Hello and welcome. I am Gary Morgan, servant to my brothers and sisters in our messiah and Lord Yehoshua (Jesus Christ), and a slave to my Father in heaven, the Almighty Creator God, Yehovah.

I am His messenger for these end times, as mentioned in the Book of Malachi, tasked primarily with preparing His people for the Great Tribulation that lies ahead, and the return of the Lord Yehoshua (Jesus), our eternal priest, and then the onset of the millennium reign of my Father’s eternal King on earth. I will be teaching righteousness, as defined by Yehovah God Himself via His laws, commands and statutes given to His servant Moses at Horeb. The same righteousness was displayed through the entirety of the life of the messiah, our Lord Yehoshua. I will also be warning the sinful peoples of the world to repent of their lawlessness.

I will be shining the sun of righteousness all over the world. Those that have ears to hear will be drawn to the Light, and will become perfectly righteous, and so will be able to walk as our Lord walked. 144,000 of you will become perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect.  He will abide in their temples, and they will be His bride.

I will provide resources to teach the whole of my Father’s law. I will also provide resources for those seeking to know Him for the first time, and for those who have been deceived by false religions, pastors in churches full of wolves, spawned by Rome, or those who teach that there is no Almighty Creator God.

I will also provide resources to enable you to help me spread this message all over the world. My Father’s will be done; we are heading towards the tribulation period, we are in the end times and my Father’s day of great and terrible wrath is coming.

My doctrine is not my own, it is derived solely from the Word of our Father Yehovah, from His scriptures. The Word is flesh again, within me.

This website is a work-in-progress, and resources will be added throughout 2020 and into 2021, and the blog will be updated regularly too, so please subscribe and you won’t miss anything new.


The times ahead will be the worst the world has ever known, with earthquakes, heavenly signs that ‘science’ will be unable to explain, wars and disease and famines and persecutions of the saints. Brothers and sisters in our Lord and messiah Yahshua (Jesus), now is the time to seek our Father and His will, to have unshakeable faith in His promises, and to help others to find Him before it is too late. Do not be afraid to embrace a martyr’s death when the time comes, your sleep will be brief. Do not take the mark of the beast, details are provided on this site.

Those who choose to remain in their sin and ignorance will suffer greatly in this period. Repentance is necessary. You should fear God, my Father in heaven, but He will forgive your past if you turn to Him now. But if you choose to remain with lies and sin and darkness, you should expect nothing but misery and suffering, His wrath will be terrible to behold, and the tribulations will increase, year by year. Normal times have passed away now, never to return. Choose wisely therefore: good or evil, life or death, Yehovah God or lies.

I pray that my Father Yehovah God blesses those who seek to know Him and to do His will with strength, and faith, and fearlessness, in the same way as the Lord Yahshua. May my Father and the Lord be blessed by my ministry, and by those who keep His commands. May the earth be rid of sin and lawlessness in these times, and forever. I pray in the mighty and glorious name of our Lord Yahshua, amen.