only faith in Him will see you through it.

On to chapter 3 of Isaiah, and there are promises of famine and drought for the evil-doers, and verse 4 tells us:

“I will make mere lads their leaders, and children will rule over them.”

This refers to the millennium, when babes, those young in faith, the elect 144,000, many of whom will be very new to their faith, they will rule over nations, with every nation run according to my Father’s framework. So many new King Alfred the Greats await.

Verses 5-9 explain some of the horrors to come, including neighbours turning on one another, something that is happening already around the world. Verse 10 lets us know that the righteous will be fine:  ‘Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their labor’. Make sure you are righteous, follow my teachings to learn the law and read the book of Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy yourself. Verse 12 alludes to the kind of leaders we have nowadays, the Boris Johnson/Macron/Trudeau types, as well as the likes of Sturgeon and Merkel. We have those leaders mentioned in this verse. We see the youths out on the streets now too, wrecking civilisation, destroying lives and property, wreakers of havoc and evil.

Verses 16-26 foretell of the shame and punishment coming to the daughters of Zion, the nations that have sold out to the Apex Usurers, they will be revealed for what they are, evil child-abusers, murderers, thieves, idol-worshippers. I would not want to be them in the decade ahead.

All of chapter 4 is the promise of the remnant, those who will be preserved through the whole of the tribulation. I do not expect them to be in literal Jerusalem, but I do not know where they will be. The final promise is very exciting indeed:

Then the LORD will create over all of Mount Zion

and over her assemblies

a cloud of smoke by day

and a glowing flame of fire by night.

For over all the glory

there will be a canopy,

6a shelter to give shade

from the heat by day,

and a refuge and hiding place

from the storm and the rain.

Chapter 5 is a brilliant chapter, identifying all of the evils we see in the world today, all of which will be ended by my Father in due course:

 So mankind will be brought low, and each man humbled;

the arrogant will lower their eyes.

16But the LORD of Hosts will be exalted by His justice,

and the holy God will show Himself holy in righteousness.

17Lambs will graze as in their own pastures,

and strangersc will feed in the ruins of the wealthy.

18Woe to those who draw iniquity with cords of deceit

and pull sin along with cart ropes,

19to those who say, “Let Him hurry and hasten His work

so that we may see it!

Let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come

so that we may know it!”

20Woe to those who call evil good

and good evil,

who turn darkness to light

and light to darkness,

who replace bitter with sweet

and sweet with bitter.

21Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes

and clever in their own sight.

The vast majority of the world are now inverting what is good with what is evil. So we have ‘gay pride’ and we have women’s power to kill their own babies celebrated. The list is so long, I cannot wait for it to end. Then we have the men who think they know what is happening, like the two men who attended my baptism, both Americans, both high IQ, both puffed-up with their own intellect, but both with zero knowledge of my Father or His will. ZERO. It used to sadden me to think that these men will likely burn at the end (unless they take a martyr’s death), but I no longer feel sad, they had their chances, and they blew it, turning away from the light of truth, back to their sins. Their own IQs are not worth a grain of sand on a beach compared to the wisdom available to those of us who really fear my Father and just do His will, out of loving obedience.

The chapter ends with a frightening warning for those who are of the tribe of Judah, but who have persisted in their lawless ways, my Father will send nations against them, and darkness and terror will fill their land. So, repent, or if you’re in Christ, start to live righteously in that land, as otherwise you will be caught up in the tribulations.

Chapter 6, put plainly, is all about me, my role in the years ahead, which started in a small way with the first ever post on this blog. I doubt anyone except my Muslim friend in Agadir believes that at the moment, even people who have seen miracles, been involved in my testing, men of faith, they don’t believe it, in reality, of little faith. It matters not what they or you believe right now, I know exactly who I am and what I will be doing, and have zero fear and I am filled with energy and enthusiasm AND SO MUCH MORE as my ministry begins. My Father will make me known to the whole world, and then those with faith will believe, but some with fake faith, the lawless, will run the other way. All is my Father’s plan, you all have free will, I am past caring for friends or family that are backsliding, or plain heathens. I will speak the word as it is given to me, what will be will be.

I was outside for all of this time, as it was a nice day, but then Satan used a demon to move next door neighbours out into their garden with a strimmer, which was very loud, so I had to head indoors, and as soon as I did, they stopped strimming. Satan, having to settle for these piffling little wins, so boring.

I was given the revelation that ra’ab in Hebrew means famine (word 7458), and of course that is the name of the deputy prime minister in Britain, Dominic Raab. I wonder if he will be in power as the actual famine hits these shores?

I was then shown a prophesy that I had just fulfilled in Revelation 2:7 (yes, 2-7):

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who overcomes, I will grant the right to eat from the tree of life in the Paradise of God.

I had been previously unaware of this prophesy of the Lord, so  it was a bit of a shock at the time, more so than actually eating from the tree itself.

A friend, a woman with faith, but weak and no obedience, sent me a message with a cartoon relating to the Lord and the lockdown, and I simply responded with ‘not funny’. She replied with an apology and explained that some ‘christian’ friends had sent it to her. Such is the state of my nation, utterly terrible.

That whole day felt very solemn indeed as my Father taught me through the scriptures and was with me, and I started to appreciate what I was going to be doing. I reflected on my nation’s past, and my own past, and on these times, and pondered the future. These are serious times, but victory is assured, if you stay on the narrow path and let faith leave you fearless, man cannot hurt you, the tribulations will pass you by, if you are righteous.

It was on this afternoon that I was told to name my book and the website 2 Malachi, which I liked very much.  My youtube channel has been re-named 2 Malachi too.

I continued with Isaiah when I was indoors, and my note for chapter 7 simply says ‘prophesy of christ’ and ‘prophesies to Israel (old Israel). (Meaning the bloodlines of Israel, not those grafted in). I assume we all know that ‘christ’ is just the Greek for messiah or anointed person? So, my note just inadvertently mentioned ‘prophesy of/about a messiah/anointed one’. I will quote the scripture:

Then Isaiah said, “Hear now, O house of David! Is it not enough to try the patience of men? Will you try the patience of my God as well? 14Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the young maiden will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will name him immanuel.f 15By the time He knows enough to reject evil and choose good, He will be eating curds and honey. 16For before the boy knows enough to reject evil and choose good, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste.

I will note, with a smile, this is chapter 7, verse 14.

So, everyone assumes this refers to the Lord Yahshua, I know always did. But read it again, ‘the young maiden will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will name him immanuel. We know that Mary was told to name the Lord ‘Yahshua’, because he will save his people from their sins. Here is Matthew 1:21-23:

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus (Yahshua), because he will save His people from their sins.”

22All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:

23“Behold, the young maiden will be with child

and will give birth to a son,

and they will call him immanuel”

(which means, “God with me”)

So, we have another bad translation here for starters,  as the Greek word ‘hemon’ (word 1473) does not mean ‘us’, it means ‘I’, the first-person pronoun, which we write as ‘me’. It doesn’t mean ‘with us’. So, that works better for the Lord Yahshua doesn’t it? My Father was with the Lord, as the word had become flesh through the Lord, who never spoke for himself, only ever spoke for our Father. None of this is controversial, yet. Also, both the Hebrew word and the Greek word used here for the woman simply mean ‘young maiden’. Another roman deception to sell you that it means ‘virgin’, it simply does not, even Strong’s tell us this: ‘Of unknown origin; a maiden; by implication, an unmarried daughter — virgin’. This is a by the by, because Mary was indeed a virgin WHEN she gave birth. However, the prophesy in Isaiah 7 simply says that a young maiden will be with child, it doesn’t mention a virgin birth.That was first mentioned in Matthew 1, when Mary actually became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and Joseph received a message from a messenger of Yehovah.

But, remember that Isaiah 7:14 says that the child’s mother will NAME HIM immanuel, meaning ‘Yehovah with me’. And the Lord was named Yahshua, not any name meaning immanuel. So, where am I going with this? Well, how many of you even realise there is an end times anointed man? Anointed simply means ‘consecrated to a role by Yehovah God’. So Paul was anointed, David was anointed, it is not an unusual matter in scripture, there is no one messiah/anointed man, there have been many.

So, who is the end times messiah/anointed man? It’s me of course, my Father’s messenger for these times. That shouldn’t be a surprise to regular readers. I did say I was only going to share revelations to me in the date order that they were revealed to me, so all that I will say for now is that my mother was a young maiden and a virgin when my human father impregnated her. I wrote a blog post way back (ok, heh, it was only 15 months ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago) in May 2019 about the meaning of my Welsh name, and how it was chosen, here is what I wrote (long before I became aware of my anointed role):

 ‘I want to reveal some personal information about me. I feel the push to reveal these facts to the world, or at least to the hundred or so people who read my blog posts, and for clarity’s sake, that push is coming from the Holy Spirit. I have experienced some very strange things so far this year, all documented here at this blog, but I can’t claim to be able to make sense of all of it yet, other than I feel I have something to do for Jehovah whilst I am here on earth, but currently that ‘something’ is simply a feeling that I need to sound the alarm that we don’t have a lot of time left before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth. I hope and pray that Jehovah will provide me with clarity on what he needs me to do, but in the meantime I will keep sharing my thoughts and experiences here.

I will start with a strange fact relating to my Christian name (you know, I only just this second even noticed and wondered why our first names are called Christian names. I will investigate later and may add the answer to the end of the post).

My Christian name is Gary. I’m of Welsh blood, on my father’s side, and I lived in Wales for 10 years in my 30s, and I love Welsh people and Wales itself, and so I chose St David’s for my baptism week, and it was wonderful. Gary is an English version of the Welsh name Gareth. I was nearly named Gareth, but my father thought it was ‘too Welshy’. He has no affinity with the land of his father at all, very sad. So I was named Gary, and I have always considered Gareth to be a better version.

Somehow the subject of names cropped up during a phone chat with a brother, and as a result I decided to investigate the meaning of the name Gareth, if indeed it had any. The results were surprising, like much of my history, so I perhaps shouldn’t have been surprised at all.’

It was my mother who wanted my name to be Gareth, and my dad (of Welsh blood) who forced the amendment to Gary. So, all I will say now is that Gareth is two Hebrew words: ‘gar’ and ‘eth’. Feel free to do your own research into the meaning of those two words, and I will reveal it here when I eventually reach mid-July, when my Father revealed it to me, and I was even more shocked than with the eating from the tree of life revelation. (I will give you a clue: ‘eth’ is two letters, an Aleph and and a Tav. That is your clue, other than looking to see precisely where the word appears in the exact format of ‘eth’. Go on then, another clue, it is all over Genesis 1, when creation is happening, and it also appears in Malachi at a key verse).

At some point during this day I commanded demons to be cast out of my parents, who to that point had been literally unable to hear any of my testimony, putting hands over ears and shouting ‘no, no we don’t want to hear it’. Which was odd, as normal folk wouldn’t react like that, so I had surmised that demons were involved. I visited them later this day, and they were able to listen to me for the first time since our reconcilation (which was prompted by my Father). So that was good.

Finally on this day I studied Isaiah 8, and was shown that a lot of this chapter related to these end times:

Do not fear what they fear;

do not live in dread.

13Yehovah of Hosts is the One

you shall regard as holy.

Only He should be feared;

only He should be dreaded.

14And He will be a sanctuary—

but to both houses of Israel

a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense,

to the dwellers of Jerusalem

a trap and a snare.

15Many will stumble over these;

they will fall and be broken;

they will be ensnared and captured.”

16Bind up the testimony

and seal the law among my disciples.

17I will wait forYehovah God,

who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob.

I will put my trust in Him’

Regular readers will know I only fear my Father in heaven, nothing on earth causes me to fear, not even spiders these days. I went to bed the other night with a huge black one on the bedroom wall, no fear, as I simply asked in prayer for the spider to be kept away from me as I slept. Fear of my Father has been there from the first time I read about Him in Genesis, and all through the scriptures. I can’t see how anyone can’t be terrified of Him in honesty, He is terrible, but in the original sense of the word, i.e. worthy of great terror/fear. But from that fear springs wisdom, and from wisdom a deeper knowledge of my Father, and eventually I came to the point of loving Him enough to devote my life to Him. You can’t love an imaginary fluffy-bunny god that your pastor has told you about, that god doesn’t exist. My God, my Father, is the polar opposite of fluffy-bunny, which is great, because we would be truly doomed if we had a fluffy-bunny god who wasn’t prepared to do what is necessary to wipe out evil when necessary. And I am made in His image, so the prospect of me slaughtering millions, perhaps billions, no longer bothers me, evil will be removed from the face of the earth (oh, I might not have mentioned that part of my role before).

I then went for my evening walk, and as usual I went into the graveyard. It had been very hot and dry for week and weeks, and flowers were dying. I found an old milk bottle which was full with pure clean water, and I sprinkled it on a few plants, and as I did so I said ‘sorry it’s not very much’. (I speak to animals a lot, not that often to flowers). I then sat on the bench at the top of the graveyard for a little while, and then as I left I noticed a 5 litre container full of pure clean water, a gift for the flowers, so I took it and poured it on dozens of plants on dozens of graves. It was nice to do this, and a nice touch from my Father.

I continued on my walk, and was moved to look at two padlocks, each a mile apart. The number on the first was 4368. My mother was born in 1943, and my brother was born in 1968. The second padlock had a number of 3,000, which was the number of proverbs of Solomon (1 Kings 4:32).

I then visited my parents, and as expected they listened to me this time, so my casting out of the demons was successful.They confirmed that they were both virgins when they got married. They couldn’t remember the exact date of my conception, but nine months before my birth was 14th July 1966, just before England won the World Cup that year.  I noted that my dad’s mother’s maiden name was Symons, close to Simeon.

That was 14th April 2020. A solemn day with my Father.

I will close with a prayer: Heavenly Father, be blessed by my efforts here on earth, help me to shine the sun of righteousness across the world, and let others bless you with their faith and obedience. Lord Yahshua, be blessed by my love for you and I thank you for your life and obedience and bravery, and for dying for the sins of our Father’s people. I love you both. In the name of the Lord Yahshua I pray, amen.

4 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights (part 11) – 14th April 2020”

  1. Hello Gary, good day to you again.

    I believe it’s a good thing to seek after YHWH, to do his commandments, not adding to or taking away from them, and to hate sin. These things you do, as far as I can tell.

    I do think you are too quick too pass judgement (for it is God who draws people and who will judge the world) and that the entity you are in contact with is growing pride in your heart (similar to other preachers who were told by supernatural entities that they were Elijah/the new John/the last prophet/the incarnation of the Holy Spirit and went on to found a new cult that might have been intended to bring people back to the law of God but ended up being about their own exaltation and keeping members in line with fear and pressure)
    I do not know that, of course, but to me, the tone of your posts shows a development in that direction.

    Please consider that John the baptist, of whom Jesus said
    “among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist” and
    “For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John, and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come.” (Matthew 11:11,13,14)
    did not think himself to be any of that and did not tell people about himself and his mission, but only about the one who was greater than him, that is Christ, and His mission.

    Anyways, would you, at some time, give your stance(s) on forgiveness, the mission of Jesus and the purpose of humanity (what it means to be made as the image of God)? I would be very interested in that.

    Also, regarding the name Gar Eth: If you assume the Aleph-Tav as the equivalent to Alpha and Omega (as in Rev 22:13), I’d assume a meaning like “converter to Jesus”.
    I guess the verse in Maleachi you are thinking of is 4:5?

    Thank you for writing this blog.
    May God bless you and keep you in humility and righteousness, and if I am the one in the wrong, may He show me and lead me to a better understanding.

    1. dumnonia-watchman

      I wrote a post not so long ago which covered the topic of judging. The Lord tells us to judge, John 7:24. Plus other scripture confirms this. We are called to judge, those of us that are actually in Christ. 99.999% aren’t, they’re in Satan.

      I don’t care about others who’ve claimed to be whoever. Irrelevant. At some point my identity and role will be revealed to the whole world in a manner that leaves no doubt. Until then, ye of little faith can keep reading, or not. I don’t care. Faith is incredibly weak these days.

      You don’t even know that the Alpha and Omega is my Father Yehovah (Rev 1:8, the Almighty).

      Forgiveness? Or grace? Read Hebrews 10 and 2Thes2. In the post-Lord Yahshua time, if someone continues in sin AFTER receiving the Holy spirit,thery are lost. My Father hates them and wants them to believe Satan’s lies and suffer judgement. There is a period of sanctification and teaching, but many are called, few are chosen, most seeds wither. Most will burn. They had their chance, they blew it, and do here we are, tribulation incoming.

      The mission of the Lord Yahshua? Teaching the heart and spirit of the law to Jews, and via scripture to those that have followed. Having the Word of my Father in him, so speaking as God would do, with no deviation from scripture. Calling out the Pharisees and sons of Satan, and setting things up for the great age that followed when the nations came to know my Father and His Lord. Plus, of course, the Lord was the required blood sacrifice to atone for the sins of Israel then and Israel of the future, I.e. not blood Israel, but the covenant Israel, those of the nations. And he enabled the holy spirit to be sent down to us.

      Most hated him, most will hate me. Like he didn’t care, I don’t care. Like him, I have the Word in me, it feels great, I’ll speak boldly and will judge accordingly. Not judge unto death, but I’ll call out the fakers, the Pharisees, the sinners. And I’ll teach 144,000 and help a lot of babes in the faith to stay on the narrow path.

      The purpose of humanity? To fear my Father in heaven and obey Him, that’s our whole duty. Why He created us? No idea, but most don’t fully appreciate how lucky we are He did and what the future will hold for those who make the cut. He didn’t realise how much He would love us, His people,until after the event. No wonder it caused the rebellion of Satan.

      My ministry is just about to get started. Watch this space.

  2. Thank you for your answer and the clarification. I do not bear ill will.

    Faith is not blind and I cannot think of a time when God did not provide evidence that a word could be trusted, so I will keep watch.

    Even though I disagree on some of your views on the shape of the cosmos and the purpose of things, if Yehova indeed anointed you as prophet, to teach and call to righteousness the nations and to warn of the coming judgement, then I couldn’t care less, for your mission is good and you will succeed, whether people will listen or not.

    1. dumnonia-watchman

      Welcome brother. I didn’t think you had any ill will, neither do I. (Typos in my last reply, as I had no wifi and was on the phone. Lightning strike took out the phone line, very biblical).

      No one on the planet appreciates what I am going through, the only man who does is sat at the right hand side of my Father. It is the opposite of easy. So, when people, especially those who have actually experienced some of it with me, have zero belief, it peeves me greatly, especially as I am now able to see through people’s outer appearance into their hearts, so I can see how flaky, fearful and disobedient they are.

      My mission is not one of salvation, I will be a thorn in the side of pretty much everyone, except the 144,000. And I have no idea when the first seal will be broken, it could well be several years yet. The Lord Yahshua was c. 20 years being taught, surely I will have a couple more years of teaching before things really get going?

      Yehovah God be with you too.

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